January 30, 2008

Well, the nice thing is that if the Republicans nominate John McCain and not Ron Paul, he'd lose nearly every state.

And I guess the bad news is that the winner might suck too.

John McCain is a pro-illegal-immigration, wrong-on-Iraq, Keating-Five, DC insider, angry old man. Nominating him is suicide for the GOP, in a Bob Dole kinda way. I still think Romney is gonna win it in the end, but the clueless McCain did take Florida last night.

FYI, got an email from the Ron Paul campaign, and his whole strategy now is to pick up delegates wherever he can - especially in the smaller caucus (vs. large primary) states, as he anticipates a brokered convention, where he can be one of the kingmakers.

Nice to see him admit what we've said here for weeks. He's got no shot at winning, but he has an important role to play. And that probably means making sure idiots like McCain or Rudy aren't the nominee, and that as president Romney would pledge to consider the issues important to RP and HP'ers.


fish said...

Oh my god....shes is smokin hot....but so so stupid!

Oh yeah that McCain he's pretty hot too!

Ed said...

John Mccain = Hillary Clinton

Both support high taxes and unlimited spending

Both want illegal alien amnesty

Both support the confiscation of guns

Both are against free speech (see McCain-Feingold)

He'll win over Hillary. There are enough 'independents' who will slobber over him and have an orgasm listening to his straight talk. Won't matter though. This country is fooked either way.

Ron Paul doesn't and never had a chance. This country is well on its way to a socialist/communist future.


Anonymous said...

I love her

Anonymous said...

I read that RP email too. Where did he claim that he wouldn't / couldn't win the nomination? He's not giving up. You're the one who does that. Why don't you just support RP (like you seem to do) and not comment as much as you do about his chances. He has proven more accurate than you so far.

You pump 'em and you dump 'em, don't you Keith?

keith said...

For those of you who think RP can win I suggest you look at the Florida results, or the polling data at realclearpolitics.com

If you want someone to lie to you, I suggest you hire a realtor. I'm just telling you how it is. He's not going to win. He has no chance. Zero. And I think my RP bona fides are pretty sky high being one of the first public supporters.

That said, he can play an important role if he can pick up delegates and take them to a brokered convention, just as he lays out in his email.

Don't be so blind. Understand the truth. And get out there and vote for the man, work for him, donate to him, and gain influence where it's to be gained.

And damn it's nice to see Rudy out this race, the prick. Remember him laughing at RP's answer on blowback? Son of a bitch got his!

cityvibe said...


I'm sorry to say, you're not standing tall behind your ideals. You're just following the wind, just like every other sailor out there. Stand behind your man, RP, because it's what you believe in, isn't it??

I paid $5 for two Ron Paul bumper stickers and one of them is on my $200K Ferrari. And I pull up to the valet at Mastro's in flip flops because I don't care what the masses think, only what I think matters.......SUBSTANCE.


Moderate me, I dare you.

cityvibe said...

I can't support Mc Cain, I just can't. How can a country as diverse and geopolitically powerful as ours produce such a pityful myriad of candidates??? I'm really starting to lose hope.....

In college I read Neal Postman's book, "Amusing Ourselves To Death". It talked about how the medias portrayal of the current events through imagery and spin tainted the opinions of the masses versus the days prior when one had to rely on their own untainted interpretation of the printed word. Thus being understood, I think Obama being a black man with a "terrorist sounding name" if he happens to do a decent job can run counter to the much greater forces at work as mentioned above.

Whaddya think??

Anonymous said...

did anyone really think RP ever had a chance? i was hoping he'd get 5% nationally, he didn't even do that. big let down for me.

keith said...

I stand behind RP, I give money to RP, I promote RP here, thousands have found out about RP via HP, but I'm telling you he will not win, and that's OK

Anyone who thinks he can win and would like to put some money behind it, let me know, be glad to take your money. It's not going to happen.

Welcome to politics.

After you accept the truth, ask yourself what good comes of this.

1) I hope he goes all the way through the convention. McCain/Romney/Paul debates will be AWESOME.

2) If McCain and Romney are tied in delegates at the end, guess who gets to pick the GOP nominee? Ron Paul.

3) Just being one of the final three candidates lets our issues be heard. While Rudy and the others sit at home with a thumb up their ass.

Anonymous said...

I am a true blue conservative and i would vote for Obama before i voted for that scumbag McCain. GO OBAMA!!

Anonymous said...

All the RP supporters need to move to Obama, so we don't end up with another in the bush/clinton dynasty.

'Sen. John McCain told reporters, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."'

Old but proves just how insane this guy is.

Anonymous said...

I don't think RP invested in Florida since it's winner take all, its delegates got reduced, and he probably knew he wouldn't win in Jeb Bush/Little Havana amnesty Florida.

"Florida Sen. Mel Martinez will endorse John McCain today, according to the AP. Martinez is the fourth Florida Cuban-American politician to back McCain, and the endorsement could give McCain a boost amongst Cuban-Americans, who are expected to make up around 10 percent of Republican voters in Tuesday's Florida primary."

If Romney or McCain wins, I'm now starting to think Bloomberg should and can win. McCain is too old, most legal Americans don't like amnesty, and Bloomberg has more money than Romney. Doubt Obama or Clinton could win the general election.

anon said...

>> I paid $5 for two Ron Paul bumper stickers and one of them is on my $200K Ferrari.

Anyone who spends $200k on a car proves the point that just because someone has money doesn't make them smart.

truthwatch said...

cityvibe with the 200k Ferrari and going to Mastro's sounds like some mook in his moma's basement spanking the monkey and getting off on the internet about his "assets".

Anonymous said...


Ron Paul= Captain Looney Toons!


Anonymous said...

Who the hell would he make the king? It's a phony crown that he would be putting atop their heads. None of the other GOP candidates will win. If the GOP is voted out this time maybe they will get their act together. Doubtful though.

Peter T said...

The Republicans ran the show in the last years, and they will be punished in November for the bad economy. The Democrats might pick up a few more seats in the House and gain also in the Senate - and there is the only chance for any Republican candidate to win, to prevent a completely Democratic government, especially if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for president. John MacCain is probably up at night and thinks of doing his part of not derailing Hillary's nomination.

To the reservations about McCain: He was part of the Keating Five and he has regretted his role publicly. As long as politicians don't reverse themselves on nearly everything like Romney and Edwards did, I give them a benefit of the doubt to have learned from their mistakes, like the old KKK member Robert Byrd. McCain's stance on immigration is sensible if you are convinced that any real attempt to remove millions of illegal aliens requires a police state. We had enough Patriot Acts already. Having paid all your taxes, paying an appropriate processing fee, getting health care insurance and compete with American workers on an even field is the right thing to do for illegal aliens who have lived in the US for decades.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a war hero, but he turned into a corrupt idiot when he got to DC. The slime there does things to people.

Anonymous said...

If Romney wants to win, he'll put Ron Paul on the ticket with him.

Mc Cain has no chance of winning. I for one won't even bother to go to the polls if it's McCain vs. Hitlery.

If it's McCain vs. Obama, I'll go for Obama.

Paul supporter said...

Ron Paul does have a chance, as small as it may be.

My support goes to my conscience, not what the daily racing form may indicate.

Consider this, if all those who like Ron but aren't going to vote for him actually did, he might just win. It's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anonymous said...

but the clueless McCain did take Florida last night.

scared old people will vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I live in California. I voted for Ron Paul via mail. I also don't think he has a chance but I plan to support him to the end. I also donated money to his campaign. I agree, everyone should stick with him to the end, if McCain gets the nomination, then I'm voting for Obama. Can't have another Clinton in the house.

Anonymous said...

peter t you are today's idiot of the day. congrats.

Who said anything about a police state? How hard is it to build a wall at the border and only allow people with a legally obtained visa/green card to enter the country?

Oh so the illegals have lived her for decads. Good for them. That means they have broken the law for decades. They have not paid taxes for decades. Their kids have received a free education for decades. They received free health care for decades.

And if that isn't enough we now reward them with amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explian who decides the nominee in a brokered convention? I Googled it but can find no decent explanation.

Anonymous said...

I have supported (with money) Ron Paul, but I never thought he could win. I supported him because I thought it was important to get his ideas (e.g. following the constitution) on the table.

I think you are both too hard on McCain and too pessimistic about his chances. Of all the candidates, only Paul and McCain will tell you what they really think. That, to me, is worth a lot. Don't agree with the surge in Iraq (and I don't)? At least McCain is honest about his position; you can try to talk him out of it. Rommney, on the other hand, changes what he says depending on who is talking to (gun control, abortion). If you vote for him, how do you know what you will get?

Also, McCain wins a head to head contest with Hillary. She has huge negatives; many people will vote for anyone but her. It is far too pessimistic about his chances to say that he would "lose nearly every state." And, yes, I will take that bet.

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

Rudy may have not won Florida but he did get more votes then Castro.

Gabor said...

Ron Paul is just a man, it is the ideas that we must keep pushing for.

Anonymous said...

Face it, it's McCain v. Clinton.

with tickets McCain/Huckabee and Clinto/Obama.

The choice is Bush Lite V. Bush Lite.

And McCain will win.
America is DOOOOOMED!!!!!

OC Slacker from 05 Housing Loot said...

Re; Oh so the illegals have lived her for decads. Good for them. That means they have broken the law for decades. They have not paid taxes for decades. Their kids have received a free education for decades. They received free health care for decades.

And if that isn't enough we now reward them with amnesty.

And they wait on your fat pompous american asses too!


Train South leaing immediately... said...


Never. You are Incorrect (regardles of your all capitals) Illegal alien mexican invaders are stealing your (and my) tax monies. They all have to go, every last felon must go back to where they came from, Or Else.

Same goes for corrupt and amoral politicians.

Engage. Become active, have an opinion (even if wrong) and BE Ready to defend it.

My plan includes a cash bounty on ANY illegal alien, but, especially mexicans. No welfare, No healthcare, No Nothing except a bottle of water and a cold burrito to go with a one-way ride back South.

Many will be called and chosen. Wait until gringo is laid off and hungry. You ain't seen nuthin yet.

Lady Di said...

I am very proud of Ron Paul's accomplishments in his campaign so far. First there were 11 on that stage, and now there are 4. Especially for us early supporters, who would have ever thought that Ron Paul would be on stage tonight as one of the final 4

I remain optimistic that this race is headed into a brokered convention and about the impact that Ron Paul will have at this convention.

Anonymous said...

if McCain gets the nomination, then I'm voting for Obama.

If you do that, you're playing right on the hands of the GOP, and warmonger Keating-Five McCain will be your next president.

You Obama cheerleaders have to realize that the GOP and its corrupt MSM (i.e., Fox News, Hannity, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Anderson Cooper, etc) are pushing Obama daily, while bashing the Clintons (just like they do to Britney Spears) because they know Obama is much easier to beat.

Obama is weak and untested against the Republican slime machine. So don't play their game because the GOP and its corrupt MSM bootlicker will destroy Obama, if the Clintons are out. The GOP will crush Obama like was done to Kerry (a war veteran with purple heart medals) and Howard Deen (just because he screamed once and the corrupt MSM played over and over again). The MSM will pick on anything minor and play over and over again until it becomes a major deal to the ignorant sheeple. That's the evil Republican playbook, and they'll do it again with Obama.

Obama seems like a nice guy, but it's not the time to take a chance with a rookie against the evil Republican slime machine. The Clintons have been tested against the evil GOP.

If you vote for Obama, the secret society along with its evil GOP will create another phony terror event right before elections to make McCain seem like the best choice. This shady group already pulled a 9-11 once and they can certainly do it again, especially after they got a taste for all those easy trillions of dollars going into their pockets with "security contracts".

The American economy is dead so the only way to make easy money is to continue with the war on terror bull$hit, just like Giuliani's business has been doing all along. McCain is the perfect warmonger to keep the war on terror ponzi scheme going, in order to enrich his taxpayer parasite Republican cronies. That's why Giuliani has endorsed McCain. Giuliani's commission-cut business depends on the phony war on terror BS to go on.

Don't be a fool to believe that the corrupt MSM has suddenly fallen in love with a democratic black man to be their president. It's all an evil GOP and shady group game to get rid of the much tougher to beat Clintons.

The evil GOP and the shady group have been fooling you all along since Reagan, so don't let them play you again. The financial damage that these so called "conservatives" cause with their humongous cost of phony wars, oil prices, dollar devaluation, and bubble ponzi schemes are infinitely higher than any tax increase. That's not called a tax increase by Republicans, but you still have to pay the expensive bill at the end. That's called a tax in my book, and much higher than ANY social program. Just compare the cost of the war + bubble against any social program. I dare you to do that (being objective and impartial).

Don't fall for any of the evil GOP tricks again, otherwise you or your children will end up homeless.

Karl said...

I'm with Ron Paul all the way. Freedom... or pigs walking on their hind legs. The sheep can vote for the pigs, but I won't.

I have friends who listen to talk radio, hate Hillary with a vengeance, yet also say Romneys health care plan is 'privatised' and 'working great' and Romney is 'the smartest'. In other words, if it can be a socialist and a nanny stater as long as it has 4 legs. (or 2 legs + a dick)


I've tried to read that a couple times and each time my head almost explodes. Try to count all the different agencies and programs involved.

Let's also not get into gun control, war on drugs, or any chance to get out of social security. And no, 'private' does not mean 'government regulated and/or mandated'. It's nanny state all the way with these tools.

But it's not going to be on my conscience.

Anonymous said...

You are Incorrect (regardles of your all capitals) Illegal alien mexican invaders are stealing your (and my) tax monies.

Its not just your tax money they're stealing. My wife and I volunteer for a charity in the Phoenix area. They send (wire) their money down to relatives in Mexico and Central America, then call us up and ask for help paying their rent and utilities. Mexico alone has about 65 billion a year wired down to it from the US.

Anonymous said...

You Obama cheerleaders have to realize that the GOP and its corrupt MSM (i.e., Fox News, Hannity, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Anderson Cooper, etc)


dude how far left do you have to be to think Tim Russert and Chris Matthew is right?

get a clue buddy

Anonymous said...

Yall are idiots, just like those Iraqi's and other Asians. Love, MS South Carolina.