March 15, 2008

Here's Peter Schiff on Fox News, trying to help Neil Cavuto see the light. But finding out that Neil Cavuto has no time for the truth.

Some days I feel sorry for Shiff. It must be frustrating. He's been PROVEN RIGHT about EVERYTHING and yet there are still idiots out there like Mike Norman, Tom Adkins and Neil Cavuto, who should by now see what's happening, but choose to keep their heads in the sand.

Check out this video, where Cavuto, being a complete and total jackass in addition to a fool and a tool, tells Schiff to shut up because he's boring him. Seriously, because the truth was boring him.

Poor Cavuto and poor Fox News. They want the truth to go away so much. It's just so inconvenient.

Schiff should have told him to go f*ck himself right there and then, and stormed off the set.


Anonymous said...

Man, Cavuto was a reall ass on that segment.

And the other guy said that the Fed has never failed on their mission. We are in deep crap then because the Fed oversaw the Great Depression.

Anonymous said...

Bend over and meet 4.00 gasoline.thank you housing gamblers and crooks at the NAR.I quit buying milk and will be liveing off of venison for awhile.

Anonymous said...

If the Great Depression isn't a failure, then what is?

Anonymous said...

Do you leftwing dailykooks stil believe that America created AIDS to kill off blacks? LMAO

Anonymous said...

what business does that stupid aids comment have on here?

Anonymous said...

Why even bother having Schiff on the set if you know what he's going to say and you don't want to hear it? It's so rude. I'm almost embarassed for Fox.

I don't know enough about gold to say, but I do know that oil, at $110 a barrel (and ExxonMobil at 12x earnings) is very reasonably priced. Remember, the government is about to print $52trillion over the next two decades, and inflation is ALWAYS a monetary phenomenon.

God help us!

Anonymous said...

If the Great Bank rush of 1932 taught us anything, it's this: When major U.S. banks hit the skids, the economic house of cards comes tumbling down. The last vestiges of faith in the stability of the U.S. economy ... the dollar ... and every asset you own are threatened.

At a time like that, Gold and silver is king. Millions of families will dump everything in a last, desperate attempt to get their hands on gold and silver. Nearly every other store of value gets hammered into the ground. And anyone clinging to paper assets or real estate during the panic risks financial ruin.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to punch that talking head when he said--"Stop Peter- you are boring me "....

WTF??? Every word that comes out of his mouth is pure gold....

PETER--I will be your "Kristen" any day of the year....YOU MAKE US SO PROUD to take on the "FAUX NEWS" Fuc$@#ing idiots like you do!!

I love you, WHAT can I say?!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but seriously...

What the F are you going to do with a few gold nuggets trying to buy bread at 7-11??

Buy food stocks, and an AK...everything else will fall right into line.

Paul E. Math said...

I thought it was very telling when Cavuto complained that Schiff was boring him.

That tells you what Fox News really is about: entertainment. They don't really care about getting to the truth or providing objective news and information. They don't care about journalistic integrity.

Fox understands that it's viewer base is interested in 1 main thing: stimulation. This is why the only time I ever watch Fox News is when Keith has posted a Schiff segment on HP.

Anonymous said...

Neil really pisses me off. Why he does his best to lie to the public is my guess? He is a damn freaking lier.

It's funny how he didnt interrupt the other dude when he was speaking. What a JERK. Neil, if you are reading this, you are part of this broken system. You really should stand up and tell americans the truth.


Anonymous said...

Is it any surprise? We should all have seen the true colors of shills like Cavuto that lick the boots of their corporate and zionist masters by now.

Anonymous said...

Keith, You don't think the government inflation numbers are phoney?

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about gold to say, but I do know that oil, at $110 a barrel (and ExxonMobil at 12x earnings) is very reasonably priced. Remember, the government is about to print $52trillion over the next two decades, and inflation is ALWAYS a monetary phenomenon.
F@ck it! I purchased some gold last week when it was below $1000. Waiting for my CD to mature to buy some more gold. If the gold price goes up again (and it will) I'll withdraw my CDs before the maturity date, pay penalty and buy more gold.
I've been living in Russia back in the 90s and I saw the inflation. American people haven't seen real inflation yet, that's why they are not scared. :)
My grandmothers and my parents live savings were wiped out because of inflation.
What if I'm wrong? That's fine, I'm ready to lose if the dollar gets stronger, that's will be a good lesson for me. I'm getting $1800 from Bush in May and this "stimulus package" will cover my loses.

But If I'm right, I'll save my money.

People, you haven't seen inflation yet. It's when after a few years you start earning millions instead of thousands, because money are worthless and the government just keep adding zeros on the bills.


Anonymous said...

He who has gold and trys to use it will draw unwanted attention.

If it comes to that....whoever is carting around gold had also better have armed body guards. When people are hungry and desperate....look out.

Schiff is hero, Cavuto is a tool.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Cavuto said that Mr. Schiff was "boring him" because it was WAY over his head. Also faux news is not interested in the TRUTH.

Thankfully, I have now entrusted a major portion of my financial assets to EuroPacific.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just had a GREAT idea! We could reduce inflation even more by just leaving out medical expenses, in addition to food and energy. Wouldn't that be great!?

Anonymous said...

Shiff goes on this jackass network for one reason. Clients. People that watch FOX, like people who voted for GW, are waking up to the fraud and want some honest advice. Shiff would not waste his time with these clowns if it wasn't benefiting him. The mixing of business news with political ideology is a relatively new phenomenon. Somehow those that are bearish on parts of the market are unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

A few more quotes from Messiah Obama's mentor the Revvvvvvvvrend Jeremiah Wright:

"The government lied about Pearl Harbor. They knew the Japanese were going to attack. Government's lied."

Obviously a slander against FDR. Even if the US knew of the attack, does it mean Japan had the right to attack? It was still an act of war to bomb Pearl Harbor, whether the US knew in advance or not. What was the point?

those committing black-on-black crime are "fighting the wrong enemy."

So who is the right enemy? Is it Caucasians, Latinos and Asians that they should be raping, robbing, and murdering?

"The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied."

This is the kook that the DailyKooks and their Messiah Obama praise. He speaks the truth according to the DailyKooks.

Anonymous said...

Cavuto is such a load. He's been on my shitlist ever since he disrespected my man Ron Paul.

History will be very kind to Peter Schiff when it will be shown that he was right all along.

Until then, he just has to deal with all these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Buy food stocks, and an AK...everything else will fall right into line.

Sell gold and buy food.

Anonymous said...

I just refuse to believe that these guys really can't "get it". Can they really be that dumb or are they not allowed to talk about certain things.

Anonymous said...

"Stop it, you're boring me."

They shoot idiots, don't they? No? Well, they should.

Anonymous said...

Details are boring? We deserve what is coming.
Burn Baby Burn

Anonymous said...

Boring you or touching a nerve? Was that apathy or hostility?

Two words:

Civil war.

Perhaps Bush has come to this conclusion too?

Anonymous said...

Right wingers are really getting desperate now. Trying to change the subject to AIDS conspiracies? We're way beyond the point of mass distraction by wedge issues such as abortion, gays and racism. Even the dumbest of Cletii are waking up to the realities of protracted Republican governance.

Anonymous said...

He is telling them to go f@ck themselves, with the truth. The truth is like garlic to those vampires.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What Peter Schiff was trying to explain is essential:
although in recent years folks had to spend more of their income on housing (thanks to the !@%@$! bubble), the CPI component for housing is based on rent levels, which did not increase. And will not increase because (a) renters can only pay so much and (b) there's a surplus of vacant homes. Hence CPI numbers are fundamentally wrong, and yet they are used to justify wrong policies.

It reminds me of the guy who says: "Whether gas prices are up or down, that has never affected me. I always pump for $20."

Anonymous said...

mairca izda debol said... " I am a stupid rush limpball listening dumbass"

maybe this will help the dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that FOX NEWS loves to create conflict - it's not news, it's newstainment. You decide.

Anonymous said...

Keith, Cavuto did let Schiff make his main points. When Cavuto stopped him from lecturing the audience about hedonic adjustments to the CPI - that was his prerogative as host of the show.

Anonymous said...


'Cept the tax laws.

Anonymous said...

"Keith, Cavuto did let Schiff make his main points."

No he didn't

"When Cavuto stopped him from lecturing the audience about hedonic adjustments to the CPI -"

Gary stated that inflation was low in defense of current monetary policy and said that cosumers are in great shape. Everyone who buys food at the supermarket knows that this is bullshit. Schiff's response was well within the context of the discussion. The fact that you lack the intellect to understand why does not make Schiff's comment boring.

"that was his prerogative as host of the show."

Yes, it is his perogative to be an asshole. And it's your perogative to be an apologist for Cavuto. And it's my perogative to call you a gutless piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

"Right wingers are really getting desperate now. Trying to change the subject to AIDS conspiracies?"

No, dummy! Obama did this to himself and the media picked up on it.

Anonymous said...

Neil Cavuto is beginning to panic ... and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

I'm Neil Cavuto. CPI? wuts dat? I is stupid... I can't wait till my dumb news show is over so I can watch American Idol. Who cares about that there thing called the economy? it bores me... now American Idol? That's good stuff. Depression? Wuts that? Oh you mean when they shut American Idol off? Geez yeah that would be a depression. $5 dollar a gallon gas? It must be those commie bastards in Russia and those ragheads in Saudi Arabia ripping us off.. Oh well... that bores me... but American Idol?? No way.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with America. Everytime you want to talk about the source of the probem you're cut off and told you're boring.

Let's talk about Depre...

Anonymous said...

According to Schiff Tom Adkins will no longer be appearing on Fox.

Anonymous said...

>> Do you leftwing dailykooks stil believe that America created AIDS to kill off blacks? LMAO

We did - I should know, I was the lead scientist on the project. Who's laughing now, dumbass?

P.S. I'm on a new project now - Latinos are now on our shitlist.

Anonymous said...

I bet Gary B Smith's clients have lost their ASS !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
And rightfully so!


Anonymous said...

"According to Schiff Tom Adkins will no longer be appearing on Fox."

Thats awsome!

Tom Adkins studdered and talked so fast like he was on SPEED. And no one knew what the fuck he was even saying...

Message to T om Adkins: Retire and keep nailing that ugly red head your're married to.

Trevor Cordes said...

"You're boring the nation". And that's the problem. No one bothers to learn about all the lies and fudging that goes on in these numbers. American doesn't care, and that's the problem. The journalists should educate, but instead they kowtow. In fact, if you like conspiracies, what if the press has explicit instructions from above not to mention the truth about these things on the air? Look how fast they cut off Schiff?

CPI 0% m/m? What a joke. The only reason it's 0% this month is the Fed NEEDS cover to cut BIG TIME when they should be raising rates to defend the dollar. They cannot let the headline y/y CPI show 5%.

Fed confidence is lost. Even CNBC is openly talking about CPI conspiracies and loss of faith in the Fed on a regular basis. That is not good news as they are supposed to be the grand poobah cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

watch Cavuto on youtube interview Dr. Ron Paul. Cavuto was a rude jackass, putting words in Paul's mouth and talking over him.

Anonymous said...

Stop boring me! Im Bating!

Anonymous said...

Was anyone expecting something different from the Faux Neocon Propoganda Machine News (FNPMN). I despise Cavuto, Hannity and the rest of the neocon crew. Everyone essentially works for the Bush admin.

Anonymous said...

Why the f*ck does Peter keep going on Fox News? If I were him I would not be given any of these idiots any good advice.

I bet Neil is pissed because he very well knows that if there is a Greater Depression, he will be picking Banana Peels off garbage cans.

Anonymous said...

watch Cavuto on youtube interview Dr. Ron Paul. Cavuto was a rude jackass, putting words in Paul's mouth and talking over him.

What do you expect. When you threaten the mans money your threatening his food supply, thats a no no foe Neil!

Anonymous said...

That rich bastard, Cavuto, shouldn't be screwing America for his own good. Like he doesn't have enough already.

Cavuto, when you die, your tongue will be larger than your body buddy.

Anonymous said...

Paul E. Math has the inside 'scoop'.

Fox News has become 'infotainment'.

The 'You're boring me Peter' comment speaks to the arrogance of those who have become all too comfortable in their ratings game.

Conversely, Mr Schiff remains poised and calm, taking it in stride, comfortable in his own right, that truth and facts are on his side and both can weather smarmy assaults from anyone.

When watching these programs with Schiff and his detractors, remember on thing:

Haughty attitudes and baseless marginalizing from detractors is sound evidence of insecurity - both from a topic perspective, but more soberingly, from a personal perspective as well...