January 02, 2008

Pick the new HP name for the National Association of REALTORS (NAR)

1) National Association of Used House Salesmen (NAUHS)

2) National Association of Homedebtor Entrapment Officers (NAHEO)

3) National Association of Liars, Conmen and Thieves (NALCT)

4) National Association of Failures and Life's Losers (NAFLL)

5) National Association of Six Percenters (NASP)

6) National Association of Ramen Eaters (NARE)

7) ?????


Butch said...

National Association of Pole Dancers, Waitresses and Copy machine salesmen.


Anonymous said...

National Association of Mortgage Bearing Lame-O A-holes (NAMBLA)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A new name should be an acronym and spell something to be catchy....NAMBLA is good, and on a similar morality level...

NAUSEA-National Association Under Smashing Eliminated Action of sales

NACHOS-National Association of Crushed Ho’s and Other Shysters

new2Texas said...

National Association of Six Percenters (NASP) pretty much hits the nail on the head - Its all about the commission. No evil intent whatsoever - that would require brains. Just give me the 6% pretty much sums up what these folks actually are all about.

The rest of the slogans are just plain name calling and denigration. Your friendly Realtor doesn't mean any harm, its just that NOW is an excellent time to buy (at whatever price it takes to close the deal) because NOW is the time that I can use the 6%! Its just that simple. They're simpletons - people who rely on these folks for advice are the idiots!

Anonymous said...

National Association of Dumb-Asses (NADA)

Anonymous said...

American Realty Society of Evil (ARSE) ?

Anonymous said...

NADA - National Association of Disintermediated Assholes

And NADA is what they will earn...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57

"National Association of Mortgage Bearing Lame-O A-holes (NAMBLA)"

You beat me to it.

My entry:

National Association for Mortgage Bankruptcy and Leveraged ARMs (NAMBLA)

GT said...

NAR.I.P.- NAR in Perish

GT said...

NA$500- National Assoc. of $500 transactions (no more 6%)

NAF- National Assoc of Fakestors

AndyS said...

National association of local real estate markets that for some reason seem to all be going down together even though it's different here.



Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

National Association of Lazy Housewives with Nothing Better to Do

National Association of Looters

Anonymous said...

National Association of Why Work for a living when you can just drive people around the hood.


bubbleglum said...

National Association of Undereducated & Seriously Endoparasitic Overchargers of Unsold Structures (NAUSEOUS)

borkafatty said...


National Association of Retarded Americans.

MassBubbleGirl said...

National Association of Dumbass Shysters (NADS)

Anonymous said...

Nation Association of Greedy Weasels (NAGW)

Anonymous said...

Society for Unctuously Zesty Aholes Nattering Nauseatingly on the Elliptical (SUZANNE)

consultant said...

National Assn. of Fake Professionals and Assorted SOBs


Lady Di said...

I like:

NALL - National Association of Life's Losers.

That about sums it up.

Andrew from Russia said...

North American Rentiers' Cretinous Operation To Internationalize Consumer Stupidity (NARCOTICS) - pretty much about debt addiction becoming a worldwide problem with this housing bubble.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

National Assn. of Fake Professionals

I like that one!!

Anonymous said...


Princess Mononoke said...

National Association of Liars, Conmen and Thieves (NALCT)!

I think this new title is most appropriate!

guitargirl said...

NA$500 gets my vote. Just simply calling them names means nothing to them (They already know they are slime, so what!). But hitting them where it counts (commissions) reduces them to tears.

Alex3191 said...

NARw- National Association of RealtWhores


Anonymous said...

NAGLO National Association of Glorified Lockbox Openers. Which pretty much sums up their contribution to the home buying process.

Anonymous said...

National Enablers of Venal Loans


6% Realtor said...

I'm laughing my A** off at the names you guys came up with great!

Sorry to disappoint you, I just closed the books on 2007 and earned 24.68% more than I did in 2006. I'm aiming for a 20.3% increase in 2008. I'll be limiting my clients next year so that I can continue to offer great service.

How am I doing it?
Happy clients
Repeat business
Great referrals from my clients (responsible for over 90% of my business).

Anyway, keep the names coming. Personally, I like NADA. I'm no fan of the NAR. Idiots they are!

WinnerWinnerChixDinner said...

Might I suggest a merger?


Anonymous said...

NAGS = Natioanl Ass. of Greedy Salespeople