April 17, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the next President of the United States. "Other".

HP poll results:

Obama 734 (34%)
McCain 394 (18%)
Other 755 (35%)
Won't vote 224 (10%)

Votes so far: 2107
Poll closed

Care to explain yourselves?

I'd have to agree though. Ron Paul was the only hope. We'll have to settle now.


Banana Republicrat said...

We've never had three bigger rubes to choose from: Lying Hillary, Clueless Obama, or Sell-Out McCain!

Only one thing is certain, the heir to this economy/war is a one-termer.

Batman said...

A bunch of those others must be clandestine Hitlery supporters.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Imagine a situation where ballots could be legally cast for "None of the above," it would be a real eye opener! None of them would get elected!

I get so damned sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Other means votes for Hillary.

devestment said...

I vote OTHER.

Anonymous said...

I have often longed for a box on the ballot that would be "reselect candidates, excluding the current one"

Anonymous said...

Hussein, billary, mcgeritol are all afraid to do what needs to be done, if they even know what to do.

For example, hussein and billary think they can solve the healthcare problem by simply requiring people to purchase insurance!??? How about legislating homelessness away by requiring people to rent apartments? hunger? hey, simply require people to purchase food.


gutless and lazy anon from hell said...

Explain? It's obvious: Republicans and Democrats are destorying America together.

Where in the Constitution does it say these filthy poltical whore political parties get a monoploy on the American political system?

Rot in hell you filthy Republicans and Democrats.

Banana Republicrat said...

I forgot to mention that I am still standing by my choice in the primaries of setting myself on fire, Buddhist-monk-style inside the voting both.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Hillary = Bill the 3rd
McCain = Bush the 3rd
Obama = Marx/Lenin/Stalin

We're screwed either way.

Peahippo said...

Explain myself? OK:

Since the 3 major candidates are all pro-war, pro-bailout, and pro-Imperialism, I'll be voting for the off-party that best represents anti-war, anti-bailouts, and anti-Empire. That means I'll be writing in Ron Paul, or voting Nader, or voting Libertarian.

HolySchlitz said...

I won't settle....

Anonymous said...

"Where in the Constitution does it say these filthy poltical whore political parties get a monoploy on the American political system?"

Well, nowhere, but it does not matter.
The one party that counts offers the other two as a circus show.
So, Demopublican or Republicrat, it makes no difference. A candidate from either 'party' will do exactly as they are instructed, and will be no different than any other candidate once elected.
That's the way it is, so sit back and enjoy the show.
Nothing short of pitchforks and guillotines will change anything now.

Yoski said...

Given that the next president will by a one-termer no matter what they do, I hope Hillary wins. That promises to have the most entertainment value. McCain is too old, he'll just keel over and die from all the stress. Obama, seems to be too nice of a guy that I would wish something that horrible upon him.

Anonymous said...


Slappy the Wonder Chimp for prez!


Lady Di said...

I vote: None of the above.

Uncle Sam said...

No, we don't have to settle. The Constitution Party will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Go to the party's website and read its platform, and you'll see that it stands for everything Ron Paul stands for: limited government, sound money, private property, individual liberty, elimination of the Federal Reserve and IRS. In other words - abiding by the Constitution!

Two years from now, is anyone going to want to admit they voted for one of these three knuckleheads?

Anonymous said...

ok, I love Obama and all, but am voting for Hillary.
Especially after the Penn. debate.
She seems to always come back fighting, that means she is STRONG. She has a good grasp of the problems and concrete solutions. That means she is SMART.
This country is teetering on the precipe (sp.?), and I could tell she has the sound and fury to wrench it back.
All that has happened before tuesday night doesn't matter any more. I don't care if she over-exagerated, or flat out lied. I still think she knows the right things to do and is hell bound determined to do them.

I know too all under 40's, she is anathema (sp.?)..hidious, and reviled as deep as conflicts with their parents and all boomers...and that is just human nature, perfectly understandable. But she has my vote and that's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

You can spin as much as you like but "Other" means votes for Hillary. Obama lost last's debate and lost big time the HP poll. That sent a message.

Hillary is your next president.

robert said...

Settle? I’m not settling. I’m voting for RP even if I have to write him in. If I were one who “settled”, I would have “settled” along time ago by purchasing an over priced home.

Game over man! said...

Slappy the Wonder Chimp for prez!

Nah, I hear that the Banana Cartel has him in their back pocket.

abb said...

"settle" "lesser of two evils"

IOW, Keith throws out principles just so he can say he's on the winning team.

Keith, that makes you part of the problem.

corvinus said...

You can spin as much as you like but "Other" means votes for Hillary.

The hell it does. I voted Other and Other means RON PAUL.