May 10, 2008

Coming Soon: "It's Morning in America Again"

Indeed, America is still that "shining city on a hill", a nation like no other, a nation that people around the world still admire, even though they loathe its leadership.

George Bush, Dick Cheney and the corrupted clowns on Capitol Hill have taken the US down a path that repulses the vast majority of Americans. A nation which launches unprovoked wars, which tortures people, which consumes and pollutes like no other, which favors its rich at the expense of its poor, which ignores its own Constitution, and which lied, cheated and stole during the greatest robbery of all time - the Late Great Housing Bubble.

This election in November will be telling. I believe the American people have had enough. I think the majority no longer believes the lies. I believe America is a nation that sees itself on the wrong path, and seeks dramatic change.

I recommend voting every single incumbent out of office, except Ron Paul. Every single corrupted incumbent. The American people need to send Congress and political parties a message that they indeed are responsible to the voters, and the voters are pissed.

As you know, even though I have serious policy differences with him, I have endorsed the youth, energy and level-headedness of Barack Obama, warts and all. Four more years of Bush via McCain would be simply disastrous. You'll see even on this thread the hate and anger aimed at Obama by people who don't want change and love to hate. But they are a dying breed, and their time is nearly up.

Make no mistake, there are serious issues to confront. The Great Housing Crash will continue on and on, until the fundamentals make sense again. The nation is $53 trillion in debt. Our infrastructure is crumbling. The entitlement bomb has gone off. Our immigration policies are a disaster. Our currency is a joke. We've lost our manufacturing base. And our foreign policy is disgusting.

The president can't change everything, but he can lead, and like Reagan, create a spark. America is an optimistic, hopeful country, that is stuck in a pessimistic, hateful rut. I blame our politicians, I blame our media, I blame our corrupt business leaders. But now it's time for the awakened people to take matters into their own hands, having been failed so miserably by their leaders.

It can be Morning in America again. The world needs it to be Morning in America again. But it's up to the voters. And I think this time they'll choose Morning vs. Night. It's been a long eight years of darkness. Time to come together. Time for some light.


Anonymous said...


the dude said...

doesnt barack support bailouts for failed flippers and isnt he in favor of blanket amnesty for every illegal? would be the deathblow to this country...

shtove said...

Nice to see a non-attack campaign ad.

Very eloquent, Keith. More power to you.

Anonymous said...

America is doomed, there is no morning again for us.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!!!!

The Housing Bubble Ate My Balls! said...

Wow Keith!!
Very nice, well said, very eloquent.

You keep that up and people will stop calling you a bitter renter and start asking you to run for office.

jackstock said...

come together?what about those pesky terrorists?As long as we have people who can be conned and scared by GWB and co. we will never come together.

Anonymous said...

I like your attitude - let's hope people do act in their own best interests for a change!!

Cheers, Haggis

Anonymous said...

I can't vote for either party. McCain is tired and old. Obama is a communist who will tax and spend. We need someone who will downsize the government machine. Both parties want to suck Americans dry.

Anonymous said...

It isn't individual congress members but the system itself. You can vote out everybody and the new bunch will just plug into the system and start all over.

What would new members do? They would still go at each other. Dmes would want to bail everybody and Reps want to bail out the rich. Also, the american people are as big a problem. We are entitled whiners who never wish to sacrifice. This fact alone means we will never touch entitlements, people won't simplify and use less unless they are foreclosed or lose a job, we won't end wars since they dont effect "me", we love american /cable, our credit cards, home shows, the list goes on.

Congress and the Pres(awful war at his feet) are a big part of our problems but we are the core of this country. Like other fading empires the "people" get lazy, content, and feel entitled.

The folks on this blog saw all these problems several years ago. We are a progressive bunch. But dont forget, the other 99 plus percent are too lazy to put 2 and 2together. 59 million voted to continue this war. A 100 million saw that fool screw up 'tambourine man".

abb said...

By endorsing Obama, you are endorsing the destruction of the Constitution and these United States. That is their goal. "They" being: the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, etc. Those groups are the true policy makers behind the politicians. Obama, Clinton, and McCain are only "front-runners" because they have proven they will play ball with their superiors.

For undeniable proof that Obama is actively working towards stronger, more centralized, global power in direct opposition to the interests of the citizens of the United States, you only need to look at his most recent bill: The Global Poverty Act. That act:
1. cedes US sovereignty to the UN
2. institutes the first global tax

All the above are facts. Check it out for yourselves.

Obama is TERRIBLE for this country. Especially terrible because his voice of optimism feeds false hope. In 4-8 years nothing will "change" and you'll be arguing about which CFR member to vote in next time. Probably a Republican because it will make you feel like you're getting "change". Wake up.

Anonymous said...

The average Americans are some obese, retarded cry babies that voted Bush into office twice. They desperatly deserve a good ass whipping so maybe they'll come back to their senses. I'll vote for McCain because he'll finish the job Bush started. Burn motherfucker burn!

Anonymous said...

Note to Politicians:

"But now it's time for the awakened people to take matters into their own hands, having been failed so miserably by their leaders."

Do what we tell you OR you will be history politically. Just a ridiculously incompetent corrupt memory. You might actually have to do an honest days work again after being uncerimoniously shit out of politics.

Remember these words, Nancy, Barbara and Dianne.

The fat is in the fire. You are being watched closely.

Lead, follow or get out. Your time is UP.

PS: How is that work coming up at Mather AFB, Dianne? Is Richard doing alright on that?

Only In America and California...

Clown McCain said...

Ive lived through a Reagan revolution, and Grandpa Munster McShitstain, you a'int NO Ronald Reagan, thats for sure....

McCain, try growing another backbone and find your balls. You are supposed to be a warrior, but you look like a pathetic old wimpering out-of-touch shill to me.

What next, after your political career has flamed out John? A KFC franchise in Flafstaff?

It's a Great Time to Buy... said...

It's a Great Time to Buy...

sundry vermin said...

On the ethanol issue;

>Congress is the last to know, but maybe even it is catching on. Credit goes to John McCain, the first presidential candidate in recent memory who has refused to bow before King Ethanol. Onetime ethanol opponent Hillary Clinton announced her support in 2006, as the Iowa caucuses beckoned. In 2006 Barack Obama proposed mandating a staggering 65 billion gallons a year of alternative fuel by 2025, but by this Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" he was suggesting that maybe helping "people get something to eat" was a higher priority than biofuels.

Anonymous said...

Omaba: Nightmare in America

Afterthought said...

Outstanding post.

Anonymous said...

One of the best political TV ads ever made.

Neither of the 3 wanna bes running today are even in the same ballpark as Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so in love with this guy? Obama loves the idea of taxing us to pay for the poor homedebtors who can't pay their mortgages. McCain is the only candidate who has talked semi-sensibly about the housing bubble.

I don't understand how you can make so much sense except when you're talking about Obama.

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: "Coming Soon: "It's Morning in America Again"

I hope you're right.

But I'm afraid that the Military Industrial Congressional Complex has already sealed our fate.

Phony terror attacks paved the way for the Patriot Act and the complete loss of our liberties.

Martial law may soon follow as Amerika continues its hostile takeover of all countries that have valuable natural resources.

The next president of the United States will continue to be a puppet whose strings are pulled by the ruling crime syndicate.

Amerika is in its 11th hour and the blackness of eternal night will soon be upon us.


Anonymous said...

"...[We]desperately deserve a good ass whipping...I'll vote for McCain because he'll finish the job Bush started. Burn motherfucker burn!"

AMEN, Brother


Anonymous said...

Keith, Keith, Keith....

You know as well as I do that Obama isn't the answer. He's merely puppet B of this latest puppet show.

As mentioned earlier, Obama wishes to grant amnesty to about 40,000,000 criminal mexican invaders.

He will allow the jews at the federal reserve to continue stealing from the American people through inflation.

These two issues, along with fighting wars for israel in the middle east, are the biggest and most detrimental to this Nation. It also just so happens that they can't be gotten around with either puppet in this election, or any other of the recent past.

The israeli lobby (which is the biggest and most influential) and others co-trol our elections by deciding which candidates we can vote for. Who else do you think funds the candidates campaigns???? This is why I say that there is now no differance between the demoncrats and republisatans. They truley are puppets A&B. They will serve their masters interests first, while screwing the American people at the same time. Untill we can break free of the lobbys death grip, we will only have more of the same.

Honica Jewinski

glennont said...

Come on Frank, spit it out. Keith is right on. And as for keeping to the REIC issues as your normal argument suggests, look to your own site as it crosses for "I hate Scottsdale" to bizarre poliical diatribe. Come on boy, up up.

Augh said...

WE have gone from "morning in America" to "mourning America".

Jim said...

You've got to evoke WWJD... What Would Jefferson Do? Anyone who knows even a little about the foundational beliefs of Jefferson knows there's no new morning coming on election day, though certainly there shall be a little fresh air with the regime change to finally come this November. But McCain (CFR member)member, or Obama would quickly stink up the White House once one of them gets in. Both are products of the establishment and live off the establishment like dope users tethered to an IV, so both are no good in my book and would fail us again.

What did Jefferson believe about government's that failed the people? What did Jefferson say about government systems that benefit only the privileged few?
The Jeffersonian approach would entail massive change beyond just "voting the bums out". What do we do with the "shadow government"? What do we do about the military industrial complex? Voting the bums out will hardly scratch the surface. We're hurtling toward massive amnesty for the illegals and entitlement spending is out of control as well. Our system is corrupted to core and can't be fixed at the voting booth.

But Alas our fat, atheistic/relativistic and lazy, prozac and porn addicted society isn't capable of understanding Jefferson's idols like Locke, or Rousseau - let alone acting and doing what was required to start and now needed to fix our once great Republic.

Keep the supermarkets full, keep plenty of porn on cable and the internet and plenty of Chinese junk in Wal Mart and Target and I think that leads to a majority who could care less -- a la the Bread and Circuses syndrome.

Where's the outrage now over a whole host of major things that are wrong about "the system"? Most cast a blind to the problems as long as they can maintain a certain comfort zone existence about equal to a well fed kitty-cat. Watch 'man on the street interviews' -- many don't know who the VP is, or even where Mississippi is on a map. Do you think they give a hoot about CDOs or the dollar index? LOL.

And Keith consider this: The PTB are NOT acting in the best interests of the rich over the poor; its a given that the poor always get shafted. Heck, even the New Testament said the "poor will always be" with us. The real horror of what's going on is that the Powers That Be are acting for the best interests of the rich over the slow but sure destruction of the MIDDLE CLASS.

I love the idea of a Morning in America, but I just don't see it happening. We're really entering a period where it "darkest before dawn". Morning is far off. You're smart to live in Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

Here is a fear-mongering ad for Lyndon Johnson...

Classic Political Ad: Daisy Girl (1964).

Anonymous said...

The Shining City on the Hill that drops bombs on the cities at the bottom of the hill. Yeah, right on Kweeferoni.

Bonita Bertrell said...

You are correct when you say people don't want change. Everyone can't remember the Clinton's and their warts but will go crazy when they hear something negative about Obama. Can't find anything as negative as the Clinton's so they go nuts over his pastor, come on. Obama didn't say it the pastor did. I have bailed out of the election long ago when the rabid racist started coming out of the closet and really bailed out when a coworker told me a black person that Obama will never do anything for a filipino, and I will see. Well I have never had a filipino do anything for me except say black people stink, they are all thieves and should go back to Africa. So not just white people are absolute racist so is everyone else. If I didn't remember all the stuff Clinton did do I would probably had been for Hillary but that NAFTA sealed her fate with me and Bill Clinton using that young stupid girl for this own sexual gratitfication he would have never gotten my vote period. Plus Mexicans have been coming over here for a long time and no one did anything and now since no one said anything they informed each other just go to the United States and get a job, no one will say anything, but they just got carried away and thought that no one would care about them coming here and it became an explosion. As I tell my son it appears you are abusing a priviledge.
Forecasters, pundits, and economist are saying they can't believe how fast this ball is unwinding. Each day new records being set. Did they not believe Chavez and the guy from Iran (can't remember his name)when they said they said want oil at 200 dollars a barrel to pay BUSH back. Did they not think others felt the same way but kept it to themselves. Do people not remember Bush telling the people in the Middle East that gas prices are killing the American economy and then the price went over 100 bucks a barrel. The world hates America and all it represents and Bush made people of the world realize how much they hate us. The nasty people who come on web sites like this let the world know how terrible the people in this country are and why would they like them any better. A disruption in Nigeria (full of black people I may add)and to hell with American's and their cars. The only sad thing that is going to come out of this is what my mother always told us as children "don't bite off your nose to spite your face" which I assume means don't mess up one thing to appease another. Without American money there is going to be a lot of failed business' all over the world. People have been told there isn't alot the president can do to fix the economy (hence: McCain)but he can restore world wide respect (as Mr Obama suggested and was made fun of)even Cuba knew Mr. Obama was someone they could work with didn't they finally allow the people to own VCR'S if that isn't a door opening up I don't know what is.
Good luck people because we are going to pay a dear price for Bush's policies for a long time to come. DONATE TO FOOD BANKS AND THE AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION because there are alot of people way less fortunate than you who really can't afford gas, food, and home utilities and charity begins at home not over seas for people who don't care about America (they don't have a problem with it why should you), well pull back on a few of those dollars and let them understand about biting the hand that feeds them. God help us all. This is a real SOS.

Anonymous said...

A Shining City on the Hill full of nutjobs and idiots that is:

McCain's Spiritual Guide

Where's the outrage over McCain's much crazier pastor in the media? Huh?!!

What a totally blatant example of hypocrisy. Not that we should be surprised. The media is completely compromised today. It's a f*cking joke.

And I'm not even a fan of Obama but I can at least understand what his pastor was saying - US imperialism generates blowback - check - the US government has been involved in developing race specific bioweapons - check - this is well documented.

But this Parsley guy is completely off the hook. Freakin religious, hate-filled nutjob that does not represent the prince of peace Jesus in any way.

Where's the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it true that barack obama did not want to wear a pin of the U.S. flag on his lapel? Isn't it also true he won't pledge allegiance to the flag? And what about his wife's comments saying something to the effect of FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I LOVE AMERICA. So how did she feel about America before? Did she not like America? And what about the church he went to, where they spewed hate for 20 years and he kept coming back. This same church preached that the US government created AIDS to kill black people. He claims he never heard any hate messages in 20 years that he was there. Somehow I find that very hard to believe. I have serious doubts about this man. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing.

screwchina said...

I hope that I am wrong, but I think that you highly over-estimate the American people. You're asking the same people who put Bush in Office for a second term to make proper choices.

The people with short-term memories who began buying SUVs again after oil prices dropped a bit a few years back.

The same people who pay 15% interest for year for a dinner at Red Lobster.

Stop and ask the average person if they are ready to sacrifice for change. Pay more taxes to bring down the debt. Consume less junk to improve the schools.

Hope is so limited now.

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it - if you point out the flaws in your logic and total lack of rationality - we're 'HATERZ'

Wow - how convenient.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing with the secret motivation of Black Power. His church of 20 years, where he gave tens of thousands of dollars, is a Black Power church. His wife's thesis at Princeton was how hard it was to be Black at Princeton, even though her grades were not good enough to get in if white. The USA has real economic problems and has no time for this sick social experiment of Obama. Obama says everything the crowd wants to hear, prosperity preaching, but his real agenda would shock white America.

Anonymous said...

So we trade eight years of right wing insanity for a guy whose biggest qualifications as President of the USA are that he hasn't done ANYTHING significant in his life other than get elected thanks to being in the back pocket of one of the most corrupt political machine tenders in the USA


a guy who is further to the left than George and Dick ever were to the right. And we do all this as our country is on the verge of the worst economic crisis/depression in history.

Oh, I'm sure this ends well.


Anonymous said...

In your litany of who is responsible for all this you left out one group - the American People.

They got EVERYTHING they ever asked for - they wanted the Iraq War - they got it. They wanted cheap housing built by illegals - they got it. They wanted cheap shit from China - they got it.

And now that they have everything they ever asked for - now, they are finally going to get everything they deserve.

Mark said...

Democrats control the house

Democrats control the senate

During their time in power:

1. Gas prices have more than doubled. Their answer is to hammer those companies that actually produce oil.

2. They all all for illegal immigration and making them legal.

3. They are all for bailing out failed flippers and greey bankers.

4. They will surrender the war on terror.


Jay said...

Sure Bush is a dumbass but...
Did George Bush force you to buy an overpriced POS in Gilbert,Anthem, Henderson, Summerlin, Stockton, Modesto, Temecula, san Diego, Tampa, Orlando,Miami et al?.Answer: No

Did George Bush force you if you made $50,000 a year to buy a $500,000 house or if you made $200,000 a year to buy a $1.6 million house?...No

Did George Bush force you to Buy a Hummer,Tahoe, Surburban, Expedition,Range Rover, E150,250,350 Etc. Which now costs you $100.00 to fill up?..Answer no

Did george bush force you to buy a Beemer, a Benz, Jag, Porsche, Lexus, Infinity etc.? No

Did George Bush Force You to go out to dinner everynight at Outback, Applebee's, Chile's, Red Lobster,, Et al and charge it on your VISA card?..No

Did george Bush force you to take that summer vacation in Europe, Winter skiing in Aspen or Jackson Hole, Fall trip to Hawaii spring cruise to the Islands etc? ..No..

Did George Bush force you to Buy the jet skis, snowmobile, four wheelers, Winnebago to pull the toy hauler etc.. NO

The average man in America sems to be concerned about the point spread of the game, or what's on the porno channel tonight.

The average woman seems to be concerned about what's on QVC, the styles in Vanity fair and who's going to pay for her cosmetic surgery.

George Bush is the problem?

The biggest dumbass is the one staring back to you as you shave or put on your makeup.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believe it makes one bit of difference which of the remaining candidates wins in November is deluding himself. Each is a pitiful sociopath who wants to make government a bigger part of your life.

Some time around the middle of the next decade, things may begin looking up for the US again. In spite of our leadership. Not because of it.


Amtex said...

Ronald Reagan was a horrible, horrible president. All the nonsense you hear about him is propaganda. He prolonged the cold war, communism was collapsing already. Reagan's rhetoric allowed the leaders to tell their people that America was going to take over. This allowed the Communist leaders to stay in power another 5 years. Reagan made things way worse, not better.

Reagan also started America down the road to debt. You posters longing for Reagan are brainwashed idiots.

Anonymous said...

16 million Hillary voters + millions more of Mccain voters don't want Obama as president.

% of blacks in US = only 12%

% of college graduates = only 18%

Hillary voters: Hispanics, Asians, women, blue collars, seniors, Reagan Democrats, moderates, lower income, unions, etc.



Anonymous said...

obama says , he will work as hard as he can to help to break down the barrier that is between us all and our american dreams? what? who writes this bull**** ?

Anonymous said...

Quote: "The world needs it to be Morning in America again."

There havent been any empire-ambitious countries in history that havent been absolutely sure about its own status of being forever the "indispensable" nation/empire.

These ideas all come and went.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the really important stuff:

"Lapel Pins."

Next up: flag burning and gay rights.

Anonymous said...

" that they have everything they ever asked for...are finally going to get everything they deserve."

YOU, Sir, knocked that one OUT OF THE PARK.

Anonymous said...

You left off the douchewadly new world order.

Shakster said...

After all the years of America being degraded by every president of the US.After all the wars.After all the ripoffs,raised taxes,and on ,and on.We have kicked out Parties going back ,and forth.By now it should be appearant that Morning will never come on the Promises of the US.
Morning will only come when you realize who runs your life,and decide to make sure that it is you.
Don't vote.Seriously.

Insider said...

Hey. Honica Jewinski..

The Jews don’t only control little things like inflation, all the worlds governments, all the media, all corporations and the rotation of the solar system.

But they have total control over your mind, every moment of your life will be emotionally painful, due to the impulses sent directly to your nervous system by a dedicated AIPAC ‘MCA’ (Milky way Control Architect).

I happen to be an Elder insider and am willing to share a secret cure just for you.

1)Prepare a rusty 4” long Philips head screw driver
2)Dip it in morning fresh stool (does not have to be the High fiber variety)
3)With your left hand insert it directly above your right eyebrow
4)Twist 1 and half times to the left, wiggle it back and forth, then repeat twice.

Note: not following the above instructions may cause consistent chronic, Jew thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This is what $2.44 flip-flops from your master China, available at Wal-Mart, do to your feet:

Imagine a kid or pet chewing on that.

Anonymous said...

Lapel pins are important if it is a US flag. Its a symbol of America, and I don't want anyone as our president who has a problem with showing his pride in America by refusing to wear a lapel pin of the American Flag.

PaulNation said...

electing Mr Clean may be better than Mr Dirty but it does not solve the problem that lead to Mr Dirty in the first place. Obama is an empty suit who will do whatever his handlers tell him. The media never ask him tough questions. I doubt he knows anything about economics or history.

Anonymous said...

Obama could run with Ron Paul for VP and have Hillary sing at his inaugeration and I wouldn't vote for him.

He's a POS plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

"Did George Bush force you to Buy a Hummer,Tahoe, Surburban, Expedition,Range Rover, E150,250,350 Etc. Which now costs you $100.00 to fill up?"

Was there some kind of tax credit/accelerated depreciation for 6000+ lb. GVWR vehicles while he was in office?

WHICH years did that start/stop?

John said...

The sad fact is ALL candidates are there because the elites behind the scenes WANT them there. Behind each face is a story and if you are going to endorse any candidate (keith) it pays to know exactly what they stand for (not the rubbish they spout on the campaign trail).

Here is the real story, read and be afraid America.

Glenna said...

Give me a break! Please, You cannot possibly be a Barak Obama supporter and ever had one ounce of respect for Ronald Reagan's Fiscal policies, or other policies for that matter. When Reagan was president it was very much like right now. Inflation through the roof, interest rates got up to 11% (maybe even 12%), I know because I was going to college and buying my first house during those terrible years. Also watched alot of small businesses and unions go under, and his trickle down economics worked as well George Bush's. The rich got richer and the poor and middle-class got poorer. It was a nightmare for the environment and Reagan was much a puppet the same way George Bush is today. The people in his administration (who were smarter than the president) are and were the ones really running things. Please, there is nothing that Reagan and Obama would share in common. You can't be for ones principles and vote for the other one. They are apples and oranges. If you think so then you aren't firing on all your pistons.

sillywilly said...

does that mean America will attack nicaragua again! take over that national security threat Greneda?
How trading military equipment with Iran? War On
what a silly feel good advert..
Reagan was an supplyside actor and you just watched a movie. this is the kinda bullsh!t that got the country to McFantasy land..


Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan would never have put up with Jeremiah Wright's crap. No true American patriot would.

Obama does not love our country the way a president should.

(So now what? I get to be called a racist?!? Sure. That's not divisive. Whatever.)

Anonymous said...

I would not endorse any politician if I was you, especially Obama. If he screws up worse than Bush and he probably will, all the Republican will call you and the rest of the clowns who endorsed and voted for him stupid a*s. He probably will have a basket ball court installed at the white house so he can shoot some hoops. Next, America will be in the same shape as Africa.

Anonymous said...

"They got EVERYTHING they ever asked for - they wanted the Iraq War - they got it. They wanted cheap housing built by illegals - they got it. They wanted cheap shit from China - they got it.

And now that they have everything they ever asked for - now, they are finally going to get everything they deserve."

I would vote for a competent president if there was one. Given the current choices I find it more appropriate to force feed the retards what they've been asking for all along. 4 more year of McCain and the country is ripe for a revolution 1789 style.

McPain said...

americans are fu(ked no matter who the next president is.. its baked in the cake..fu(ked i tell you.
Obama yo mama WAR
McLame Mc.Same WAR
Hillary Douche... WAR



Dummy Action said...

There is nothing wrong with America as a country, its just Americans who are garbage : P

This used to be a country of hard working people who were actually productive and earned an honest keep.

Now this is a country of greedy dishonest people who produce nothing and do anything including lying, cheating and stealing just to earn a buck. I might even be kind enough to include arbitrage on that list, as if that is anything to brag about.

Is there hope for Americans? Somehow I doubt it, unless we tear it all down and start over. My generation (X)disgusts me and if TV and pop culture are any indication it looks like the upcoming generations are only going to get worse and worse.

devestment said...

Play it again Sam...

devestment said...

The way I remember it Reagan was fundamentally similar to Bush.

He got interest rates down and pumped money into the economy through government spending.

When he left office the next administration got the bill for the good times and failed miserably on the economic front.

The budget didn’t even get close to being balanced until the Clinton administration.

THE POINT IS… that no matter who gets into office, we have HOUSING PANIC, ReCeSsIoN, High UNEMPLOYMENT, High TAXES, and Damaged Constitution!

keith said...

I was against A LOT of Reagan's policies. But where I have to give him kudos is changing the collective consciousness of America from the Nixon/Ford/Carter malaise. We became a country of optimists again, hopeful of building a better country and a better future.

Bush has turned America into a country of negative, hateful pessimists - for good reason as his economic and foreign policy moves have been disasterous for America

Anyway, no matter what you thought of Reagan's policies, it's the president's responsibility to set the mood in the country. McCain - the angry old man - will take us down an uninspiring, negative, mean-spirited road, the one we've been on for seven years. Obama obviously is selling change and hope and it's a winning formula.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna fight him on a lot of his plans. Given only two candidates, you can't agree with someone on everything, not even close. But I'd fight McCain more.

Anonymous said...

The same fools who voted for Reagan and Bush are now telling us to vote for Obama. No but no thanks, I don't need your idiotic suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Obama = Carter = 1979 again.