April 13, 2008

More on the sickening realtor payola and bonus commissions being offered as six percenters steer sheeple into debttraps for a good old fashioned bribe

Here's the video from realtor-scam central Phoenix Arizona

Any realtor who took or takes any under-the-table bonus commission for steering any sheeple into any house or for pressuring the buyer into any certain price should be sued by the buyer, even if the bonus commission was sneakily inserted into the fine print of the closing documents.

If the six percenter didn't actively, clearly and upfront let the homedebtor know they were being bribed by the seller, they should forfeit the bonus to the buyer, they should have their realtor license pulled, and they should be sued for damages.

realtors are snakes folks. Dirty, rotten, unethical, sneaky, deceptive snakes. Never to be trusted again. Never to be used again.

Nice job Doom for being on top this ongoing scandal. I hope to see the MSM make more of a stink with this issue.

Note the how the scam works in Arizona - the realtors set it up so the bribe is shown in the secret "realtor comments" section of the listing, but NOT SEEN by the homedebtor (or their lawyer)

Sick. Just sick.


churn 'em & burn 'em! said...

"a good old fashioned bribe"

Legalized fraud?

What the hell ever happened to good old fashioned law enforcement?!

Have they been bought off, too?

We've become a friggin kleptocracy...

Anonymous said...

Did I hear this right? That they sent an email banning the disclosure of this kind of payouts in the public MLS section, only allowing it in the agent section.

You would have hoped that it had been the other way around.

Arizona Jake said...

Slimy SOB's. The good news is channel 12 is the top rated local news station so hopefully a lot of Valley residents and potential homebuyers saw the piece.

Anonymous said...

they do this everywhere, totally legal.

what do u want, price fixing on commission by UUSA?

Anonymous said...

there's this house for sale I wanted to look at. not really serious about buying, but maybe with at 80% of asking price. so i call up the listing agent and leave a message saying i'd like to look. i get a call back about an hour later from another agent asking me if i have an agent myself. i say no and i don't need one. she says well, then i can't show you the house. i say fine, tell the listing agent to show it to me, i don't really care who shows it to me. she says she can't do that since they work as a team and won't show any properties to people not working with an agent.

i couldn't believe this shit. so what i am going to do is go knock on the door of the house and explain to the sellers what's going on. might be a nice little lawsuit in the making.

fucking realtors.

I'll stop when it hurts... said...


Ha Ha Ha HA!


Anonymous said...

Keith this is gonna make want to either laugh or throw up.... please blog about it.


Anonymous said...

"so what i am going to do is go knock on the door of the house and explain to the sellers what's going on"

You should look up the property owner via google, county records whatever. Let them know whats going on and encourage them to bail on the realty contract, possibly negotiate a deal without the sharks.

Also contact the attorney general or anyone that will listen. This is a RICO case for sure..

Realtors R Scum..

Anonymous said...

I'll give them a $50,000 bonus if they can include a unicorn and a leprocan. Just like the fabled "full price offer".

Anonymous said...

Talk about a conflict! The buyer's rep ONLY gets the 50K bonus for a Full Price Offer. The "expert negotiator" gets a 50K bonus for getting his client a home......at list price??

The mob would be proud.

Realtor: "Gee, I would hate to see you lose the home, I think it's perfect for you. They just lowered the price 120K, I think this home's steal at list price."

This happens all the time.

Don't forget, MLS owns all the listings. They control what info is shared with the public. I hope DOJ reads this for their next lawsuit against the NAR.

Angry Honest Homeowner said...

The DOJ will never prosecute the MLS to extent existing law (Sherman and Clayon Act) allows since that would cut off political payoffs their bosses in Congress depend on.

Anonymous said...

"realtors are snakes folks. Dirty, rotten, unethical, sneaky, deceptive snakes. Never to be trusted again. Never to be used again."

Could not have said it better.