February 08, 2008

I think most of us would like to thank Bill Clinton for blowing the election for his wife

Well, at least we won't have this disaster to worry about anymore.

But damn, Hillary must be pissed. First Bill shamed her when he was the president, and now he's cost her the presidency himself.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? How about one whose husband cost her the presidency after repeatedly cheating on her?

Good news though for HP'ers is that Clinton's stupid 5-year freeze on housing gambler interest rates and 90 day freeze on housing gambler foreclosures is as dead as her campaign.

Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton - nope.


Anonymous said...

She'll win. Last time I checked she was still up by 100 delegates.

Its going to be a close one, but I think in the end, she wins.

I voted for Obama, but she still carried my state, Jersey. Not sure how, with all the campaigning Obama did in the state, I thought it was sealed for him.


Anonymous said...

Was there some headline that I missed this morning? Did Hillary drop out? Let's not count our chickens before they are hatched. Hillary still has the entire donkey political establishment behind her, including a majority of the super-delegates.

Anonymous said...

Compare this picture of Bill Clinton to the 17 year old clean cut kid who met President Kennedy at the White House of just 5 years earlier. How do you account for the change? 3-4 assassinations, riots in the streets, the fear of being sent of to Vietnam, the spreading of the sex, drug, rock counter culture and viola you create the "baby boomer" phenomenon.

That's how they created this mess, folks. Shock trauma, one after the other.

keith said...

Trust me, it's over. She lost.

Money is the mother's milk of politics, and momentum is the daddy.

Hillary ain't got either. Watching her campaign implode is like watching home prices in Miami now.

Anonymous said...


I wish I personally knew you to put a bet on this one. I say Clinton wins this one. She's got the tough and she has had the same momentum since the whole thing started. Always up by 100 delegates. I say she wins.


Anonymous said...

Keith, if you think Hillary has lost, you are an idiot. She will be our next president.

Anonymous said...

What, HRC's campaign is dead? I missed the news story about the wooden stake through her heart.

The last time I saw a photo of Obama in public, he had six Secret service guys. Now that the Clinton's are desperate, it might be wise to increase the size of his SS detail to 12.

Anonymous said...


Something on the same note.

Republicans always try to game the system. Always, and that's why I dispise the party even more.

In 2000, they knew that Howard Dean stood a better chance of defeating Bush, and you know what happened to him after that famous Iowa caucus. Fox and friends defamed him as a maniac. What a bunch of loosers, and it's sad Americans chewed this.

This time, even though I like Obama, they will destroy him if he wins the democratic nomination. Destroy him. And I say they rather see him in the Democratic ticket, than see Hillary. I think they see him as an easier target.

Let's just say they havent even attacked the guy. If he wins the ticket, they'll destroy him. Remember when in Fox, they refer to him as Osama. Fox news even had a poll yesterday asking who would be an easier candidate for John McCain to beat. The most popular answer, you guessed it, Hillary. According to the poll, most believe Hillary is an easier candidate to beat. These guys might be smarter than the average smuck, but they dont fool me.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right Keith. As lame as I think Obama is he's still a hell of a lot better than Clinton or that psychopath McCain. Question is - will it be Vice President Hillary and then two months into his presidency will Obama have a fatal accident with a pretzel?

noodles said...

geez Keith, I shore hope you're right. You were before... I hope, I hope, I hope...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Keith.

As much as we ALL wish Hillary would go away, the dems threw away their vote. This will go to the "Super-Delagates", and they will annoint Clinton II.

The only ray of hope is that enough dems vote for comrade McCain since the people don't like Hil'. No way he gets a second term since NOBODY likes him.

Hillary first 'woman' Pres said...

Hillary stood by her man.

It’s the kind of 'family value' I respect.

It’s the level of commitment we need in a leader.

America’s enemies will feel her wrath, and not the imperfect male whom she's committed to.

Look; no man is perfect, besides us HPers of course.

The sadistic onslaught by the perverted religious right on the Clintons is a much greater sin then the ‘lying under oath about his personal business’ accusation.

Malcolm said...

I wouldn’t blame Bill too much. He’s doing the best he can with the material he has.

Part of Hillary’s problem comes from the fact that she comes across as being a “mean person”. I never cared for Bill’s policies, and I didn’t vote for him (twice), but the fact is: I like the guy. He looks like someone you could enjoy having a beer with.

Hillary, on the other hand, is like (to steal someone’s quote): the old guy who keeps your ball when it falls into his yard.

The fact that Hillary and Obama are so close after Super Tuesday is not good for her. She’ll win Texas (and most of its 228 delegates), but if it’s a money sprint then the advantage has to go to Obama.

The big money advantage he has over her (aside from the fact that he has money and she’s going broke), is that most of Hillary’s donors have already maxed out their legal limit.

She had the money up front because her core supporters gave the max $2300, whereas Obama’s donations were coming in $100-$500 at a time. That means that her core donors are tapped out; they can’t give anymore; where Obama can go back to the well if he wants.

Here’s a chart showing the schedule for the rest of the primaries, with an indication of race and gender:


Obama traditionally does poorly in Hispanic neighborhoods (which is why he’ll lose Texas), but he stands a very good chance of picking up much of the 476 delegates in the next three races (2/9-2/12)

To that add the fact that it is obvious to anyone in the know that a Hillary nomination (even having her on the ticket at all), will solidify the republican party like it hasn’t been in years; whereas an Obama nomination would suck a massive amount of votes away from the republicans.

Insiders in the democratic party already know this, and are trying to figure out a way to broom her before she costs them yet another election.

If I were Obama, I would nominate a woman other than Hillary as his running mate.

Chris said...

Look at the states that are coming up.

Washington Caucus = Obama
Louisiana = African americans 4 obama
Nebraska = flyover for Obama
Maryland = Obama
Virginia = Obama
Washigton DC = African Americans 4 obama

Hawaii = Home state 4 Obama
Wisconsin = State above illinois 4 Obama

He will have so much frigging momentum, I don't think Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio will be enough to rescue Hitlery

Burned By Bush ...Stop Hillary said...

I so hope you are right...How in this green Earth someone can believe another Clinton in Washington is a good thing is beyond me. I was burned by supporting another Bush and I can promise you that it was a mistake I will never make again. The party lines are so blury its not Dems vs. Rep like in the past...they are all on the take. The only difference you can make is to vote new blood in every 4 years so it takes longer to establish connections and corruption cost more...Come on and do your part...vote change (Any Change)

Anonymous said...

That picture tells it all

Two of the Biggest 60's yippie ASSHOLES to ever fall of the Arkansas turnip truck!

We had them for eight years and you want More?

The problems they say they will fix were here back when they were in office and did nothing!

Look at that photo!

Is that what you want running your country?

Anonymous said...

He is as Stupid looking as she is FUGGLY!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Clinton Surplus; we’ve tried it the other way,
it resulted in record deficits.

Obama doesn’t stand a chance.

Bring back prosperity = Vote for Hillary!

truthwatch said...

Way off, Keith!

Quoting the WSJ editorial page on Hillary Clinton's political obituary
is like quoting Fox News realtor hack-guests as real estate experts screaming "now is the best time to buy!"
Hillary Clinton will not only be the Democratic presidential nominee but will wipe the floor with Juan McCain, be elected as the next President of the US and enjoy solid Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.
So, Paulistas and other assorted marginal fringe wackos:
watch, accept, get on board or be miserable for the next 8 years of your penny-pinching miserable little lives.

Mammoth said...

Sorry Keith, we do not trust you on this one.

Haven't you heard the line - "It ain't over 'til its over?"

And it ain't over just yet, friend.

fish said...

Its a shame that she won't (I'm not entirely convinced that she won't find some way to pull this one out!) win! Just think of the entertainment value of the United States having its own version of Eva Peron! I mean we've enjoyed the"Blazing Saddles" administration starring Hedly Lamarr and William J. LePetomaine for eight years! Its time for real change in this country...a change from comedy to terror!

goron said...

I think it will be Obama;

Anonymous said...

how does she deal with the fact that 49% of the country flat HATES her and a previous poster was right
if shes in the general you will see repubs vote that will likely not voter if its obama-

Anonymous said...

Burned by bush...

You say that both parties are the same, than how come you keep voting Republican. I will tell you why, because they are different. That is why you have republicans and democrats.

I said it from the beginning, I could care less who wins the nomination, as long as it's not a Republican, I'm happy. For some odd reason republicans think this will end if they choose a different person, i.e. McCain. McCain will problably start a couple of wars if you ask me.

We are sick of this and we want the Republicans OUT. OUT.

I continue to think Hillary will destroy McCain anytime, but Obama will not. Obama will not. I can see all those states that voted for Obama in the primaries, giving their votes away to McCain during the regular election. They dont want a black president and it's the truth. Those states are not like the Northern states, where Obama would win. I would rather see Obama run as a vice president. Period.


Budvar said...

Well I think Billery will win, it's in the bag.
8 years of Billery, then 8 years of Jeb, and by that time young Chelsea should be in the running...

Anonymous said...


That's what the Republicans want. They want Obama. They are sleezy like that.

I bet you if he wins the nomination tomorrow, they will destroy him.

Look, I dislike Hillary's stance on the housing crap, but I rather see someone who can win the nomination run. I could care less who's better, I care who will win. Period.


Anonymous said...

There's NO WAY that the establishment will let Hillary lose.

It's all being given the appearance of competition, but in the end she will be prez.

Keith has called it on several things, but on this, Keith is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Keith can you even vote?

Anonymous said...

Don't count Hillary out, at least in Virginia!

I am a conservative, and now that the angry old man has been selected Republican nominee, I will cross over and vote for Hillary in the primary. And if she makes it that far, in the general election too.

I think there are a lot of conservatives who will see it the same way.

emmy said...

I believe you are correct, Keith, except it was the two of them who blew. I believe she was totally in on his doings in South Carolina. It was just too ugly and a reminder of the circus Bill and Hilliary are. But it ain't over, til its over.

Andrew from Russia said...

> Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton - nope.

Looks like a Byzantine succession, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Not so FAST Keith

What Obama got were Caucus states. State where a small fraction of the electorate votes.

But the next coming are all primaries, or most of them. Texas and PA are the big ones here.

Plus she has an advantage with the super delegates.

But anyway, let's say you are right....I am voting for Clinton, but if it is Obama vs McCain.. then Juan McCain will get my vote. And this is a big reality now.

And trust me, the RACE issue has not started to surface yet.

So ... not so fast

Anonymous said...

And in 8 years, it'll be . . . Chelsea's turn, yea! Who wouldn't vote for someone who looks like your neighbor's cuddly bulldog? She makes Eleanor Roosevelt look like Liz Taylor. Go Chelsea!

Max said...

I wish Hillary wins, so I can watch Keith-the-sockpuppet's head explode.

Hitlery down, Hussein Obama next said...

Good to hear the bolshevik dyke is done. Next up, the empty suit Obama.

Anonymous said...

So... you're going to base the fall of Hillary on a hit piece in the WSj written by a fascist flack who's been carrying water for the fascists all the way back to Reagan - the paper mache saint of American fascists.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Hillary will win the primary but lose in the general election to McCain.

McCain will be a joke of a one-termer, get voted out in 2012, when Hillary will win and succeed him as president.

Which means we get 8 years of hell instead of 4.

I'd much rather see Hillary win now, the democrats will then get flushed out in 2010 and republicans would take a 2/3 majority in congress after Hillary ruins the dem party forever, and then a real republican (not McCain) would win the White House in 2012.

Anyone voting for Obama must be sleeping with a copy of The Communist Manifesto under their pillows. The only reason to vote for him is that you want free sh*t at the expense of those of use who actually work.

Sperm donor said...

They look like a bunch of hippies to me.Do not wase your vote on thse two please.

mike said...

"Well I think Billery will win, it's in the bag.
8 years of Billery, then 8 years of Jeb, and by that time young Chelsea should be in the running..."

And then one of bush's daughters will sober up and it'll be her turn.

Anonymous said...

As a republican I gotta say I don't like McCain At all..

But I dislike Hillary even more.

Would be seriously tempted to vote for Obama...don't think he could do any worse than Bush..and might surprise us all

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

"And in 8 years, it'll be . . . Chelsea's turn, yea! Who wouldn't vote for someone who looks like your neighbor's cuddly bulldog? She makes Eleanor Roosevelt look like Liz Taylor. Go Chelsea!"

This election, the libs will tell you you're racist if you don't vote for Obama in November, and sexist if you don't vote for Hitlery.

When it's Chelsea's turn you'll be an age discriminator, or insensitive to the ugly... not sure which!

kilgore said...

She's winning and she has the machinery in place.

The democrats nominated the only guys in their party who couldn't beat Bush in 2000 and 2004 in that they voted for the priveledged white guys who couldn't point out the fact that Bush never could have gotten where he was without nepotism. They'll do it again by nominating the most devisive figure in modern political history who also happens to have been stupid enough to have voted for the war.

The only way the democrats lose this election is to nominate Hillary, so my money is on Hillary. They deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

So it's unanimous. The replies to this blog have reached a consensus. The following events will definitely happen:

1) Obama will definitely be the nominee, no question.
2) Hillary will definitely be the nominee, no question.
3) Obama will definitely beat McCain, no question.
4) Hillary will definitely beat McCain, no question.
5) Obama will definitely lose to McCain, no question.
6) Hillary will definitely lose to McCain, no question.

Did I miss anything?

liberal elite in WA said...

I'm not so sure. I was supporting Edwards. I'm leaving it up to the caucus tomorrow to decide between Hillary and Obama.

I'm leaning toward Obama... although the more sexist comments hear from the 'haters' the less I lean.

Anonymous said...

I dont know whether it will be Clinton or Obama, but I do not understand those folks who think continuing on the current path is the way to go.

Bush is the worst president ever. Initiating a costly war that got us nothing and sent our kids the bill. I pay my bills and demand that my government do the same. I am completely against the war, but if we decide to do it, I want to pay for it, not hand the bill to my kids. Tax breaks for the rich? My wife and I make 250K and dont pay shit (percentagewise) compared to the guy working at 7-eleven. I am asking for tax increases for those who have made the most (including myself) - lets pay our f'ing bills or start learning chinese.

somewhere bin laden is laughing his ass off (and we are indeed the laughing stock of the world)


To all you Hillary haters out there! Please just get on board with her because if Obama gets the Dem Nomination there's a very good chance McCain will be the next president. IF YOU WATCHED THE EARLY DEBATES OBAMA SEEMED AS IF HE WAS LEARNING ON THE JOB AND USING HILLARY'S AND EDWARDS WORDS ALOT. Just think Obama vs McCain in a debate! The GOP smear machine will easily show Obama as very in expereinced with national security and Mccain as the safe bet.The pundits will have a field day with Obama. Hillary will wipe the floor with McCain! McCain will be the lapdog for the conservatives and we will suffer a far worse fate then 8 yrs of Bush. VOTE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

keith said...

For the people who still think the president's wife is gonna win, I'm just telling you how it's gonna be. Tomorrow's headlines here today on HP.

Just look at the calendar, look at the trends and look at the money. The Democratic race is O-V-E-R. The only thing Hillary can do now to win is quite frankly knock off her competition, which is a true worry of mine.

Now will Bloomberg run? I don't think he will with McCain / Obama. Clinton/Romney he would have. But he has no niche with the two centrists winning.

My general election prediction - Obama 40 state landslide.

This is not an endorsement. It's just a prediction.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON - Former President Clinton says he's learned a lesson from the dustup over his remarks on the campaign trail — he can promote his wife's presidential candidacy, but he's not free to defend her.

Bill Clinton also said that everything he said in South Carolina about Illinois Sen. Barack Obama was "factually accurate," but a lot that has been said about what he said is "factually inaccurate."

"I think the mistake that I made is to think that I was a spouse like any other spouse who could defend his candidate," Clinton said, referring to his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is waging a hard-fought contest with Obama for the Democratic nomination.

"I think I can promote Hillary but not defend her because I was president. I have to let her defend herself or have someone else defend her," Clinton said in an interview with NBC affliate WCSH-TV as he was campaigning in Portland, Maine, Thursday.


Chris said...

If Democrats were smart, which they are not, they would nominate Obama.

I voted for Bush in 2000.

I would vote for Obama over any republican (besides Ron Paul) in the general election.

I would NEVER EVER vote for Hillary and would be drawn to the polls to vote against her.

Don't you guys get it? I represent a lot of independents out there.

If you want a democrat to win, vote Obama, and you will take the white house in a landslide.

Anonymous said...


One stupid question for you. You claim you are going against the establishment here. You dont want the Bushes and you dont want the Clintons.

But isn't McCain, the establishment? Isn't McCain the same as Bush?

I rather have the Clintons than have McCain=Bush again in the white house.

I, as I have said before, think that there is something else behind your statements. You are a REPUBLICAN.


Anonymous said...


You would never vote for Obama.

If you didnt vote for Gore in 2000 and for Kerry in 2004, than how the hell are you going to vote for Obama. You are full of shit.

Gore would have been better than Bush and I dont have to argue that.

Kerry would have been better than Bush and I dont have to argue that.

How does that make you the smart person here. You elected a DUMM ass twice.

You are part of the same group that wants Obama now, but once he is nominated, will start talking crap about how we cannot have a black president.


keith said...

Historians will be amazed that the US almost elected the wife of a president as president

We laugh at North Korea, Cuba, Syria and others who have nepotism and corruption like this. And then we get Bush/Bush and almost Clinton/Clinton.

It's embarrassing, it's shameful, and oh what a mess.

Bush 2 invaded Iraq to avenge his daddy. If Clinton (the wife) became president, would she try to avenge his impeachment?

Seriously, the fact that she was even considered a major candidate is scary.

Anonymous said...

As much as we ALL wish Hillary would go away, the dems threw away their vote. This will go to the "Super-Delagates", and they will annoint Clinton II.


exactly. the AARP crowd has a huge influence on the super delegates. AARP wants to see either mccain or hillary in the whitehouse. so far, they have of of their two choices and they will get their second.

keith said...

1/2 the people here think I'm a whacked-out leftie, 1/2 think I'm a heartless republican.

what does that tell ya?

It's called being an independent folks. You should try it. It's fun to think for yourself. You might like it.

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER EVER vote for Hillary and would be drawn to the polls to vote against her.

Don't you guys get it? I represent a lot of independents out there.

If you want a democrat to win, vote Obama, and you will take the white house in a landslide.


i am not sure they get it. I am an independent in oregon and I am seriously considering registering dem so that I can vote against hillary in the primary. as even as things are right now oregon might make a difference come May.

Anonymous said...

"If Clinton (the wife) became president, would she try to avenge his impeachment?"

No, she'll go after Monica.

Anonymous said...


Fine, think for yourself. But tell me what you think about McCain? I never hear you say any about him. Is he ok, does he suck? What about him?

To be honest with you, I used to like McCain, until he started backing Bush in everything he said. I dont want Bush again in the white house. This is far more scarier than that Clinton, impeachment crap. And seriously, how does sleeping with someone make Bill a bad president. He was one of the best presidents we ever had. And again, all those bastards that wanted to impeach Bill, were screwing someone themselves. You do know they have whore houses all over DC, don't you.

Give us your take here. Would you rather have McCain, or Clinton?


Anonymous said...


Another thing. Who would ever think you are a leftie? Is that a joke or what? The only republican you go after is Bush, period. Oh, and maybe that gay dude that wanted to screw one of the interns. No choice there.

Now Democrats, I can't even name them here. Just about every single one of them. I think you are worst than Fox News.

I am not going to argue here and make you a republican, but if I had to chose, I would say you are a Rep.

Anonymous said...


If you represent the independents, and you will chose who wins in this elections, than we are in trouble.

You guys elected the white house jackass twice.

And you dare talk about the democrats.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, the fact that she was even considered a major candidate is scary."

Boy do I agree with you Keith!

keith said...

My thoughts on McCain (and remember, I'm from AZ):

1) a fraud and a fake. ran in 2000 against the "agents of intolerance" the christian right wingers, got killed in SC, so in 2008 he kissed their ring knowing it was the only way his power-mad self could win. pathetic.

2) is pro illegals, pro amnesty. nuff said.

3) wrong on iraq

4) way to old and mean and angry to be president. yesterday's news.

5) has been in dc for 100 years, part of the problem. nuff said.

6) keating 5. nuff said.

7) would be the wrong man at the wrong time to be president. a caretaker, a one-termer.

8) he bores me.

that said, he'd be a definite improvement from the monkey currently in the white house.

I'm actually rooting for huckabee now for the GOP - against all hope. he's the only candidate supporting the fair tax. even though he's a nut on most other stuff. And now that RP is one of 3 left, let's see if he can get a few more delegates to matter.

Budvar said...

"... although the more sexist comments hear from the 'haters' the less I lean."

Get a fuckin grip on reality girl!!

With the exception of Ron Paul, they're all as sly as a box of monkeys, and corporate shysters to a man, Clinton included.

But to say so about the others is fair game, but for Clinton it's sexist and Obama it's racist?

The prescience of the film "Idiocracy" is astounding, can we expect to see a future presidential race ran by the Bush twins and the Hilton sisters with the winners selected on the basis of who has the perkiest tits?

alba said...

and the other half think you're just whacked!

Hillary got some more sympathy campaign funds today (after she dumped in $5M). She can be polarizing, but it's to your disadvantage if you continue acting whack over it. Its a tactic that weeds out the whack, and clears the path to the real opponent/opposition.

I'd love to see Gingrich, Delay, Paul, Bloomberg start a third party campaign. McCain is not a conservative! Split the vote on principle!

I'm with the 2 most influencial people in America: Buffett and Oprah!

Who Do Women Support? said...

I want to hear from the ladies out there, and I'm a white man grew up in Santa Barbara, CA Live in Orange County now age 39. Ladies tell us your opinion of Hillary who do you support? Who do you fear becoming our next president?
It seems to me that on this blog I'm hearing alot of MEN say that they hate or wont vote for Hillary. I think shes a good candidate as compared to McCain and Obama I don't label her as a woman or inferior but I do see her as highly experienced with politics and national security issues, compassionate and who isn't some crazy war mongering power mad fasist nazi type. I see her as rational doesn't talk to god is very educated a lady who I would not be embarrased to represent America when abroad. i do see her as ending the war and not starting new ones, I see Hillary as America going forward and m ccain as leading into the 4th Reich. I see Obama as very bright but more like an over confident intern honestly. I do see Obama as black only as a positive thing to bring more black people and minorities into government to represent all america's people.
I see Obama as a vice President as Obama could be able to bring countries together in peace but not the final decision maker
I think anything other then a white male is a good start for this Male Dominated Rich White society.
Knowing what the right wing spin machine and election fraud is possible to achieve I really think Hillary is are safest bet to avoid anoither Republican Admin to STEER US RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF!

Sad to say but HILLARY IS OUR ONLY OPTION said...

anonymous said...
how does she deal with the fact that 49% of the country flat HATES her and a previous poster was right
if shes in the general you will see repubs vote that will likely not voter if its obama-

February 08, 2008 4:17 PM

Dude you are way off base.49 percent hates Hillary? Where is your source please state it for us. I bet it was either Hannity, Mathews, oreily or limbaugh? Dude 149% of the planet hates your idiot president sitting there today, and that goes double for Cheney! You just dont think a woman is equal to a man...look at leaders outside of America!.

Anonymous said...

More wisdom from a guy who voted for Bush/Cheney twice. Credibility anyone?

Hey Keith, we're still waiting for your mea culpa statement for being so wrong with your Bush/Cheney vote, two elections in a row. You don't even have to apologize for voting for Bush 1, just a sorry note is good enough.

The man who voted twice for Bush/Cheney now wants to tell us who to vote for next. No, but no thanks. Oh, and one more thing, when your profits from your house sale dries up there in London, don't come sneaking into a Blue State to make a living. Don't be a Frank.

Anonymous said...

Keith is another Republican who underestimates the power of the Clintons.

Hillary is your next president with Obama as VP. Enjoy, Keith.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys get it? I represent a lot of independents out there.

If you want a democrat to win, vote Obama, and you will take the white house in a landslide.

You voted for Bush? So f*ck you and STFU. You have no credibility.

Lemming Who Saw The Light said...

Actually I am taking a different tack. You can trash me or call me an old fart Baby Boomer, but I now look for a leader of this country to have the least ambition for self benefit, post Presidency. Eisenhower, Reagan, Truman and others were old. They had little to gain personally other than promote their own dogma politics. The young ones like Clinton obiviously has plans for personal gain. He and his wife accumulated $85 million during her years as a Senator. so far. He made some of his best income as an influence peddlar. With Hillary as President, can you fathom what price Bill will sell out the country for? And what Bill and Hillary will collect afterwards as spoils, if Hillary was President? It's scary, but what would you expect from a lawyer and sex predator.

Frankly I am putting my bet on McCain. He can't benefit from post Presidency spoils, he'll be too old, besides after Vietnam, I bet he doesn't thrive on materialism. If he lasts one term, he could not do too much damage with a Democratic Congress. Hillary and a D Congress will be devastating. I'm for Less is More.

That's my thoughts as a desenchanted, lied to, screwed, cheated baby boomer who was one of the 50 million lemmings who made millions for the rich and now is discarded as a drain on the economy, root of all evil. To that I say B!S!

By the way I am a retired legal immigrant (1957) and I got rich the hard way. I bust my a@#. God Save America

Anonymous said...

I repeat, if you vote for Obama, McCain will be the next president to continue Bush/Cheney's legacy, including new phony wars to make money to the same cronies.

All that Hillary bashing that you've been watching daily by the corrupt MSM will shift to Obama, just like it happened to Kerry and Howard Dean. They will pick on anything minor that Obama does, turn into a monster, and play on the screen to death, Britney's style.

No only that, the GOP slime machine will destroy Obama, which hasn't been tested yet against those evil maniacs. Hillary has been tested for decades and keeps beating them.

If Obama runs against McCain, the shady group that profits from wars, fake security contracts, and high priced oil, will come up with another phony terror event to make McCain seem stronger than Obama in national security. Pay attention to how "new Osama and Al-Qaeda" videos will start popping up fresh from the CIA oven until elections.

We know that Americans are nothing but a bunch of sheeple and they buy anything that corrupt MSM loops infinitely on the dumb's screen. Remember the "security moms" and Kerry's Swift boat BS?

Oh, and one more thing, if the Republicans were so concerned about national security, why are the borders still wide open for anyone to get in, including tons of drugs from Mexico? Do you really think that it's hard for any terrorist to pay off Mexican coyotes to come across the border?

If you think that national security is a priority, you are a fool. All that matters is creating phony boogieman tales, in order to transfer taxpayer money to Republican cronies through shady contracts, like Giuliani's company has been doing since 9-11. That's why Giuliani has endorsed McCain, to keep getting security contracts at taxpayer expense. He knows that McCain will be another Bush, including pushing amnesty to millions of illegals. And watch out Iran because Lieberman and all his pals back in Israel are in love with McCain. Meanwhile our bridges are collapsing for lack of maintenance and the dollar is in the toilet. Priorities anyone?

So, if you're really interested in changing the current situation, vote for Hillary instead. Obama will be destroyed by the GOP slime machine, by all the powerful shady groups that profit from wars and turmoil in the Middle East, and by the corrupt MSM that works as a bootlicker for those shady groups.
Don't fall for their trick that somehow Obama, a black liberal Democrat, is suddenly loved by the MSM and GOP. Out of the blue, everyone is in love with Obama. Wake up, people. It's a trick to get rid of a much tougher opponent, which happens to be Hillary.

Anonymous said...

aw aren't that just the sweetest things you ever saw?

Jason said...

I've been saying Hillary is next for a year, and I see no reason to change that prediction.

Hillary still has more delegates. She doesn't really have any experience in governing, but she knows how to run a political machine, and she has a political machine to command. The super delegates are hers to command. She will win the nomination.

McCain has the nomination, but he did it by winning in Democratic states, states he won't win in the general. Democrats have twice the turnout of Republicans this cycle. Not to mention that people vote the economy in presidential elections, and the economy is sucking, and will suck worse by the election.

So it's gonna' be Hillary/McCain, and she'll win it.

Anonymous said...

Hillary stood by her man.

It’s the kind of 'family value' I respect.

Exactly, and thats what pisses off the religious right and why they are so much against her. She actually put Jesus's words into practice and forgave him. That makes their hipocrisy look all the more bad.

Andrew Hac said...

Dubya Shrub + Penis Shooter = "Little Boy" + "Fat Man"

This nation and its Americano citizen is as toasted as a snapper turtle skewered on a stick from head to ass all sizzling, juices dripping, fat popping over a bed of white hot charcoal grill.

Americano = Grilled Snapper Turtle

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

So, tell me, does the average Americano take it enough in the butt yet by the forceful penetration of "Little Boy" + "Fat Man", or do you want more "Enter The Dragon" ?

Americano = Being Entered By The Dragon up the Kazook

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

And all of you sub-human retards, ass-head that voted for SHRUB and worshiped his ASS over the last 8 years, guess what, the chicken are coming home to roost on your head-ass. Are you sorry yet ? Do you feel ashamed and stupid about your shallow thinking, narrow-minded love and swoon for DUBYA ? Do you, do you, do you ???

Anonymous said...

You do realize that was an acceptable style at the time that photo was taken. Probably would not be too hard to find individuals looking roughly the same to this day. Only they'd have fifty piercings and tats all over, and unwitting 70's touches like hip-hugger bellbottom jeans, hoop earings, and chunky platform shoes. I mean - check Hil's shades - look familiar?

bush dynasty said...

Hey, when does Jeb Bush enter the picture??

Timing is everything...

keith said...

"Hey Keith, we're still waiting for your mea culpa statement for being so wrong with your Bush/Cheney vote, two elections in a row"

-Didn't vote for Bush, can't hang that disaster on my head. Saw him for the boob he was even when he was governor of texas (thank you daddy). That said, Gore and Kerry were terrible candidates, too bad the Dems didn't offer America decent choices in 00 and 04 to avoid the disaster of Bush/Cheney

I blame the Dems for f*cking up America with their terrible leadership. They were a terrible opposition party these past few years and still are (reid/pelosi exhibit 1)

Anonymous said...

Hillary needs more money? No problem, I'm sending $50 on Monday. And I'll send more if she needs it. Hey everyone out there who's sick of Republicans destroying the country and then blaming on the Clintons, get your checkbooks out and save your future.

I was making much more money and my cost of living was much cheaper with Clinton than anytime the Republicans were running the show, and that includes the farce Reagan. Plus the dollar was strong to travel overseas. No more Republicans as presidents, ever!

Hillary our next president said...

as always.
right on housing
wrong on the US dollar
wrong on calling this one.

Hillary will be our next president.

Although, I’m a little concerned about her foreign policy.

I just will not allow the religious right sex police win.

It is an evolutionary battle, the reason the religious sex police hate her so much,
(really frightened of her) is the exact reason I want her to win.

I would have voted for a black person with substance too,
But Obama???

Poleeeeze.. give me a break. He’s an idiot repeating the same word over and over and the sheeple are getting it.

Anonymous said...

You people are morons. Hillary is a centrist, yet annoying woman. Obama is a communist yet charming man.

If you care about personality over issues you are truly DOPES.

Jason said...

Anonymous, you idiot, when Hillary and Barak were in the Senate together, they voted the same 94% of the time. There's no meaningful difference. They're both leftists on social policies, and corrupt crony capitalists on economic policies. No different than the leaders of any other banana republic. I think we may end up missing Bush. You might not agree with his vision for the world, but he at least had a vision of the world, one that extended beyond personal enrichment and increased control of the day-to-day lives of average Americans.

Anonymous said...


That's exactly why I say you are a Republican. Somehow, you spin stuff to blame it on the Dems. And actually, you can do that with just about everything. You know that. I will refute your claim with the truth here.

Check this out.

The democrats did not have any good candidates or leadership (subjective - I think they were by far, better than Bush, both); therefore it is Dems fault. Are you serious??? Gore won the Novel peace price for GOD's sake. What the hell is wrong with you guys. I am not even going to mention Kerry, all I will say is that I dont think you can find anyone worst than Bush. An analogy: I fell yesterday leaving my house, it is your fault for not being there to catch me. Hahahaha.

Why are you saying they were not good candidates? The 2 best presidents in the last 40 years were democrat. And that's 2 out of three (Kennedy and Clinton) presidents.

In the mean time, republicans had one (very subjective - since I am democrat independent), who was Reagan (1 out of 6).

Sounds like a better chance that a democrat will be a better president, dont you agree?

Then you go and mention the Opposition party, Reid and Polosi. Oh great, what a joke. So what you are telling me is that the Dems were in power of congress from 2000 until 2007. Or is that backwards, the Republicans had majority vote of the house, congress and executive. Keith, get your stuff straight.

The Republican party did whatever they wanted from 2001 until end 2007 because the american people voted them into the the congress and executive branch and the Republican government abused that power. A total mistake by the american people and a total failure. You should know this.

Refute this Keith, and find a way to blame the Democrats. But you know that the abuses this government has comited are only to be blamed on the people that voted for this government and the government itself. Take responsibility for your mistakes and stop blaming it on a party that wasn't even the majority. Polisi and Read didnt even matter in the last 7 years. Why do you think that all of a sudden Bush is Polosi's best fried. Answer = because the Dems finally won the congress at the end of 2007.


keith said...

Danny, here's my in-depth rebuttal:

Both parties suck.

There, hope that helps.

Enough with the Dems and Reps bull**it. Think for yourself. Stop identifying with either one of these corrupt and ineffective parties.

Anonymous said...

Danny, here's my in-depth rebuttal:

Both parties suck.

There, hope that helps.

Yeah, but you keep pushing the GOP Kool-Aid here almost daily on your blog and keep voting Republican no matter how grotesque is the GOP's candidate. Let me guess, you're another Republican who's suddenly in love with a Black Democratic candidate for president of the USA

You Republican loyalists seem like those hardcore Muslims who grow up being brainwashed that the Clintons are sinners and the only good thing out there is the GOP, no matter how much they screw up the country.

We had 7 years of Republican White House, Republican majority in the Senate and House: The country is bankrupt, 2 phony wars going on, the dollar is in the toilette, the price of oil went from $8 to $90, the biggest bubble in history, biggest deficit in history, and the list goes on and on.

But you Republican freaks still want another Republican as president to keep the destruction. You are nothing but a radical Muslim clone.

Anonymous said...

If Democrats were smart, which they are not, they would nominate Obama.

I voted for Bush in 2000.

You voted for Bush and you still have the nerve to call others stupid? Don't you have a mirror at home, dumb?

Anonymous said...

-Didn't vote for Bush, can't hang that disaster on my head.

So you are saying under oath that you have never voted for Bush/Cheney?

Does any old HP'er here remember Keith posting that he voted for Bush? Perhaps I'm wrong but...

keith said...

I probably said I would vote to have bush impeached, waterboarded and brought up on war crimes charges, maybe that's why you're confused.

I probably said I'd vote for Bush as the worst president ever, maybe that's why you're confused.

Don't be confused.

Anonymous said...

To quote Glenn Beck:

"The Republicans have become Democrats and the Democrats have become Socialists."

That being said:

Hillary and Obama are essentially the same. They are the two most liberal Senators in Congress.

Mccain poses as a Rep. but his record shows him to be a Dem.

Where does this leave me?

I HATE Mccain; he's an angry old war-monger with no clue about the economy. No offense to Vets whom I admire greatly, but I believe they are too damaged by their war experience to hold the highest office in the nation. However, I HATE Socialists even more. I don't want anyone to tell me I have to buy healthe care and I certainly don't want to foot the bill for those who can't afford it. TOO BAD. It's called a free market.
This country is still democratic capitalist one but every day our liberties are being taken away...Patriot Act anyone?
I realize an idiot named Bush got that enacted; we all agree Bush was a mistake.

People, look beyond that stupid letter at the end of the candidates names and look at their record instead. That being said I am still figuring out this pile of crap we were given as candidates. Maybe a miracle will happen and the GOP will hold a brokered convention.

And as for the broker border, neither party cares because the North American Union is in the works....do some research, its real. There's no other plausible explanation why it's stayed broker for so long and neither Dems or Reps cared to fix it.

Chris said...

I voted for Bush in 2000, I was a Republican, and Bush was campaiging on a policy of conservatism and non intervention in foreign affairs.

in 2004, I was disgusted with Iraq, and I voted for Kerry and a Democrat for the first time ever.

I am now disgusted with both parties and consider myself to be a libertarian.

I won't vote for McCain because the war in iraq is bankrupting America and making us less safe in regards to the war on terror because our presence is causing even more hatred than before.

I don't like the welfare and nanny state that the democratic party brings. Let people keep their own money and be responsible for their own success or failure.

2000 = Bush
2004 = Kerry
2008 = Ron Paul Write in

As far as I am concerned I picked the best one every election.

For what its worth if I had to pick between McCain and Obama I would vote Obama. However, I will just write in Ron Paul.

The point I am making is if you Democrats want to win this November, then Obama is the answer, because if someone who voted Bush in 2000 would vote for Obama but never Hillary that basically describes the level of hatred most America has for Hillary and you cannot possibly win with her.

Especially with illegal aliens going McCain which is her main base besides lesbians.

Mike said...

I have never missed a chance to vote since I turned 18. I am 57 this year. And this will be the first time ever that I am sitting it out.

I don't like anyone running. I refuse to vote for any of them.

alba said...

Reagan made $2M for one speech in Osaka, Japan, very soon after leaving the White House. He admitted to his desire of making speeches on the "mashed potato" circuit. He probably would have made millions more if he hadn't gotten sick. GHWB makes a killing making speeches to anybody who'll pay, and his son W is itching to get out and “replenish the ol’ coffers.” These are the benefits of being on the inside...hardly a valid measurement for any future politico.

alba said...

With all of the Republicans choosing to retire, or not run again, for reasons like having sex with other men in public places, or just being a crook (Doolittle), the override veto count is looking good. We could have W back in for a third term, or even Keith, and its not going to matter.

Anonymous said...

I don't want anyone to tell me I have to buy healthe care and I certainly don't want to foot the bill for those who can't afford it.

Funny, many of the so called "anti-socialists" here, because of Universal Healthcare proposals, don't realize that their own health insurances won't cover them for serious interventions or disability.

I bet that your make-believe health insurance policy that you hold, won't cover for major cases. And I hope that the time comes when you really need your insurance for something major and the insurance company will leave you or your family hanging, as they usually do. You need to learn a lesson.

So, unless you're very wealthy (which I seriously doubt) or a politician, your health insurance sucks. Don't be so cocky because life has a strange sense of humor, and that big truck may be waiting for you at the next intersection, or that cancer inside of you may finally decide to say hello.

Anonymous said...

Historians will be amazed that the US almost elected the wife of a president as president

We laugh at North Korea, Cuba, Syria and others who have nepotism and corruption like this. And then we get Bush/Bush and almost Clinton/Clinton.

It's embarrassing, it's shameful, and oh what a mess.

Strange, it wasn't that embarrassing or shameful when it was time to elect the son (Bush 2) of a disgraceful president (Bush 1).

All the Republicans thought that electing the son of a horrible and incompetent former president was a great idea, TWICE. Not only that, these Republican geniuses voted knowing that the son of the former president had been a f*ck up for most of his adult life, doing coke and being an alcoholic until he was 40 years old.

But now it's so horrible to elect the wife of a former president who was better than both Bushies and Reagan together? Funny how the evil minds or Republicans work.

I know, I know, you Republicans are special and know better, even though the country is currently in shambles after 7 years of Republican administration and majority in Senate and House.

Anonymous said...

I don't like anyone running. I refuse to vote for any of them.

Thank you, Republican Baby Boomer.

I tell you what, don't vote ever because you already helped to cause too much destruction with your selfishness and bad judgment. Just stay put on your Lazy Boy chair, enjoy your Social Security, while we try to clean your mess.

Anonymous said...

To Aon 8:24am

First of all, that's really nice that you'd wish I'd "learn a lesson" by hoping I get a serious disease. Way to go , pal. For the record, I lost my mother to cancer at a very young age so "lesson learned."

And secondly, I think we can all agree that if you have insurance, it should cover major illnesses. I'd call THAT health care reform. I don't believe the government should (i.e., my tax $) foot the bill for those who can't afford it. Its called a free market; supply and demand. If more people are covered on their own dime, the cost just might go down.

And let's not forget about quality of care....ask the Canadians how long it takes to see a Dr.

BananaRepublicrat said...

Makes no difference here: I will continue to stand by my plan to light myself on fire in the voting booth.