January 11, 2008

Burnin' down the house - Mainstream media FINALLY picking up on the arson/foreclosure thing

HP'ers have been talking about this one for years.

Well, that's one way to get rid of the unwanted inventory.

You'll see cars on fire too (especially realtor-owned Lexus's and homedebtor-owned Hummers)

Note to desperate homedebtors - before you torch your debt-trap, you need to come up with a plausible cover story. Better yet, have your REALTOR do it for you - they'll do anything for money.

FORTUNE: Will foreclosures spark an arson boom? - As homeowners get more desperate, the insurance industry is bracing for an increase in arson.

Faced with foreclosure on her Russellville, Indiana home, Christina Snyder allegedly concocted the kind of plan that now has insurance executives on edge.

According to the county prosecutor, the 31-year-old Snyder allegedly offered to pay a neighbor $5,000 to help her burn down her house and make it look like a botched rape attempt - all in order to claim $80,000 in insurance money. Snyder wanted the neighbor to bind her hands in duct tape, write "whore" on her shirt, and then help her escape once the blaze was set, the prosecutor says.


eric in vegas said...

The worst part is one of these fires will be started in a very dry area and spark a great fire that could take down entire developments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Blazenheimer abd Burnupski have been in Great Demand lately.

A bull market has appeared in Arson. I wonder how Wall Street will collaterize Arson?

Call George Bush. He has an MBA (allegedly)but doesn't read much...

Sick and Dying America

Anonymous said...

dear dumbsh%t FBs,
100% cotton balls and a couple of tubes of super glue...let your kids make a mini snow man or some other craft project and go out and watch a movie and have some pizza..

spontaneous combustion will take care of it and your kids are your alibi..

oh and dont forget to take your offspring with ya..lol

Anonymous said...


The Arizona Republic
Jan. 4,:24 PM
"Kids have been seen on the property throwing rocks at windows, officials said."

Damn Kids!!!!1

6% , Dino's & 8 Tracks said...

In the S/E USA the developers have been burning down the house for months...Everything is good here though , just ask any Realtor. Oh...Don't forget that due to the extreme drought conditions once the fire is started there is no water to put them out. Water is on the verge of getting very expensive here as the Utility Departments of each City are trying to raise rates to offset lower demand as people conserve. Over-development with no regard to available water to support it.

Developer of 3 Burned Homes Missing
Posted: Dec. 17, 2007

Fayetteville — The developer of three houses that were destroyed over the weekend by fires authorities have called suspicious has not been seen in recent days.

State Bureau of Investigation agents said in a search warrant that fires at three houses on Rivercliff Road were intentionally set early Saturday. Two homes were next to each other on a cul-de-sac overlooking the Cape Fear River, while the third was down the street.

"I was running down the street and was ringing everybody's doorbell, trying to get them out of their houses," said neighbor Cindy Caldwell, who was awakened by a phone call alerting her to the fires.

The new, two-story houses were unoccupied, and no one was injured in the fires, authorities said. The flames from one of the destroyed houses melted some of the vinyl siding off an adjacent home that is occupied.

Fayetteville police and the SBI arson team were investigating the fires, but have released few details of the case.

Robert Gore, the contractor who owns the three houses, lives on Rivercliff Road but has not been seen since Friday, neighbors said.

"He's home all the time. He's running up and down the street, probably 15 or 20 times a day," Caldwell said.

Gore's phone has been disconnected.

Court records show that Gore has been sued several times for not paying contractors and suppliers. Caldwell said she and her neighbors have had numerous problems with him.

"He's had a lot of people to sue him because of his houses," she said. "He hasn't followed through with anything he's done for the houses. He builds them, then as soon as he closes, he never finishes anything that's on anybody's punch list."

Chris said...

"write "whore" on her shirt"

...Atleast this part would have been true.

happy homeowner in the stix said...

Damn...doesn't anyone know how to make a decent Molotov cocktail anymore?

She shoulda had her neighbor write "DUMBASS" on her instead. Who ever heard of an arson after a "botched rape attempt", anyway?

Anonymous said...

Those FB's really are a stupid bunch. Just knock over an old space heater onto a pile of clothes before you leave for work. It's not that complicated.

Anonymous said...

In the first Bourne movie (Bourne identity) he ripped out a gas pipe inside the house, stuck a newspaper in a toaster, and when the "toast" was done, so was the house. A lot simpler than staging a rape, and hey you can blame it on the gas company. If you're lucky you even may be able to sue them, and get more money.

Anonymous said...

Those FB's really are a stupid bunch. Just knock over an old space heater onto a pile of clothes before you leave for work. It's not that complicated.

Agree. Her plan was way to complex.

BurnBabyBurn said...

Whatever you do...DON't USE EXCELLERANT(ie. Gasoline). The fire must start from items naturally found in the home. The Spaceheater is a good one.

Methlab, a close 2nd to space heater.

Anonymous said...

"Damn Kids!!! You better get off the bank's law....oh f@ck, go ahead and tag. I'm outta here."

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

In Scottsdale they'll actually get away with it because the city and cops are way too obsessed with speeding tickets and DUI.

Prosecuting arson isn't profitable - it actually costs money - so you won't see them prosecuting it.

Anonymous said...

DUIs kill people everyday. I've read your blog Frank and I find no good reason why "Scottsdale Sucks". Have fun in California!

Anonymous said...

She must have been a RealWhore. They are so craetive, you know?