November 25, 2007

A special HousingPANIC message to the people of America

George Bush is your enemy
Nancy Pelosi is your enemy
Ben Bernanke is your enemy
Hank Paulson is your enemy

Dick Cheney MOST DEFINITELY is your enemy
Harry Reid is your enemy

Chuck Schumer is your enemy

Hillary Clinton is your enemy
Rudy Giuliani is your enemy (but don't worry too much about him)

The Democratic Party is your enemy
The Republican Party is your enemy

The mainstream media is your enemy
Bob Toll, Angelo Mozilo, Nicholas Retsinas and the REIC are your enemy

Realtors are your enemy
Mortgage brokers are your enemy
Bankers are your enemy
The NAR is OBVIOUSLY your enemy

China is your enemy
Wal-Mart is your enemy
Saudi Arabia is your enemy
Ignorance is your enemy

So, what to do?

Stop supporting your enemies.


Anonymous said...

True that

gwk said...

Wow after reading that I really think I should just not wake up tomorrow and throw in the towel before bed tonight nothing to live for but wait Ron Paul is going to fix everything in a few days just send him a few bucks and be happy I feel better already. That easy 1 man can do it and a Republican to boot.

Charlie said...

Ron Paul is your friend!

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! Anyone with an an enemies list is nuts. See Nixon, Richard as a prime example.

Anonymous said...

You forgot us appraisers.

Anonymous said...

Your "in debt up to their eyeballs" fellow Americans are your enemy too.

Anonymous said...

True, we have a lot of enemies. Only pain will wake the stupid from their slumber. So far no go.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Keith, you've gone off the deep end on this one.

Bob Toll recently saw Jesus on a recent conference call and spilled the beans until he said his own legal team was pleading with him to shut up and get off the line. He's late to the party, but Toll ain't shovelling the same sh*t the others have.

Andrew from Russia said...

Even the dollar had deserted abroad, turning into an enemy... but FRS officers have promptly disarmed it!

Anonymous said...

you forgot the IRS and your desperate home selling next door neighbor. so I am building a 1950's type bomb shelter in my back yard with food and radiation kits with no one to like us that is just about where we'll be safe from the people following us. LOL said...

Scottsdale is my enemy.

AmazingRuss said...

I was down at the mexican border a few days ago...there were toy haulers and atvs swarming EVERYWERE. Heard on the news that there were 150,000 people out there. 8 killed so far this weekend.

Gas stations selling gas for $3.50 were swamped. Looking at some of the rigs, it could easily run 500 bucks to fill all that up. I hung out at a casino/gas station to people watch for a while, and observed throngs of grim, fat, ugly people waddling about, dropping the occasional buck into a slot machine and waddling sadly away.

A lot of them looked beseechingly at me, and I have no idea why, except for the fat chicks I could tell used to be pretty...they always miss what it was like to have a good lookin guy look their way. As for the rest, it was almost like they thought I could save them or something...even the kids! It was creepy.

Joe Sixpack obviously still has the power to spend...the way I figure it, there are a couple possible explanations:

We are totally underestimating how much money people earn, and overestimating how fucked they are.

Joe Sixpack has taken a look around at what all the wall street loan sharks have done to him and said "fuck it, I'm going to borrow and spend every last dime, and never pay it back. I sure hope this is what's happening....and I wish them a damn good time unitl the rope pulls tight and wall street gets a massive kick in the yam bag.

I can't quite get my moral compass to point toward defaulting on a bunch of debt, but that's probably because I don't have any. I've got my spending under 2k a month (in coastal Calfornia, yet!), and generate very little income to tax, purchase very little to tax. I'm living off savings, mostly. I know I'm getting robbed for having money, but I want to stretch it out as long as I can.

Our government is a psychotic parisite, with it's tentacles deep into our vitals. Voting is pointless. Arguing about politics is pointless. The only power we have is to go lean and starve the beast.

Default on all debt.

Exploit all government handouts.

Generate no taxable revenue.

Buy nothing that is taxed.

Hold no paper currency.

If you work and save, it will be confiscated. If you want anything beyond the basics, the only way to get it is to become a debt slave.


Anonymous said...

So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will win a hundred times in a hundred battles.
If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you win one and lose the next.
If you do not know yourself or your enemy, you will always lose.

Sun Tzu the Art of War

Burn Baby Burn

Anonymous said...


I thought I was the ONLY one. We have many parallels in our lives...

I took a planned year off (for mental health and sanity from a selling career)and have done some car travelling in the US to see what's what for myself. The worst, by far have been Arizona and Las Vegas, now Vegas, there is a reason why they test missles near there... Desperation, plain and simple. Idiots, more likely.

I too live in the middle of SiliCON Valley and spend less than $2K/mo to OWN and survive. My friend think I am crazy voluntarily giving up a six-figure income to take time off.

Believe me, I needed it. Batteries Recharged and ready to GO again. I urge all to re-read amazingruss' post as this is endemic to every area I have visited over the last year in the West and Northwest, icl. Western Canada. US doesn't have a monopoly on fat, ugly dumb jerkoff people. Western Canada is FULL of them.

I refuse to generate taxable income for the idiot-in-chief to squander.

I will do everything in my power to "legally" avoid paying one CENT more than required by law to this illegitamate governmnt in taxes. When they come for George and Dick with a rope I want to watch...

Anonymous said...

YOU are your own worst enemy as I am mine.

If it was not for the people being this freakin stupid none of this stuff would have gotten to this point.

STOP depending on the govt. to solve your problems or looking to corporate America to be nice to you. Both see you as a peon who is there just to obey and consume.

If people did not fall for catch phrases like "mission accomplished" or "low prices, ALWAYS"...none of this would have been allowed to occur.

buzz saw said...


Well said! Borrow as much as you can people, then don't pay it back. It's free money. Generate as little tax revenue as possible. Stick it to the man.

Princess Mononoke said...

Mortal Kombat teaches that we must first face ourselves, and then face our fears in order to be able to face and conquer our enemies!

Princess Mononoke said...

Because if we don't, then our opponent or people in position of power will use our weaknesses and our fears to manipulate, control and destroy the fabric of our being!

As we have witnessed happen over the past seven years...

corvinus said...

I'll add a couple more for you:

The European Union is your enemy
Japan is your enemy (carry trade anyone?)
Russia is your enemy
OPEC is your enemy
Mexico is MOST DEFINITELY your enemy

Anonymous said...

The mailman is your enemy

Your sister's baby is your enemy

The dog next door is your enemy

The Nandi tribe of Kenya is your enemy

The ampersand on your keyboard is your enemy

Rugby union officials are you enemies

And of course...

The grocer who no longer sells you tin foil is your enemy

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19

Welcome to the minority

Anonymous said...


Yeah Keith--What he said--"The Grocer that dosen't sell you tin foil anymore...He is most definitely YOUR biggest enemy of all.

Time to renew the prescription isnt it?

Anonymous said...

A lot of them looked beseechingly at me, and I have no idea why, except for the fat chicks I could tell used to be pretty...they always miss what it was like to have a good lookin guy look their way. As for the rest, it was almost like they thought I could save them or something...even the kids! It was creepy.

I have this happen all the time as well. I dress "normally" don't have long hair ect... but some how THEY KNOW i'm different. It's really creepy when the J6P construction types look at me like that.

Anonymous said...

My enemies are leftists who want to destory my country. KEEFER did us all a favor and left the country. I wish the rest of you would follow his lead.

Anonymous said...


I think your first option is the better bet. Joe6Pack is better off than you think. You $11 an hour McFlippers always assume everyone is in the same shitty situation as you. You are wrong, dead wrong.

I graduated from college in 1994. All I heard during college was how awful the job market would be when I graduated. Nothing but doom and gloom about how Gen-X was fucked It was all bullshit. I had 4 job offers by February of my senior year and my starting salary was $46K. Real tough indeed.

Now 13 years later I make close to $200K a year. I have made more money every year than the previous year since I started working full time. I have not been unemployed voluntarily a day since 1994.

All this time I have been hearing the same bullshit. The dollar this. Oil that. Gas price this. Deficit that. Social Security this.

It is all noise and nothing but bullshit again. Focus on making your life better and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Every baby starts out in this world trying to get it's needs met . From day one the entire world tries to mode that baby into something that will serve the purpose of that world .
When it gets to the point that the baby is so brainwashed that it cannot seek out its self interest ,than the society that baby lives in has a puppet .

At best a human can have friendships of mutual self-interest .
The housing bubble went to far because you can't kill the sheep that are suppose to feed the system .

One group of people (in self interest) gain to much power and destroyed the sheep they were feasting on . Now the sheep will come back and bite them and destroy their greedy self interest .

People acting in self-interest ,rather than brainwashed people ,is the only constructive way for people to perform and not to become enemies of each other.

As long as you have more than one person on the face of this earth you will have one trying to con the other out of their fair share . Intelligent people try to live in harmony with others and don't try to starve the people around them to the point that they become beast .

The human race should be kind to each other and let each other operate in self-interest .

Anonymous said...

The American Sheeple are my enemy, none of this could have happened without them.

Ron said...


Great you have been extremely lucky to be able to move up year after year...never a legal problem never a health issue, dodged all the pitfalls of the pendulum swinging in the economy. Yet you fail to acknowledge the fundamentals of basic economics, such as oil and dollar value. Some how I have to think you are just not telling the truth and spinning a good tale for us. However, that is what the Internet is for I guess.

Anonymous said...

It's reall not hard to "dress" better than J6P. For clarity, travel to Las Vegas sometime and take a hard look at your fellow Americos. Notice what they are dressed and what they are 'wearing'. It is disgraceful.

Even the young hotties dress like either slobs or whores - pick one. I'm not sure who told them to look so ridiculous? - Theirr Parents probably - they are in LV too, driving RV (bot on HELOC) bellied up to the Buffet, no doubt.

Financial Institutiuons loaned these PIGS money? No wonder the nation is in trouble.

America deserves what is about to happen...

Boom, Crash, Bang.

AmazingRuss said...

Well, I did pretty well myself....well enough to take the next 5 or 6 years off and work on my nefarious experiments. I ran my own IT consulting biz for 15 years....was making 130k at the end.

I shut it all down because 1.) I was bored shitless solving the same problems over and over and over for different people, and 2.) I was sick of writing checks for 50k a year to a government that became completely insane over 30 years ago.

Now I get to work on my own nefarious experiments...130k aint shit for income anymore, so I'm taking a flying leap at fat patent royalty income. I will not stick my head back into that debt/tax slave's all or nothing from here on out.

I don't know ANYBODY that has the luxury to bail out like I did. Everybody has payments on something and very little saved. I also don't know anybody that makes anywhere near what I did. They're out there, but given the median income in the country is under 50k, there can't be that many.

It's possible that the people I saw swarming around the dunes were all on the high side of 50k, and the poor folk stayed home. Time will tell.

Jambu said...


I'm in the same boat as you. $130Kish a year working for myself. I often wonder how others live the lives they do knowing that as you say the median income is $50K.

I have no debt.I buy nice things but I don't drive a $50K BMW or anything. Must be something I'm missing because I should be living twice as well as the average Shmoe yet I'm barely keeping up with them.

Andrew Hac said...

This is what the land of the Americano and its inhabitants will come down to: Slowly but surely rotten from the inside out like a leper.

What do you expect from a nation that 90% of its citizens spend 150% of their income, live in a 3,500 square feet home, drive a Ford Expedition singly most of the time.

I do believe that most Americanos are just plain shallow-minded, ignorant, but pompous. And they like to threaten and bully the weaker ones.

Don't believe me ? Look at Iraq. Now if you really want to act like tough dude, take on China or Russia and see how the Monday night martial art match will come out. Any one here want to wager on the Americanos side ?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac:

USSR lost, and China isn't capable of taking Taiwan, let alone the U.S.A.

But please, keep up the rant!

Ron said...

Your Jewish Master,

Stop watching WWII re-runs and realize that the fastest jet is no longer ours, nor missile, nor undetectable silent sub, plus that is just what we know now...who the hell knows what else they have. So this we are the worlds bad ass isn't true anymore. Not to mention the destruction of our name and image thanks to the coward in chief, we don't have many who would want to jump to our aide...especially against Russian and China united front.

But you can march around your back yard with a flag screaming USA USA USA! Which is another point....if I give a monkey a flag and he waves he patriotic?

Anonymous said...

Ron -

Did you just say "against the Russia and China 'front'"? Awesome.

And you have just caused me to imagine myself as Homer Simpson! If you can imagine a Jewish Homer Simpson, oy vey!!

And I suppose a monkey waving a flag could be considered a patriotic monkey.

Keep thinking America sucks, you will end up on the wrong side of history (people like you usually do). But I am here to help you. First, get the rant out of your system (may last until Ron Paul loses). But then, I think we can make some progress!

Andrew Hac said...

To "Your Jewish Master",

Red China can stand all of its people on the Pacific Ocean coast line facing Taiwan, all taken a leak and Taiwan will drown in urine, much less talking about China snubbing the shit out of Taiwan by force. Lord and behold, you are not only blind, but ignorant and stupid as a Jewish primate can be. Anyway, what can I expect from a "monkey waving the star-spangle flag" in a zoo ?

Princess Mononoke said...

Hey Andrew Hac, it was nice to read a post of yours that actually had some substance about your opinion about China vs. Taiwan.

You know it would be nice for us to get your viewpoint on the current events in your part of the world. I'm not being sarcastic either.

Mammoth said...

"China isn't capable of taking Taiwan"
Wait until AFTER the 2008 Olympics, and then we'll see what transpires.

And no, the US will NOT come to Taiwan's rescue - we are spread way too thin as it is; also, Taiwan does not have oil.

My guess is that when China makes it's move, it will not be a full-scale military invasion, but instead an activation (i.e. call to action) of a number of well-placed Chinese agents who are already stationed in Taiwan.

Taiwan will simple wake up one day and discover that it is again a part of China.



Anonymous said...

Why does China want Taiwan? When they are currently taking over Africa, Americas and anywhere else their billions of people and cash care to populate?

Princess Mononoke said...

Anonymous said...
>>anywhere else their billions of people and cash care to populate?
November 27, 2007 8:25 PM

That's not very nice... I have a lot of 1st and 2nd generation Chinese friends who are great people. Isn't that a little discriminatory?

The one thing I can opaquely agree with is my dislike of the Chinese government.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, common sense is definitely not that common. People that have it will make it through the ensuing debacles and tsunami of recession, trauma etc that is no doubt headed our way.

A return to conservative values (NOT G.W.B./current GOP values) is the only thing that can save the country at this point. Unfortunately, we're goign to have to fall very, very hard before the majority of the population will learn it's lesson.