December 29, 2007

Spooky housing crash / mortgage meltdown youtube compilation video - with Ron Paul telling people how it is and how it's gonna be

One person stood up and told the truth about the Fed, about housing and about our corrupted Congress.

And America evidently wasn't ready for him.

They weren't ready for the truth.

Too bad.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is an abberation and a whack job.

Paul proved to me, on "Meet the Press" he is a lightweight and borderline insane.

Yuppies, get your money back. You will need it soon.

Paul is done.

Anonymous said...

America is fucked. If it weren't for a few honest, intelligent, knowledgable people like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and a handful of others America would be fucked and blissfully ignorant like a cow to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video.I sure wish we could get this guy eleceted.I think he is an honest, trustworthy candidate.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see RP on Meet The Depressed last Sunday (12/23)?
Russert's final comment to him was something like "campaign safe"!
I thought it was odd but maybe he says that to all the candidates, or maybe he senses that people in power are getting a little bent out of shape with all this truth being brought to light.

shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

$1000 to Ron Paul's campaign.

Go Ron Paul, go !!!!

Anonymous said...

Im retired, and on fixed income, and have watched over the last 10 years how less and less Im able to afford. Most of my income goes to sky rocketing food prices, taxes, and insurance. Im only able to eat rice and beans. Cant afford bread, or meat these days.

I want to thank the Federal Reserve, and the US gvt. for fucking us retirees and veterians all this time.

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah, sob sob sob.
Look up ‘loser’ in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Once again folks.
Ron Paul is indeed right in areas of economics.
But he is a total looney when it comes to American foreign affairs.
In times like this when Islamo fascism has equal access to technowleghy
And leverages our civilized rules against us
We the People can NOT afford a crackpot, as the Commander in chief.

Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Problem is, a straight talk candidate like Ron Paul will never get elected. No body wants to hear that we might have to sacrifice. They want to hear the drool that Hillary is spitting out--- Free health care and other handouts supposedly paid for by the bad rich people. None of the top candidates wants to address in detail how to fix this country's problems.

Anonymous said...

"We the People can NOT afford a crackpot, as the Commander in chief."

So, what do we have in the white house now?

Americans always get what they deserve, and it will be no different in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the Federal Reserve, and the US gvt. for fucking us retirees and veterians all this time.

Ron Paul is wrong. He thinks that the system of money is the problem. It isn't.

Money is just accounting.

What we need is actual physical productivity, and that has been oursourced and eliminated by free-market Taliban capitalist free-traders, like Ron Paul.

The other effect is the vast extraction of wealth and income by the top 0.1%---the US is, on average doing reasonably well, but NOBODY except them is really benefitting. What would Ron Paul do about this? Absolutely nothing.

In this supposed "expansion" from 2001 the median male full time wage (most standard time series over the long run) has gone NOWHERE.

In years past it really was entirely different. In the Clinton-era expansion, gains were distributed more broadly, but even that was less than in expansions of further decades back. The best one was the 1960's.

And now we are heading into a recession---you think that median will hold its ground then? No way.

How do you reconcile the two? GDP up 20% and wages up a whiff near 0%?

It's an accounting theorem: the super rich took it all. ALL.

If we had general prosperity from actual work, we'd be fine, regardless of the monetary system.

The subprime problem isn't primarily a monetary or loan problem, it's a wage problem.

Money is a tool, not the object.

Real-life earnings are what matter, you get that from real-life production.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We the People can NOT afford a crackpot, as the Commander in chief.

Nuff said!

December 29, 2007 5:12 PM

We already had Bush The Second for 8 years. Can't get much worse.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the loonies are out today calling Ron Paul the "Nutty one". As for Commander in Chief skills, boy I really feel safer after all the billions we spent and will have to keep spending to buy off warlords in those islamo fascism countries refered to by one reader. It takes a brilliant commander with top notch skills to do that. Time for change. We need real solutions for foreign and economic policies, not the nonsense that has been put forth by the current administration.

Anonymous said...

OMG the islamo fascism boogey man is coming!! Check your closets and check the bushes in your backyards - they're hiding everywhere and they're coming over here to get us!

They're swimming across the Atlantic with their homemade bombs and they're going to buy up all the foreclosed houses in California! Oh shit! We need Rudy or Hillary to double/triple Guantanamo and triple/quadruple the military budget to get those pesky islamo fascists!!

As Dubya said himself: "We're gonna go over there and smoke em out! Yeeehaaa!!"

Where in the world is Osama bin Laden? He could be hiding in your backyard!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
‘OMG the islamo fascism boogey man is coming!! Check your closets and check the bushes in your backyards - they're hiding everywhere and they're coming over here to get us!’

You dumb ass..
What gives you the right to discount 3 billion committed and devoted Muslims, who are ready to give their very own lives for what they believe.

Go back and chew on that organic granola bar, its low in cholesterol you know.

Anonymous said...

Ok all you nutties,
I know, I know its in vogue to be anti Bush..

Yes, Bush did overestimate his belief that the Iraqis are capable of a better life.
The truth is,.. They are…
What he did not take into account was, the incredible amount of moral support the enemies of Iraq, America and freedom, would be getting from the left and the so-called international community.

But, no matter what all you privileged children say.

The dictators of the world know, not to mess with the USA as long as Bush is president.

Anonymous said...

The "FED" was created in 1913 as part of a takeover of the U.S. financial system by private bankers. They were secretive about what they did and were essentially a "private club" owned by European banking houses.

Almost 100 years later...nothing has changed.

The criminals are still running the show.

Anonymous said...

"If we had general prosperity from actual work, we'd be fine, regardless of the monetary system"

Most people seem to be missing the point. 90% of people produce things or services we don't really *need* in today's economy. So what is real work anyway?

The goal for a sustainable economy is to invest in industries whose products or services will be in demand in the future.

The issue in the US has been the huge misallocation of resources and capital that has produced laziness, and a deluded population.

More than 2/3 of Baby boomers are about to retire with debt and a lack of savings, meaning that they'll be retiring without much to spend. But where has most of the capital been spent? In cars, bigger homes and retail. All sectors where growth is unsustainable in the future... in America anyway!

Capital should have been deployed in what the population would need in the coming 10 years: healthcare, infrastructure maintenance, reducing dependance on oil, exports to the up and ccoming Asians. Industries with a good chance of producing good future cash flows. Now these sectors have beeen underinvested so prices will be going up making inflation more painful for retirees.

Even universities have been producing more MBAs than scientists. If the economy contracts and infrastructure spending increases, we won't be needing more MBAs, we'll be needing scientists!

Another misallocation of capital... The US has been transfering wealth from the young to the old:

- Degrees cost a fortune vs. 20 years ago
- On top of tuition, housing has doubled
- The governement has been increasing national debt thus shifting the responsibility on the next generation

I'm not sure how many degrees are actually worth their cost nowadays. Probably not many, it doesn't look like many young couples can put money aside after paying their student loans and their mortgage payments.

I think the system is pretty screwed up and I think some transfer of wealth will be moving from the old to the young as the sytem corrects itslef: inflation and cheaper houses.

I don't think America is screwed. I think the US is headsed for a recession and some segments of the population will be hard hit. Many Boomers are going to go through the wringer. I'm betting that in the next few years we'll be seeing a lot of forced retirement packages being handed out. Then social security will kick in.

Where we are all screwed is when all Asians want their 2500 square foot house and we cut down every freaking tree on this planet to accomodate eveyone's democratic right to home ownership.

Anonymous said...

We already had Bush The Second for 8 years. Can't get much worse.
December 29, 2007 6:48 PM

Really. Can't get worse?

How about:

A Nazi Liberal Feminist so crooked she needs help screwing her pantsuits on with a sex addicted husband that happens to be an ex-two term President
A first-term Senator from Illinois sponsored by noted political genius Oprah mamma Winfrey
A senile crybaby senator and ex-POW (too punk to escape and let little men poke him in a cage with sharp sticks for years, repeat: NOT a Hero an PUNK)from the booming state of of Arizona who would welcome all illegal aliens to US and Casey Serin too
A dishonest Amoral trial lawyer from the south with $400 haircuts and a bad twang accent
A washed up old gluehorse TV actor and sometime politician from god-knows-where

Jeez, I'm just getting started.

I hear Lawrence Welk coming on TV. Time to shoot up and fade away...

Sick and Dying America.

Devestment said...

The constitution works, we have been resting on its laurels for a long time. Let’s re-implement it and make America great again. The masses are for Ron Paul. Every man on the street I meet is for him. I am for him.

Anonymous said...

The ones who wrote the Constitution had slaves too; want to go back to that?

If the Constitution worked you wouldn't be where you are today!

Different times, different measures.