March 14, 2008

The Interview

Interviewer: "So, why do you feel you're qualified for this job"

Applicant: "I have 35 years of experience "

Interviewer: "But it says here on your resume that you've only held a job for the past six years, the one your husband got you. Before that you were a stay-at-home mom"

Applicant: "But you don't understand, my husband had a job, and I slept with him, er, sometimes, and by transmutation, I had his job, you see. All of his experience is thus my experience. And if you give me this job, my husband is unemployed now, so you'll be hiring him too since we sleep together, er, sometimes."

Interviewer: "Get out. Don't come back. Next!"

Hillary Clinton 2008 - What the F*ck Was America Thinking?


Anonymous said...

She is a joke

Ed said...

You're are 100% right Keith. Let's not elect someone with 8 years experience as a Senator. Instead of her let's elect a guy with only 4 years experience. And who on top of it all, wants to nuke Pakistan, hang out with Iranians and Cubans, is fond of Muslim fashion and whose religious and spiritual leader is fond of condemning the country to hell.

Your political analysis gets loopier and loopier daily.

Anonymous said...

And this relates to housing . . .??

Back to Arkyville PIG said...


A model for what you DO NOT want your children to be when they mature.

She and her entire Family are a Bad Joke.

Throw water on it and watch it melt, just like in the wizard of OZ except behing the curtain is an ugly Betty with a stained blue dress on smoking a cigar...

tangelo mozilo said...

Modern portraiture is so lame. The subjects are always smiling, the background is sparse, and there's this weird, stylized, boltchy thing going on.

If I ever have the wherewithal to have my portriat done, I will have it done in a tasteful style (probably baroque). Those portraits are great. The subject always has on a long wig and a scowl that makes him look like he just ate a bag of live puppies. There are always skulls and swords, and big fat books lying around, perhaps with some heavy drapery in the bakcground. The colors are dark, and the subject looks dignified, powerful, and pissed off, which is the exact opposite of what you get in a modern portrait, where the subject looks like she just ate a bolw of frosted luck charms and is now dancing on a rainbow.

Also, olden-time portraits tend to look . . . REALISTIC. Wow! What a concept! They don't have this boltchy, patchy, smudgy, pastel crap going on, which is really what modern "artists" use to compensate for their lack of talent. They can't make something that looks realistic, so they make whatever kind of crap they want, and tell you that it's art. If you disagree, then they call you a vulgar cretan with no artistic sensabilities.

I know better. They just don't have talent like the old masters.

Anonymous said...

She may be a joke, but Obama is a nightmare (e.g. his "preacher" and his obviously racist comments, the vitriol being dealt to Ferraro, etc.)

I _know_ this one won't get posted, but still needs to be said:

Obama--elected or not--sets race relations back 40+ years...and, at a time when things are already about to get really ugly, it may be a fatal wound for our country.

I only see things getting worse, sadly.

Anonymous said...

And Obama is going to be better...

Yeah, this is the exact type of thinking I want leading this country for the next four years.

This is not meant to say that Hilary will be good or that McCain will be good. It just doesn't matter who wins. They're all pathetic.

Anonymous said...

So are Obama and McCain. That's why we are so screwed.

Too many people believe that there is a difference between Obama and Hillary, while in reality they advocate essentially the same policies. So why is there so much animosity for Hillary and love for Obama?

I am mystified.

McCain wants an oligarchy where the rich take your money and give it to themselves or to spend in their own selfish interests.

Obama and Hillary want a socialist state where the state takes your money and gives it away to others who neither earned it or deserve it.

Either way, they take your money and your freedom.

Americans are idiots for supporting any of these turds.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I didn't see where it was going until the picture.

amigauser said...

you forget that she was a director of the most anti union retailer in America - Walmart
she made a fortune from cattle futures

these two skills will be of use, when it comes to lowering the wages of American to world levels
see can use her trading skills to pay off the debt and pay the Medicare liabilities

Hillary maybe inexperienced, but do you really want someone as experienced as McCrazy and his 100 year war?

Obama is just a creation of the media, as such, how many of his promises are just rhetoric?

area 51 said...

Keith, care to comment on your confident assertion that Obama will take the Presidency, in light of recent news reports on his close association with a racist preacher?

Anonymous said...

Obama will be the best president we have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Yes Obama only has 4 yrs of experience but that's exactly the point - he isn't a career politician like Mccain and Hillary who've been around for years and have done nothing to help the masses. Also, Obama didn't have a privileged upbringing. I'm still not sure who's getting my vote but I fear that if Obama wins they will try to have him taken out. Actually, it doesn't matter who we vote for, with electronic voting machines the entire thing is rigged.

Anonymous said...

Is he wrong tho?

Pastor Wright

Anonymous said...

Keith, with all due respect, I thought you were pretty crazy when you endorsed that nut-case Ron Paul.

But endorsing Obama over Clinton is really over the top.

Did you even do a little vetting of the guy? Like his scary racialist preacher screaming for blood? Or his relations with Farrakhan?

You really think this guy is a better bet to run the country than clipped, administrative Hillary Clinton?

For real?

Stick to real estate. Politics ain't your bag, kiddo.

Ed said...

"Obama didn't have a privileged upbringing. "

No but he wasn't exactly from the streets either. His father had a PhD from Harvard for crying out loud. Not exactly a Tale of Two Cities.

Ed said...

Sorry, meant to say not exactly Oliver Twist.

Anonymous said...

Made this comment in the Suzanne thread below, but is applicable here too:

Even that new re-mix gives me indigestion. . .

You could cleanse the palette when that clip completes by watching the Taryn Southern Hot4hill clip that is part of the ones listed.
When I say "watch" I mean no sound, unless you can handle her talking about Hillary's thighs, derierre, and wishing she was Bi. Still it is pretty funny, while sadly reinforcing the message that many women will vote for her simply because she is a woman.

Anonymous said...

remembur when bill clinton was presedent and hilary was proud and said that bill had lots of experence

and then presedent clinton used all that experence to give monica louwhiskey a lot of on the job training

Peter T said...

> Let's not elect someone with 8 years experience as a Senator. Instead of her let's elect a guy with only 4 years experience.

.. and many years in the state senate. I also like about Obama that he has run for US congress and lost gracefully - the fear of loosing won't take his dignity away, as it seems to happen with Hillary.

> (who) wants to nuke Pakistan, hang out with Iranians and Cubans, is fond of Muslim fashion and whose religious and spiritual leader is fond of condemning the country to hell.

It makes sense to count the Hillary fraction among the Republican fearmongerers. We don't believe you anymore.

Big Cheese said...

So, how many beers before you'd do Hillary?

For me 34 then I'm losing count...


Anonymous said...

RACE - will continue to be an issue in 1,000 years.

Nothing that preacher said was a lie.

Neither what Pennsylvania Governer said about white men not ready to vote for a black man

Anonymous said...


What McBush and Billary bring is more of the Same. They're more alike than different -- I don't like what I've seen.


Ed said...

LOL experience in the state senate is the biggest joke ever. meaningless. A resume builder and nothing else.

Here is the schedule for the Illinois state senate for 2008:

January: 5 days in session
February: 10 days
March: 8 days
April: 13 days
May: 15 days

And that's it. 51 days in session for the whole year.

And of those 51 days here are some of the pressing issues they deal with:

Senate Bill 0038 - Appointing Airport commisioners

or how about this one

Senate Bill 0056 Legistalting new rules for tow trucks

WOW! A few years of that kind of politics make you qualified to be president. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

They all suck and that is why we are so incredibly f@cked as a nation.

A nation of sheep. You get what you deserve - A LOSER for a president.


Anonymous said...

Obama needs more hardworking hamsters to support his base: welfare parasites who breed like flies in the American ghettos, and who are too good to work. They rather be listening to Fity Cent all day while stuffing their fat faces with lard.

Obama's only bill in the Senate: Send $1 trillion of taxpayer money to the parasites in Africa, who are always too weak to do anything but always strong to copulate like rabbits.

Anonymous said...

I still say I would rather have a benign old fart McCain (without a hidden agenda) then a leftist, self fulfulling bitch like Hillary who has plans beyond the White House.

Markus Arelius said...

Amazing. Out of 385 million people, over the last 8 years Americans have had the choice of the following individuals to lead the Republic:

Al Gore
George W. Bush

George W. Bush
John Kerry

Hillary Clinton
Barrack Obama
John McCain

That is pretty freaking sad, people.

I think this fact, and then just reflecting on the the names of the last 6 presidents to hold office, are pretty indicative that the farm where presidents originate has been horribly contaminated by ignorance, greed and incompetence.

Bush's approval rating at 19%
Congress's is even worse.

Can it get any worse?

Anonymous said...

I think that Hillary will ensure that McCain wins in November if she doesn't get the dem nomination. She is so blown away that she is losing this race. The nomination was supposed to be hers. This has been in the works for years! She was supposed to have won by Super Tues. She thought she had it all locked up, that she was going to stroll into the general election unchallenged. She didn't plan on Obama. If/when he wins the nomination, she will not allow him to win the presidency. No way, no how. Her plan appears to be a 2012 run. There is no doubt that McCain will be a one-term Prez. We will all suffer under the McCain/Bush agenda for another 4 years so that Hillary can get what she's entitled. American citizens be damned. Watch her, understand her motivations.

Anonymous said...

I admit that I think McCain has the most experience ,but I think he is a little old and the job might just kill him .

Something about Hillary bothers me and I think it is that she is married to a guy that got impeached and than let a bunch of really bad apples off the hook in the end with that executive pardon stuff .

I want a president that is going to do the best for the Country during troubled times without changing it into a "big government " type of affair .But I do believe the Corporations need to be taxed more .

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention in my last post that Obama will be trounced in a landslide by McCain with the stuff that is going to come out (he's surrounded by all the hate mongers and racists like Al Sharpton, Farakhan and minister Wright is one small piece, there is a lot more that will come out - dont worry) if Hillary is not the candidate, Democrats need all the luck in the world. I hate Bush but Obama is far worse.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe a smart guy like you that predicted and stuck with Housing mania, falling for equally, if not worse insane juvenile mania of Obama !!! I am outta here.. getting sick of reading this political stuff on your site.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton says he will sue if Florida Delegates are seated. Bring it on. You dont need enemies with friends like Al Sharpton, Farrakhan and Minister of hate Mr Wright, these are seasoned and very experienced hate mongers, not novices in hate business. Obama belongs to Wright's church for 20 years - this is not new. Can Obama explain how he justified Wrights statements of hate for the past 20 yrs. You will see soon his ratings plummet against Hillary (little too late) and most importantly against McCain (not too late, just in time). He's peaked in the polls. There is only so many fainting goat rallys you can hold. I think he ran out of fainting goats at his rallys. Or may be its BO from Mr BO that is making them faint.

Anonymous said...

I am going to go out on a limb and predict right here, today on March the 15th of 2008, that just like Housing mania, Obama mania will crash by the time general election comes. He will be defeated in a landslide either as president or VP.

My reasons are-
1. Obama has not been examined thoroughly yet.
2. He's surrounded by seasoned hate mongers - Farakhan compares him to founder of Nation Of Islam, Al Sharpton says he'll sue Florida if they seat the delgates and everyone knows about his church Minister Wrights 20 yrs of hate mongering.
3. He has no experience, sounds too naive in his long winded speeches with no point to them most of time.
4. His voter base is very narrow - rich white liberals, 18-29 yr olds that make up only 10% of the electorate, 85% of blacks that make up less than 10% of the electorate
5. Juvenile mania. Manias always crash, without exception.
6. His wife is arrogant.
7. He wants to give everything to everyone. How can he fullfil that kind of demogoguery ?
8. Does not handle press conferences well and quickly disappears. How long can he escape from answering questions about specifics ?
9. He peaked in the polls, I think.


too many to list, I just gave you a sample.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

1. All manias crash without exception.

2. His honeymoon with the press and general public at large is coming to an end. With more and more specifics of his promises are being examined. Will they stand the scrutiny ???

3. His narrow base of rich white leberals, 18-29 yr olds (makes up about 10% of the electorate) that packed rallys and caucuses (he mostly won caucuses and did not win a single major state primary) and 85% of blacks has reached its limits ???

4. With friends like Farrakhan (compared him to founder of Nation of Islam), All Sharpton says he'll sue if Florida delegates are seated, his pastor of church that he belongs for 20 yrs is known as Minister of Hate Mr Wright. With friends like these you dont need enemies ??

5. Unfortunately for Hillary it may be little too late, but it may help McCain.

6. On average (average of 4 most recent polls) McCain is leading against Obama and even with Hillary (its with in margin of error for now).

Obama Vs MCain

Obama Vs Hillary

7. Obama lacks integrity relatively speaking. Obama already has some Rezko deals, under handed Canadian deals and some Job deals in Illinois as state senator etc...

8. I cannot handle listening to Obama's long winded pointless, endless speeches/sermons like listening to a pastor's sermon in a church.

9. I have a too many questions than answers about Obama to vote for him.

10. I cannot take chances on totla novice like Obama at a very difficult time in USA (Economy and War)

I was hoping to give my vote to Democrats this time too. Last 3 times I voted straight Democratic and before that Republican for a long time. I thought Bush made me permanently go away from Republicans, but McCain I am considering if Hillary is NOT the candidate.