March 19, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

What's the story with this Andrew Hac fellow?

I've gotta say, I've never seen a writing style quite like that.

I'm not sure if I'm amused, entertained, or worried.

Snapper turtles?

Congrats Andrew Hac - you get your own thread


Anonymous said...

The Americano is a skewered and roasting snapping turtle. He bastes in his own fatty juices. Hear the sizzle as they hit the hot glowing embers which rest below his belly.

I like that style. I use it myself. Plagiarism? Perhaps.

Anonymous said...

He is some sort of a ching chong asshole living in China who hates America to the bone. What a loser. He worries more about America than his own country in which people do not have proper sanitation facilities, clean drinking water, air pollution, waste all over the place, etc... But let's not address that and just focus on calling Americans stupid names and put Americans down right?

Anonymous said...

Where is Andrew Hac? Is he in Tibet with his snapping turtle trying to roast the Tibetian monks?

Anonymous said...

I worried about this poster because he or she seems to want to eat Americans .Maybe the guy is hungry .

I really question how hostile this person is toward Americans . That person really seems like they like very crude ways of making a point.Very worried about this poster.

Reverend Wright for Prez! said...

Andrew simply is pointing how how complacent America COLLECTIVELY act as a society in allowing ourselves to get FLEECED when it is soo OBVIOUS.
Bush voted in twice I mean this guy is such a fricken moron and he has set down laws that have fuct us beyond belief. The housing bubble crash the war 911 katrina, BEAR STEARNS,COUNTRYWIDE, ARABS, DUBAI, WHO HAS GOTTEN RICH MTHE LAST 8 YEARS? DO WE SEE A PROBLEM HERE???????

Andrew keep fighting the good man

Anonymous said...

I just wish that everyone would just leave the poor snapping turtles alone. If I catch anyone of you roasting a snapping turtle you will be dead meat.

Anonymous said...

We have clean drinking water AND free meds in the water to boot!

The fat spittles and sizzles on the glowing embers as the turtle slowly roasts in his own juices, slowly turning, slowly basting in warm salty brine until he can be popped out of his charred shell and eaten from a stick.

That must refer to Greenspannnn. He kind of looks like a turtle when you think about it, which I don't.

Buzz is cool though.

and anonymous sometimes posts interesting things. But who would name their kid anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I kind of like Andrew Hac. I don't know who he/she is and where from, but I just find the comments hilarious. I see there an attempt to sound a wakeup call in a very offensive manner-- the only way perhaps to get sheeple's attention nowadays.

I think thouse comments are harmless. We should not react in a manner that shows our stupidity and our lack of tolerence.
A. Hac, keep it up!

And thanx Keith for opening this special thread.


tater said...

I kind of like it too. He sure does have a good imagination to make for a good laugh. Or, is he serious? Either way, he's cool.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac is sort of the rude pundit of HP. Ruder than the Mogombo. And you've got to admit, that roasting, sizzling snapper turtle is a much stronger and accurate picture of the americano than the white bread aphorism "toast".

However, Andrew if you are reading this, please widen the horizons of your gustatory analogies. We get the americano roasting in his own juices thing. How about commenting next on the english, who are likewise "toast"? Maybe something involving sausage and the "full english"? A proper fry up? Bacon sarnies?

Cheers, Matt C

Big Cheese said...

Hey Keefer,

How about a poll on this thread asking where Andrew Hac is from. Options are:

1. China
2. Mexico
3. USA (land of the snapper turtle)
4. Europe (sarcastic Frenchie)
5. Other

My opinion: Andrew Hac is as much a foreigner as Borat. His commentary is deadpan but cutting to the bone of the grilled armadillo. Guess what HPers who thought he is an angry Chinaman you got Pwned yet again! First renting in your mom's basement now Andrew Hac. Doh!!!!


NEPA bubble sitter said...

I've begun peppering my conversation with references to Americanos and snapping turtles...of course no one has a phucking clue what I'm talking about, but it amuses ME and that's what COUNTS.

Thank you Mr. Hac. You accurately describe 90%+ of the morons in this nation that I encounter daily.

Weirdo Cha said...

Snapper turtlee...mmmmmmm....
Dinner from your local drainage ditch. The future for the survivors, ie the people with guns, ammo and tin foil hats.
Also available in local asian market if you want to try out your recipes before the unwinding gets going.
Cook in shell to help keep it juicy, otherwise chewing on leather.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac is just Frank off of his medication.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the munchies after an AndyHac post?

Keyser Soze said...

Andy is the funniest poster of all. His vivid imagery is priceless. Oh...and Andy is more American than apple pie a la heloc.

Anonymous said...

I love reading Andrew Hac's posts. I laugh out loud every time. The latest is when he added the chinese green baboo skewer for the snapper. LOL.
Appropriate imagery too. Most Americans are fucking idiots that deserve the kick in the pants they're getting. Every goddamn moron that bought the Bush administrations bullshit leading up to the Iraq invasion deserves a punch in the face.

I think we ought to institute a special draft. The govt. should send out surveys to every American and ask them if they support the war in Iraq. Then, everyone who answers "yes" can have all of their wealth confiscated and used for a reconstruction fund, and can be deported to Iraq where they are forced to patch roads or something.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac is a Street Vendor in Tiajuana, who sells his sister on the side to make ends meet.

He tried to get into the US a few times, but wasn't smart enough not to get caught, and keeps getting sent back to his life in the slums.

CLEARLY--He has a 3rd grade education, (Duhhh- that "writing style")--and is very bitter about his life, (or lack thereof)-so he continues to dream of the "Americano" as a roasted Snapper turtle, sizzling with juices.....

Poor Andrew...We are sorry that the only A$$ you get is from your sister, and hope that someday you will learn to either accept your banal existance, or earn enough with your Vending business to pay off the Federalli's that keep beating you up and catching you at the border.

Adios Amigos!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to skewer Andrew Hac through the ass, hear the juices run down, sizzling into the fire, like the Americano. Land of the snapper turtle. Roasted.

Marty Feldman said...

All I know is I always get hungry after he posts something...

Mammoth said...

Saw a guy get on the bus the other day carrying a great long fishing rod. For a moment I thought that it was Andrew Hac with his bamboo pole, out hunting for an Americano to skewer.

Then somebody mentioned that Halibut fishing season had started.

Man, maybe I am reading too much HP these days...

Anonymous said...

Anon, March 19, 2008 11:20 AM
I think you hit the nail on the head with that one! Exactamundo. Also the comment that to wake us up he's got to slap us, even if its not his intent, i hope it happens anyway...
Someone here said kill your tv, again have to agree...

Lady Di said...

Andrew Hac is always good for a laugh. I have no idea what he is talking about, but it is funny.

Solo said...

Andrew Hac is a refreshing contributor to this blog...his observations on the pathetic condition of "Americanos" is on target.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The dude deserves some recognition.

RPMcMurty said...

Buzz is Mort!
Buzz is Mort!
Buzz is Mort!

Where's Borka and Richard the survivalist?

This is like a local bar where the cast of characters is transitory and amusingly strange, or maybe it's like a lowbudget play where three actors keep running backstage to change costumes and remerge as a new player.
In any event Andrew has his place in the ward, just let him sit and babble.

Anonymous said...

4. Europe (sarcastic Frenchie)

No way. The a$$hole French doesn't have that sense of humor. They're constantly frustrated while trying to look special. Whatta bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, I especially like the "Enter the Dragon" reference. Is that an homage to Bruce Lee?

Anonymous said...

I'm chortling over the tortoise picture, Keith.

The green bamboo skewer comment awhile back was ALL TIME funny.

Mark in San Diego said...

His comment the other day about the "dying carcus of a dead whale washed up on the beach" was priceless. . .was at Coronado beach yesterday, and there were a number of such "whales" washed up. . .most sitting there eating more junk food. . .

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac Nguyen is Vietnamese and one smart little Cong (not chong GenY Retard, it's Cong). Did they teach you history in your Special Ed classes?

He is a bit disappointed with the Shining Beacon of Freedom on the Hill and the Americanopithecus. So am I.


Steve said...

andrew hac seems like soneone who immigrated to the US expecting to meet up with a high tech advanced society and instead met a bunch of fat SUV and Ford truck driving dingbats!

Americano roasting on bamboo skewer lathered in A-1 steak sauce..why only charcoal? how about broiled snapper turtle?

mairca izda debol said...

"smart little Cong (not chong GenY Retard, it's Cong"

Viet Cong describes a person in the Vietnamese Communist Party, which is Cong San. Cong translates literally as "plus,together,add". So if Andrew was really a Cong, he wouldn't like living in America.

I know this is of little interest to you brainwashed political automatons. You think that Washington DC is the center of the universe and everything that happens starts in that cesspool.

edd said...

Andy Hac was a good read the
first five times. But he needs
to expand and vary his comments
so that the comments are read.

I hope he's not just pulling our
chains, though part of it must be.
There is an element of truth in
much of what he says; so Andy,
let's tighten things up !
You could label sections A,B,C,
& New. That way we can go to
"New" if we've read A, B, and
C a dozen times.

And give us your recommendations
for us to live by. Most of us are
fed up with our "United States", and we're ready to "bust a move".

Give us some constructive hell !
And remember, the peoples cadre
is watching.
If you want me to comment on a
new type of message, you can
send it to my profile mail.

Anonymous said...

"The Americano" Andrew speaks of is best represented by Homer Simpson.

Andrew is "Grimey."

Wiki "Homer's Enemy."

Andrew, you do not want to end up like Grimey.

Anonymous said...


Trevor Cordes said...

Ya, I love turtles! Me and anon March 19, 2008 9:18 AM are going to kick your ass if you actually harm a turtle!

Keith, you made me laugh with this one. I too have been wondering about Hac. Strange guy. He has the right ideas, just an odd style.

But leave the freakin' turtles alone! I hope one day he's swimming in a lake and comes face to face with a 35lb snapper. Better yet, I hope the snapper is swimming about 2-3 feet under water and find a juicy worm to bite off...

You might be an Americano if... said...

Andrew Hac loves the United States of America it is the fat, nascar, walmart, suv, exurb pigs that are killing this country that he hates.

The Americanos as he calls them are an abomination to everything principle that this country was founded upon. The gimmie, gimmie, gimmie consumers that are killing a once great nation that was meant to be the promised land of producers. Any right thinking individual should hate the Americanos as much as Andrew Hac. They are killing our country.
If you don't agree with what Andrew Hac is saying or if as many on this thread have said that you don't "get it" you might want to take a look in the mirror.

I tried to get "Americano" on wikipedia but they bumped it as "patent nonsense."

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew congrats.The snapper turdles all vote too.
Snapper Turdles with the shell or without?That is the question.


Andrew Hac said...

AndrewHac also has a M.S in Computer Science and an M.B.A in Business Administration.

AndrewHac likes Roasted Snapper Turtle because it represents the overall mentality, the general way of thinking, the status and the near future of the land of the Americano AKA the land of the roasted Armadillo.


The Americano is as toasted as a snapper turtle skewered on a stick from head to ass all sizzling, juices dripping, fat popping over a bed of white hot charcoal grill.

Americano = Grilled Snapper Turtle

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

The mentality of the average Americano is just amazing, if not stupefying.

A Circuit City Sale Associate is able to buy a $500K house.
A Shoe Sale Man is driving an Audi.
An uneducated, illiterate, ignorant Ford factory auto-assembly worker makes $40/hour.
A single driver is driving a stupendous, big-ass, chicken-coop For SUV Expedition so he/she can feel proud about being an Americano. That is stupider that a dog.
Illegal immigrant is getting welfare, medicare and medicaid free health care, free school lunch, free education, pay no tax, every thing is under the table cash.
The Iraqi has Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

Talk about brain-dead zombie, blind-as-a-bat crapper. Maybe that is the reason why there is such word as "Trailer White Trash", "BORKAFATTY" AKA The Pig chomping at the feed trough...

Big Cheese said...

andrew Hac is a computer program as I said earlier. And now you dedicating a thread to him just terminated the program. Way to play "Enter the Dragon" and shove a green Chinese bamboo skewer up his Kazook!

Mark my words this Snapping Turtle is now roasted!


edd said...

Okay, Andy; now you've done it.

Dogs are NOT stupid !

And they don't smoke cigars.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac:

- 400 pounds
- Chain smoker
- Binge drinker

Lives in a socialist-leaning European country like France and is pissed off at America because he knows he'd never make it in America's free-market economy. He's forced to continue living in a nanny-state country where the employer is forced to pay him high minimum wages and month-long guaranteed paid vacation since no employer in a free country would give him the time of day.

Drives around in a Fiat or Yugo or some equivalent European piece of crap, wears a tattered tweed suit and poses as an "academic" when in reality he's some kind of failure who compensates by overeating, chain smoking, binge drinking, and bashing America knowing his country would be wiped off the face of the earth without America's protection.

Regardless of who Andrew Hac claims to really be, I believe I'm probably 100% spot on in my description of him.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of Hac. Tried Googling some of his frequently referenced characters but found nothing. Looks like he is completely original. Respect.

edd said...

It's so easy for
dorko Anon 3:00am to
throw out random slander.
Why waste our time, Mr/Ms Anon ?

You remind me of the pathetic
Americano's I cringed at in VN
long ago.

Andy's likely writing in his
third language, but he makes you
look dumber than a dog; er, cat.