November 04, 2007

Remember remember the fifth of November - donate to Ron Paul tomorrow during the big "money bomb"

There's a grassroots effort underway to raise a ton of money for Ron Paul tomorrow, November 5th. A "money bomb".

Kinda funny, as some of you know that's Guy Fawkes day here in jolly England, where they celebrate the guy who tried to blow up the House of Lords and Parliament in 1605.

But hey, that is a bit similar to what Ron Paul is trying to do in this day and age. Blow up the den of corruption in DC, and drastically reduce the Federal Government.

Do your part. Send some cash, even if it's $10, to Ron Paul tomorrow. Screw Rudy Giuliani. Screw John McCain. Screw Hillary Clinton. Screw Mitt Romney. Screw 'em all. The only candidate who gets it is Ron Paul. Make him be heard. Help him blow up Parliament on November 5th.


Anonymous said...

"Blow up"? Ehhhh....I'm a Ron Paul supporter, but I don't agree with using terms and phrases like that. Ron Paul is about peaceful interactions between individuals, not violence or coercion.

Marty Feldman said...

I was going to donate from the cheap seats - but he still hasn't written (or said) any sort of rebuttal to Michael Medved's Open letter a few days ago. C'mon, Paul - you can't write or say 10 or 20 words saying Neo-Nazism is bad?

Anonymous said...

Cool idea and you can track it live on's donation meter

Anonymous said...


"Don't like using terms and phrases like that?"

Get it through your head, real change does not result from peaceful measures.

For Christ's sake, if the founding fathers never took up arms, you'd be sipping tea and eating spotted dick.

Anonymous said...

I like Ron Paul's principles. But it concerns me that he gets such a disproportionate amount of support from kooks. I wish he would unequivocally disassociate himself from the 9/11 truthers, white supremacists, holocaust deniers, and all the other nuts that have latched onto his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you guys talk about sheeple this and sheeple that. Yet you listen to a fool like Ron Paul and follow him blindly.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is endorsed by white supremacists, aryan nation, etc. He has never publicly stated he does not hold the views of these groups. I find that quite telling. You can tell a lot of a man by the company he keeps. And this mans keeps some awful company.

I'm all for a smaller govt but not this way.

Anonymous said...

He accepted $500 form the head of stormfront dot com. He didn't give the money back meaning

a) he believes in stormfront's message


b) is too stupid to realize what NOT giving back would be interpreted as

Either way not a good move by someone who wants to be president. Shows a lack of judgement at best and some fucked up views on the world at worst.

This is the end of his 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I just donated. I love Ron Paul and his message.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is typical of the HP set. Angry, old, neo-nazi men.

Anonymous said...

I donated too and it looks like a lot of other people did the same thing.
I think it is my moral obligation to support a potential President that has 3 times the IQ of the one that is in the Oval office now.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that he accepted $ from stromfront? How can I verify that or are you one of the good ole party boys trying to sway us away from the only candidate with any integrity.

Jambu said...

Maybe he can ask David Duke to be his VP.

Anonymous said...

Stormfront story is here:

Pretty cut and dry where the money came from. It has been 2 weeks and still no word from Ron Paul. I realize anyone can donate to anybody. And it's impossible to figure out the beliefs of every person who donates to a candidate. But if it is exposed that the head of a white supremacist group gave Ron Paul $500 and he doesn't give it back, it's wrong.

Ron Paul's biggest downside is he is perceived as a crazy, fringe candidate. Accepting money from crazy, fringe groups doesn't help with that image.

Anonymous said...

I will never give a cent to Ron Paul for three simple reasons:

1. Ronald Reagen. Ron Paul supported the guy who brought on the single greatest debt expansion and economic clusterfak in history--until Bush Jr. Republicans are horrible with our money, I'd rather give it to a

2. Anti-choice. Abortion laws don't stop abortions, they just cause unsafe abortions and kill our daughters. I'm vehemently anti-abortion on a personal level, but recognize reality on this one.

3. Here's a Ron Paul quote: "Rulings and laws separating citizens from their religious beliefs in all public settings simply restrict religious practices. The religious freedom required by the Constitution should not end the moment one enters a school, courtroom, or city hall." Umm, actually, god has no place in goverment, and that's why god isn't mentioned in the Constitution. When god and government start mixing you end up with the Taliban, the Inquisition and a host of other insane activity. The US was founded on getting away from the the mix of government and religion that pervaded so many countries three centures ago. Let's not bring that back into the US or join religion-based goverments such as Saudi Arabia etc. Enlightenment, not religion.

Who am I going to vote for and support ('cause it's a real duty in a democracy to at least support someone!)? I'll see, but not Ron Paul.