January 20, 2008

HP Easy Quiz: Which brand is worth the least (hint - an orange person runs it)

Which brand is worth the least:

1) Countrywide
2) Worldcom
3) Enron
4) Charles Ponzi
5) Satan
6) Hitler
7) Britney Spears

And ya gotta love this hilarious news. First time I've ever seen the ACQUIRER get paid a break up fee if they don't buy the TARGET. Too funny! BofA now has 160 million more reasons not to buy this toxic piece of sh*t.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mortgage lender Countrywide may have to pay Bank of America a fee of $160 million if a deal to buy it falls through, according to a regulatory filing on Thursday.

Countrywide has been convulsed by mounting losses and defaults, a loss of access to credit markets and a slew of lawsuits and regulatory probes into its lending practices and Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo's pay.

Mozilo stands to receive about $36.4 million if the company he founded is sold as planned to Bank of America, according to previous regulatory filings and compensation experts.


smokester said...

"6) Hitler"

While this is contrarian, I'd say Hitler is one of my favorite folks; I read "Mein Kampf" and Hitler claimed that he learned his cruelty from the US and UK-- they knew how to fight wars of empire.

Hitler also helped me understand that money is the most powerful from of propaganda there is since once people "love money," they want to love it "even more" and get more of it-- no matter what the moral or ethical costs.

Anonymous said...

So B of A becomes yet another unsecured creditor of Countryfried?

That breakup fee is worth less than toilet paper.

The hedge funds know what to do. Buy the senior bonds, short the common.

Get your long knives out in bankruptcy court.

Anonymous said...


At least with Britney Spears all you will need is a couple of doses of a strong antibiotic


Anonymous said...

Countrywide, then Hitler

Anonymous said...

Why include Hitler? The man got a lot of things done in a short time.

Plus, he was such a snappy dresser.

Heil Bush!

Anonymous said...

The brand USA.

Anonymous said...

Why pick on Adolph, didn't he invent the VW?

Anonymous said...

Actually, termination fees paid to potential buyers are pretty common. Of course, they're usually put in place where there are multiple suitors for a single target -- somehow I doubt that Countrywide fits that bill.

Anonymous said...

And why all the happy talk about Hitler in this thread?

I'll assume this is a feeble attempt at sarcasm.