March 03, 2008

Do you have a firearm in your home?

If you don't, are you thinking about getting one?

If you do, do you think the odds you may need it are greater in 2008 than they were in 2007?

Hint - keep a close eye on the foreclosure rates in your neighborhood. And watch out for those ramen eating realtors - they might get pretty desperate soon.

Foreclosures And Crime Rates

Foreclosures are on many people's minds these days, and it's not hard to see why. Foreclosures increased 57 percent in the past year, according to numbers recently released by RealtyTrac. Most of the attention paid to foreclosures focuses on their effect on the economy. But the impact of the foreclosure crisis is more broadly felt than that and extends even to crime rates in areas hit hard by foreclosures.

"Using data on foreclosures, neighborhood characteristics, and crime, we find that higher foreclosure levels do contribute to higher levels of violent crime," according to a 2005 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. "A standard deviation increase in the foreclosure rate (about 2.8 foreclosures for every 100 owner-occupied properties in one year) corresponds to an increase in neighborhood violent crime of approximately 6.7 percent."

60 comments: said...

Yes, I am a proud "gun nut" and NRA member. I own numerous firearms and a stockpile of ammo. I recently upgraded to a massive new safe to store the guns, ammo, and other valuables.

I hold CCW (concealed carry) permits in several states including my home state of CA. I carry a .40 cal Glock daily. I am at my local shooting range at least once a week and frequently more.

My interest in firearms began on my high school rifle team, which I nervously tried out for and qualified for sharpshooter in the tryouts. After getting away from the sport for some time, my interest was suddenly revived while living in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the burglary rate is unbelievably high, and I realized I'd better start carrying a gun because it was only a matter of time before I'd come home one day and find myself face-to-face with burglars. Luckily I was smart enough to leave Scottsdale before that happened.

I now live in a virtually crime-free area but choose to carry out of principle. The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason and it is a duty for freedom-loving Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. As a result I *never* go anywhere without my gun on my right hip and my CCW in my wallet, unless I know for sure I might be drinking (drinking & carry is illegal in CA and I agree with that law).

I believe that any so-called American who does not own a firearm, or get a carry permit in states that issue them, needs to read the Constitution, watch The Patriot, and wake the f*ck up.

Anonymous said...

ATHENS, Ga., Feb. 22 (UPI) — A gun-wielding man in a ski mask robbing a Georgia bank told a teller he wanted payback for losing his house to foreclosure.

The robbery occurred at a Regions Bank branch in Athens just before noon Thursday, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

"You took my house, now I’m going to take your money," the robber told the teller as he pointed a gun at her, Police Capt. Clarence Holeman said.

Holeman said that the FBI, which is investigating the robbery, would probably check bank records. Bank officials said they could not remember anyone who had been especially upset about losing a house.

Anonymous said...

12g. shotgun.

I think it's enough to protect my home.

McCainVoter(ObamaFanInside) said...

You people have, . . guns? Like, real guns? Wow. We are civilized here in the world community. We have the g0vt officials and the UN to protect us. I don't think we should have dangerous wepuns. And they could go off and hurt somebody. And bad people wuold have em to hurt us. I voted for Bush, and I am voting for McCain this year, otherwise I like Hillary. Slobber slobber slobber. Fart. I am an americunt. the gubbermint would nebber hurt us on 9-leven. Those comspiracy freeks are stuupid. the frenchies are stoopid.

Anonymous said...

Glock 17 with laser sight kit + Taurus 38.

Stuck in So Pa said...

I have three shotguns, two rifles, plenty of ammo, and live in a relatively crime free rural area, and I am thinking seriously about a sidearm of some type. When/if the SHTF, and the scum go roaming, places like mine, out in the "sticks," will look like easy prey out on a lonely dirt road, with houses spaced far and few between.

Anonymous said...

This is a great point. It is defenitely true that we'll see descent neighborhoods turn to ghettos.

Where I live hasn't changed much, but here it doesnt take to much for a turn for the worst.

Some of the things I was fearing about this bubble, since I first became interested in it, (2003): Most people loosing jobs, crime rates, family problems.

The issue here is that this can affect anyone, you, me, your neighbor, and that folks is not good for anyone.

Everyone here is just hoping it doesn't happen to them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I own several and please don't break in because I just cleaned them and would hate to get all that cleaning supplies out again. When cops a minutes away and seconds count, own a gun.

Anonymous said...

Not only SHOULD you have a gun, you should make sure everyone in your family can safely USE IT !!!

And have a good flashlight, or a couple, b/c the SHTF in the night usually.

But this is related to inflation as well.

The price of guns has been creeping up for the last 12mos, and the price of ammo is up between 100% and 150%

go to Kitco and look at the price of copper and lead !!!

bickerer said...

No Firearms, yet.

But this is on my to-do list, just like stocking up on a few weeks of water and non-perishable food.

And this surprises the shit out of me cause I've had no tendency to be one of such 'extremists'.

But if the shit hits the fan, the average urban household has about a 6 hour supply of food. After that things could get ugly.

Anonymous said...

yes, more than one....

Anonymous said...


I have several firearms in my house, and a CCW from Florida, which is good in Missouri and about 27 other states.

I intend to upgrade my carry piece soon, but not really as a result of the housing "panic." I've been concerned with the general moral decay of the country for a long time.

Poverty doesn't cause crime. Lack of moral convictions causes crime. There are many poor people in America (still) who wouldn't dream of stealing from other people, because they believe it is wrong.

However, if you MIX poverty AND lack of moral conviction (and throw in some entitlement mentality)... well, that is certainly a cause for worry.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Not only do I own a handgun but I'm going to buy a shotgun and a rifle soon.

Why? Well when the Dems get elected they're going to grab guns like they did the last time.

I'll also stock up on ammo. I'm not a hunter but think you should have on hand what you could not get but might need in an emergency. I live in a major city and I have water on hand and food. We've had riots here before and probably will again.

Marky Mark said...

Obama is an anti-gun zeolot. You should be PROUD to be unarmed.

Marky Mark

Malcolm said...

This is what I have in my closet:

William said...

Indeed, I have recently purchaed a firearm, though its not related to teh housing crash. I just wanted something for home protection that I could lock away in a safe (away from my 1 year old daughter) and still have easy access to myself.

SPringfield XD-9. Currently shooting Federal 9mm +P hollow tips.

NRA=Nuts Run Amuck said...

" said...
Yes, I am a proud "gun nut" and NRA member. I own numerous firearms and a stockpile of ammo. I recently upgraded to a massive new safe to store the guns, ammo, and other valuables."

Gee, I thought John Wayne was DEAD?

You talking to me? You talking to me?

Anonymous said...

never cared about politics or economics until i discovered ron paul.

now my bro and i own a safe with gold, silver and 3 guns.

Mammoth said...

"Do you have a firearm in your home?"
Try breaking into my home and you will quickly find out the answer to that question!

Anonymous said...

After Rodney King, after 911, after New Orleans,.... anyone who does not own a firearm in the US is naive.

I own a shotgun and a S&W pistol.

Gun - when you got it, you hope you don't need it. When you need it, I hope you got it.

Funny thing is that when society breaks down as it did in New Orleans, the first thing the government forces to close are the gun shops. You better have you weapon and ammo before you need it.

Anonymous said...

I started building a long position in SWHC on Feb 1, 2008. I am accumulating at or below $6.00 for a long term position. I also own a gun (a shotgun), and I am shopping for a new handgun. I don't expect to use either for defense. As much as I like to read the blog, and I do feel like alot of what is said is on the money - let's not misunderstand the big picture. These are good times, we have it good. When people are stabbing each other in streets for water or gasoline, then we have a real problem.

Anonymous said...

A firearm? No.

I have around 50. 10,000's of rounds of armor piercing military ammo. Nearly every modern battle rifle made. Night vision, Class 4 body armor. CCW and a range in the backyard. And a safe full of rather rapidly appreciating gold and silver bullion.

Just the basics.

Anonymous said...


Guess I will be putting off purchasing that McMansion in PG County, MD.... That place will soon be more of a hell hole than it is already!!

Marky Mark said...

Anti-Gun Obama Shooting Himself in the Foot | 02.25.08 | Bob Owens

[Barack Obama will have a big problem attracting the blue-collar Democrat voters he needs to win the presidency - they like guns and he wants to take them away.]

As she clawed for survival against Barack Obama in Wisconsin’s Democratic primary this past weekend, Hillary Clinton lamely asserted her Second Amendment bona fides over that of her rival by claiming that she once shot a duck in Arkansas.

As pathetic a pander as that tale was, it did serve to point out one gaping weakness in the armor of the Illinois senator, a man who must rely on blue-collar white voters if he hopes to prevail first in the Democratic primaries, and later in the general election.

The weakness? Barack Obama’s utter disdain of firearms (especially handguns) and a refusal to recognize the rights of law-abiding Americans to own the most common and relied-upon types of firearms.

In his answers to the 1998 Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test, Obama said he favored a ban on “the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.”

By definition, this would include all pistols ever made, from .22 target pistols used in the Olympics to rarely-fired pistols kept in nightstands and sock drawers for the defense of families, and every pistol in between. Obama’s strident stand would also ban all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, whatever their previously legal purpose.

In 1999, Obama proposed to make it a felony for the gun owner if a firearm stolen from his residence and used in a crime was not “securely stored” — effectively negating the homeowner’s right to self-defense.

That same year, Obama bravely voted “present” on a law that would require teens 15 and older to be tried as adults for firing weapons on or near school grounds. Obama also proposed the idea of banning businesses that sell firearms from operating within five miles of a park or school — restrictions that would treat gun shops worse than “adult” businesses trafficking in pornography.

From 1998-2001, Obama sat on the board of directors for the Joyce Foundation, a left-wing group which today funds grants to anti-gun organizations such as the Violence Policy Center (which advocates total handgun prohibition, reinstatement of the Clinton-era “assault weapons” ban, and the ban of other firearms), the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (which favors the registration of all handguns, seeks to overturn Ohio’s “concealed carry” law, ban standard capacity magazines, and ban economical handguns along with many semi-automatic firearms based upon their appearance), and Handgun Free America (which advocates a complete ban on civilian handgun ownership).

All of these organizations seek to disarm law-abiding Americans. This is the idea of “change” that they share with Barack Obama.

On the federal stage, Obama’s brief U.S. Senate career has already seen him vote against a bill (S.397) to protect the firearms industry from those who seek to sue manufacturers, distributors, and importers for the criminal misuse of firearms by criminals, an idea akin to suing car manufacturers for damages caused by drunk drivers.

Tellingly, Obama’s presidential campaign has sought to hide his history of trying to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Buried deep in the “Issues” section of Obama’s web site under “Additional Issues” is a PDF document that can only be described as an attempt to talk around Obama’s real position on firearm ownership. In a section where the campaign claims to “respect” the Second Amendment, the document states:

Millions of hunters own and use guns each year. Millions more participate in a variety of shooting sports such as sporting clays, skeet, target, and trap shooting that may not necessarily involve hunting. As a former constitutional law professor, Barack Obama understands and believes in the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms. He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport, and use guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting.

Tellingly, Obama’s campaign only addresses the gun rights of hunters and specific shotgun-only shooting sports, and only then in vague terms.

At no point does Obama recognize an individual right to own handguns, or explicitly recognize a right for Americans to use a firearm to defend themselves or others. The site explicitly states that Barack Obama recognizes civilian gun ownership for two just purposes, “hunting and target shooting.”

Hillary Clinton, almost as liberal as Obama on the issue of gun control, could not take advantage of Obama’s radical, out-of-the-mainstream position on firearm ownership because she, too, holds many of the same liberal ideas.

As America moves toward the general election, however, John McCain will have no such problems in discussing Obama’s distrust of his fellow Americans on this issue.

McCain is hardly the poster boy for the National Rifle Association, but McCain claims to strongly support gun rights, stating, “Neither justice nor domestic peace are served by holding the innocent responsible for the acts of the criminal,” a position diametrically opposed to the record of Obama, who favors outright prohibition of many common civilian firearms.

In August 2007, writing at the liberal blog Daily Kos, “BlueDotRedField” shared his lament on Obama’s gun control history coming back to haunt him in the diary entry “Obama gunning to lose in 2008”:

The clear implication of this statement is that Obama believes that Chicago’s violent crimes are to be solved at a national level — since Chicago & IL already have VERY tough gun control laws that have not stopped their crime problems, and to be solved by gun control legislation specifically mentioning the 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban” and blaming Bush for that ban’s lack of renewal.

This statement is very important for those of us lifetime Democrats who not only are more libertarian leaning (especially after 8 years under the imperial presidency of George Bush), are more rural, and who own firearms or have family/friends who do. This statement is also the battle cry that figures on the right have been waiting for from Obama just in case he could actually beat out Hillary.

Common political wisdom has been that gun control legislation, and specifically the AWB, was [the] key handing the Congress to the right in 1994. Additionally, it played a strong part in the election and re-election of George Bush. Only recently, as we have run more centrist and rural understanding Democrats, were we able to retake Congress and have any chance at countering Bush & Co. in any way.

And we stand at a precipice where we can hand it all right back to them.

There seems little chance that Barack Obama can hide his real record and views of gun ownership from the American public though November’s presidential elections.

Once his prohibitive views of firearms ownership become known to America’s millions of gun owners, they may well decide that a gun-grabbing Barack Obama promises the kind of “change” that they can’t believe in.

Mark in San Diego said...

Saw an article about "rave houses" in Bakersfield area. . .kids break into foreclosed home - have a party, and let the bank clean up. . .hmmmm sounds like a good place to put my relatives next time they visit with their kids. . .there certainly are a lot of empty condos around here to put them up!

Anonymous said...

I am not so much worried about the people that are foreclosed taking my property - I am actually more worried about "my" government, which currently takes about 40K/year and gives it to other people. And, I expect they will want more in the next few years.

I do not currently own a gun , but have been thinking about it for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I have several.

Anonymous said...

I'm no gun nut, but after surviving the 2004 hurricaines I bought one. Locked in my fire safe with plenty of ammo, $2k in cash (small bills) and a sat phone. Sounds like a nutty survivalist you say? I would have though that too at one time. Let post-Katrina behaviour be your guide...

Anonymous said...

I'll be buying a couple more with that great tax rebate from the Gov't Criminals love this idea of making guns illegal, how many times due the cops get carjacked? NEVER criminals won't hit hard targets, they go after the soft and weak.

Anonymous said...

Check prices of handguns and ammo and they are up big time from a year ago. Someone out there are buying both and in large numbers.

mreynolds said...

Call me Snake!

Anonymous said...


NO! I do not have 'a' gun, but multiples thereof!

And even better I know how to use them!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have a shotgun and three pistols. They will earn a handsome profit when I sell them on my way out of this hell hole.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a gun, get one before Obama wins the WH! He is a gun-grabber from Chicago.

Also, if Obama loses bec of the Sup Ct or a narrow thin margin, be ready for the riots.

Anonymous said...

I now live in a virtually crime-free area but choose to carry out of principle. The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason and it is a duty for freedom-loving Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

The 2nd Amendment does not apply to Chicago, Illinois. It will not apply when Obama gets teh WH.

boogey man said...

is this site full of gun nuts? man, maybe i'm at the wrong joint

Ed said...

Just wait until the MESSIAH OBAMA takes office. Kiss your 2nd Amendment rights buh bye.

One of his brilliant porposals is to ban the sale of guns within 5 miles of a school. Find me a city where there is a 5 mile stretch between two schools. Doesn't exist. This bill would essentially ban the sale of guns in urban areas.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing reports of higher crime rates everywhere. The criminals are growing more brazen, committing home invasion robberies in broad daylight. Most of these are being committed by Latinos in the barrios. I have a feeling they are illegal immigrants who lost their construction jobs or MS-13 gang members. It's a good time to live in a gated comminuty with security and cameras. We'll be the next South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for seniors in poor neighborhoods. The thugs know when those checks/direct deposits occur and when to "go shake the tree".

Only difference is now the MBAs will be pulling the same sh*t.

Anonymous said...

A Glock 40 is pretty bulky to carry around unless you are wearing a thick jacket. I prefer a .380 or smaller for CC. I keep a Glock 40 at home. Those counting on the police to protect them when society breaks down will be disappointed. Just look at the LA riots and New Orleans. The only people save in LA were the Asian businesses who had AR-15 rifles.

edd said...

This is a sad, but perps must wonder if that lady has a gun.
(I *HATE* the NRA, which even
defends vest-proof bullets)

For over 35 years I have not
owned or used any firearm or any
explosive (though a pistol was
used in my defense in 1978).
Not having a gun was a matter
of principle and perceived need.
And guns in homes increase suicides and domestic shootings.

(I participated in rifle matches in my teens, and, though I learned in the Army to fear detonators, hand grenades, and CS gas, I was comfortable using small arms,
40mm launchers, and a 60mm mortar.)

/ / / /
But with the way things are evolving, I'm thinking of getting a permit and small pistol,
maybe a 25 automatic.
Unemployment rates are leading
indicators of crime, including
burglary and home invasion, and
this is on top of American decline.
Vacant homes draw more perps to
the suburbs, where they are not
opposed to diversification.

If I come to choosing ammo, I
prefer minimum effect; standard
slugs can cripple a person for life, possibly worse than death.

Fortunately, most pistols can
use short-range ratshot or
"safety slugs". (see Google)
I might alternate standard rounds
with ratshot so I have a choice,
with the first round being ratshot.

And I might carry cayenne spray
and a Taser for "routine" errands.

Anonymous said...

Athens, GA is home UGA (University of Georgia). Just had to point that out as Georgia Tech alumnus.

That is all.

AVKM said...

No, Yes

Anonymous said...

I have five guns and a permit to carry. Normal carry weapon is a Glock Model 32, .357 SIG

Anonymous said...

Would any of you consider owning a TASER vs. a gun?

Anonymous said...

Would any of you consider owning a TASER vs. a gun?

No, because government cannot be controlled with a TASER.

The 2nd amendment is not so much about hunting, sport and self defense as it is about maintaining control over the government itself.

Anonymous said...

:Would any of you consider owning a TASER vs. a gun?

How about a laser? said...

"Barack Obama will have a big problem attracting the blue-collar Democrat voters he needs to win the presidency - they like guns and he wants to take them away."

This is where Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and the rest have made a fatal mistake. They seem to have forgotten that the Democratic sweep of congress in 2006 was primarily moderate Democrats who are pro-gun. For some reason Obama and company just assume that all Democrats will support his far-left extremist policies when in reality they will not.

I always thought McCain was a gun-grabber but if you look at his voting record, he's solidly pro-gun.

Anonymous said...

No I have 23 and enough ammo to last for a long time. Whenever I step out the door I am packing (note I have a CCW Permit). When the shit goes down be on my side.

Burn Baby Burn

Scott in Las Vegas said...

Yes, a Ruger 45 and a Makarov 380 with 1000 rounds. These (and another Ruger rifle) are loaded (on safe) , uncocked, and reachable within 3 seconds from the master, kitchen, and guest BR. All in the house are near expert marksmen. Center mass!

Anonymous said...

Beans and Bullets


Anonymous said...

Yes, several. Not so much that I'm afraid someone will steal something in my home, infact I wouldn't want to shoot someone for stealing, but moreso for a complete collapse of social order.

You know how people in our society freak out because of traffic or long lines at the store? Bottom line is in a SHTF senario I don't trust my fellow American not to pop a bullet in me for my last can of tuna fish.

Peahippo said...

I have several 9mm semi-auto pistols and a sweet .308 battle rifle. And in case you were wondering: YES, I expect to use these weapons on thugs, both those who are with badges and those who are without badges.

We normal citizens will be squeezed between the criminal underclass and the criminal overclass. Both classes are going to find out that it'll be a fucking relief to just go into the field and kill some of them for a change. Work sucks; civil war will be GREAT in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Got guns.
Got ammo.
Got Psalm 91.

I'm good.

Anonymous said...

If there was total anarchy from the economic downturn then firing a gun on someone would result in getting a moltov cocktail thrown on your roof and having the house burn to the ground.

Even if you started out with a million rounds of ammo you would be unable to hold out for ever.

Guns would work only if you worked with your neighbohrs and took turns keeping watch. Detering intruders with a warning shot or non-lethal hit would be better than sniping a thief and having his whole gang show up the next day.

Anonymous said...

Buy and own guns? To defend ourselves?

Isn't that what the bushies promised they would do?


Anonymous said...

Don't own right now, but I'm researching several hand gun models. 4" XD-9 is seriously considered.

Anonymous said...

i'm shocked i really am....hp crazies who support a crazy man like ron paul also own lots of guns. never saw that one coming.

you people need to be castrated. only people who need guns are the police and military. and it is why we need a woman in the white house who will put and end to this macho gun culture bullshit once and for all.

Anonymous said...

hp crazies who support a crazy man like ron paul also own lots of guns. never saw that one coming.

I never voted Republican in my life but I own a Glock (best gun ever) and a Taurus (very reliable) for my girlfriend. I've lived as an expat in many violent countries. I would gladly get rid of my guns if there was no way for the criminals to get them either, but as you know, anything can come thru the border with Mexico these days, including tons of heroine, blow for Obama, and criminals.

What are you going to do when you hear the glass of your house breaking at 3 AM, while your teenager daughters sleep? Try Obama's speeches of "I have a dream" on the crack head-child rapist who's armed with a smuggled weapon from Mexico? Is that your strategy to protect your family? Is that your risk management skill?

What about if we get another president even freakier than Bush who decides to use Blackwater's soldiers of Fortune to take over the country? What about if the country gets out of control and a tsunami of riots come to your neighborhood? I was in the middle of the LA Riots when it happened. Not a pretty sight. Were you even born then?

It's wonderful to live in an utopia made of Obama's rosy speeches, but the reality is another. Frankly, I hate the NRA freaks and hate even more those red necks who shoot animals "for fun", but I've been robbed at gun point in the streets, found a robber inside my mom's bedroom, when I was a teenager, who pulled a gun on me before jumping the window to escape. I've seen violence face to face, while living overseas, too.

As far as I'm concerned, the US is heading the same way. My father was the most polite, peaceful man on earth, who never allowed us to go into the military for ideological reasons. But he had a Taurus 38 and a Beretta locked next to his bed. Never had to use it, but it was there just in case. You naive Americans better get street smart fast, especially when you travel or live overseas.

Oh, and one more thing, don't you get those pussy 22's because the bad guys beat you to death with it after being shot a few times. You need something that drops them good with one shot. However, If I ever needed to, I would shoot a bad guy on the legs only, and that's how we practice at the range.

Anonymous said...

This is where Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and the rest have made a fatal mistake. They seem to have forgotten that the Democratic sweep of congress in 2006 was primarily moderate Democrats who are pro-gun.

Hillary is not totally anti-gun, but she can't go around alienating her own democratic base.However, she sent a sign saying that she had hunted ducks in the past even and shot one to eat later. How can yo be totally anti-gun when you're surrounded by Secret Service packing heavily? Hillary is just for more background check control and eliminating some canons and bazookas from the mainstream, which makes a lot of sense. Nobody needs those type of weapons in a civilian environment. Who needs that .50 that brings down planes, really?

Now, your hero Obama is for taking all the guns away from citizens, while the Mexican border stays wide open for the bad guys smuggle AK 47's.

Obama reminds me of that Brazilian socialist president who tried to come up with a referendum banning all weapons, but 80% of Brazilians told him to f*ck off, since nobody protects them against all the guns smuggled from Paraguay and Miami by criminals who rob and kill them daily.

There's a misconception that all Democrats/Independents are anti-gun, for rampant welfare, or big government. Not true at all.