April 20, 2008

Gonna be traveling for a few days, should be able to keep up but have patience...

Make my job easy, let me know what I need to post about here

Back to London for a bit... Home of the $25 movie ticket and $10 pint of beer



Mark said...


Back to London for a bit... Home of the $25 movie ticket and $10 pint of beer

And socialized medicine...don't get sick.

Debbie said...

Do you ever get to Holland?

Elizabeth said...

Downtown Orlando Condo Owners Say City Is Stealing Their Land

POSTED: 4:44 pm EDT March 26, 2008
UPDATED: 5:46 pm EDT March 26, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Some angry downtown Orlando condo owners say the city is stealing their land and giving it to a developer. The developer wants to build an eight-story building on a little stretch of land next to the Park North condo complex on Orange Avenue, north of Colonial Drive, in downtown Orlando (see map).

The city wants to give away the condo owners' parking lot, even though they pay taxes on it.

"I knew nothing would be in front of it, I would look at the park. Nice downtown view," said condo owner Anka Reed.

When Reed bought her condo in downtown Orlando, she and more than 300 other owners were told the land inside a fence next door would become a city park. They were even showed plans from the developer of her complex. Within the last year, though, she says things have changed.

"It mysteriously just disappeared. No one talks about the park," she said.

The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation sold the land to developer Craig Ustler and now Ustler wants to turn the land into an 8-story tall, 70,000 square foot office building with commercial space on the ground floor.

But to do that, residents say, the city is giving the land they use as a parking lot and driveway to Ustler, something their attorney says is illegal and unconstitutional.

"'We are going to take your driveway and allow that driveway to access the vacant lot,'" said attorney Karen Wonsettler.

The developer has placed markers where the property boundaries will be. Just a few feet away, are the building's guest parking spots. It's land they pay taxes for and so far they say there's been no public hearing.

"They're changing the rules to take money away from the little people and redistributing wealth to the rich," said condo owner Serena Perrygood.

Ustler Development did not return Eyewitness News calls. The city says the condo residents and their lawyer have a misunderstanding of the law. The city also says the original Park North developer agreed to share access with a future development.
Copyright 2008 by wftv.com. All rights reserved.



keith said...

Overheard in a pub today, two girls talking, one says to the other:

"you gotta get on the housing ladder"

To my ears, she might have just said "you gotta get in on this amazing ponzi scheme - it's not too late!"

And from my barber:

"they say prices are coming down 20%", to which I responded, no, more likely, make it 50

should have seen the look on his face

And it's just sick, sick, SICK I tell ya to come back to these prices. Talk about sticker shock after being in eastern europe for a bit.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

I was in the Gaslamp district in San Diego this weekend, for the first time.

Holy Crap. Talk about trashy, fake, pretentious people. It actually rivals Scottsdale. Maybe even worse. I even got my car rear-ended by some idiotic drunk 20-something in a BMW.

Now I finally understand all the negativity toward San Diego in these blogs.

Mammoth said...

Foreclosed former FB’s still need a place to live, but…Rents going up!

Is this the new trend?

News article at:

Should have just stayed in the house until the sheriff evicted you!


Mammoth said...

"Elizabeth said...
Downtown Orlando Condo Owners Say City Is Stealing Their Land"
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Most pretentious and self absorbed community

1) San Diego ( many citizens feel "the best weather and the best of everything") Mind you they live 20 miles from the most transient, dangerous border crossing( media is suppressed - first hand I saw aggregious activity). Been there at least 20 times over twenty years. 8 /10 times the weather has been crappy fog, cold, windy. Hold East Coasters with disdain - yet have no clue why. Move to places like Sedona, Phoenix after they retire or buy scond homes and import this myoptic thinking.

My vote for # 2 is certain suburbs of DC.

# 3 is Miami, but there you get another facit - the international snobbism. Many expatriates there from South America won't speak to you in English even if they are your neighbors. They make you feel like an unwanted citizen - sort of reverse discrimination of Americans

Parts of London are like that too, with the huge Mid East population.