March 29, 2008

HousingPANIC calls for the overthrow of the government of the United States of America

Just vote 'em all out. All of 'em.

There. That wasn't so hard, was it.

No guillotines. No bullets. No goose-stepping thugs. Just a bunch of pissed off and screwed-over voters doing the most patriotic thing they can this November - overthrowing their government.

God bless America. And vote against EVERY incumbent - local, state and national. Our democracy needs an enema.

This should be fun.

Oh, on the Presidential election, kinda sucks, we get two viable choices in November and that's it, but the GOP team sure stunk up the joint these past eight years, so voting Dem (or writing in Ron Paul) is essentially voting for an overthrow. And voting Obama is more of an establishment overthrow than voting for Bill (oops, I mean Hillary) Clinton.

Come November, the American voter is gonna be PISSED. And I mean really, really PISSED. The housing crash changed everything.


Anonymous said...

While I am always inclined to vote for the opposition, making such inclination the ONLY voting guide does more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Shakster sez Good grief.sheesh.

Voting = I can't make my own decisions ,please pass a law against my neighbor before I have to do something about him myself.That would mean I would have to argue ,or get dirty....eeewwwwwwwhhh!
Please decide what is best for me,and my neighbor,and if my neighbor disagrees then throw him in jail,and give his car to me.I paid my taxes ,you owe me mr. politician,so get me a good office job.Make sure the mexicans stay away,and make it illegal for them to vote.Don't let global warming screw up our country,hurry up ,and cool the planet down.Where's my welfare?!! I voted!
Voter = Worthless Eaters.
George Bush Sr thinks so,and I don't like that guy,but I am starting to agree.

Anonymous said...

The writers of the constitution wouldn't even understand the sh*t politicians are shoving down our throats right now. Trans Texas Corridor, North American Union, stripping our rights, spying on us and trying to force onto this country exactly what our forefathers didn't want.

The controlled media smear campaign against RP was almost unbearable. I'd love to shove him down their throats.

Anonymous said...

Hello Keith!

Thanks for the forum you provide.
What went down with Bear Stearns only confirms the beliefs of the kooks and the crazies re: a skull and bonesmen conspiracy at the highest levels and a shadow government etc. This doesn't mean that I don't think that there is a unifying operator among the events - just that I think the great unifier is GREED.

Please give me some feedback because I have seen this nowhere on a monitor yet: I think that the Federal Reserve (not a part of the government - its name is just like Federal Express - it is a private "family" company) has finally overstepped and been too clever by half.

Let's face facts they have never lived up to their "public" mandate, their failures are legion, and now with this shotgun marriage between Bear and JP (and the upcoming nuptials featuring ugly brides Lehman and Citi and distant cousin WaMu) they are guaranteeing what the market has labeled garbage.

Well guess what, their "public" mandate is at the discretion of congress - so some new congressmen and women with spines could, in reality, revoke their charter.

Afterall would you want to do business with or trust the right to coin your money to a private entity that is bankrupt as a result of the waste products they've just underwritten?

They are private so the onus is on them prove that the Federal Reserve is not BANKRUPT by opening their books - something that they have been historically opposed to and now thanks to their recent actions something that they will be unable to prove.

The only thing these guys (and they are predominantly men) hate more than a penny missed is sunlight - so shine on you crazy diamond!

Anonymous said...

They are private so the onus is on them prove that the Federal Reserve is not BANKRUPT by opening their books - something that they have been historically opposed to and now thanks to their recent actions something that they will be unable to prove.

If I had a currency press I would be as likely to audit my 'wealth' as I would be to auditing the air I have left to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Keith, no need to overthrow the government. The fed is going to do it for you.

Here's the real reason why the house of zion wanted their N.Y. sheriff gone.

"The Federal Reserve would have the power to regulate virtually the entire banking and securities industry under proposals to be unveiled Monday by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, according to a summary of the proposals provided to CNN late Friday."

Anonymous said...

not writing in RP if he doesn't go indie. it will be Nader (indie) or Gravel (turned Libertarian) as 2nd & 3rd choices.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should just vote for themselves.

Each ballot has a write-in blank. Bring a pen with you and write your name in every blank.

No dangling chads and no regrets.

Can't think of a better way to show displeasure with the current slate of candidates.

Ed said...

God bless America? No No No! God Damn America remember.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting about the "low information" voter.

You're forgetting about the evil that has been cultivated in the bosom of the people.

Blame the bankers and the politicians if you must, but the responsibility falls mainly on the people you see at Wal Mart, the shopping malls, restaurants, football games, and churches across America.

If they weren't so arrogant and stupid, we might have a chance.

Anonymous said...

I've BEEN doing this for the last 20 years to no avail. There's just too many idiots and political whores in our society.

Anonymous said...

Voting? You are uber-funny Keefy!

Anonymous said...

case you don´t konw that old black n white picture is from portuguese revolution '75, the old government was throw out after a regime of 50 years, specialy because of the war in africa..soldiers refuse com continue with a war that could not be win, and was profiting only the very richest ppl of the nation... does that ring a bell to you americans?

Anonymous said...


Where do I sign-up?


Anonymous said...

The bankers KNEW that the "people" ARE stupid!!! ...well, most of them.

Smart people MADE the banking laws to PROTECT STUPID CONSUMERS YEARS AGO!!!!!!!! (yes, you can read that again)

After the banking and loan laws were broken, and the great ponzi scam in-place, the CONSUMERS
took the UNWISE loans and over-priced homes hands down!




Anonymous said...

meet the Rev. Keith Wright!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the whole mess .

Anonymous said...

I can't comment; I'm afraid they will track down my location and jail me for not being extremely glad just to exist.

Anonymous said...

diebold voting machines

Frank R said...

Obama to me is even more establishment than Hillary. Geez, the guy is a Chicago politician. It doesn't get any scummier than that.