February 13, 2008

Open thread - who do you think Obama and McCain are going to choose as their VP's?

I'll let you in on a secret.

Obama is going to float Ohio Governor Strickland, with Bill Richardson as his backup.

And McCain is going to choose Minnesota Governor Pawlenty, with Florida Governor Crist as the second choice.

You heard it here first. But keep it a secret, OK?


decaffeinated said...

Don't know about Obama...he's pretty sharp, he'll probably floor everyone with his pick.

McCain has a real problem--his hands are virtually tied by the raving wingers in his party. Think about which person will motivate the Bible thumpers to get up off their asses and vote this coming November. Hmmm...

Dobson? Limbaugh? Coulter?

I know! Jeb Bush.

Well, one thing is certain, it sucks to be McCain.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

I have no clue who Obama will pick.

If Hillary wins she'd ask Obama, but he'd never accept because he's way too arrogant and full of himself to be #2.

McCain will be forced to pick a right-wing pro-life pro-Jesus nut if he wants any hope of winning. And my logic tells me he needs to lose so we can finally press the proverbial "reset" button, avoid another 4 years of status quo, and let Obama be a one-term disaster that will flush out the socialists for good.

(Notice I said socialists, not democrats - most democrats are sensible moderates - but the two choices this year for the democrats just happen to be extreme leftist socialists. They're as equally screwed as the republicans who are stuck with McCain.)

Anonymous said...

Strickland's already endorsed Clinton.

keith said...

And Hillary has endorsed Hillary and yet some think Obama will pick her

Obama will like Strickland because that would help get Ohio, a must win for him, and also it would reach out to the Hillary camp for one of its endorsers to say he's now with Obama

Politics 101

Anonymous said...

I wish Obama would choose Edwards!

m reynolds said...

Obama - Richardson to pick up the Hispanic vote.

McCain...well who cares, he is going to lose anyway. BTW Frank@scotsdale-sucks .com. The economy is about to get real bad and it was your fascist republican congress and president who got us there. So all I have to say to you is my cat could run the government better than what was don the last 7 years.

Anonymous said...

Obama will choose Rev. Jesse Jackson - Amen!

Chris said...

That orange fake tan freak Governer Mozilla, I mean Crist was at McCain's victory speech in Virginia.

I don't think an orange Florida Governer would be at at victory speech unless he thinks he will be VP.

Anonymous said...

McCain will self-distruct before the election from an inevitable well-publicized tirade leading to widespread media hype about his mental instability.

A Romney-Huckabee ticket is likely.

Obama will choose a woman VP.

Just saying...

tater said...

I hope that Obama will pick a good centrist candidate.

And as for McLame I bet that he will choose Hucksterbee. Baasically Hucksterbee is McLame's lap dog already. McLame had it planned all along to get rid of Romney by getting the 'extreme' right wingers to vote for Huck. Hucksterbee was so vain that he just fell for it hook line and sinker. Now that Romney is out they can force feed the moderate right wingers on McCain by parading Hucksterbee out. That way these two political hacks (or hoaxsters) can rename the Repub party to the "We're Really Not Republicans but Jesus Will Heal You If You Vote For Us" party.

Anonymous said...

Obama will pick Obama as his running mate--2 are better than one!

Rom said...

I said it before that I hope Obama goes with Richardson. Richardson has the serious foreign policy credentials that will go a long way to removing doubts in the public's mind. Obama will be the domestic cheer leader while Richardson will be the adult on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Chelsey Clinton

Anonymous said...

No no no I got it. Oprah will be V.P. Dr. Phil will be Sec of Education. Jesse Jackson will be Sec of Treasury. And O.J. Simpson will the Attorney General!

Keith, I'm coming to England! Get teh pop corn ready.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Bush #1

Anonymous said...

Obama's # 2 will be the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. and his Secretary of State will be Louis Farrakhan.

Malcolm said...

I think that McCain is being pressured to pick Huckabee as VP.

I’m not sure who Obama will pick. I agree that Hillary would never take the #2 slot.

I also hope that Obama and his team recognize that at this point, the ONLY way he can lose in November is to have Hillary on the ticket with him.

In my opinion, it’s actually pretty clear: With Hillary he loses, without Hillary he wins 42 states.

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Open thread - who do you think Obama and McCain are going to choose as their VP's?

By answering this question, I would need to make the assumption that Hillary Clinton is out of the running and that Obama and McCain will be the finalists in the rigged presidential beauty contest.

But what if any or all of the following events were to occur before the election?:

1. An assassination involving a presidential front runner.

2. Another devastating terror attack.

3. A severe economic upset, such as massive bank failures or a stock market crash.

Closely follow the presidential "election" process. Believe all of the phony promises being made. But be aware that the end result will be business as usual.

The new president (Republican or Democrat) will be nothing more than a puppet who will do the bidding of those who pull his or her strings.


Ed said...

Who cares? It will be an ultra liberal vs. an ultra liberal running. We're FOOKED either way.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary wins she'd ask Obama, but he'd never accept because he's way too arrogant and full of himself to be #2.


and if obama wins and asks hillary? Hillary would "jump to" and accept? No, because she is arrogant and full of herself.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Bloomberg and Arnold ticket to appear soon.

Chris said...

Hillary is a pos

Anonymous said...

I wish Obama would pick Che Guevara.

A communist/murderer-communist ticket. SWEEET!

Vote for Change. Vote for hope. Hope for Change. Change for hope.
Rope a Dope.

Obama/Guevara - Change for Hope Rope-A-Dope.

Anonymous said...

Won't be Crist - he's gay. Google it.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Obama will pick..



Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

"I wish Obama would choose Edwards!"

That would be fun - we miss his little girl crybaby tirades about healthcare. The word "why" has become an inside joke in our house ... lol

Or as Edwards says it: "Whhyyyyyyyyyyy?"

Anonymous said...

Obama will pick Jay-Z for VP, and Oprah for Secretary of State. P-Diddy will be Treasury Secretary.

Oprah's plan is giving Made in China leftovers from American corporate fascists to make friends with other countries. She'll put Dr. Phil in charge of our health care system.

"I have a dream...stupid pot smoking-videogame playing-kids and brainless women!"

"Change...si se puede...don't ask me how or what, but just keep chanting like the little sheeple you all are."

Little secret running amok on the web: Hillary voters will be voting for McCain in November to protest. Good luck Hussein!

Anonymous said...

Obama will like Strickland because that would help get Ohio, a must win for him, and also it would reach out to the Hillary camp for one of its endorsers to say he's now with Obama

What makes you think that this useless endorsements would work? It surely didn't when Obama received endorsements from Governor Deval Patrick and Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, remember?

Obama is winning in Black and stupid college kids areas. Let's wait and see what happens in Texas, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Don't count the Clintons out until is actually over. And if Obama can't carry California, NY, NJ, FL, NV, OH, TX, he's out.

Enjoy, Keith.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will pick Edwards as VP. At least those are the rumors since she met secretly with him last week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hillary voters, if she doesn't get the nomination, let's all vote for McCain in November.

Let's see if the sleazy bull$hitter Hussein can win without Hillary voters, especially in CA, NY, NJ, FL, NV.

We won't allow Oprah, Ted Kennedy, and ghetto people on welfare pick the next president for us. Hillary voters who feel disenfranchised, rejoice and stick back to Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys and Keith, have you seen Obamas Houston Office that has a huge Cuban flag with Che Guevara face on it? Check it out the photos from a local TV network:


If the link is broken, just Google Obama Che Guevara Flag and it will show all over the internet.

Is that the guy you want for president of the US? His offices display Cuban flags with Che Guevara face on the walls.

Peter T said...

Remember tricky Dick's advice: "For the primary, move to outside; for the general election, move sharply into the middle." If Obama and not Clinton becomes the Democratic candidate, McCain could choose Joe Lieberman as VP candidate as a move to the middle. That would distinguish his ticket strongly from Obama on foreign policy where Lieberman could attract hawkish Democrats (slogan: experienced team against naive pacifists). It would also dampen the distinction on domestic policy where Lieberman has voted Democratic. Regardless of whom McCain is choosing, he has to wait for a major blunder from the Democrats, otherwise the Republican cause seems lost for this election.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA will pick Al Sharpton

Hillary will pick Charles Rangel

and McCain will choose Dorothy ( the Golden Girls)

Who cares.... I Love Putin !!!!!

Anonymous said...

McCain Pawlenty isn't really a surprise given that Pawlenty has been following McCain around like a love sick school girl for months now. The irony is Romney trounced McCain soundly in MN.

Anyway I'm fairly conservative and typically vote Republican. I'm also young and stupid so I'll vote for Obama just cause he's a good orator. He can't possibly be worse than the last 8 years! The sad part is I agreed with a lot of the Bush policies yet he still was a terrible President.

Princess Mononoke said...

>>and McCain will choose Dorothy ( the Golden Girls)
February 13, 2008 8:25 PM

OMG!!! That was a good one. Thank you for making me crack up! You had me LMAO on this one....

Anonymous said...

Romney should pick Bloomberg as VP right now and run an Independent ticket. Bloomberg has enough dough to fund the campaign. McCain and Huckabee would be screwed...and possibly Obama.

Nemoudeis said...

I still can't understand the weird national "buzz" that keeps popping up around Pawlenty -- he reminds me of something Sesame Street would come up with if you asked them to design a muppet for an undertaker skit.

But you're welcome to have him. I'm so sick of the little pencil-neck I'd even put up with two years' worth of Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau's deer-in-the-headlights style of governance if it meant bumping Paw-Paw out of my state and into the relative oblivion of a McCain Vice Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Richardson endorsed hillary clinton and plus he's hispanic so he will push for amnesty and no borders. I thought you all were so afraid of amnesty that is why folks complained about Obama. But I hate to say if Hillary wins the nomination I will not go out to vote because my vote then means nothing and politicans will put in office who they want and not who the people pick.

Anyone ever notice that Hillary never mentions anything about amnesty for latinos so why don't you all go around saying Hillary will make em all legal, or maybe we know she isn't saying so she can get that latino vote and then not agree to let them stay of course after she uses them. Also didn't her husband Bill sign in the free trade agreement and now she is saying she doesn't like it and wants to put it on ice until trade is more equal isn't that a little like the horse out of barn doors open. How much money did she make out of deal before it all went sour. Didn't Ross Perot tell em if they sign that bill that big sucking sound you hear will be jobs leaving the country and mexicans moving in. People have been warned for years about jobs leaving the country but when Levi Straus left to make a cheaper product in China but still charge Americans 80 dollars for a pair of jeans after a while who was going to have the money to buy them with no jobs. Simple economics 101. Or did they think money grows on a money tree in the backyard and we can pick 100 dollars bills whenever we went shopping or need to pay bills. Go OBAMA

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any advise for off shore banking / tax shelters??

With Obmamania sweeping the country and soon my wallet down the drain, I want to hide my hard earned money from the hand-outers.


Princess Mononoke said...

I no longer want Barack Obama as Vice-President... He continues to choose consistent bashing of Hillary Clinton over DEBATING issues publicly!

I now HOPE Hillary Clinton chooses Al Gore as her running mate!

and I hope Al Gore says YES to being Vice-President!

Anonymous said...

McCain will choose Crist, book it. Obama, that ones more difficult to figure out. I would have to guess someone from the deep south. It could be Bill Richardson, but more likely someone like Tim Kaine from Virginia.

Lost Cause said...

I hear that Dick Cheney is heading John Mc Cain's VP selection committee.

Anonymous said...


Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Clinton Vs. Obama:

After reading THIS, my mind flashed back to November, 1963:

While Obama worked Wisconsin, which votes Tuesday, Clinton campaigned near the Mexican border in south Texas, a crucial big state that votes March 4.

She declared herself “in the solutions business” and Obama “in the promises business,” and she threw down this challenge:

“Tell him to meet me in Texas. We’re ready.”

If that Texas meeting is going to take place in Dealey Plaza, there might be cause for concern.