May 07, 2008

Ding dong the witch is dead. Now on to the general election of McCain versus Obama.

Thanks for playing Hillary, you power-mad psycho.

Now go away.

And in the future America, no more sons of presidents and wives of presidents, OK?

Now on to the general election - McCain versus Obama. And Americans stuck with two corrupt and incompetent political parties unwilling to address the serious issues that face America, leading the country to ruin.

McCain versus Obama - who gets your vote and why?


Anonymous said...

130000+ Republicans in NC voted AGAINST McCain last night

Anonymous said...

Hillary WILL be th enxt president. Obama is not electable.

Anonymous said...

I would write in Ron Paul but if I had to choose between McCain and Obama it's a no brainer. Despite Obama's penchant for socialism at least he is sane which can not be said for the senile, Manchurian candidate McInsane the Shitstain Songbird McCain.

At least Obama would not lead us into WWIII and would at least help to improve America's image on the world stage. Even if it were purely cosmetic.

Lisa said...

Never in million years consider voting for racist, corrupt, failed Senator that associates with fringe hate groups like Farakhan, Ayers, Al Sharpton and Wright etc... Besides the guy dint know what to do in Senate why would I consider him for any other job ???

Anonymous said...

Neither gets my vote.

I'll just have to find out if the Constitution or Libertarian parties have someone on the ticket in NJ.

Love your blog Keith, you're doing a fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

IS none of the above an option?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

JUST LOOK AT THAT that what you want?



Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to talk about spanky the wonder chimp.....I mean Barrack Husein Obama!

Anonymous said...

Between the two of them I would have to choose Ron Paul.

If you think there will be substancial change with Hillbama, you're smoking something.

Akubi said...

In fact it is not Hostess Ding Dongs at work but sweet boob pudding!
It is time for the Hillary monster to crawl away and the electorate to wake up and smell reality (kinda stinks doesn't it?). And I think that's happening.

Anonymous said...

whoever the bigger liar is when it comes to homeowner bailouts.

These folks are RICH.

Stupid Rich.

They can afford for their house to lose a few million in value because they know they'll be buying up blocks of condos for pennies on the dollar and renting them out for a cash flow.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but John "Keating-Five-100-Year-War" McCain!

Anonymous said...

It's over: Obama closes the deal

Strong showing on Tuesday makes nomination inevitable

Anonymous said...

I can't stomach voting for either of them. But, I will root for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Obama gets mine, as long as Hillary is not in the race.

No way I would dare vote for an incompetent Republican.


Anonymous said...

The people in this board make me sick.

Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate.

America is still fool of ignorant racists.


Drive a wooden stake through her heart said...

The hysterical arrogant destructive bitch is not dead yet, only back in her coffin at sunup ready to further obliyerate the demo party.

Look for poor Obama to have a freak 'acciddent' soon... There is NO other way for the swampwater pig.

Anonymous said...

Keith- Intelligent people explain what they mean insted of name calling. Care to elaborate????

keith said...

in regards to name calling, this video should help

Anonymous said...

At least Obama would not lead us into WWIII

US presidential candidate Barack Obama has said he would use military force if necessary against al-Qaeda in Pakistan even without Pakistan's consent.
Mr Obama made the comments in a speech outlining his foreign policy positions.

Pakistan's foreign ministry said any threat to act against al-Qaeda from within its territory should not be used for political point-scoring.

Earlier this month, Mr Obama's chief rival, Hillary Clinton, described him as "naive" on foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Case closed.

Georgette said...

Maybe I'm the only one around here who actually likes Obama? He's far from perfect, but he would be an immeasurable improvement from what we have now. I think he's got common sense. He's run a brilliant campaign, without ever stooping to the despicable levels that Bush/Rove did the last two times. He's not a Baby Boomer, and he represents a real chance for us to move out of the Boomer era (finally!).

It remains to be seen who he will pick as his VP candidate and what his cabinet would look like. I like that he gets most of his money from small contributors, but he is still too much of a corporatist in my view.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for McCain because:
1. He'll attack Iran and gets us into another quagmire we can not win (Obama will end the war)
2. He'll fuck up the economy even more (Obama is good for that one as well)
3. He's generally incompetent and senile (Obama seems pretty sharp)
4. Keeps the same folks in power that got us this far. (Obama would bring a whole new breed of gangsters into power)

So Obama doesn't seem as incompetent as McCain.
So why in the world would I vote for McCain you ask? Because we need a revolution not an election. We need to throw all these bums out of Washington. Every last one of them. McCain will get us there sooner than Obama. That's why I'll vote for McCain. Food shortages, gas rationing and 30% unemployment will get us there, go McCain. Burn baby burn!

Afterthought said...

It's time to evangelize amongst the white male Christian conservatives...

As with Vietnam, Iraq is driving the culture to the left. Is it worth it?

Is the skyrocketing crime and divorce rate and the jobs shipped overseas worth it?

Imagine if it was Ron Paul vs. Obama? You might have a chance. You might have a chance to restore the economy, you might have a chance to stop illegal immigration, you might have a chance to preserve America as a sovereign nation state .

Now there is only the choice between uncertainty (some call that "hope") and the surety of world war three and global conflagration.

Thanks a lot assholes...

Anonymous said...

Obama will raise taxes. He will raise SS taxes on top of raising income taxes. He will expand government's role in just about everything. He will decimate the military. He will appoint ultra-liberal judges. He will do his damnedest to limit 2nd amendment rights.

He is a far left candidate that will get trounced in the general election. I'm no fan on McCain but given the choice between the two it's a no brainer who I'll take.

And if you want to start talking polls showing him winning, go right ahead. Just remember that in May 1988 polls showed Dukakis with a 20% lead over Bush I. And in 1992 polls showed Clinton behind Perot. Polls at this stage of the game mean absolutely nothing since aside from the political junkies, nobody is paying any attention. Once people start realizing who Obama really is - a corrupt Chicago political machine leftist - they'll run, not walk away from him.

abb said...

One good reason to be rabidly anti-Obama? His "Global Poverty Act". Commits the US to donating 1+% of its GNP to the UN. It is about implementing the first global tax. It is about ceding the sovereignty of the US to a global body.

When you realize that Obama, Clinton, and McCain are identical? No change will occur. They are not in charge. It is a show. A song and dance routine to make you feel like you're a part of "change".

Educate yourself about one of the true controllers of policy:

abb said...

Here's a quote from the article linked above:

Luminaries at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington expressed confidence that they own all three major presidential candidates, who, despite political posturing, will support sovereignty-surrendering measures such as NAFTA and the “North American Union.”

“John has always supported free trade, even while campaigning before union leaders,” said one. “Hil and Barack are pretending to be unhappy about some things, but that’s merely political posturing. They’re solidly in support.”

Banana Republicrat said...

I'm sticking with my original choice, setting my self on fire Buddhist-monk-style inside the voting booth. Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

From Lisa....
Never in million years consider voting for racist, corrupt, failed Senator that associates with fringe hate groups like Farakhan, Ayers, Al Sharpton and Wright etc... Besides the guy dint know what to do in Senate why would I consider him for any other job ???

But your dumbass voted for BUSH!!!!!!

I'msickofcrappypresidentialchoices said...

Why Ron Paul of course. Or Mickey Mouse. Anyone except those two.

Anonymous said...

anon at May 07, 2008 9:18 AM

You are a 100% complete retard. Just because someone doens't like Obama as their #1 choice, they are a racist? I say you are the racist.

If I have to choose any of these 3 idiots, it's Obama, but you sir are the IDIOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of that picture. I'd even venture a guess that Hillary was putting out in those days! ;)

keyser soze said...

Sorry ...that was me making the snide remark about Hillary putting out! I hit the wrong key.

I wanted to add that the young folk are going to enjoy their upcoming lesson on the life and times of Charles Keating. That dude was evil incarnate...stealing monies from the grayhairs.

tangelo mozilo said...

"And in the future America, no more sons of presidents and wives of presidents, OK?"

What about John Quincy Adams?

And what about Benjamin Harrison (grandson of Wm. H. Harrison).

They were great presidents!

Jen said...

Anybody who votes for BO is racist period.

1. Look at the numbers 92% of blacks voted for him because he is black !!!
2. Look at the company he keeps Farakhan, Wright, Al Sharpton. Listen to their statements. Nothing but venom.
3. Name any significant accomplishments in Senate other than corruption scandals in Illinois ?

I cannot believe there are morons in this country that consider voting for this guy.

Obama / Paul (??) said...

I'm a Republican. But I'll never ever vote for McCain. I can't stand it when that guy starts talking. I can't stand it even more than when "the decider" starts talking. McCain often starts off with says "my friends this" and "my friends that". He is not my friend. I am not his friend.

Barack Obama is far more likable. But I would vote for him only if he knew more about the economy and wouldn't spend our great Indebted States of America into further oblivion...

I will write in for Ron Paul. In the alternative, I will only vote for Obama if he chooses Ron Paul for Vice President or as a very important member of his cabinet to help coordinate economic activities. If Obama has the chance to spend our money, perhaps Paul could help him consider how to spend it more wisely.

That would be great bold move that could gather votes from both sides of the aisle. At least it could most seriously encourage McCain to retire and enjoy his cushy government pension, already far more than he deserves...

...Has anyone suggested to Obama that he might choose Paul as a running mate? What an interesting and historic race that would be.

(Also, I hope we've seen the last of Hillary, but you never know...)

Anonymous said...

If he was white he would be another Kennedy, face it.

The guy is almost perfect. The only imperfection he has is that he is black. Period.

About the war, can he just say that he will cuddle in a corner and wait for Al Qaida to strike? No. Than he has to be a politician when it comes to the topic and say what the people want to hear. There are many topics he is just a politician, and if he was not, he would not be where he is right now.


Anonymous said...

I would vote for McCain. I am hoping for Hillary, but I will go to McCain should Obama get the nomination. As will all of the Hillary people. No, I am not happy about it, but Obama is in no way presidential material. Not with the company he keeps and has kept.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31,

Don't try to be the joker in the crowd. You know what I mean.

I have not seen a good reason, other than, "Obama is not perfect". Of course he is not perfect, he is was, he wouldn't be human. Maybe a robot or something.

Just give some good reasons here, period. Or is it that these are not reasons you can state on this board?


Snowden said...

I am going to vote for McCain, and I am going to do it with joy in my heart.

I'm sure Obama is a swell guy, a light unto nations, and a symbol of progress. He is also basically a communist in a really nice suit.

That is all fine. I'm sure if he becomes president the whole creaking, burning, train-wreck of a system that used to be the United States will grind along for another 4 or 8 years. Obama is the rear-guard of a system that is coming apart.

McCain, however, will run this country straight into the ground instantly. His policy proposals are insane, he is crazy himself, and the first-hand accounts I have heard of his last trip to Iraq have convinced me that he has already had at least one stroke, and probably has Alzheimer's to boot.

A McCain presidency will be a coup-de-grace for the American corporate system, and that is what we desperately need.

We as citizens cannot change the system itself, so we must elect leadership that will run the system in such a way that it will self destruct.

McCain is a car wreck, Obama is cancer. how do you want things to unfold? Fast and nasty, or slow and painful?

This is the choice we have to make.


Anonymous said...

Over???? Nothing's over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??......

michael said...

i will not vote for either.

i always try to choose between the lesser of two evils.

in this case...neither are the lesser.

Shelly said...

Welcome to the media whore "attention getting by bashing Hillary" club. You need to come up with better content than that to retain readership. Hopefully you are going to grow up from your insecurities.

Liz said...

Hillary will not give up the fight and let the nomination go to a racist, corrupt, incompetent Senator. Just dream on. Get a life instead of making a living bashing Hillary.

WildBill said...


McCain is a liberal, and Obama's mentor is a racist (hint, hint).

WildBill said...

Anonymous said...
Anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Case closed.


So anyone who doesn't vote for a racist is a racist?

This is getting to be one weird forum.

The Heartbeat of the New AMERICA said...

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding...


Rejoice, America SAVED!!!

NO Billary, No Hillary.


The definitive shoo-in demo candidate has finally been down in the gutter once too many times.




Allow ME to help you, Hillary. said...

"Anonymous said...
Keith- Intelligent people explain what they mean insted of name calling. Care to elaborate????

May 07, 2008 9:23 AM"

Allow ME to help you, Hillary.

Go F*ck yourself. America is NOT a kind, gentle or civil place, thanks greatly in part to monsters like the Clintons, especially your girl, steely-eye HITLERy.

Feed the body through a wood chipper just to make sure...

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have had eight years to ruin the country. Now it is someone else's turn.


We're Screwed said...

First, I find it "hillarious" that Hillary, over the course of her public exposure, has gone from "the world's smartest woman" to the devil incarnate. And that is among the Dems!

Second, I would suggest that people look at this campaign from the other direction - who, if elected, would be the easiest person to defend against.

Using that theory, I would vote McCain over Obama and Hillary over McCain and Obama.

I suggest that McCain's neocon extremism could be reeled in when in office by the combined opposition of the Dems and the Paleos, but Obama's liberal extremism would have a lot of support from all sides. Repubs and Dems will fear to oppose Obama because of the race card and the true believers will follow him because he is the new Messiah. He will have a relatively free hand, and that makes him most dangerous of all the candidates.

On the other hand Hillary, being the devil incarnate, will be opposed by everyone, and will get nowhere while in office. That is why she is the best pick. She will be the least able to implement her agenda and the least damaging the the USA.

Anonymous said...

i just read on CNN that in Indiana Obama won by 6 points the age group 17-64 but that Clinton held a 38 point spread in the over 65 age group.

Hmmm, on average, which age group do you think harbors the most racist and bigoted views of the two? Would it be the group born in the 30's and 40's who were raised by parents born as far back as before the first world war?

Rom said...

I want the war to end now! I want less religion in government. I want abortion to be legal. I want gays to have the same rights as straights. I want less debt. I want a stronger a currency. I do not want a border fence.

Based on my wants, Obama is a better choice than McCain.

Obama is a JOKE said...

Just a couple of points.

For whoever says Obama is going to fight the baby-boomers...., Obama IS a baby-bommer.

For the people who continue the fiction that not voting for Obama is racist..., let's look the candidate in a vacuum.

1. Belongs to and actively supports church founded on promoting racial agenda

2. Denies heritage (he is also white, but people conveniently forget)

3. No practical experience leading anything

4. People in his own party have it right. If he weren't perceived as black, he would have gone nowhere.

5. Shady "associations" will do little to fix the image of the country.

6. Although this is a little dogmatic, he's a freaking socialist (read: Communist)who will destroy the country even further.

As much as I despise Mc Cain, saying Obama is an improvement is laughable at best. The Obama supporters are just as bad as Bush supporters. They are fully willing and prepared to destroy this country even further on the mistaken belief that he is going to "somehow be different this time".

Even though I am an eternal optimist, I'm sorry to say this country is about to be screwed hard by the worst President ever, no matter who wins. The only consolation is that this President will only be a one-term President. Hopefully one of the parties can put someone out there next time that is worth one honest vote.

Anonymous said...

Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate.

because he is a socialist.

BubbleGirl said...

Yeah, I'm getting sick of reading the comments on here by the extremists on both sides, but I LOVE the blog. Thanks, Keith!


Anonymous said...

Georgette, you will need to define what you think it means to be a Baby Boomer. The one and only definition I have ever known for Baby Boomer is "An American (meaning a citizen of the USA) born between 1946 and 1964".

Barack Obama is an American (USA citizen) and was born in 1961.

Unsympathetic said...

Obama is the best chance for accomplishing anything substantive.

McCain is the candidate of change nothing, business as usual, there is no recession because we say there is no recession.

Obama will raise taxes, yes - because Bush's tax cuts accomplished nothing but lower governmental receipts.. without the promised job or GDP increases. The Laffer curve doesn't exist, people - Republican gratuitous tax cuts are simply putting more money into CEO pockets.

I'm a registered Republican, but because my take-home is less than $300,000, they do not represent my interests. I'll be happily withdrawing my FRN's from circulation (to be prepared if Congress makes the velocity of money drop to zero) and getting a fireproof safe from Home Depot for my basement.

Democrats will raise taxes - on everyone, but on the upper class more. If you want corporate handouts to continue, vote Republican. Remember, even rich people can't make money without people in their company doing value-added work.

abb said...

One good reason to be anti-Obama:

Because he is the lead sponsor for a bill called "The Poverty Act". That act commits Americans to sending 1+% of their GNP to the UN so they can distribute it as they wish.

The US is broke. The people are broke. The people are taxed to death. And Barack wants to place the US under the UN umbrella and tax us some more.

Obama has HIS interests in mind (power), not yours.

EVERY politician in your lifetime has LIED to you. Why on EARTH do you think this one is any different???

Malcolm said...

Contrary to what recent polls suggest, I don’t think it’s even going to be close in November. I think Obama is going to win with 43 states.

And in the end, I think President Obama will be the best thing for the country.

Everyone who reads this board knows what’s going on. They know about the state of the economy, the state of the national morale, and the state over overwhelming cynicism that flows through nearly all levels of the population.

Obama is not perfect, of course, but he’s good enough to get the job done. At this point, “anything but more of the same” is the answer. Hillary was more of the same; McCain is more of the same.

President Obama will not be as liberal as many claim he is. In fact, I suspect that he will wind up being fairly conservative.

Friends, I think we dodged a bullet. I think that a Hillary nomination (leaving us with either her or McCain), would have been catastrophic for the country.

Anonymous said...

>> Over???? Nothing's over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??......

Slowly. Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

Anonymous said...

“Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate.”

I can't think of one good reason he is.

So far he has won his positions through default.

His associations are all suspect and many are shady and connected to criminal activity.

His message of hope and change will end up being prophetic; we will be praying for a change and wondering why the hell we voted for him.

Obama will make Bush look like a genius.

Your taxes are going up and your healthcare quality is going down.

You are supporting a Marxist who will enact wealth distribution never seen before within our shores.

You are hiring a guy with no experience, no plan and no clue.

The problem with Obama is that the other candidates are no better.

I am writing in Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...


He will destroy the country faster than McCain. He has even less fiscal acumen than McCain or Hillary, although Hillary would have done a quicker job of destroying the country.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Case closed."

The endgame of Political Correctness.

Now no one is free to vote for McCain or they are slandered as a racist.

America. What a great country it used to be.

Lady Di said...

None of the above.

McCain = crazy

Obama = seems like a really cool guy, but I don't support socialism.

I refuse to vote the lesser of two evils.

I'll vote for the prez Ron Paul endorses. RP is the only politician I trust.

Anonymous said...

Write in Dr Ron Paul or write VOID across the damn f'n ballot.
Enough of this crap. Obama is not an option and McInsane isn't either...those are the 'candidates' that the corporate sponsored politicians want us to select.

No more politburos!

zapparulez said...

It pains me to say this, but Clinton is the lesser of all three evils. YIKES! I cant believe I just said that, but Obama is a dangerous ideologue and McCain is a corporate globalist. Clinton is hungry for power and glory.

Which is why I say, let her be the 4yr lame duck president the next one will most certainly be. How are any of them going to save us from economic insolvency? lol

zapparulez said...


I thought people are here were smart, but it appears there are many naive people on this board.

What change does Obama stand for, I mean really? High taxes on all of us. More government welfare for minorites. More Globalism. Subsidizing the UN. More Corruption. I just don't see it. He is a radical ideologue and he must be stopped. I'd rather vote for Billary.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Obama is one of the greatest closet racists of our time! He spent 20 years of his life going to the black equivalent of Clan meetings! He's a corrupt product of Chicago Political machine, and a Communist according to his speeches and associations.

Now remember that communists have only ever produced shortages, starvation, and mass murder, and tell me again why I ought to vote for him?

zapparulez said...

"Anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Case closed."

That is the most ignorant statement I've ever read. How about this:

Anyone who votes FOR Obama is a racist, America-hating idealogue.

Obama will do nothing for me except take more of my money away, so why the F should I vote for him?

HP Sucks said...

"Imagine if it was Ron Paul vs. Obama? You might have a chance. You might have a chance to restore the economy, you might have a chance to stop illegal immigration, you might have a chance to preserve America as a sovereign nation state ."

How do you figure that Ron Paul would save the economy? If that nut job got in, he would follow the HP line here which is raise interest rates during a recession. Anyone remember 1929? They raised interest rates during that slowdown and darn near took the country in to socialism. The way to fix the economy is to bail out the homeowners that have a prayer of staying in their homes, because if we don't this stupid thing will last forever as more people walk. You guys on this blog keep ranting about your "moral hazard" and so far not doing anything has just made things worse. People tend to dwell on things, and as long as there is not a fix for housing, everyone of us (including you HP'ers) are going to be mired in this stupid housing BS instead of moving forward and improving things. Fine, you got your way, the banks failed, the 401k's of many are gone, and homeowners now can't buy Hummers. Now try to find a way FORWARD and QUIT DWELLING and DRONING ON about this housing problem, and reveling in everyone else's misfortune. I can't wait until all of you bitter renters, nut jobs, supposed cash hoarders etc. all have an economic downturn, then the rest of us can laugh at you and drone on about how right WE were.....


Anonymous said...

Based on the posts, Obama supporters are delusional idiots and race pimps.

Westparker said...

Vote Neither 08!

Anonymous said...

Obama is like all the other black dudes that I know - always asking me for change!

Deucebag said...

"America is still fool of ignorant racists."

It does not necessarily follow that racism equates with ignorance.

Anonymous said...

OOOOooooWEEEEeeeee, Lordy!

Bama gonna gits me mines! Bama gonna gits me mines, gonna send me a checks!


JesusCrispy said...

People who still throw around the epitath "communist" are plainly stupid and old. It is time for the baby boom generation to step aside and shut the f*&k up. Communism is dead, period. No politician is going to implement communist ideas in any first world country. People who accuse a modern American politician of being a communist need to turn off Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and get a f&^king grip on reality. It is time for your generation to adapt or die. You had your shot with GWB and you proved yourselves completly lacking in all intellectual ability. Amen

Peter T said...

Keith, don't count Hillary out yet - I think that she has enough leverage to force Obama to take her on his ticket as candidate for vice president. I wish a powerless VP in the next years and very good security around Obama.

bearmaster said...

Man I wish this witch were dead. But don't underestimate Billary. The woman in this diabolical duo will stop at nothing to gain the presidency to which she feels she is entitled!

Anonymous said...

the clintons are vampires keith. you have to drive a stake through their hearts and then maybe you can relax....these people never go away. mccain vs. obama. two scumbags trying to be president. is this the best this country has to offer at this time of need? God help us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Keith. The more you and the corrupt main stream media and the Obama followers divide the democratic party with your constant bashing of the Clintons, the more we, Hillary voters, move to vote for McCain coming November. Don't come with the healing bull$hit just to get our votes in November. We won't fall for that. You guys want Obama so much, you try to elect him without our votes.

According to recent polls, 58% of Hillary voters won't vote for Obama if she's not the nominee. So I say continue on to split the democratic party right in the middle. Hey, but like I said before, this was the corrupt MSM plan from the beginning.

You'll have 4 more years of Bush, when McCain gets elected in November.

My entire family and friends, who voted for hillary, won't vote for a ultraliberal communist freak who hangs out with "trendy" terrorists and black panther eternal whiners. Not only that, there's an organize campaign to change all Hillary votes to McCain since the Obama crowd hates the Clintons and us so much. We won't even mention all the backstabbing going on by sordid people like the Judas Bill Richardson and other who got a job and a career from the Clintons when they were nobodies.

Also nice to see the black mayor of Lakewood county in Indiana, an Obama supporter, doing illegal manipulation of voting results until 2 AM, while counties larger than his were done with results by 9 PM.

Hey, but you guys want a Jesse Jackson clone on the White House, so be it. Just don't come crying later on, like you've been doing after voting twice for Bush/Cheney, because we'll punch you in the stupid face.


Anonymous said...

Bo will make great pimp and make more money. Forget the job of President.

Anonymous said...

We are about to see the most lopsided presidential race in US history. McCain is going to smoke Obama. You heard it here first. McCain will get 55% to 60% of the popular vote and win 40 - 45 states. California isn't even a lock for Obama.

Change is something everyone in this country wants to see, myself included. Bush is a disaster. His leadership skills are non-existent and his political philosophy is in many ways opposite of the people. This is why everyone wants change. That said, a change to Marxism is not what the people want. The majority of Americans are not Socialists and once the masses realize what this aspiring despot's idea of change represents they will turn out in droves to vote against him. He cant hide it much longer.

Obama has another thing going against him despite his being a Marxist. The identity politics that help him in the Democratic primary will hurt him in the general election. 93% of blacks, who made up 35% of the electorate in NC voted for him. 67% of non-blacks voted for Hillary. I wont say a majority, but a large chunk of these Clinton supporters will not vote for him in November either. It will be enough to give McCain a majority.

McCain has a lot going for him in the general election. On top of not being a Marxist, he's also white, fiscally conservative, and socially moderate - just like the majority of the electorate. He's also old and old people participate a lot more than younger people do. He also doesn't associate with black racist clergymen which is a big plus with people who arent black.

Even if every black person and every non black socialist shows up on election day it wont be enough to elect him president. McCain will be the next president - bank on it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Marxist America. MTV Pot Smoking idiots who play Wii all day or are too busy deciding over Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirts to wear, $10k Handbag Celebs who rent islands for $50k per day just for kicks or to bang other celebs, welfare parasites from ghetto who main purpose in life is breeding like flies and eat, and the corrupt MSM are picking your next president. Enjoy, geniuses!

BTW, if you haven't noticed, the rich is untouchable, so middle-class America prepare your wallet to pay for all the Marxist programs here and in Africa. You've seen Obama's close friends; you've seen his only bill in the Senate to send $1 trillion of taxpayer money to Africa while our country is collapsing; you've seen the 20 points of Rev Wright/Obama's church that demands "unconditional devotion to Africa". So don't be surprised with the outcome of a shrinking middle-class. And let me remind you that black population for the entire US is only 12%, a country that gives a chance for a better life to ANYONE who's willing to be responsible and be an achiever. According to Obama and his wife, they were able make it, so why his followers can't make it and now need an Obama nanny state to feed them with a spoon? If this country gives a chance to Obama to make it all the way to Harvard, why is it that his followers are always whining for give me give me give me?

I don't know if you have realize yet but it's the people who make a country, not the other way around. Sh!tty people = Sh!tty country. If you want change, change yourself first, don't expect a pseudo-Messiah to do it for you.

Solo said...

Perfect revenge scenario taking shape.

The Clinton haters and Bush supporters get the President they deserve: Obama.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the Americano scum.

This country is FOOKED!

Anonymous said...

The people in this board make me sick.

Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate.

America is still fool of ignorant racists.



I'm a registered Republican, but I supported Ron Paul.

BUT...I will probably vote for Obama in the general election.

I have researched the guy and I find that he is about the most level-headed person you're going to find in politics. He is a politician, don't get me wrong, but he shows signs of actually listening to people and using his brain before going off half-cocked.

Liberal -- yeah, you bet, but at least he appears to be a genuine liberal and as such we know where he stands. If elected Prez, might he become some power-mad, destructive A-hole? Maybe. Can he really fix all the things he says he can fix? Of course not.

But I think he's the best we can do right now. Sadly.

Many among the college generation are instinctively leaning toward someone who will bring change, any kind of change. They will be disappointed, because Obama getting elected will mean a few things just LOOK like they've changed, but we'll still have most of the same corrupt stuffed suits running around Washington, looking out for themselves while trying to make it seem as though they care about America.

Anonymous said...


He will destroy the country faster than McCain. He has even less fiscal acumen than McCain or Hillary, although Hillary would have done a quicker job of destroying the country.


Oh my God, that is a severely ill-informed opinion.

McCain is the worst kind of economic dunce.

Obama has the sense to have Paul Volker as an adviser.

If you don't know the great Paul Volker from the horrid Alan Greenspan from the weenie Ben Bernanke, you are doomed to wallow in your own ignorance.

Wise up, do some research and some thinking, before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Very simple. Do you want to foresee the US under Obama? Just visit California. But you should have been to California many years before, in order to make an good comparison.

California is the lab for the Obama Marxist program to come soon all over the US, now that the ultraliberal will control the executive, Senate and Congress.

California is a microcosm of a ultraliberal program in progress for a long time, and if you have lived or visited California decades ago, it's clear that the ultraliberal system is not working, by the deplorable condition of that state. California has one of the highest cost of living in the country, high crime, illegal immigration safe-heaven, polluted, worst traffic, huge drug problem, social chaos, it's bankrupt, etc.

In one side you have the rich celebs faking that they care about the lower income people, while they keep a car collection at home, live in castles that suck a ton of energy, and buy $10k import handbags from Europe. These same celebs earn their money by praying on the naivete of lower income folks. If these celebs were serious about helping their follow Americans, they would apply the $10k that costs for a design handbags to scholarships instead. Or funding entrepreneurs to jump start small businesses.

That's what ultraliberals do to your state. I'm not a Republican by any means and not a conservative, but I do realize that extremes aren't good to our nation. I'm even registered as a Democrat who voted for the backstabbing Judas Kerry and to Al Gore, but I'm chaging to Independent now. Bill Clinton was campigning for Kerry a month after coming out of the hospital for heart surgery. Now Kerry backstabs them, just like Richardson did.

Obama is such an extreme that the DNC and its voters hate the Clintons now, because they chose to be moderate. Do you want any more proof of extremism than that? We are going from 8 years of an extreme to another, from neocons to ultraliberals. Both systems have failed, but unfortunately the American people continue to be very impressionable, naive, ready to jump on fads, worshipping high school drop out celebs who rather spend $100k to rent a vila in Italy than funding programs for American entrepreneurs or scholarships, always believing in the mainstream media.

If you ever been to California decades ago, please go back there for a visit and drive around to see what an ultraliberal system does to your state. Follow the economics, social issues, and finances of that state, too.

Anonymous said...

...Has anyone suggested to Obama that he might choose Paul as a running mate? What an interesting and historic race that would be.


I strongly doubt that would happen, but at least then I could feel really good about voting for the ticket.

Barack Obama and Ron Paul -- at least they agree about the horrific and wasteful Iraq war, and even on some economic matters, but Ron Paul doesn't believe in handouts, while Barack is all about handouts and keeping people in victim mode. Barack is very liberal on abortion, whereas Dr. Paul is not.

I don't think Barack would ask, and if he did, I don't think Ron Paul would accept.

Very interesting idea, though.

Anonymous said...

Team Billary is ready to pull out the final straw:

"Make Obama an offer he can't refuse."

brady4747 said...

can't wait to see the heads explode around here when Ron Paul endorses obama

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for the one million angry white males march in washington dc. we can march under the hp banner.

Anonymous said...

al quaeda = mossad

now do you get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is over untill we say its over!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The people in this board make me sick.

Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate.

America is still fool of ignorant racists.


May 07, 2008 9:18 AM

Your the racist for thinking he is qualified bec of his race! No no-name white boy freshman senator would get one-tenth the votes Obama got. Look in the mirror, there is your racist Amierica!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Jen said...

Anybody who votes for BO is racist period.

1. Look at the numbers 92% of blacks voted for him because he is black !!!
2. Look at the company he keeps Farakhan, Wright, Al Sharpton. Listen to their statements. Nothing but venom.
3. Name any significant accomplishments in Senate other than corruption scandals in Illinois ?

I cannot believe there are morons in this country that consider voting for this guy.

May 07, 2008 1:43 PM<<<

ok, are you calling keith a racist?
shame on you....

Anonymous said...

Report: Wesley Clark Privately Urging Clinton To Quit Race

Hillary: "Oh no you didn't!!!"

Gordon Gartrelle said...

Obama-Richardson, baby!

Anonymous said...

If you only need one reason to not vote for Obama.....

This is it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered Republican, but I supported Ron Paul.

BUT...I will probably vote for Obama in the general election.

Those two statements tell me that you are full of crap. From a libertarian to a socialist. Sure.

Anonymous said...

The only reason anyone would vote for Clinton over Obama is they're a racist old scumbag. Clinton voters are the lower IQ of the Democratic Party.

keith said...

Nobody's picked up on my central thesis:

Wives of Presidents should be barred from being President. Period.

The conflict of interest and corruption of the constitution is just too obvious

I'm still amazed America came that close

Goes to show, there's a lot of dumb folks in America today. On the Dem side, it's the 65+, uneducated and white and hispanic racist vote that got Hillary her 45%.

Ooooh, can I say that? it's just sooooo non-PC

But it's the truth

Meanwhile, in the general, those Hillary voters show up and vote Obama. And the GOP base stays home.

Obama wins the electoral college tally 71% to 29%

You heard it here first. Save this post.

Bring back the Royal Family said...

Damn, I was hoping that Hillary would win. Then in 8 it would be Jeb Bush. After another 8 it would be Chealsea. Then George P. Bush, or hell Jenna bush! F yeah!

I love our American Royalty!

Obama is the racist said...


I am not a racist. I would vote a Colin Powel, Condi Rice, Martin Luther King, or any conservative black person. Obama is the racist with his hate filled preacher. Obama is the one who sat there for 20 years listening to that guy.

How dare you say Im a racsist cause I wouldnt vote for that Weatherman loving, racist, I want to raise YOUR taxes, lets hang out with a slum lord piece of ....

Anonymous said...

Look at you pathetic American fools:

"If you vote for Obama you're racist"

"If you don't vote for Obama you're racist"

This is a perfect example of the stupidity that infests America today.

The establishment has you divided, dumbed down and incapable of thought.

There is an illegal war going on people!!! Paid for with your tax dollars!! That means an opportunity cost to you. The dollars spent killing US soldiers and Iraqi children could have stayed in YOUR wallet and been spent on vacations, cars and flatscreen TVs!!!

There is an economic collapse going on people!! People are losing their homes, their life savings, their jobs!!!

We are losing our freedoms at an alarming rate!! The Constitution has been shredded. We have illegal torture, military tribunals and the president has the ability to delcare martial law in the event of an undefined "crisis".

Inflation is out of control. Yes, the Fed says everything is under control but do you believe that when you're paying double for gas than you were one year ago??!!


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the general, those Hillary voters show up and vote Obama. And the GOP base stays home.

Hillary voters won't vote for Obama.

Do you really think that after Hillary voters were called racist and insulted by vicious Obama voters (like you Keith), and watched the corrupt mainstream media bashing their candidate 24/7, they'll forget about everything just because you need our votes to elect Obama?

Dream on.

My entire family and friends won't vote for Obama, and we voted for the backstabber Kerry and Gore.
Hillary voters like me are voting for McCain instead or not voting at all, and we're doing a huge campaign to convince all the other Hillary voters to do the same. Do you really think that you can spit on our faces and then we'll roll over for you because ultraliberal Marxist Obama needs our vote? Ha!

And then you have the Florida and Michigan voters who were denied by Obama's camp to vote again. I can assure you that they're pissed and won't vote for Obama when time comes.

Don't count with our vote to elect Obama. You're on your own.

Good luck in November without the blue collar vote, women vote, Florida and Michigan vote, over 65 vote, Latino vote, Asian vote, union vote, Reagan Democrats vote, etc!

I really want to see Obama pull that one off.

Anonymous said...

Go F*ck yourself. America is NOT a kind, gentle or civil place, thanks greatly in part to monsters like the Clintons, especially your girl, steely-eye HITLERy.

See? It's because of enduring constant attacks like this, including from Keith, that Hillary voters won't vote for Obama in November. Try to get Obama elected without Hillary voters. I dare you.

Anonymous said...

The only reason anyone would vote for Clinton over Obama is they're a racist old scumbag. Clinton voters are the lower IQ of the Democratic Party.

See? Another reason why Hillary voters won't vote for Obama in November. Good luck!

Lizzy said...

You need find something else, like work for real to make living instead of bashing Hillary with this stupid blog. You racist bastard, you the racist, corrupt, incompetent, failed Senator Obama will be crushed in the general election.

Anonymous said...

Obama-Richardson, baby!

What has either one ever done or even offered other than some ambiguous "hope"?

What you have is a bunch of black racists who vote for him because he has the same skin color.

A bunch of Mexicans who want open borders so America can take care of MExico's poor illiterate masses and jail their millions of gangbangers and drug cartels.

A bunch of spineless limp-wristed whites who are afraid of being labeled a racist if they vote for anyone else.

A bunch of cultists who see HIM as the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

A sample post from Politico, part of a movement and call to arms that has been spreading like fire all over the net and cities, especially in FL and MI:

I invite all the Clinton voters to vote for McCain or stay home if she's not the nominee. After enduring months of mainstream media bashing in a daily basis, insults from the vicious Obama camp, and refusal to count Florida and Michigan, Hillary voters should respond appropriately by not voting for Obama. We've been called racists, insulted at will, abused by the mainstream media (i.e., Keith Olbermann, Tim Russert, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Wolf, etc). Then you have the Judas like Bill Richardson, Reich, and Kerry. Clinton voters should not reinforce bad behavior by giving their votes to the same people who spitted on our faces and treated Hillary, Chelsea and Bill with disrespect. My entire family and friends are going to change our votes to McCain if Obama is the nominee. And you, Hillary voter, should do the same. I'm sure that Obama and his followers are confident enough to the point disrespecting our votes. So all the Hillary voters out there: Irmanos Latinos, Asians, women, seniors, lower income but hard working folks, blue collar Americans who carry the nation on their backs, Reagan Democrats, moderates who don't believe in ultraliberals, etc, unite and vote for McCain or just stay home in November, if Obama is the nominee. We shouldn't reinforce bad behavior from the Obama camp and from the mainstream media by giving our precious votes to their candidate. Remember all the backstabbing by members of the DNC who were Clinton friends only when they were wining, remember the constant 24/7 bashing of Hillary by all the mainstream media while trying to turn Obama into a Messiah, remember the insults from the Obama followers...Don't you forget in November! Hillary Voters Unite!

Geez, thanks MSM and Obama freaks for splitting the Democratic party in 2.

Anonymous said...

Kieth I remember a few years ago you predicted Obama would be the next president. Possibly your finest prediction. Ya got a link to that post?

the real peyton manning

Anonymous said...

John S said...

You think Hillary is finished. Fat chance! Here's the results of the general election:

Paul/Romney (3rd Party) 16%
Obama/Richardson (Dem) 38%
McCain/Clinton (RINO) 46%

Anonymous said...

once again American do not win with the two losers. I will vote by writing in Ron Paul!!! I am tired of the corrupt politricksters of this country and the dumbed down Americans who seem to love them.

Anonymous said...

>> Over???? Nothing's over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??......

Slowly. Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

Pretty sad. Humorous site like this and all

wings said...


Maybe for the first time in my life I won't vote.

But probably McMuffin.

We're so royally f-cked!

Anonymous said...


"I did not have sexual relations, with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"!

Der Schlickmeister


Anonymous said...

Y'know I was thinking ObamOsama might be the least dangerous of the two but after reading this:

Obama Backs U.N. Bill to Disarm Americans

I'm not so sure anymore...

This is the false left/right party paradigm at work right here. Both parties are beholden to the same powerful globalist interests pushing for world government. Obamosama is in bed with Brezsinksi one of the Rockefeller's loyal lapdogs and will simply push the goals of the UN and other world government bodies (Trilateral, Bilderberg etc...).

The Rockefellers established the UN and the Trilateral Commission not to mention countless other thinktanks and working groups to promote their goals through manufactured consensus. This is how they operate and this is why we're left with the pathetic phony choices we have today.

You think the United Nations is here to bring you world peace and happy happy joy joy times. No. It's to consolidate power for the elite. They've got their European Union set up. It started out as "free trade" (really phony free trade - you don't need government intervention for free trade), then they got their shared currency and now they're getting their Euro constitution without the consent or approval of the people.

Do you think the EU happened via natural processes? Do you think it was inevitable? Well, it's happening in the glorious USA too. Why do you think it's so difficult for the government to secure those borders? They don't want to secure the borders because the USA is being sold out the same way Europe was sold out.

Obamosama, BitchHitlery and McInsaneTheShitStain are just salesmen and saleswomen for the same globalist tyrannical trash represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The United Nations, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund etc.. etc...

Anonymous said...

I told you keith. The Clintons are not going to quit. You watch what happens Keith. It ain't over till its over buddy. This thing has just started. They will not quit or ever quit. Running for office is what they do. Its like Gore in 2000, they will never quit....ha ha ha what you will see is lawsuits, recounts, etc etc etc.......this will never end. meantime the country dies.....

Cheryl said...

I am a lifelong Democrat. I will never consider voting for racist, corrupt, incompetent, failed senator Obama who hangs out with hate groups like Farakkan, Al Sharpton, Ayers, Wrights Church etc.... Hillary should take her fight to convention or start a third party or let the guy be defeated. Come back in 4 years with your life long struggle for womens rights and be better prepared against caucus manipulation by croooks like Obama.

Ola Dunk said...

Good article about "I will destroy you if you stand in my way" Hillary vs "Let's talk this through" Obama:

consultant said...


We need to seriously shake up the system.

Anonymous said...

Good article about "I will destroy you if you stand in my way" Hillary vs "Let's talk this through" Obama:

That's right, I want my president to be as tough as nails, a fighter who never gives up, afraid of nothing. Obama is a sissy who needs cover from the corrupt mainstream media, $10k Handbag Celebs, and from his racist puppet master Reverend. Obama is such a sissy that he was hiding, like a little girl, from another debate with Hillary. Like Blade would say, "Sissyyyy!"

I just sent another $100 to her. Go Hillary, kick them in the nuts!

Anonymous said...

Here's what Obama's camp and the corrupt mainstream media doesn't want you to know. Puerto Rico has 63 delegates and the governor of Puerto Rico was endorsing Obama, but:

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila was charged Thursday with 19 counts in a campaign finance probe, including conspiracy to violate U.S. federal campaign laws and giving false testimony to the FBI.

The indictment also charged 12 others associated with Acevedo’s Popular Democratic Party as a result of a two-year grand jury investigation, acting U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez said.

Acevedo, a superdelegate for the Democratic Party who has pledged to support Sen. Barack Obama, served in Washington as the island’s nonvoting delegate to Congress and was elected governor in 2004 after campaigning on an anti-corruption platform.

The defendants in Puerto Rico, Washington and the Philadelphia area are accused of conspiring to illegally raise money to pay off Acevedo’s campaign debts from his campaigns in 2000 and 2002 to be the U.S. island territory’s nonvoting member of Congress.

“The governor will be permitted to turn himself in deference to his position,” Rodriguez said.

He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, Rodriguez said. Acevedo said he will turn himself in Friday morning.

At least five others named in the indictment were led in handcuffs into the U.S. federal building in San Juan early Thursday morning.

The 55-page indictment alleges that Acevedo also personally helped a group of Philadelphia-area businessmen in their efforts to obtain Puerto Rican government contracts after they delivered illegal campaign contributions from their own staff and family members.

Since Puerto Rico delegates usually go with the Governor, but none of them want to be connected to the former criminal Governor any longer, most delegates will go to Hillary, as well as the voters. Obama's name is burned in Puerto Rico because of his association with the criminal Governor. Ask ANY Puerto Rican and he'll confirm that to you.

So you guys keep adding the votes and the delegates that the math will favor Hillary at the end. Like I told you many times before: Never never count the Clintons out, stupid sheeple.


Refuse to buy overpriced said...

"Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate."


Anonymous said...

"Give me one good reason why Obama is not a great candidate."

Rezko, Rev Wright, Cokehead who damaged a few synapses hence all the stuttering and difficulty on formulation a thought that's not written in advance...

abb said...

This blog's average IQ is likely higher than the general population. And yet you have again fallen for the political face hiding the machine.

No matter who wins (Obama, Clinton, or McCain), in 4 years this country will be more broke, taxes will be higher, we will be involved in more wars, we will be closer to a north american union, and the Constitution will be further shredded.

In 4 years, everything will be roughly the same (but worse) so you'll be voting for a charismatic Republican because he says the word "change" a lot and makes you feel good.

You're hopeless. Even your leader, Keith, has fallen for the Obama charm. I'm really getting to the point to accepting the fact that you are idiots and you need to be ruled. You don't have the mental capacity and are too easily swayed by your emotions to do it yourselves. You're little more than trained monkeys. Keith included. IQ of what? 125 or so?

"Dumbed down" is certainly accurate, but I'm not sure most of you started very high. I'm extremely disappointed that my ideals are being shattered, but perhaps you really do need to be ruled and herded.

I agree, Obama probably will win. Being that he is the only true voice of optimism who will allow the people to finally be free... free to bring about the real, substantitive change we all know is necessary. Joining together across race and income.... we have the power to bring about a new society founded on cooperation and understanding. He is the only politician who really listens to us... oh...he feels so good...


Anonymous said...

in regards to BO

if he was white he would be another John Edward, face it.

The guy is almost imperfect. The only perfection he has is that he is black.