January 27, 2008

Open thread: And then there were five: Romney, McCain, Obama, Clinton and Bloomberg

The next president of the US as stated here previously will be either:

1) John McCain
2) Mitt Romney
3) Barack Obama
4) Hillary Clinton
5) Michael Bloomberg

So who do you support and why, who do you NOT want to win the most, who do you think is gonna win it, and how do you see it playing out from here?

But oh, what a mess the eventual winner will have on his or her hands, thanks to The Worst President Ever, and some really stupid decision making by the majority of US voters these past few years. The good news is that I'd imagine any of these five will be an improvement. Otherwise we're really in for it.


Anonymous said...

I have a strange feeling it's going to be Bloomberg. Dunno why.

One reason, though - political analysts say that it is easier to get elected if you have previous executive experience. Romney, Bloomberg, Guliani, etc. That's why I expected Richardson to be the dem nominee. Or I figured Gore might have run. Guess not.

The dems are fielding two legislators, and ones with little experience. I think they should have been pushing some of their dem governors more.

I think this race (both parties) is turning into more of a popularity contest or beauty pageant than an election of a leader.

Americans are too dumb for issues anymore.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Easy: Barack Obama

He's the only one with any intellegence besides RP of course, and Mike Gravel.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has a better chance than Bloomberg. Why do you keep clinging on to this fantasy of yours? And what in the world attracts you to him besides he is an Independent.

He wants to regulate everything in sight. He loves to raise taxes. He is anti-gum. He is pro-illegals. He is Ted Kennedy with an "I" next to his name instead of a "D".

I would rather slit my wrist before voting for Obama or Hillary. Both are socialists who scare the hell out of me. For those of you who are in love with Obama because he brings 'hope', wake up to reality. This isn't a 9th grade class president election where you vote for the coolest kid in school That is all Obama is. The cool kid with lots of friends that gets elected on promising to make the school a better place next year. A bigger empty suit has not existed in politics in a long time,

I will never forgive McCain for amnesty, no matter how many times he says he's 'learned his lesson'. A guy that fought so hard for so long for amnesty is not going to just change his mind overnight.
And he wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years if need be.

That leaves Romney. I have issues with him as well. However, at this point in time he is the lesser of 5 evils.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul; Please be a little more inclusive than the MSMS!

blogger said...

If you think Ron Paul has a better chance of being president than Bloomberg, then you don't understand politics, sorry to say.

Bloomberg could put $1 billion (yes, billion) behind a bid, and is seen as a popular and effective politician slash business leader. Ron Paul running as an independent would struggle to just get on state ballots.

Ron Paul is also seen as a kook. Even though we love him and what he stands for, America doesn't, and won't.

And that's pretty much all you need to know. Again, I'm not gonna sugar coat it. I'm just telling you how it is.

Anonymous said...

best of the worst is obama .I can't stand the clintons.biggest crooks in america.

Anonymous said...

It's as easy as ABC = Anybody But Clinton.

W.C. Varones said...

I second what Anonymous said:

Bloomberg is a heinous big-government nanny-stater.

McCain is violently pro-amnesty and anti-free-speech.

Obama and Hillary are big-government lefties whose answer to every problem will be another government bailout.

That leaves Romney.

Anonymous said...

Hitlerys aging before our eyes.

I predict health problems force her from competition before long.

President Obama and Vice President Jesse Jackson welcome you to a watermelon social...

A first term senator and an agent provacoteur - a potent combination for change.

Ed said...


1. Bloomberg will not spend $1B. The guy isn't insane.

2. Independents don't win. Well OK they do in Minnesota where obviously something is in the drinking water and needs to be fixed.

3.Perot had more money than Blommberg and didn't win 1 EV even though he won 18% of the vote in 1992. To win you need a coalition of some sorts. Perot picked off some dems, some reps, so libertarians, some here, some there. You dont't win elections like that. And you don't build a coalition in a few months.

4. Nobody outside of NY and political junkies have ever heard of him. See #3 why this matters.

5. He keeps saying he won't run. He is doing what Thompson did. Kept saying, no, no, no and when he decided to do it, it was too late.

6. He is Hillary. He is Obama. He is a Democrat who believes in everything Hillary and Obama believe in. He'll split the liberal vote and get a few conservatives to vote for him who are disgusted with the GOP. Again, see #3 why this doesn't win elections. He will not be able to win EVs with that kind of strategy.

7. If by some miracle he does win some EVs, no way he wins 270 in a 3 way race. So the election goes to the House of Reps. In the House of Reps 99% of members are either Dems or Reps. And guess who they will vote for?

In a way I hope he runs so I can bet against him. Even if I have to bet $1000 to win $10, I'll take tha t bet. This would be the surest thing since sure things were invented.

Anonymous said...

I do like Ron Paul myself for most of his principles, but Keith is right.
One thing we definitely don't need is Clinton III. That's why we have term limits.

My dream team:
Bloomberg, for his management and financial experience, for his independent thinking and for not having to pander to donors.
With Obama as VP, for his youthful energy, his diplomacy and his intelligence.(I read his books).

Who knows, they may well adopt some of Paul's ideas.

Anonymous said...

The only way a prick like Bloomberg could get elected POTUS would be extreme vote fraud. Main street US will not vote for him nor will left areas like the Bay Area.

Main Street America don't like NY! plain and simple.. C&P Rudy JulieAnne

blogger said...


Good points - and I like a good debate -

1) Bloomberg's chief of staff is on record saying if Bloomberg ran he'd commit $1 billion - he'd run to win, not to Perot

2) He's polling and researching ballot issues in all 50 states right now, while also boning up on foreign policy. But with the election now going HousingPANIC and all about the economy and not Iraq, that favors Bloomberg

3) He is not well known to America today, but has a 74% approval rating in NYC. $1 billion will change the awareness real quick.

4) Bloomberg's net worth: $11.5 billion. Perot's net worth: $4.4 billion

5) Bloomberg could get to 270 with just a few states. NY, CA and FL alone have 113. Add in the midwest who is freaked out by jobs, and you're at 192. Add in the independent / centrist states and you're there.

In the end, I don't think Bloomberg will run, as I think Obama will win the Dem nomination. But if Hillary wins, Bloomberg is in and he's in to win.

Clinton/Bloomberg/Romney is the one race I see Bloomberg winning (Dems and Reps don't show up to vote for uninspiring and hated candidates, Independents and centrists energized)

Clinton/Bloomberg/McCain is crazy, goes to the house, Clinton wins, country is f*cked

Obama/Romney is a good one, Obama would win in a close one

Obama/McCain - Obama wins 40 to 45 states, McCain does a Dole or Mondale

Again, no endorsement, just telling you how it might play out

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the feeling Bloomberg will even run. He keeps denying it and it's so far into primaries already. I am beginning to think the Republicans are actually behind the push for Obama because he has no chance to win against a white Republican (although I hope I'm wrong) which I suspect will be McCain. However I will vote against any Republican because while they claim to be against big government, they are pretty free-spending with taxpayer money and all ready with the handouts that benefit investors and bankers, tax cuts that benefit only the wealthy and extravagant spending on a needless greedy war that had more to do with gaining power than defeating terrorism/dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

write in for Ron Paul.

you're naive to think Bloomberg has more national appeal than Dr. Paul. Bloomberg is single, in a non-majority faith, and supports full same sex marriage rights -- I have absolutely nothing against this, but I doubt most voters feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in Ron Paul if he's not on the ballot. A vote for any of the five is the same vote. If Ron Paul is not Prez - expect massive inflation - in which case - massive personal debt at fixed interest rates is good. If Paul is not Prez - you NEED to buy a house to take on substantial fixed rate debt... Put all of your wealth into inflation hedging assets - and let inflation pay down the house...

Anonymous said...

That Bloomberg fella sure has a purty mouth.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Ron Paul. Even sent in donations multiple times.

Yet, if its an Obama vs. McCain contest, then I'm voting McCain.

Sorry folks, I'm just not going to vote for a guy who has Hussein in his name, goes to a church that praises Farrakhan and has islam in the background. Not going to happen.

I think the dems are setting themselves up again.

Anonymous said...


Tyrone said...

buzz saw got it right...

Anybody But Clinton.

Anonymous said...

This is from the about.htm page on Obama's church. Replace the word Black for White. Africa for Europe. Could you imagine a white pres candidate that belonged to a church with those changes?? No, bec he would be ran out of town. But it's ok for black people to be separatists, when it servs their purpose.


We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of slavery, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Community.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg. The next president is going to inherit a crisis no matter what, it's not like anyone is going to avert that. So it would be nice to send a message to the Republicans and Democrats that we're tired of their shi*t.

Unknown said...

Bloomberg spent $140 mln on his two campaigns to be elected NYC mayor, which in my book makes him insane enough to drop $1 bln on a presidential race. He's already in his late 60's, is planning to give most of his $14 bln in wealth away via his foundation... a billion-dollars to a guy like this is nothing. In his autobiography in the late 90's when he was worth only $3 bln he stated that money can only buy so many cars, so much help around the house, etc. He knows he has more money than he knows what to do with, so why not spend $1 bln to inject some substance into the great national debate and perhaps even win the White House?

Bloomberg has stated in the past that he would jump in only if the economy were to falter and the center became wide enough and discontented enough to consider someone from outside the two parties... Well guess what??? LOL.

Anonymous said...

The only one that i am 100% sure is a Bilderberger/Globalist is Hillary. Therefore, she is the one that I dislike the most. That being said, she will probably win just because she is the Bilderberger candidate. They run the world and thanx to wonderful things like electronic voting, can swing any election they want with "late breaking news".

The play has been set up perfectly. Everyone hates the republicans thanx to the vile BushCo piracy. So it is time for the "good guy puppet" to come to the rescue of the American people. A democrat will win. That is why Hillary has been positioned by the global elite to "lead" America. Our "democracy" is a complete illusion.

I am voting for Ron Paul regardless as up here we still have paper ballots and I can write him in.

Anonymous said...

The methodical election engineering is beginning to pay off for the powers that be.

The illusion of an underdog 'man of the people' emerging from the pack to 'save' us from ourselves is a carefully crafted Madison Avanue creation.

In times like these, there is no lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

Romney; not the greatest, but of the field he's best. McCain = too old, and I agree with the Buzzsaw:
ABC. only would ammend it: ABB, anyone but Billary!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who is ultimately 'chosen' to portray the President of the United States - the unfathomable debt we are carrying can not be sustained.

We have been leveraged to the hilt via a corrupted election system.

The only asset we have left to sell is our freedom...and it's currently in the foreclosure process.

Plan for the worst.

Anonymous said...

For me my choice is Bloomberg, but will settle for Obama.

Is generational. I'm an gen-X. And this country can't take another BS Baby boomer pols like Billary after years of Idiot boy W, who I have from great sources has even pissed off and shame his Skull & Bones society members. Let's say that the Bushes are persona non-grata at Skulls & Bones - see why the daughter went to another society.

Have any of you worked with a Bloomberg terminal?. It did revolutionize how business info was accessible. And as a New Yorker I can see daily the way he works. Big ideas like Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt's like big idea.

Would settle for Obama. Simply the freshness of someone that is barely a boomer.

Anyway BOOMERS will soon be known as the Turd Generation for all the nice ways they have F'd up everything.

Anonymous said...

heres my two scenarios;

a) In May the economy crashes, banks collapse, millions lose billions of $$ of their life savings. Sick of all the bickering and negative campaigns by the donkey/elephants, in steps an unknown straight talking, sleeve rolling, independent candidate to save the day.


b) In October, terrorists attack the US;
Bush uses the little known clause that he wrote in, and declares a civil emergency, postpones election and stays in power for another 4 years. (so then he would be not only the worst president ever, but the longest at the whitehouse)

Anonymous said...

I don't like any of the choices, but I do believe that the next president (besides Ron Paul) will be Bush's bagholder, so he/she will be a one term president.

Keeping that in mind, I vote for Romney.

He will be out in 4 years.

In 2012, I hope to see a candidate with the youth/charisma of Obama run on a Ron Paul platform.

I will support Ron Paul til the bitter end, though. I am looking forward to a brokered convention.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not electable. He has good ideas, he is bright and he is not a dummy. But out of the five candidates shown, what is different about Barack? Well he is black and a lot of people have told me that they won't vote for him because he is black.

blogger said...

Folks, just go back and read the HP archives. We were talking about Ron Paul a good year before he announced for the presidency. Probably one of the first blogs to do so.

We talked about the housing bubble and coming crash years before others caught on.

We called the Dems winning the house and senate when people thought that was crazy talk.

We were calling Bush The Worst President Ever when people still thought he was kinda OK.

And now we're saying Bloomberg is gonna run if Hillary is the Dem nominee, and he's got a real shot at winning.

OK? Get it? Conventional wisdom is not correct. You come here because you want to know what's coming next.

Bloomberg is gonna run, and run to win. But only if Clinton gets the nomination.

And when it comes to Obama/Clinton, I have no idea. It's close. Real close. Super Tuesday is gonna be fun.

Anonymous said...

obamma makes nice speeches. they make you feel good and they make people feel like he really cares.....damn stupid americans falling for it one more time.....good grief....

he never utters a word about the economy, the war, taxes, nothing......just feel good jibberish..

Anonymous said...

bloomberg is a non entity. he has not even entered the race. he is there for trump card to confuse the masses if certain events unfold. now the republicans candidates are being nice to each other on the stage. isn't that special? i figure they are doing this on purpose in order to get ready to combat the ron paul revolution. and make no mistake. they will all fight against it, because they are all bought and paid for. bloomberg will be trotted out if he is needed. but like this gay cross dresser that used to be mayor of new york, he too will not gain much traction in the country as a whole, money or no money...

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Bloomburg. What party does he belong to?

Anonymous said...

If you think Ron Paul has a better chance of being president than Bloomberg, then you don't understand politics, sorry to say.

Bloomberg could put $1 billion (yes, billion) behind a bid, and is seen as a popular and effective politician slash business leader. Ron Paul running as an independent would struggle to just get on state ballots.
Didn't the USA have a candidate like that back in the 1990's? Some rich bugger who made a billion dollars off Social Security. I think his name was Ross Parotte. He didn't win either.

Anonymous said...

Obanga is the dumbest of the lot. Hillary is too deviant. I like McCain but he favors unchecked borders. We don't need more illegals here in Arizona John, and you know that because you live here. Romney has ran a successful business and created wealth for himself and run a state. So has Bloomberg but I don't trust him. Romney for the win.

We are heading into some of the roughest financial times this country has ever faced. This will pale in comparison to when the boomers bankrupt the country with ss beni's they receive. We absolutely need some fiscal responsibility and someone who will tackle the catastrophic fiscal problems looming on the horizon. RP was the obvious choice. If not him then Romney.

Anonymous said...

The most talented speaker, the most persuasive voice in many years is Obama.But he has so little experience, and I truly believe we are heading into stormy seas, it istoo much of a leap to support him. It would be a huge mistake to have Hillary elected, and after showing again the smarmy side her and her husband offer, I'm thinking she won't
get the nomination. Bill is like an octopus who got out of a bag, it will be very difficult to put him back in.
I think Romney has some good experience behind him, and while he is shamelessly pandering these days, I can't help but think he thinks it shameless pandering that he must do to get elected.
McCain's seems old, and I hated the way he cozied up to Bush after the way Bush nailed him during the primaries.

Chris said...

Let me list the candidates from BEST to Worst.

1) Ron Paul (I will write him in)
2) Romney
3) Obama
4) McCain
5) Bloomberg
6) Clinton

I am really cheering for Obama because a Clinton Presidency will be the worst thing to ever happen to America. McCain is a warmongering, Illegal alien welcoming, disrespectful to Ron Paul prick and I would happily vote for Obama over him any day. And I hate liberals.

blogger said...

WhyKnott said...

"Obanga is the dumbest of the lot."

Man, it's sad to see what the Fox News crowd (and racists) have to say about Obama.

Criticize his policies, attack him for being against you politically, but to call this guy dumb is just funny.

Ever hear of the Harvard Law Review? Ever seen what it takes to be editor?

Now George Bush, there's a dumb guy. And you see where that got us.

Of the five candidate left, here's my subjective ranking based on perceived intelligence

1) Obama
2) Romney
3) Clinton
4) Bloomberg
5) McCain

Chris said...

Let me list the candidates from BEST to Worst.

1) Ron Paul (I will write him in)
2) Romney
3) Obama
4) McCain
5) Bloomberg
6) Clinton

I am really cheering for Obama because a Clinton Presidency will be the worst thing to ever happen to America. McCain is a warmongering, Illegal alien welcoming, disrespectful to Ron Paul prick and I would happily vote for Obama over him any day. And I hate liberals.

Ed said...

TV networks and other MSM want Bloomberg to run.

If he spends $1B, guess where that goes? TV and print ads.

As always follow the money.

To me McCain, Hillary, Obama or Bloomberg all lead to the same thing. Amnesty for illegals, higher taxes, more regulation and more restrictions on our liberties (can you say McCain-Feingold).

I'm no great fan of Romeny. However, if he doesn't win the promary, 2008 will be the 1st election I have been old enough to be around where I really will not care who wins.

As for intelligence, Obama seems rather dimwitted to me. Hillary is smart, so is Romney. McCain is a vile human being but he too seems intelligent. Any guy who makes a fortune as Bloomberg can't be all that dumb either.

Ed said...

""Obanga is the dumbest of the lot."

Man, it's sad to see what the Fox News crowd (and racists) have to say about Obama."


It's also sad to see white liberals full of guilt defend Obama unconditionally. I agree with WhyKnott that Obama ain't the brightest bulb in the room. Just because he's black doesn't make him a saint, nor does it make him a mensa member.

And don't give me the Harvard Law degree as proof of his intelligence. Bush has a Harvard MBA. Proves nothing.

I'll give Obama credit in that he speaks well. But listen to his words carefully. Nothing of substance, ever. Hope this, hope that. He sounds like a televangelist.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is an east coast elitist. You think mainstream america would vote for him? WHY?

Why would they leave their own parties and vote for this super rich elitist snob? Illegal loving, nanny-state loving. His response to illegals? "Bring more!, they're welcome here! (in NYC). Yeah, great.

He'll spend 1B? So what? John Connolly ran for Dem nomination and spent huge money...won nothing. spending money doesn't guarantee anything. How much did Rudy spend?

It's laughable.

blogger said...

Sorry, you tell me someone was president of the Harvard Law Review, or a Rhodes Scholor, or scored perfect on the SAT, 'SMART' is the first thing that comes to mind, regardless of politics

And after 8 years of a dumb guy as president, I want a smart one

Ed said...

Obama is a good schmoozer. He is a good speaker. Qualities like that help becoming prez of the Harvard Law Review. It also helps when Harvard is dying to be 'inclusive' and a charismatic black guy comes along.

As for Bush being dumb. Make up your mind. Is he dumb or a mad genius orchestrating a massive 9/11 - Haliburton - Iraq - make his oil buddies rich and destroy the dollar conspiracy. He can't be dumb as rocks and do everything you guys claim he does.

I think Bush is actually a lot smarter than many people give him credit for. But he can't speak for shit in public and that is how for better or worse you're judged on intelligence.

Frank R said...

Who I don't want to win:

- Hillary/Obama (I lump them together because they're both the same): They want to extort my hard-earned money and hand it out to people who "can't afford" healthcare because they spent all their $$$ on BMW payments and Frappuccinos. Their mantra is, "Punish those who produce and reward those who don't."

- Bloomberg: He'll probably be even worse. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm from the NYC area and have plenty of friends and family still living there and believe me, this man hates freedom, the bill of rights, etc. The governor of Virginia threatened to arrest him because he was setting up bogus sting operations against VA gun dealers (!) and most recently he's raised parking tickets into the hundreds of dollars (sound like Scottsdale, anyone?)

- McCain: He's another Blue in a sheep's Red clothing. Amnesty for illegals, higher taxes, gun control, etc etc.

That leaves the remaining one - Romney - who I don't love either, but under the circumstances he's the least of all evils.

Why oh why can't we get a decent set of candidates for once?

Anonymous said...

I love Ron Paul because he represents the old Republican, constitution-driven ideals and he is the only repub candidate that advocates Iraq withdrawal and fiscal accountability. Unless, the repubs radically change policies (and they won't), they will get SMOKED in the election. McCain will represent the Whig-- I mean Repub Party -- and promote endless war (who in their right mind gets juiced on this?!). He's become a sad, scary and hypocritical figure.
I won't stick around for the Whig party funeral. I'll walk out the door and move toward the uncertain future of Obama (Clinton would clearly be a mistake. Clinton=McCain)

Oh, and Bloomberg ...has he decided if he wants to buy the presidency?? The draft bloomberg project -- how's that going?? (crickets)
Do we really need another NYer who thinks he can be president??

love and kisses, charlottemom

(Psst -- Peace isn't just absence of war -- its a whole different way of viewing your world)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous WhoBurg? said...

If you think Ron Paul has a better chance of being president than Bloomberg, then you don't understand politics, sorry to say.

Bloomberg could put $1 billion (yes, billion) behind a bid, and is seen as a popular and effective politician slash business leader. Ron Paul running as an independent would struggle to just get on state ballots.
Didn't the USA have a candidate like that back in the 1990's? Some rich bugger who made a billion dollars off Social Security. I think his name was Ross Parotte. He didn't win either.

January 27, 2008 7:03 PM<<

yeh h. ross perot had a lot of nerve talking about wasteful government spending. his company EDS was heavily involved in government contracts....he was a member in good standing of the military industrial complex...

yet he wanted to call himself a reformer.....

Anonymous said...

LOL ... this is so funny.

You started off rooting endlessly for a far right wing libertarian.

Now your rooting for a tax and spend democrat as liberal as Hillary.

Anonymous said...

"Psst -- Peace isn't just absence of war -- its a whole different way of viewing your world)".

Good think kumbayah idiots like you weren't around in 1941.

blogger said...

Defending Obama as smart is not rooting

Look folks, you have to drop this right wing left wing democrat republican fox news new york times bullsh*t.

I like Obama. I like Romney. I like Bloomberg. I like Paul.

And I'm against every one of them on specific policy issues.

There is no perfect candidate. The parties exist to hold the hands of weak minded people to tell them who to vote for so they don't have to think for themselves. Some of you are obviously in that camp.

America is f*cked because of democrat and republican partisan bullsh*t, the kind of BS that doesn't allow you to say something nice about "the other guy", or form coalitions to get things done.

Some of the comments on this thread show that perfectly.

Meanwhile, in terms of who I don't like still running:

1) Rudy
2) Clinton
3) Huckabee
4) McCain
5) Edwards

Anonymous said...

Yes, by right-winger -- you must mean libertarian. I confess I love the "Don't tread on me" approach that repubs once embraced somewhat. But alas, the repubs have proven they refuse any fiscal discipline on themselves. They've broken the bank on spending (oops, borrowing money) FOR WAR and now, financial bailouts. Oh, and big government. Hmmm.. who set up the Homeland Security Dept(love that old-fashioned totalitarian term). Re taxes -- Bush has effectively imposed a tax on all of us --- its called inflation. Amnesty -- you'll get it with either party. So... i'm out of the whig party. See ya! Repubs...cue the war cheerleading in 3, 2, 1.

ps - Romney just picked up an important endorsement -- LIZ Cheney with advise on foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

my subjective list in order of appeal:

1. Ron Paul by far
2. Nader (if he runs)
3. Romney
4. Bloomberg (if he runs)
5. Obama
6. Edwards
7. Huckabee
8. Giuliani
9. McCain
10. Hillary

Anonymous said...

The more I see of Romney the more I like him.

Anonymous said...

America has been living on top of the world, thanks to the phony dollar.

And here comes Obama, promising Americans the moon, when they are about to fall hard and fast.

Does this guy have any understanding of economics?

To make things worse, he has been to Kenya. He has seen how his grand mother and cousins still live in Kenya, doing manual labor.

It is people of Kenya who he should be delivering his message of hope. What Americans need is a reality check.

Either this guy is a slick liar or he is delusional.

But thatz how politicians get elected. Telling people their best days are still ahead.

Sorry to bust your bubble Obama. The best days of America are behind us. Get real!!

I lost faith in the Clintons as well. Man, did you guys see the nastiness of the SC campaign?

It looks like Bill is running for a third term.

God save America from its Politicians and it's Central Bankers!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got a sure fire campaign slogan for all you Paulistas out there:

We've tried the stupid Texan,
Now let's try the crazy Texan.
Ron Paul '08

Angry Monkey said...

McCain is a Banana! Call it what you will!

Anonymous said...

I support Ron Paul and will do so to the end. Why? I’m disturbed by the fluidness and transparency of the Patriot Act, and believe that the Feds level of intrusiveness into the lives of citizens is bordering on alarming. Ron Paul is the only candidate to fully recognize and address this. Having said this, I do not believe he will gather the support necessary to get him on the ticket. This is a shame as his participation is of value in other ways.

Though I don’t agree with all the positions Dr. Paul takes, I do think his campaign perseverance is important insomuch as he is providing a counter to the mainstream candidates that (hopefully) will stimulate thought and cause voters to take a closer look at all the candidates. Fingers crossed, the closer scrutiny will result in questions, debate, and revelations; anything to help shed more light on where the big leaguers really stand. Most importantly, Dr. Paul has been drawing people who have never voted to the political scene. Our nation needs more voters!

As for the rest of them:

McCain: I see him as an extension of the current administration.

Romney: Corporate bed-buddy and total disregard to fiscal constraint.

Hillary: There is too strong an element of distrust around her.

Obama: Lack of experience (not really a bad thing) and vulnerable to special
interests prods.

Huckabee: Too religious and lack of experience.

Edwards: He confuses me. Panders to the poor and caters to the rich.

Giulioni: See McCain above.

Bloomberg: Hmmm, intrusive policies; might be a nice balance as a VP perhaps. Don’t really know enough about him.

That’s my two-cent folks. Keith, it would have been nice to see RP in your list. Even though he may not be a front-runner, nevertheless, there is credible support for him. MSM’s oversight of RP is one of the main reasons I continually meet people who don’t even know he is in the race. I’m surprised you did the same.

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

Wotten – down south.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul-life would be good with him in charge but is a pipe dream.

Obama-although he takes lobbying money he's the lesser of 5 evils

Bloomberg-Are you crazy? Don't we already have enough dual citizens running the country into the ground?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see how many people would come on and talk about Barack Obama like a smelly dog. Surprisingly the nasty comments were limited to a few die hard racist who would never vote for a black man even if someone threatened to pump windshield washer in their veins at the voting booth. So you idiots all voted for Bush and you knew he was dumb, the press told you, but you said well he went to Harvard and he is president so he can't be dumb, but you won't vote for Obama because you think he is dumb even though the press told you how smart he is. Any position to satisfy a desire to say something is wrong with someone when you can't find anything wrong. And you only feel that way is because he is black and for no other reason, white people are like that and yet you vote them into office. When Clinton attacked Obama about his Republican ideas I guess no one caught the words "the Republicans WERE".
Go figure a racist, see that is why people shouldn't listen to racist because their logic is purely irrational, emotional, entrenched and ingrained and full of steriotyped ideas they present as real and factual even if studies show that it is wrong.
I voted for Gore so I can talk. Everyone has got to admit that this is one of the most interesting political season ever and that is because we are tired of voting for the same good ol boys who are really in the race to enhance their own personal wants and needs. We now see some spark in politics almost not ever seen since the hanging chad in Florida and still it is more interesting. Everyone else were boring political relics of the same caliber and now even with Clinton Obama Romney Huckabee McCain we actually see some diversity among the candidates even though the message is basicly the same. I have truly never been this interested in politics until now and find this fasinating to watch and keep an eye on. Never felt that way about any political season before (except getting Bush out of office and lost and felt my vote meant nothing).

Anonymous said...

How do we know Bloomberg isn't another neocon?

Anonymous said...

Hey you racist troll pukes. I am white, middle aged, and would proudly vote for Obama. I am registered Raygun repuglican that never changed his party. I voted for Bill Clinton, but I got a belly full of his wife during those eight years. If Hitlary is the dem I will stay home for the general election. Go Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...


the point is that the five "front-runners" you've selected are virtually indistinguishable in terms of policy. They all represent the status quo of big government intervention in the economy, personal freedom and foreign affairs. None of them are coming to terms with the fact that the US is bankrupt and needs to drastically change course. They are all central planners that will do nothing to repair the damage that Bushco has done to Constitutional freedoms or rein in ever expanding government bureacracy.

It's sad that Americans today are so myopic to only think of voting for the lesser of evils that have the most chance of winning. To compromise your principles for the lesser compromise is a slippery slope towards surrender of those principles.

Ron Paul has never compromised his principles and defense of the Constitution and as a result has been charged as being inneffective in Congress for not succumbing to the will of the majority. However, if he had succumbed he would be just another unknown face in Congress and would have never educated I and many others. He also would have been far less successful as a presidential candidate without his rock solid, uncompromising Constitutional record.

So go ahead. Compromise your principles for the lesser of evils and see where it will take us. We are well along the Road to Serfdom. In fact, we're almost at the point of dictatorship thanks to "the Decider" George Bush and a compromised Congress that has abdicated it's role in reining in executive power.

Anonymous said...

After reading from my earlier comment #12 to #60, I'd like to encourage those of you who discard Obama as just an eloquent dreamer, to read his books, or at least the second one, "Audacity of Hope". With the just announced Kennedy family endorsements he's on a roll. We're OK on that side. It probably means Bloomberg will stay on the sidelines. But if he jumps in, no problem.
On the Rep side, by all means do everything possible to get Ron Paul through the primaries.
As long as we get people in the end race who can and will work together on the only important issue right now, the economy.

Anonymous said...

The Mexican...

Best: Ron Paul
Second Best: No second best
Worst: Hillary

Damn Fox news...did they get to you too Keith?

Anonymous said...

The Mexican...

Bottom line is I want to see a President that cares more about America than himself. A president that does what NEEDS to be done regardless of his popularity and the critizism.

I guess the majority of Americans are too comfortable that they don't bother doing any reserch. They just know it's important to vote so they just vote for the most popular name on the ballot.

I think voters should be required to at least spend a few hours researching candidates.

I'm so fuc*ing mad that the majority of Americans don't know what's good for them...it's a shame. The only one worthy of being president is Ron Paul...the rest are just the usual puppets.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said;
""To make things worse, he has been to Kenya. He has seen how his grand mother and cousins still live in Kenya, doing manual labor.

It is people of Kenya who he should be delivering his message of hope. What Americans need is a reality check. ""

It's really sad what is going on in Kenya right now, they had some good things going...
I had Kiva loans over there, which will have to be written off...
just shows when a country is in turmoil, there aint no investing in it.
Here's hoping they can calm down, hash it out, and not have this turn into another Rwanda

Anonymous said...

hillary - how egotistical and power hungry do you have to be to think you are such a gift to america that 8 years in the white house is not enough? no thanks.

obama - as the "non-angry black man" acceptable to white america, nice racial gesture, but no substance. see shelby steele's recent book on him.

mccain - too old. equates "winning in iraq" with paying off the sunni tribes and getting the priveledge to keep 150k troops in country ad infinitum. last year they said "winning" was bringing the troops home. oh well, one more goalpost moved.

romney - flip-flops on moral issues. hawkish except when it comes to having any of his kids serve in the military. drank the mormon koolaid and really believes he's one step away from godhood.

bloomberg - heck why not. effective at running NYC as guliani without the attitude or lack of judgement to promote such a stellar individual as bernie kerick. honest enough to keep a mistress and not feel pressured to marry the customary half-his-age girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

RON PAUL is the only person who can save this republic.

Keith, you suck for withdrawing support for him.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is the best realistic chance that this country has now, and he's probably the only Republican that Dr. Paul would come close to endorsing. However, I will vote for Dr. Paul in the primary when given the opportunity.

The Republican Party was given the rare opportunity to vote for an honest politican in the early states. About 90% of the voters were not smart enough to vote for him. As the despair.com slide says, "None of us are as dumb as all of us."

Anonymous said...

revising the 8:44 PM subjective list in order of appeal to include Gravel, so it's:

1. Ron Paul by far
2. Nader (if he runs)
3. Gravel (don't believe he's dropped out yet)...

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg: filthy liberal
Hillary: racist
McCain: senile
Obama: well-intended, but lacks a plan
Romney: can't be trusted

Anonymous said...

I was seriously interested in Ron Paul - otherwise known as Dr.No .. a label he earned for voting No on spending bills. Then I found out that even though Paul votes No on spending bills, the bill passes anyway and guess what? There is pork in there that Paul put in to bring home to his district. That seems a little two-faced to me. He votes No but knows the bill will pass and bring the bacon home. Seems he is having his cake and eating it too. That doesn't sit well somehow. Yeah, I know everyone else does it shamelessly - but Ron Paul? I thought he was the only honest politician?

I've tried to find justification for Paul's behavior in this regard. Even tried to compare him in in my mind to Ragnar Danneskjold - fictional pirate in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged who stole gold and other valuables from the government to return it to those who rightly owned it. I'm still mulling that over, trying to figure out how I feel about it.

Anyone else want to chime in on this "behavior" - that Paul votes No on legislation he knows will pass and bring home pork money to his constituents? Is that just a means to an end? Is the means justified? Does one have to get in the gutter to fight the bad guys? Maybe? No? Yes?

Malcolm said...

I honestly don’t think that Bloomberg will run. Even if he did run, I don’t think he’d have a chance.

Sure, he may be the best thing since sliced bread in New York, but here in middle America, he’s an unknown. Sure, some of us have heard of the Bloomberg network, but we wouldn’t vote for him anymore than we would vote for a “Mr. CBS” if he existed.

The election is in a little more than 8 months. That’s not enough time for him to develop a national presence, or to develop enough of a presence to overcome the support of the other candidates.

He might be a spoiler, and pull votes from one candidate or the other, but winning… I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Senator Barack Obama's lie in the South Carolina debate and his attack on Bill and Hillary Cinton will come back to haunt him, and probably destroy his own career, noted Lyndon LaRouche today. In the course of that CBC debate, Obama tried to shrink his relationship to indicted political fixer Tony Rezko to "I did about five hours worth of work on this joint project." As even the major media showed immediately afterward, this was a total lie.

Indications are that Obama was set up, from the inside, to do this, LaRouche added. This makes him a disposable patsy, ready to be thrown away in favor of the Bloomberg fascist campaign.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a Clinton redo, her funding comes directly from the hedge fund-ers and investment and mortgage bankers.

Oh and Ron Paul???

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all the talk about Bloomberg, whether it is for or against, the fact is "he's being pushed to the forefront".

Lyndon LaRouche made the assessment months ago that Rudy Gullianni was being propped up as a front runner only to be torn down in order to make way for Michael Bloomberg, who will act as a Musssolini for the financial sharks.

Obama is being used the same way as Gullianni was. He will be destroyed at just the right moment paving the way for a Michael "Mussolini" Bloomberg Presidency.

Anonymous said...

"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil."

Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

We all need to be realistic. Ron Paul is my ideal choice and I will vote for him in the primaries in my state. But he will not win the nomination and probably won't run in the election. The best choice outside of Paul is clearly Romney. If you look at his resume, it is superior to any president we have had in history in dealing with the current crisis. He is a turnaround expert. He turned around Bain Consulting, one of the best consulting firms in the world now. He turned around numerous companies as a private equity investor. He also turned around the Salt Lake Olympic Games. He turned around Massachussets' ridiculous budget deficits. Here we have a man who is a true grown up. And he is outside the power structure in D.C. and far from an insider (good from my perspective). He will sit down with some of the smartest people in the U.S. and hash out many of the major problems we're facing (retirement crisis (SS, Medicare), energy crisis, economic crisis) to get us at least to the best possible outcome (although it still won't be good).

This is what we need right now. We don't need more "city on a hill" rhetoric from guys like Obama or war mongering from guys like Mccain. We need somebody who will tackle the toughest issues and find workable solutions. If you look at the candidates, the only one capable to do this is Romney.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are thinking of electing Bloomberg, you might as well wrap the country in a big red & blue curling ribbon bow and give it to Israel.

We already support their asses in that POS sandbox, so why not let them make a huge Chabad out of our bankrupt country.

Hell, our country is for sale anyway, and the Arabs and Chinese are coming with your hard working money and subsidies to buy everything for peanuts, so why not let the Zionists get a piece, too.

Anonymous said...

Learn the truth on all the issues for ALL the candidates

Anonymous said...

"And don't give me the Harvard Law degree as proof of his intelligence. Bush has a Harvard MBA. Proves nothing."

There is a big difference between a law degree and the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. You don't make editor if you are dumb or lazy for that matter, lots of competition for that spot. Bush could rely on his Senator Grandpappy and bigwig pappy's name to get him into Harvard and probably through, notice GWB did nothing exceptional with his opportunity. That is the distinction to be drawn from the comparison (Rove/Cheney were the brains, GWB the puppet BTW whoever wanted to know.)

I keep hearing that Obama "speaks well"--when I listen it sounds like the same canned empty rhetoric as everyone else, e.g. "education is essential," "we need jobs," blah, blah, blah....

Just once I'd love to hear someone say: "If you want a better country stop driving everywhere and wasting oil, stop buying Chinese crap and get out of debt, stop letting the TV be your babysitter and read to your kids, close your businesses on federal holidays and spend them with your families, spend time with your spouse instead of working late, and please, for the love of God start growing, eating, and cooking some real GD food like Americans did for ~200 years instead of eating ConAgra's nasty processed garbage you are all fat and diseased! -Thank you."

...Hmm, I'll probably just set myself on fire in the voting both.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anybody ever sees this page again, the above comment caused milk to fly out my nose. And I wasn't even drinking milk.