July 27, 2008

And then the obvious became obvious

Matthews: “Did you see FOX television as a tool when you were in the White House? As a useful avenue to get your message out?”

McClellan: “I make a distinction between the journalists and the commentators. Certainly there were commentators and other, pundits at FOX News, that were useful to the White House.” […] That was something we at the White House, yes, were doing, getting them talking points and making sure they knew where we were coming from.

Matthews: “So you were using these commentators as your spokespeople.”

McClellan: “Well, certainly.”


Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm not sure why you have an obsession with Fox news. NONE of the media outlets are providing competent journalism these days. Look at this bailout fiasco - all the polls said the public was against it, and yet media coverage was overwhelmingly in favor of a bailout, with stories typically containing 10 minutes of pro-bailout argument and a token "critics say..." sentence tacked on the end of the report/article. Much like our government, the mass media in this country is broken - Fox is just one of many.

blogger said...

You are correct anon - most of our media is bought and paid for, either by the corporations or by the political parties

Fox is just the worst of the worst

Anonymous said...

Hitler would be proud

Anonymous said...

Their 9/11 fake attack is well documented. Full color video, eye witnessess, scientic proof, etc.

9/11 was the world's biggest scam.

Anonymous said...

What about the Obama press corp fawning over every word.
ABC, CBS & NBC earned the their Democrat Party credentials on the Obama World Tour. I was sick of it after the 1st day.

The Eponymous World Trader said...

I hope the Matthews asking the question isn't the one who said that he gets a tingle up his leg when he hears Obama speak. That's some real objectivity from who...oh yeah MSNBC. Keith if you dislike Fox news that fine...just don't try to sell me that the rest of the media isn't tilted FAR in the other direction.

Anonymous said...


if you think Dems in the White House or in Congress don't use the liberal press (cbs, nbc, abc, msnbc, cnn, cnn headline news, pbs, nyt, boston globe, la times, sf chronicle, wash post, usa today, etc. etc. etc.) as mouthpieces for their views then you are smoking something!

our country has been dominated by these news outlets for decades, always parroting the left-wing views coming out of the Dem party inside the Beltway. one small channel, Foxnews, comes along that has a somewhat different political perspective and you and the left-wingers wring your hands in angst and anger. WHY? Is it the perspective or what they are doing?

If it's what they are doing then i would like to ask, where has the Left been over the past 40 years in damning the MSM (see above) for being mouthpieces for Dem politicians?

as i've said before, you have a great housing blog and you've been so right on with it, but sometimes your fixation on FoxNews and George Bush just seems delusional! :-)...Foxnews is not the worst of the worst. ABC is by the worst. It has been so for more than a decade..thanks to that leftie Peter Jennings (no disrespect intended). he destroyed ABC News. It has never recovered. CNN is a close 2nd and I would say PBS is tied with them. MSNBC is so full of mentally ill liberals (that's redundant since, afterall, liberalism IS a mental illness) and so far off the Left Wing Shill Chart i won't even bother to comment on them.

please, take a step back and look at what the real situation we have in this country: a news media dominated by left wingers who are puppets of the Democrat Party. Foxnews barely registers in the overall number of folks watching news on TV. The three leftwing broadcast newscasts get 20 to 25 million viewers per night depending on the season...Brit Hume gets somewhere around 1 million!!! in other words, the left wing shill broadcast media is 20 to 25 times stronger than the competing newscast on FoxNews between 6pm and 7pm.


The real problem we have is how the Dems have a lock on news and information, and it is this virtual monopoly that is the most harmful thing to our culture, the ideas of "fairness and equity", and ultimately to our federal republic, which can only survive if there is free competition of ideas in the news and information market.

it is time for folks who don't identify with these parties anymore to start new ones and bury these two for good.

Anonymous said...

Two pulitzer nominees, Mathews and O'Reilly...



Anonymous said...

Only Americano illiterates with a trailer park breeding coupled with genetic abnormalities watch and believe FOX Noise.
You got be pretty f..ing stupid!

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media whores continue to shill for their big corporate cronies while wrapping themselves in the flag and proclaiming free speech rights.

The next administration needs to undertake a thorough 'independent' review of FCC regulatory failures and reinstate limited media ownership restrictions.

The 'media giants' have proven that media consolidation has contributed greatly to the loss of many of our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone knows that O’Reilly is a "tool". :-P

Dem,Repub, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, blah blah blah....

It doesn't matter, all MSM outlets have their own particular slant, individuals within a given network are slanted even further.

There is no single outlet or source that is 100% reliable and without spin or slant.

The only way to get a true and real picture of any given issue is to use multiple sources, Print, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.

There are so many issues and so many outlets that it is hard to do that now a days and I think this is where the internet is most powerful.

In a age when it would normally be impossible to sort thought the cacophony that is "The News" of our age.

Blogs, Search Engines, RSS Feeds, etc easily put multiple sources of information at the average persons finger tips. "facts" can be cross referenced, checked, and verified instantly. Opposing view points can be found, evaluated, and freely discussed by like and unlike minded people. In essence, an individual can take all of this and aggregate it into their own opinion, not what a talking head wants them to parrot back.

Hence places like HP....

Sadly where this great ideal fails is that it requires a willingness to read, think, and evaluate. For most (sheeple) this is too much responsibility to bear and too much work. Instead they digest American Idol, HGTV, and E!, etc.

Any Dr. will tell you what happens to a person on a diet of straight cotton candy. Same difference for the brain. It kills me to say this as I should be more proud of my countrymen(women). Sadly they are just as fat and flabby mentally as they are physically. You say "but what if they are a "Hottie"?" It is my experience that may even be worse. make your own analogy there.

Enough rant, seriously back to O’Reilly. I don't think his problem is his politics, I think he is just an asshole, his mother probably couldn't stand him either. He strikes me as one of those people you'd meet at a party and within 2 minutes come up with a reason to get away from him.

Anonymous said...

1. Tim Russert
2. Tony Snow
3. With any luck, Chris Matthews

Anonymous said...

"...don't try to sell me..."


Please don't try to tell us that you'd be able acknowledge proof.

"...one small channel, Foxnews, comes along..."

My favorite is the continually-outraged Olberman. Oy; wut a windbag. Good sandbox for the deranged left.

Yet there is no counterpart right?

Anonymous said...

As if the other side doesn't do the same thing as fax news does .

Does anybody watch CNBC business channel .When ever something good is about to be said they switch to commercial or have a breaking news shot with one of their commentators telling the sheep what to think .

They know they are all a bunch of sheep that don't have the time to research anything because the sheep are to busy working to pay for taxes and high costs .

I'm waiting for the day a actual ...real ...2-sided debate takes place in which actually points can be considered . Enough of this
poor excuse for news .

One does wonder why George took a about face so quickly .Did Paulson tell him something ?

Anonymous said...

So, because the media in general was pushing the housing boom and of course their advertisers must be behind some of this , I would say if you really want to blame something ,blame the big Corporations that are controlling all PR right now and has been for over a decade .

It must of been pretty hard for them to get a PR campaign going to bail out people who didn't pay their bills and were fraudulent on their loan applications ,but they did . In spite of all the spin about the merits of saving gamblers
the people spoke and polls said it was 2 to i against bail-outs ,so they went and did it anyway .So,you get the idea .

Mark said...

I'm a lifelong registered Republican and here's what I think. We Republicans had the Senate from 1996 to 2006 and we Republicans had the White House for 2008-2008. What did we do with our time in office? We sure didn't lead. I'd guess that Keith criticizes the President because -foremost amongst on-leading Republican "leaders", failed to lead.
Regarding the whining from the more delusional part of my Republican party about the "liberal media" and the "mainstream media" bogeymen: (1) Back when Howard Dean was leading the 2004 Democratic primary nomination, it was CNN who played The Scream over 250 times the first 24-hours after. Is that a "liberal media" thing to do?
(2) About the time the US began ratcheting up the rhetoric about Iran, CNN broadcast one of the pseudo-documentary pieces as follows: 'To understand the current understand the history of Iran. Iran was founded in 1935. Then, in 1979 there was a revolution'. The previous paraphrase, though not verbatim, is what CNN represented as the "history of Iran". It omits the small matter of our then newly-formed CIA's first success: overthrow of Mossadegh, Iran's only (ever) democratically-elected leader. Now, would a "liberal media" news outlet omit any of that?!

Mark said...

Fox News: where serious men and women go for news about young, pretty girls in trouble.

Check out the Fox News site any day of the week, and you will always find news about young, pretty girls in trouble. Today (27-July-200) there are three such stories. The figure, by the ay, is usually between 3 and 5.

Anonymous said...

"getting them talking points and making sure they knew where we were coming from"

There's a HUGE difference between tilting one way, leaning one way, and having the WH Press Secretary hand you a copy of your marching orders!

Make no mistake, GWB is burning the whole thing down and Pelosi, Dodd, Frank et al are going to hand him the match.

Anonymous said...

So is it ok for the disgusting Keith Olbermann be a shill for the equal disgusting Democrats? Not only that, the idiot Chris Mathews and Anderson are other Obama whores.

Funny how this blog protects those Hussein whores and even tries to promote those paid-for shills from time to time.

Please note that I'm writing Ron Paul in November and I'm registered Independent, so you Hussein little bitches calm the f down before you do your zombie-sheeple reply.

Anonymous said...

Hey fox is just being the opposite of CBS ABC NBC CNN and all those other news channels. I say F them all! They are shills for all the bad things this country is going through. NOBODY is telling the truth and we are in the dark. Where is the John Edwards story? If that was McCain in the Hotel, it would be all over! Like I said, all the MSM is full of S...

Anonymous said...


thanks for the two examples of how the liberal press goes after its own. is that the best you can do to illustrate how they are fair? i could turn on the tv right now and show you two examples in two seconds of how they carry the party line; or buy today's msm newspaper and show you the same on the first page. it is constant propoganda...day in and day out.

please get real. the entire country knows that the press is decidedly liberal and gets "talking points" from members of Congress and the White House (when the Dems are in office). there's no difference.

let me say this again, 1 million daily Brit Hume Special Report viewers versus 20 to 25 million daily liberal broadcast news viewers...and that's just one example of how the left controls and dominates news and information. i won't even get into how they do the same in education, which is well documented.

it amazes me one small cable news station can cause such inner turmoil for liberals. my feeling is that the reason for this angst is because there is now a source that shows the utter moral bankruptcy of the msm by talking about alternative perspectives and covering different types of stories. by doing this, it shows the lefties that their news outlets are completely biased. it's a rude awakening for folks who thought all along that their news outlets were totally objective.

foxnews, because it serves as a reference point to other media outlets on news and information, has exposed the msm liberal broadcast news for what it is (and which we knew all along but couldn't prove): it's a shill for the Dem party.

and that is what i think really makes lefties angry: foxnews has exposed their liberal msm outlets for the biased, discriminatory frauds that they are.

Anonymous said...

So the Bush administration used commentators (but not journalists) at Fox News to get the message out. Interesting.

Lets compare that to the Clinton administration and the current Obama campaign each of which had the following channels to "get the message out":

MSNBC (official moonbat channel of the left)
New York Times/Boston Globe
LA Times
Washington Post
etc, etc.

At the TV networks this would include hosts, journalists and commentators.

At the newpapers it would include "reporters/journalists", editors and op-ed writers.

Sure seems fair to me...

Can we get back to talking about real estate and Obama's bailout of speculators and predatory lenders?

Anonymous said...

Check out the Fox News site any day of the week, and you will always find news about young, pretty girls in trouble. Today (27-July-200) there are three such stories.

Hmmm...just checked the site and there aren't such stories.

Anonymous said...

So McClellan retracted his statement last night that he gave Bill O'Reilly
"talking points". He had to go on his radio show and do a mea culpa. He did restate that he gave talking points to others at FoxNews.

Anonymous said...

I've also noticed the absolute silence of the HP lefties with respect to challenging the assertions that I and others have made in this string. I guess you all understand and agree with what we're talking about when we say the media is dominated by your side.

There really is no argument.

I hope this puts an end to this particular topic here on HP and we can concentrate on the housing crash and how it will affect everything.

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