June 27, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

So, would you say that HP'ers have pretty much PWNED Angelo Mozilo by this point?

Or since he walked away with the money and stayed out of jail (so far), did he PWN us?


Anonymous said...

People with a Countrywide Mortgage were hoodwinked!

Bamboozled, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Let's see.

Most hardcore HPers are renting owning no RE assets at all.

Angelo probably has plush (paid for) luxury pads all over the world. I wouldn't doubt that he's pretty "well diversified" with his personal asset portfolio also.

You are a blogger...dunno what your salary or day job is.

He's worth BANK and retired.

He'll lose plenty to lawsuits I'm guessing but I'll bet that there will be plenty left over and he'll be sipping a drink in paradise as his lawyers drag this out until his natural death before he pays a dime of any judgement.


Who PWND who?

Now if he actually TRULY goes to jail. Not has a "heart attack" (see above mention of sipping a drink in paradise) then he'll be fucked...but HP still didn't PWN him...just called it like it saw it.

We'll just have to sit back and watch now and see if justice is done.

blogger said...

GK I tend to agree - if he goes to jail and has his assets confiscated (i.e. Bernie Ebbers) then we PWNED him. If not, Angelo wins.

That said, if the true measure of a man is his integrity and reputation and not his wealth, we've already won.

And in the end, we didn't destroy Angelo. No, Angelo destroyed himself.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day when people had shame, we could have said that we PWND him. But to most of today's elites, getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar is just part of the game. It just gives them street cred with their cronies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Keith and Greed Kills inasmuch as the question is still up in the air.

I think that HP was responsible to for exposing the Orange one to a lot of people (sorry, there was just no way to say it that wasn't kind of gross). Therefore, to the extent that Angelo is publicly known to be a charlatan, HP has PWNED him.

Anonymous said...

keith said...

That said, if the true measure of a man is his integrity and reputation and not his wealth, we've already won.
C'mon Keith, even if he loses big time, the Orange One will still be sipping drinks in paradise.

After all that takes MONEY, not INTEGRITY, and as others have mentioned, he will still have plenty of money left over, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Neither pwns the other. Unless you personally know the man, all you had was a wish come true...or not.

Meanwhile, he spends no time thinking about any of you at all. Must suck obsessing over someone who doesn't return the favor...you're like a jealous ex-girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

The Game is certainly not over yet. Only to middle innings.

Anonymous said...

It's definitively on us.

Anonymous said...

That said, if the true measure of a man is his integrity and reputation and not his wealth, we've already won.

Bwahahahaha...funniest thing on the blog today.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Rich people in the USA are above the law. The Orange One will not suffer.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why HP hasn't covered yet this new scam, currently rampant throughout the US:

Steve Hawks, owner of RE/MAX Platinum real estate agency in Henderson, Nev., says he has been flooded with calls from people interested in "buying and bailing"—that is, buying an additional house while their credit is still good, then walking away from the old one unless they can cut a favorable deal with the lender. Hawks says banks are receptive to lending for such purchases because they figure the buyer will be able to afford the new, cheaper place.


Anonymous said...

I have a new nickname for Mozilo:



Anonymous said...

Pwnd HP'ers?

I believe that Orangelo PWN3Dxx0RR3d the entire american economy.

literally, the housingbubble DIRECTLY impacted our fed policy, investments, etc...you all know the consequences. He is evil, but his effect was immense, and will go largely unpunished.

Anonymous said...

resisting husband said...
"He is evil, but his effect was immense, and will go largely unpunished."

He can't be evil he is on the board of directors for my old Catholic High School.

Oh wait that argument is not really effective is it.


Oh well Fr. Matt will absolve Angelo if he has enough money to buy the school another building.

Anonymous said...

I all us HPers want to PWN the orange one go click on this link


It's the contact page for St. Francis High School in La Canada CA.

Tell them that Angelo Mozilo is a criminal and that he should be removed from the school's board of directors and that his name should be removed from the Mozilo Family Field House on their campus.

The name is not a coincidence. It is that Mozilo Family. I was at school there when his sons went there.

Anonymous said...

In five years, he's gonna be kicking back on a beach in the Bahamas (or some other tropical paradise without an extradition treaty), working on his tan the hard way. His retirement will be long and secure.

None of his little congresscritter buddies are gonna call for his arrest, because the revelations so far are just the tip of the iceberg and elections are coming up. They will do whatever they can to keep those deals quiet, and they have a lot of power to do just that.

I don't think he'll be thinking about HP at all. I don't believe he even thinks about you guys at all today for more than a minute, for that matter.

Yeah, you'll have a "moral" victory. That's a nice way of saying "we didn't get sh@t, but we were RIGHT, dammit!" No court on the planet issues "moral victories", so that declaration is worthless.

Hate to break it to you, but unless you personally get monetary damages or the satisfaction of seeing him rot in jail, you lost. Spin it all you want, but that's the truth.