June 21, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote of the Day

"Physically, he is perhaps best known for his perpetually tan complexion, which is speculated to be the result of heat lamps."

- From Angelo Mozilo's often hilarious (and open for your edits now hint hint) Wikipedia page, June 2008





Anonymous said...

He'll miss those heat lamps in jail

wings said...

And when they came for Angelo Mozilo you did nothing because you weren't an orange, Tangello-headed thief.

And when they came for the giant Yellow-bellied Iguana of Kagunga, you did nothing because you weren't a feline reptilian realtor on the take.

And when they came for the buy-a-house-get-a-Disneyland trip with your new gay husband crowd, you did nothing because you weren't a homo.

And when they came for the dry-humping, excited, newlywed couples that got scammed with an overpriced mortgage they couldn't understand, you did nothing because you weren't a foolish dolt.

And let it be said that liberty for all is liberty for he, she and me.

And, if and when, the great housing wave of Kagunga shall crash upon the decadent realtor and mortgage broker party full of opulent wine, loose women, flashes of brief nudity and song then the spirit of our Founding Fathers shall rise like a giant Bald Eagle, pissed off and sqawking with mighty talons extended in hate of all that is evil, to smite the usurpers of our cherished liberties and justice for all.

Amen and pass the piping-hot, grandma's buttermilk biscuits and beef brisquit gravy giblet stew.

For in no man hath liberty then no justice shall prevail upon this great land. And vice in pursuit of liberty is no crime, just as weakness and pursuit of pleasure is no virtue my son.

From whenchforth shall justice come if not from god, family and country, guns and ammo?

For you are children amongst men and sheeple amongst wolves. And having tasted the bitter fruit of slavery and tyranny under Mozilo-headed fools, ye have become a naked knave in thine own country, indentured to the commies.

Rise up in sacred-geometrical portentousness, ye heathenous mice, and grab your rakes, hoes, brooms and spirit of American home pride butter top bread and 1800s-style Wild West vigilantism!

What are you, a bunch of vegetarian femmes?

Fight for your freedom, damn it!

Fight like men with hairy chests and hearts ablaze with fire in your bellies!

Anonymous said...

The Dodd-Shelby bailout bill was written by Bank of America executives to shift bad loans to taxpayers. The corruption in Congress has been exposed once again.