February 11, 2008

Oil and Gold and Wheat. Any questions?

Thank you Ben Bernanke.


Obese_American_Transgender_Person said...

You can't eat oil and Gold! You gotta have food.

Mammoth said...

Just one question:

Got Seeds?

Anonymous said...

Clearly, lower interest rates are not helping anyone except Helicopter's buddies.

Credit card companies are now charging up to 28% on credit cards if they aren't taking them from you.

Municiple loan rates are soaring for hospitals and other urgent care providers who used bonds to finance beds, equipment and expansion, which probably will cause defaults.

Long term U.S. Treasuries are being sold at higher rates because of risk and uncertainty.

Auto sales are falling fast and furious.

Commodity prices are increasing dramatically with 20% of the price being speculative.

Nice mess we have hear. Just wait for the states to start laying off because of budget deficits.

Thank you Helicopter!

Help Wanted! Federal Reserve Chairman with experience in deflation, inflation, stagflation, recession and possibly depression.

No former Hedge fund managers, Investment Brokers or Bankers need apply.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ben!


Anonymous said...

MY wild speculation of the day...we are near near short term top for gold oil and commodities. GLobal eonomic slowdown reduces demand for OIl and COmodities, short term rally in dollar as other currencies devalue in their race to debase cause pull back on gold. Long term GOld still looking good.


Kenduffelsniffenspotzen said...

Beans and rice.


Why save seeds? With all the genetic manipulation going on, seeds from anything you grow will not germinate.

keith said...

I don't own gold or miners anymore (hogs get slaughtered, I'm happy with my gains), I do own oil (COP and VLO) and wheat (DBA)

But it sure is fun to track that gold price as it looks like it'll hit $1000.

I just don't have the stomach for it - as the hot money rushes in. should be a wild ride

Anonymous said...

The people are not in charge, the peoples desires are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a double top in oil.

Mitesh Damania said...

Support IMPEACHMENT hearings - Conyers:


Roccman said...

Oh yeah!!!!

If I have said it once I have said it a million times...


No peeps...

We as a species are in OVERSHOOT...
and we are destroying our CARRYING CAPACITY.

This means 5 -6 BILLION must die.


Read Catton's "Overshoot" (1986).

Enjoy the die off!!!


Lady Di said...

When the soccer moms start talking about buying rounds of gold and silver, I am out.

Until then, I am going for the gold (and to a lesser degree silver).

$1,000 an ounce by April 08, and that is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

You can't eat oil and Gold! You gotta have food.

WRONG! without oil you do not eat!


The common assumption these days is that we muster our weapons to secure oil, not food. There's a little joke in this. Ever since we ran out of arable land, food is oil. Every single calorie we eat is backed by at least a calorie of oil, more like ten. In 1940 the average farm in the United States produced 2.3 calories of food energy for every calorie of fossil energy it used. By 1974 (the last year in which anyone looked closely at this issue), that ratio was 1:1.

Anonymous said...

Got Seeds?

Thats the easy part. Got fertilizer? Got tractor and fuel? Ever heard the old saying "a tough row to hoe"?

Anonymous said...

"Why save seeds? With all the genetic manipulation going on, seeds from anything you grow will not germinate."

Not true. There are a lot of sources still out there for heirloom seeds. Google for them.

No Booyah said...

Let's not forget silver.

it's the economy, stupid! said...

@ obese_transgenetic person

Fertilizer is made of oil. With more expensive fertilizer, will wheat production costs go up or down?

Having lived in Japan for 3 years, I know that bread is considered to be cool.

China copies Japanese fashions all the time.

Will wheat consumption go up or down?

Next time, focus less on your gender(s), and more on the way the world works.

FAUX Morality - bring it! said...

Gold will go up even more very quickly.


And now it's time for MY RANT!

It's the Prime suckas. Like the article says, it's no longer considered to be immoral to walk away from your mortgage.

And for any FAUX News watching idiots who want to climb up on their moral high horses, don't even bother.

ALL the major corporations lied to cash in on the housing bubble. All of them. And they're ALL writing off huge debts because of losses incurred from gambling too much.

So why is it immoral for the common Joe 6-pack to walk away from the loan that they were hooked into by the appeal of easy money, yet it's not immoral for the big corporations to do so?

Oh yeah, that's right. Being a wealthy person or corporation somehow gives you a moral imperative to do whatever you want in order to get ahead.

Shut up already! I bought a house in late 2004 in Kitsap County, Washington state, so am about to take a major reaming as housing prices go far below what I paid for it.

Stupid *^*&(^*^*&^( corporations!

The only solution to all of our problems? No, it's not Ron Paul. No, it's not the "Elect Keith the President of Ameripeso's Campaign."

It's publicly funded elections. And no monetary influences allowed in politics. No lunches and no freakin' jaunts to the Caribean to study hurricane relief in the off-season.

What the hell? In this age of video conferencing, high-definition TV's, why the hell does Congress need to go anywhere?

Anyone want a written beatdown? Bring it beyatches.

Go ahead and post something idiotic in response.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bankers are going to crush gold prices:

G7 approves IMF gold sales - Italy econ minister

By Gavin Jones

TOKYO (Reuters) - The Group of Seven rich nations on Saturday approved the sale of gold by the International Monetary Fund from April as part of a broad reform of its budget, Italian Economy Minister Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa said.

"There was an acceptance among the G7 that resources should be raised by selling gold," Padoa-Schioppa, who is also the head of the IMF's steering committee (IMFC), told reporters after a meeting of G7 finance ministers in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

I bet the leftwing morons will blame wheat prices on big oil. It's always a conspiracy by THE MAN. He's out to get you suckas.

Anonymous said...

As "no booyah" mentioned, the current silver run is hot, hot, hot.

up 16% in 2008 (a mere 6 weeks).