May 11, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote of the Day

“Clearly, many people who were betting on rising home prices were hurt when the housing bubble burst, but we can not force taxpayers to insulate everyone from the costs of those bad decisions. If we use tax dollars to bail out everyone who makes a bad decision, we are setting ourselves up for an even larger housing crisis in the future”

- New HP Hero Grant Bosse, Republican running for Congress in New Hampshire, May 2008

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we have been bailing out the black hood rats and illegal hispanics for quite some time now. Time for other fools to get a taste!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the media giving these Congressmen some airtime? Instead all they show are old people or minorities getting kicked out by the banks. I bet 90% of the foreclosures are flippers and speculators.

Anonymous said...

When is a Democrat going to stand up and say something like this? Every anti-bailout politician you've quoted so far has been a Republican. Did you leftwing kooks read that? Get to work writing your Congressmen unless you want to pay for Casey Serin's mortgages.

Anonymous said...

This country has rewarded failure for so long that it is now one big failure.

Anonymous said...

There's always some racist comment from someone (1st Anonymous comment!!). Just as soon as your A$$ hits bottom then you want to be humble and understanding of other cultures. The crubling economy is just starting. You'll hit bottom and then you can't blame anyone but yourself. Get's coming for your smug pompous A$$ =)

guy n. cognito said...

i was intrigued until i read his site... apparently "the surge is working" in Iraq. he's just another f*cking neo-nutbag that probably throws his arms up when asked to define victory in Iraq and believes that Saddam had ties to Al-Q. sorry but this clown's fiscal conservative rhetoric is running on empty.

Gabor said...

What about Murray Sabrin? Send him some money too, I did.

bright future said...

I have been an HPer over a year now, this is my second post about the same subject.

Were to we invest now with very low risk and long term great returns.
With all this negativity everywhere there must be a good place to buy things ‘On Sale’

My friends that place is Israel.

If you look at the fundamentals of human economics, one Country has more forward thinking and moving individuals per capita then any other place on earth.

It is Israel.

The Israeli economy is a gold mine for some of us sitting on money and looking for a place to invest with solid returns.

Anonymous said...

Obama will change everything!

1st anon said...

understanding of other cultures.

...or lack there of! I am certain that you are the one that does not understand their "culture". I feel dem fo sho.

Anonymous said...

I read an article that says John McStain is having trouble getting donations from the bankers and hedge funds because he opposes a housing bailout.

yu been skooled said...

HP Jumps The Shark. Topics now revolve around elections, Tibet, Burma/Myanmar. HP Comedy Hour on its last season. Housing-related episodes are in re-run.

In Other News:
HP prepares to introduce new loveable character to spice up ratings: A little feisty cantankerous precocious midget named Pitiful Refugee, with single father named Political Candidate.

In other news:
HP acknowledges it's time to pack it in. Stories are just yesterday's news, nothing new, big giant YAWN. Comments slow to a tiny trickle. HP regulars have abandoned the site.

Joe Six Pack said...

Donated $5.

keith said...

yu been -

sorry that real estate career's not working out for you as planned

you can always check HP traffic here

but remember, this is a volunteer effort - I put in HP what I find interesting or think HP'ers will find interesting. Period. And you're gonna get a LOT more politics with the general coming up

Enjoy or go away


Anonymous said...

I am still here.

Anonymous said...

I am still here.

For real?

Mister Alpine said...

"HP regulars have abandoned the site."

Don't worry, I plan to beocme the latest HP regular. And by this time next month, I will be the most hated person on HP.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

bright future,

Sounds like Israel no longer needs $3 billion/year handout from USA.

Write your congressman and let him know.

Peter T said...

You go, Grant. Could this be a new trend in the media to show the other side of the housing bail-out? After all, our media are trained to show both sides, how insane one of them may be.

Anonymous said...


If you can't afford your FREAKING HOUSE, move out and RENT something for half as much!!
(Talk about getting THAT piano off your back, and getting some real relief)!

Why would any sane person want to keep throwing money at a wildly-overvalued and rapidly depreciating asset?!! At the very least, tax paying citizens shouldn't have to pay for YOUR MISTAKES, period.

Don't buy the con-- Don't ruin your finances only to lose your house down the line anyway.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...Let's see some mainstream media reports on the majority of people who DO pay on time, and are completely against paying for other people's wreckless decisions!!

Reminder: said...


The ONLY way to look at any politician is DOWN.

Politicians ARE NOT heroes, they are sum or douchebags according to gender. So for Barney, call him both.