July 27, 2008

BUBBLETALK - Open thread to talk about the housing crash, mortgage meltdown and other stuff

Have at it. Keep it clean. Use tinyurl. Enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

The Onion comes up big once again:


Anonymous said...

"Is this kind of response necessary?

Just chill out.
Not necessary, but fun."

This blogger screens the comments?
you do have to wonder what the screening criteria is!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this blog.

Can someone tell me why there's a picture of a corpse to the right of the fish on a hook.

Anonymous said...

HA HA!!! The funniest line of the panic thus far and I think very hard to top....
Scramble Led to Rescue Plan on Mortgages

But by Sunday afternoon, Mr. Paulson was telling lawmakers that the plan he was about to make public in a few hours would arm him, and his successors, with “a bazooka in my pocket to pull out when we need it to shoot down” problems that the companies might face in the financial markets"

"Hey Hank!!! Is that a Bazooka in your pocket or are you just glad to see me???"

Comedy Gold!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Fed says this second half of this year won't be that bad:

"Growth for the year will be sluggish — at best 1.6 percent growth — but not as bad as previously forecast, helped by the government’s $168 billion stimulus, including rebates. The unemployment rate, which could rise as high as 5.7 percent this year, is the same as earlier projections."

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals we can stop worrying. President Bush says the nation's finances are A-OK:

WASHINGTON - President Bush urged lawmakers on Tuesday to move quickly to help prop up mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while declaring the nation's financial system to be "basically sound."

Anonymous said...

Another idiot who takes advice on how to live from Hollywood stars. Please do not ever have kids.
Too f@cking late. Not only do I have kids, but they watched it (11th Hour) too. So watch out for the growing number of youth activists, and open the f@ck your eyes...

Anonymous said...

"One boat dealer, whose company also does recovery for banks and lenders, says those facing boat repossession were typically involved in the housing boom either as a real estate agent, construction worker or mortgage broker."

"Because prices for used boats are falling, buyers can buy repossessed boats under 60 feet for as low as 40 percent of what the boat would cost new, said Robert Toney, National Liquidators' president."


Anonymous said...

I'm hearing lots of rumors in the DC area about Wachovia- that they may be one of the banks on the edge....has anyone heard anything?

Anonymous said...

This has been making the rounds on the net in various forms...I think the original might be by a poster on Howard Kunstler's "Clusterfuck Nation" thread. I LOL'd.

I bet many of you will get the reference


Does Bernanke Dream of Stagflationary Sheep?

Holden: You're in a recessionary economy, walking along in the period of currency instability when all of a sudden you look down.

Bernanke: What one?

Holden: What?

Bernanke: What recession?

Holden: It doesn't make any difference what recession - it's completely hypothetical.

Bernanke: But how come I'd be there?

Holden: Maybe the foreign investors are fed up. Maybe they want to be by themselves, with their own currencies and natural resources. Who knows? You look down and see a bloated, kleptocratic pseudo-public mortgage guarantee company, Ben. It's crawling toward you.

Bernanke: Kleptocratic company? What's that?

Holden: You know what a "corrupt, bailed-out firm" is?

Leon Bernanke: Of course!

Holden: Same thing.

Bernanke: I've never done a bailout. But I understand what you mean.

Holden: You reach down and you flip the investors over on their backs, Ben.

Bernanke: Do you make up these questions Mr. Holden? Or do they write 'em down for you?

Holden: The investors lay their on their backs, their bellies baking in the hot sun, beating their legs trying to turn themselves over but they can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping.

Bernanke: What do you mean I'm not helping?

Holden: I mean you're not helping! Why is that, Ben?

Bernanke: ....

Holden: They're just questions, Ben. In answer to your query they're written down for me. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. Shall we continue?

Bernanke: Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch!

Holden: Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about your economy.

Bernanke: My economy?

Holden: Yeah.

Bernanke: Let me tell you about my economy...

Anonymous said...

Wash Post article on Wachovia. Is Wachovia next?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon July 15, 2008 10:54 PM:

Your parenting skills are evident through the discretion you use in your language. LOL

Hey, one good thing about 11th hour for anyone with kids is that it's a good opportunity to explain why you have to follow the money after watching any kind of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

ABC News comes up with list of potential bank failures.

"Banks in Colorado, Maryland, Georgia and California top privately-prepared lists of troubled banks being circulated on Wall Street and in Washington."


Anonymous said...

FBI IS INVESTIGATING INDYMAC FOR FRAUD. If Keith has the Drudge equivalent of the flashing siren, he should be rockin' it right now.


Anonymous said...


FBI investigating IndyCrack

Anonymous said...

The FBI has launched an investigation into possible fraud at now-defunct IndyMac bank corporation, CNN confirms.

check cnn.com

Anonymous said...

fbi starts an investigation on indymac for fraud.... great timing!!

Anonymous said...

high-flying real estate golden boy's fantasy world ends very, very badly.


"sin, when fully matured, produces death".


Anonymous said...

I must say that no matter how critical I am of this blog you always post my writings, thank you

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a separate thread on VACATION HOMES in places like Branson, MO, etc.

With the baby boomers experiencing a big devaluation in their assets a few years before most of them retire, will they stay in harness till they die in the big city and dump the retirement villas and lakeview lots that they have been buying over the past few years?

Anonymous said...

SKF down over 20% in one day! LOL. Okay for people who got in at low numbers like 100, but I'm sure there are some return chasers here--Anyone lose their ass??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wachovia Raided By Regulators


Anonymous said...


So she didn't like queueing at indymac. note where she tried to deposit her check...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here heard about this:


Seems like 'naked short sellings' have been baned from financials stocks for one month. Of course said financials will use this process to sink commodities related stocks. Now, that's what I call Free Markets!

Anonymous said...

The Orange One's sister has a post up on The Huffington Post telling us what a great guy her brother is.

Anonymous said...

Naked shorts were always in violation of Rule SHO. But now they're really, really, really gonna enforce it, especially if you mess with "certain players".

Anonymous said...

"More alarming: the types of loans falling delinquent. It's not those shady subprime mortgages that put Wall Street into its funk starting last year. It's loans to prime borrowers--the people who are supposed to be good credits.

On a conference call Thursday, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said losses on prime mortgages could triple in coming quarters, particularly in California and Florida.

"Prime looks terrible," he said."

Anonymous said...


wondering how much cash to keep at home (i.e. how many months of expenses) due to current uncertainty in banking industry? (am more paranoid and bearish than most).

Anonymous said...

collection of Foreclosure editorial cartoons. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...


A writer writes about Price to Rent ratios??? A smart writer???

Realtwhores are leaving some classic comments.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

China still a backwards dictatorship. The communists ultimately rule by fear.

W.C. Varones said...

CalPERS lies about investment performance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

John McCain:
"It's All In Your Head"


Anonymous said...

GOLD TO DA F#CKIN' MOON ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wamu and Wachovia how much longer

Lost Cause said...

Knock, knock, knock...hello...hello...anybody home?

Anonymous said...

My old home in the UK is up by 2000% in 30 years - this is incredible and just underlines the choas to come - see this post:

Anonymous said...

Hey Keef,

I'm leaving this for Ben's Boring Blog. At least he is not some rich spoiled brat who takes a vacation twice a month.

Anonymous said...

Keith, Hope your having a great holiday enjoy your time away from the boards we miss you. :)

Anonymous said...

Betsafe has switched from dollars to euro after due to customers worrying about their poker deposits losing value...

Anonymous said...

"CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Wachovia Corp. lost $8.86 billion in the second quarter, and said Tuesday it was slashing its dividend and cutting 6,350 jobs after losses tied to mortgages soared."

Everybody move to Charlotte. Charlotte's the next big thing! Bwahahahhahah!

Anonymous said...

The Mogambo sez: So I say to the bartender, "If you are not buying gold, silver and oil to protect yourself against the fall in the purchasing power of the dollar caused by the Federal Reserve creating so much money and credit, then you are an idiot!"

Anonymous said...

Keith, every time you take a trip, some gosh darn bubble news hits: Fannie/Freddie, now Wachovia - hell I forget all the "coincidences".
I'm getting tired of this slo-mo crash. I'm thinking of starting a fund to send you away for 6 months and just get this crash over with! !

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear if Keith enjoyed Moscow?

Anonymous said...

From Republicans with love!

and thank you, taxpayer
you completed your task
you voted for us
what more could we ask of you now?
just one more favor, a little inflation
to bail things out...
Don't act sad or surprised
lets be friends civilized
after all, is really your fault:
you voted for us!

PS: the family values thing...we were just kidding, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well there'll probably be a thousand posts with this but here it is:


Bush ain't as stupid sometimes as he would have all of us believe. He just can't say on record how badly he thinks Wall Street F'd everybody.

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking your tap water.
--Your Government

Anonymous said...

Hobo Sez

Watch the Video and Sign the Petition!




Anonymous said...

shrub jr. is really going to bail out the overextenders?

i guess that just seals up his run as president, ensuring that noone will remember him fondly...not that i was going to before, but i looked forward to home values returning to normal levels

Anonymous said...

The bailout has arrived....


So whatz next people?

Im disgusted...

Anonymous said...


Thought HP might enjoy this story from NPR yesterday(July 22): Investigation reveals over 10,000 involved in FL mortgage business have criminal records. Should we really be surprised?

Brody from CT
link follows:


Anonymous said...

Droppin obamas on your iranian mammaz


Got Ammo?


shtove said...

End of the blogosphere as we know it?

HP has no comment on the vote in Congress on the housing bailout?

Anonymous said...

Keith! Are you dead?! Arrested?

Anonymous said...

RP with some non-kook wisdom on the housing bill here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article about Goldman Sachs and certain employees (called out by name) and their influence in the government:

How Goldman Sachs Took Over the World

A snippet:

If there's something weird in the financial world, who you gonna call? Goldman Sachs.

The US government, involved in a firefight against the conflagration in the credit markets, is calling in another crisis-buster from the illustrious investment bank, this time Goldman's most senior banker to finance industry clients, Ken Wilson.

And so with this appointment, the Goldman Sachs diaspora grows a little bit more influential. It is an old-boy network that has created a revolving door between the firm and public office, greased by the mountains of money the company is generating even today, as its peers buckle and fall.

Almost whatever the country, you can find Goldman Sachs veterans in positions of pivotal power.

Anonymous said...

Keith, that's not funny at all. I'm hooked to HP, I feed off it, and I've been nauseous and dizzy for the past 5 days! What's going on?! Are you OK?

Anonymous said...

"Freddie Mac reported Thursday that its nationwide survey showed rates on 30-year mortgages surged to 6.63 percent this week, up sharply from 6.26 percent last week."

The housing market is getting smacked down

Anonymous said...

Nothing for one week now, Keith on holiday or something else?

Anonymous said...

This well documented Fraud at IndyMac is only a drop in the bucket. . . . .


Anonymous said...

Eugene chip plant Hynix will close, erasing 1,400 jobs


Anonymous said...

The FDIC took over two more banks. According to The Wall Street Journal, "The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the Treasury Department, revoked the charters of First National Bank of Nevada, based in Reno, Nev., and First Heritage Bank of Newport Beach, Calif.


Anonymous said...

Please go to http://www.fedupusa.org and sign on; add your name and date. Let's tell potential investors the truth:

To Alter or To Abolish (TaTa)
Public Notice: Buyer Beware
TaTa to Ponzi Finance

July 18, 2008

This petition shall serve as public notice to all and sundry that those individuals who place their names below (the People) repudiate in advance the reckless borrowing being made by the United States Government and its various branches, officials, and agencies (the government).
Borrowing and commitments made with complete callous disregard for sound financial principles and for the future welfare of ourselves and our descendants by the government shall from this date be considered non-binding upon the People. We will not sacrifice a modest and reasonable standard of living to repay debts and obligations entered into by the government with blatant disregard for the welfare of its citizens.
Individuals, corporations, and nations purchasing the debt of the government are hereby publicly notified that the People will not contribute to the repayment of these unreasonable debts, which have been contracted by reckless individuals who have ceased to act in the best interests of the citizens of this great country.
Our authority for this declaration is the founding moral document of our nation, The Declaration of Independence. In accordance with its recognition that the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are unalienable to all, we now claim the given right of the People to alter or to abolish (TaTa), and we now alter our previous commitment to pay all debts incurred by the government.

Signed (the People):

Name Date

1. Mark Birdsall July 18, 2008

Anonymous said...



NY times article that some granite countertops are radioactive!! The ultimate irony! Now to re-sell a house with a Granite countertop, you will have to get it tested by the local department of health to insure that it does not have a giant radioctive slab of rock in the kitchen (and bathrooms and floors if you have granite there too!). Now I bet there will be an industry popping up to remove granite from houses and replacing them with man-made material such as laminate!

Also, now house adds will proudly boast "no granite"!

Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

"A Delaware County real estate agent and close friend of former U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon who became a Capitol Hill lobbyist pleaded guilty yesterday to destroying evidence related to the FBI's investigation of Weldon.

Cecilia M. Grimes, 43, became the second close Weldon associate to plead guilty and agree to cooperate with the FBI in its corruption investigation of the 10-term Republican congressman, his Russian business associates, and others.

In part, the FBI is investigating whether Weldon agreed to support contracts for Grimes' clients "as a quid pro quo for the payment of fees" by contractors to her lobbying firm, court papers say. Authorities are also investigating Weldon's relationship with Russian energy companies."

Anonymous said...

I see that, this week, some poor woman blew her brains out hours before her foreclosure auction. She left a note instructing her husband and son to take the insurance money and pay off the house. I sure hope there wasn't a suicide clause in that policy.

This came on top of that idiot blowing away his realtor last week.

It's really sad when people are overwhelmed with such a feeling of desperation and hopelessness that lethal violence is the only way out for them.

I think this will get a lot worse!

Anonymous said...


Please pardon my rudimentary skills. This is just a little thank you present. God knows, it's not much. But thanks.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at some properties located in the Inland Emire (CA)on Redfin. Based on my calcualtions many areas, including Moreno Vally, Rialto and San Bernardino are down 60%.

I don't think any of these houses would qualif under the new "resucue" plan. This is becasue of the guidelines of the program.

Devestment said...

Is the crash really over?

What about the Japan model where home prices declined 10 years in a row despite zero or negative interest rates?

How are we different? How are we the same?

At what point do the available borrowers dry up and real debit service begin?

When does full flight from US Dollars begin forcing the treasury to pay astronomical interest rates to bribe China and the big dollar investors to hold dollars?

What can we provide to give those dollars value, freedom?

Is asking these questions in violation of the right to free speech as it could be construed as yelling fire in a theatre?

Anonymous said...


A foreclosure notice appeared last Friday, a $450,000 second mortgage they took out less than 15 months ago was in default.

“Beazer gave them $100,000 cash, paid their mortgage off and they still can't make it," said Oswalt.

Harper told Channel 2 they invested the loan proceeds in a construction business and the business hasn’t been good. She didn’t say how much of the money is left.

“What’s going to happen is instead of keep paying my mortgage, I’m going to take my money and not pay my mortgage because I’m being harassed,” said Harper.

Anonymous said...

OK so according to the poll about 60% of HPers have a higher income this year compared to last year. And yet you're all bitching like little girls about how awful the economy is.

Anonymous said...

Found this over at realtor.org:

"Between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2008, every REALTOR® is required to complete 2 1/2 hours of Code of Ethics training. REALTORS® who have completed this training as a requirement of membership in another association are not required to complete additional ethics training until the next four year cycle."

2 hours and 30 minutes every four years spent on the much-touted NAR code of ethics. No wonder realtors forget about it. LOL

Anonymous said...

The NAR ethics mess gets even better!

From the FAQ on realtor ethics:
"2-1 If a local association develops its own course materials, does it have to be submitted to NAR for approval? If “yes” what is the approval process? No, the policy does not require NAR approval of training programs developed by local or state associations....That said, the NAR Professional Standards Committee has authority to make a determination in the unlikely event a complaint is brought under Article IV, Section 2 of the NAR bylaws alleging that an association was crediting members with meeting the requirement when a course clearly doesn’t meet the criteria established in the policy."

I love it! "In the unlikely event..." - I wonder how many local organizations say they DON'T have their own ethics training to bypass the NAR-required materials...1%?

Anonymous said...

O.K. Keith. I'm sure you're going to lamblast those "covered" bonds. Better get busy, god forbid something happens that something goes in the right direction! I love this idea, we wouldn't be in the "as desperate situation" as we are now if they had these in the U.S. a long time ago. Yes it is closing the barn door after the horses already got out but admit that it may not be such a bad idea!

Anonymous said...

Infineon will layoff 3,000


Anonymous said...

I thought govt is not supposed to outsource it's employment.

This will trigger another round of delinquencies and foreclosure.

I thought govt jobs were most stable,

I guess no job is stable anymore.


Anonymous said...

Bell will layoff 2,500


Anonymous said...

Interesting Bailout Idea....
The suicide solution

"if you can’t pay your debts or afford to play your role as a consumer, and if, in addition you’re no longer needed at the workplace, then there’s no further point to your existence. I’m not saying that the creditors want you dead, but in a culture where one’s credit rating is routinely held up as a three-digit measure of personal self-worth, the correct response to insoluble debt is, in fact, “Just shoot me!”"

Op-Ed Piece in response to this story, http://tinyurl.com/5llsa5

Seems there might be a way for the REIC to save on those costly foreclosures....

Frank R said...

Moderate earthquake in SoCal today ... how long before Reid and Pelosi blame Bush and global warming for the quake?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A spot-on essay about the "Extreme Foreclosure" by Hank Stuever:


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith--

I didn't see any news about this, but just yesterday, the House was talking to some credit reporting experts about how to add in things like utility payments to boost credit scores now that credit is important to getting loans. One of the reps from Cali wants to force Experian et al to include any positive payments to anybody so that people "don't get duped into buying a house that they can't afford." I saw it on one of the C-Span's yesterday. This is potentially pretty big.

Anonymous said...



The best part is, all it will do is worsen and prolong, pushing the eventual bottom even lower.

The buying opportunity of a lifetime looms just a tad further off; let's get ready.

Anonymous said...

keith, Jim Cramer is on his mad money show right now, 30 July 2008, calling a bottom on the stock market. How does this man continue lying like this, day in and day out? How can anyone listen to him and believe this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

wow! its amazing.

Devestment said...


Housing Bill to Aid Democratic Ally
The housing bill signed by Bush will provide public funds to nonprofit groups that assist distressed homeowners. One of the biggest beneficiaries, despite Republican objections: Acorn, a housing advocacy group that also helps lead ambitious voter-registration efforts benefiting Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Are-NOLD has promised to sign an executive order eliminating all state temp positions, cutting out over-time and reducing state employees to the federal minimum wage because of California’s budget problems. All this he CAN do due to a unanimous state Supreme Court decision!

Of course the big, all-powerful state worker’s unions are in an uproar, and the democratic state comptroller has promised to keep paying regular salaries, the law be damned.

Love it!

Wouldn't it be great if Arnold simply started bankruptcy filings for the state due to the budget impasse? You'll be able to here the union pigs at the greed trough squealing all the way over to the east coast!

Anonymous said...


Oversupply and Compression: How the Median House Price Will Fall from $215K to $70K


Anonymous said...

OH MY! GDP UP 1.9%. It's like 1933 all over again.

How's everyone's gold and oil investments doing these days? shoulda listened to me and bought banks.


Anonymous said...

We need to pretest this housing bailout in masses. That is the only way to change things. We need a leader to organize the pissed off masses

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that INFLATION is a measure of things that you do not need to purchase, and things that you do purchase regularly like FOOD and GAS are excluded from CPI calculation.

How many of you go out a purchase a car every two to three years. Yes, due to high price of gas truck price are going down.

More likely you purchase things to maintain your car like oil, battery, tires, and etc.

Did you noticed those kind of things that you use to maintain your car are going up in price.

You don't fix your own car perhaps you noticed that car service charges have been going up for auto dealerships to make up for slowing sell of cars.

If you do need to purchase an used fuel efficient cars those cars prices have gone up or have you not noticed.

How many of you go out to purchase a new TV or computer every three years.

More likely you go out and buy games and/or go to the movies.

Did you noticed tickets, candies, soda at the movies, or popular games are going up.

Yes high end clothes have been going down, but since food prices have been going up you probably eating less, so you probably losing more weight and can fit back into to those old clothes you once like to wear.

Don't even think about those discount clothing stores, everybody else are going there so prices are going at those discount clothing stores.

Yes, due to the softer housing market housing price has gone down, but most house that you would want to move your family into are priced out of reach.

So exactly is the CPI calculated. If it is calculated based on things that people do not normally use or buy then why publish a CPI number at all.

Anonymous said...

Are-NOLD has promised to sign an executive order eliminating all state temp positions, cutting out over-time and reducing state employees to the federal minimum wage



Anonymous said...

Now obama wants to give out a $1000 tax credit to help people with their energy costs.....

Is the guy a complete idiot? Doing so helps to sustain the current high prices. it is just another method of price control.

Anonymous said...

"If the path to the better there is, it begins by looking at the worst."

Thomas Hardy

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith
I think you've pissed somebody off. When I try to quick link HP through favorites in Google, I get an official looking window, over your site, saying that your web page is unavailable and IE will now close. If I hit the "CLOSE" button to shut down that window, your page, still in the background, shuts down. If I just "x out" the window, your page comes through fine. I don't know if anybody else is having this problem.
Tell everybody to hit X, not CLOSE!

Anonymous said...

Lantronix will layoff 17%


Anonymous said...

Silicon Graphics will layoff 7%


Anonymous said...

SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc will have a reduction in force of 7-9%


Anonymous said...

Kemet Corp will layoff 640 jobs


Anonymous said...

Lockheed Martin warns of layoffs


Anonymous said...

Sees More Job Cuts at Dell


Anonymous said...

Wolfson Microelectronics slashes jobs as profits tumble


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