November 10, 2007

Even the traders know that Ben Bernake is full of sh*t, and Ron Paul speaks the truth about inflation, the dollar and stupid Fed policy


Anonymous said...

that was sweet

ricky said...

could it possibly be that benny is worse than prune face??

Our boy ronnie has freaking made benny look like a real dumba**!!!

i cant believe that bernanke said that a falling dollar will not affect us because we dont buy foreign goods!!!!!!!! ahahhaha

what a dumb a** and even wall street is figuring out what a let down this fed guy really is.

Im soo happy that people are realising this sh**.

shtove said...

Will Santelli get his own show? He puts Cramer to shame.

Anonymous said...

Look for 10% on the long bond soon. Who will buy it Americans with negative savings??????????

Anonymous said...

I don't see any of the coardly DemoCrooks standing up to Bernanke. Those clueless idiots only know how to ruin failed socialist ponzi schemes like Fannie Mae, Social Security and soon Socialized Healthcare (which will include 20 million illegals).

Anonymous said...

Yes I think the USA should provide medicare and retirement benefits to all Mexicans, perhaps through in Guatamala, and Cuba as well.

That is what the boomer generation worked and saved thier money for - free love, peace, and all that - they won't mind eatin tacos the rest of thier live in a metal shack.

Anonymous said...

Santelli and Mark Haines are the only guys who make sense on CNBC.

Anonymous said...

This is gold!
I love Rick Santelli!!
The camera angle they use makes him look like a cheshire cat or little ground hog coming out of his hole to share the real truth.
He always makes an effort to light up that smile of his.
Love Santelli!!