November 21, 2007

Bloomberg columnist's message to homedebtors looking to sell: Enough with the balloons, open houses and incentives - just cut the damn price

The whole world is going HousingPANIC now, wouldn't you say?

What took so long?

HP adds one piece of advice to this: Cut the price BIG TIME. Shock yourself at how far and how fast your home's value plummeted. If you want out from under your debt-trap, you're gonna have to shock your neighbors with the new comp on the street.

Or you could hang on, watch your home rot on the MLS for another few months or years, and watch it sell for even less down the road than you could have gotten for it today.

Housing party over. Get out. Now.

Housing Market's Stench Means Cut Price to Sell

ov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Raffles, festive balloons, open houses, car giveaways. Will any of these incentives sell houses? Not at the moment.

You don't have to be particularly creative in a market glutted with homes for sale. The painful reality is that homes are commodities. There are more than 4 million of them sitting out there unsold and more coming on the market every day due to foreclosures. If you really need to sell a house, price is the one lever that will move a property.

Almost everywhere your competition is abundant while buyers are waiting for prices to fall even more. U.S. existing-home prices are expected to drop almost 2 percent this year nationally, according to the National Association of Realtors, and are likely to fall further in areas oversaturated with homes for sale.

``Buyers just want price,'' says Mike Morgan, a Stuart, Florida-based lawyer, real-estate broker and consultant who researches property markets for hedge funds and financial institutions. ``Buyers have become educated and they can easily cut through the fluffy incentives.''


Anonymous said...

This whole thing just makes me sick- the runup, the calls for bailouts, and the losses I have suffered as a result of being relatively prudent and, imagine that, trying to save money.

Oh yeah, now I remember why I didn't buy a house, because there was an irrational runup and I could not afford it using traditional financing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah & here's another tip for you sellers:

After you knock your price down, be prepared for another kicked in the teeth, cause I'm going to lowball you another 15-20% off that price as well!!

Why buy now - when it's going to continue to drop for the next year at least -


Otherwise why would I buy now???

Anonymous said...

The Housing Sham (I mean boom) and all the shows it spawned (Trading Spaces, etc.), has carved such a deep hole into the american psyche that, believe it or not, many still believe that their house is different, and immune to all this. They aren't even close to conceding to the truth. Here on Cape Cod, where I'm still seeing the same houses aging on the MLS for months now, the people just don't get it. Barnstable County (essentially Cape Cod) has just seen an enormous jump in foreclosures too, and by every account imaginable, the housing market is in a free fall.

Admittedly I have seen a few people bring their asking price way down and those houses are moving. I can just see the huge sigh of relief coming from those now happier folks. Yeah, they lost a little on their investment, but boy can they sleep at night and that is priceless.

Hey Cape Codders hoping to sell. If you want your house to sell in a few months, and not a few years, heed all the known information and do everyone a favor and sell low. Way low.

...if not, this is going to last many, many years and cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention serious medical problems created by anxiety.

I am a potential buyer and I plan to wait 10 years if I have to.

You see, I am not playing the game with you. You are losing money and I am not. I will not buy a weather-beaten property (especially the case on windy, snow and rain-soaked Cape Cod) for anything near what the (now going down slightly) rate you are asking. No way. I'm not having you unload your problems onto my family. I am renting, cheaply, a very large nice house on the Cape, right near the ocean, and saving my money for my childrens education, savings and some fun vacations. I am living and watching you go down hard. I will then pluck up your property for peanuts.

Until then, "I ain't buyin.' No way, no how"

...GET IT???!!!

Marky Mark said... better fix EVERYTHING wrong found on the pay closing costs...

lowballer said...

Just call me lowballer.It will feel like I kicked you in the balls when i give you an offer.No more funny money to give you so you can buy that new car.The bullshit is over.

Anonymous said...

Hire male/female prostitutes (other than the Realtors). Have a Las Vegas roulette wheel with pricing in place of numbers, buyer spins and gets price on wheel?

Jeezus, getting carried away here...

Really though, in this market anyone making an offer at this time should call 911, you should be placed under a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation. Buy a depreciating/valuless asset with borrowed money? I don't think so.

Enjoy your turkey. It's much tastier than crow which is what dishonest foreclosed, ARMed Americans (and illegal aliens-you get credit where do as well) will be eating for quite some time to come...

Screw America. We have it coming, amd MORE. Thank the veterans, but burn your flag in protest. THIS is NOT AMERICA anymore.

apollo said...

Anyone interested in why it takes SO DAMN LONG for the public to grasp economic trends should read "Mass Psychology" by James Dines.

It is clear that we are just beginning to see the panic out of real estate and the dollar. We are also seeing the early stages of the panic into gold.

The way to make really big money is to buy things you know people will have a mania for some day. BUY GOLD NOW AND WAIT FOR THE INEVITABLE.

Happy Homedebtor said...

Re anonymous @ 3:14PM: You go with that, and I'll just smile and nod and laugh at you.

As for the rest of you: you're going to fall into the same trap as a friend did, which is focusing on the deal more than the house as a home. Unlike any other investment, it has a practical use and you spend more of your time there than anywhere else (in most cases at least). If you succeed in your current half-baked plans, you'll be very, very disappointed longterm - as he's finding out now.

LauraVella said...

There are a few open homes in a nice area of San Leandro called Estudillo Estates. I visited at least three open homes that really should be called "probate sales", because the owners died and the homes were passed down to the children.

Whats interesting - instead of leaving the house the way it was, the kids (40 something adults) buy furniture, paint, then stage the homes to make it look as if it's occupied.

I don't get it. Fifteen years ago, probate homes were never painted and staged...this new breed of inhertor, should instead jut leave it alone and price it right.

What if somebody doesnt like pottery barn colors? It's gotten so crazy, everyone wants to be an "interior decorator" investor!

These homes are listed in the mid $600's-800. Didnt their realtors tell them its going to be tough finding buyers when the max jumbo loans are 417k?

After the holidays the market will be turned upside down. This holiday is the last signs of what they considered "normacy".

nnj said...

Not only cut the price, but beat your local competition. Price is all I care about. Incentives don't mean anything to me! At all!

This may not be true for all, but don't think remodeling your house is a sure win situation. Chances are the work you did is half assed or does not meet my interests. Here in NJ almost all houses are styled after something like the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Mirrors, statues, columns, along with gold and aqua colors abound. I would first have to burn the house down, then rebuild. So if you need to sell, don't do any remodeling and just ask for a lesser purchase price.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comparison the inexperienced seller maybe able to relate too.

We were advertising our SUV amongst many other sellers of these unwanted behemoths. We priced it at blue book and received no calls.

We then set the price at blue book "wholesale" and received one call but no offers.

Dropped the price 20% below wholesale, got 5 calls the first day and sold it 4 days later.

We took the hit and moved on while the other sellers continue to languish on the market with their depreciating "asset".

Anonymous said...

I have read all of the comments so far and as much as I agree with everything that was said I think this is going to be much easier said to do than actually doing in itself. Therefore this is going to take a long time because people in bubble cities (All of South Florida, Phoenix, Vegas, Cali) can't grasp this idea of far down thier price has to go to actually sell. There are so many people waiting on the sideline now it seems like everyone is pointing at the homedebtors and saying "he you stupid @sshole for buying a home in 2005 and on your F#$Ked and I can't wait to take advantage of you F$ck up!!!! The other point is people are not understanding the concept that they going to lose! No one like to lose!!! Especially the greedy boomers!! THe third thing is the equity is already spent! So buying the car idea already happened! ANd are both depreciating at a rapid rate!! That is why they can't lower their prices!! They need to get what they think they need to get out of their situation!! For example lets say a semi cautious person who likes to keep at least 20% equity in their home sees their home go from $200,000 to $400,000 in three years time starts different. They buy the extra dinner every week! Take a line out and buy a car! Put $$$ down on an "REal Estate InvestMENT" so this example spent $120,000 on vacations, plasmas, financed luxury car/H2,etc!! SO in their mind they need to walk away with at least $320,000 or they will lose!!! People are not understanding How bad bubble areas are going to lose!! This sucks!!! I live here!!! The people are stupid!!!! I think it the sun frying their brain like an egg!!

rich in fl

smitty said...

those who liked shopping the sales-- for cheaply made goods, are now being asked to be part of the sale! i.e. everyone's fantasy, a good sale, is becoming their nightmere.

remember what Gecko Said:

"It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another." (source)

watch out below!

On 'Democracy Now' this morning, there was a fun clip of the "Reverand Billy" (clip, video clip) Enjoy kids!

It's amazing how many homedebtors give me a wierd look when I say: "I'm not buying a home because I not going to pay off someone's trip to the mall!." Like the grinch, they sell you a $50,000 bedroom with $40,000 dollars worth of furnishings gone!

Anonymous said...

What is the Bloomberg columnist thinking when forecasting a 2% drop in home prises? Prices have run up 300% in many areas from 1994-95.
I am familiar with Chicago's northern suburbus and houses in this area that used to sell for 150-160K have asking prices of 460-525k even AT THIS POINT.

So no I will not be buying! If you want to list a house for 150-180K in this area mention it here and we can get in touch.

When the stock market corrects(sustainable downtrend), the air will rush out of this housing bubble.

I will be waiting. It will be either me or the bank. take your choise. I have been waiting for 7 years watching idiots with low paying jobs bid up houses to levels that made absolutely no sense and then boasting how smart they are. To the tune that my MBA in Finance and my warnings to them meant nothing.

I am watching your downfall- I told you so idiots!

Anonymous said... low....Hell will look like a highrise.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the goobermint doesn't confiscate gold like that bastard FDR did in 1933. They always find a way to screw the well-informed people

Anonymous said...

I agree--After the holidays, everything is going to go to SHYTTT, so enjoy these carefree days while you can.

Think about the current nightmare unwinding--

1. Fannie/Freddie CRISIS being uncovered as we speak. Half of their holdings may be absolute JUNK. If, no not if, but WHEN- they pullback on lending drastically, every other lender in this country now shoving their crap loans down Fannie's throat will be TOAST. (Good bye Countrywide-today already trading in the single digits)
2. Veeery few people will be able to qualify for a loan even close to $417,000, so housing prices will fall off a cliff.
3. The dollar is becoming SO de-valued thanks to Bernanke's genius, that it will soon be on par with the PESO.

My God, people, this is about to get very serious, and it just may make 1930 look like a party.

Sell your house now for whatever you can get!!!!!

Mark in San Diego said...

The public is 2 years behind the curve, they are just starting to wake up to the disaster . . .the the so called "economists" Bernake/Paulson are also 2 years behind. . .just today, Paulson said, "wow man things are really in the shitter" (or something like that). . .I can understand the public being behind the curve, but for Paulson and Bernake it is criminal!

Anonymous said...

"Unlike any other investment, it has a practical use and you spend more of your time there than anywhere else (in most cases at least)"

Happy, two points:

1. A rented home also has a practical use and costs considerably less than the purchase of an overinflated bubble home; and,

2. On the contrary, in order to afford a home these days most are probably spending much more at work than in their homes and pretty much just use the places to eat, sleep and shit.

So, why spend all that money and take out loans for the next 30 years for a place that you just eat, sleep and shit in?

Anonymous said...

The notion of "It's different here" when referring to the housing market correction in and around the DC area has always been predicated on bleary-eyed speculation and utter bloated-ego ignorance. Time and business fundamentals will continue to be the driving forces in this correction and will put things back into place. Housing is dead money.


save the greenbacks said...

I can't believe there are still people saying "it's not a house, it's a home". I guess because the "real estate never goes down" argument is now clearly false, that is all they have. Happy Homedebtor, face it-you lost. Game over. Your house/home (whatever you want to call it) will continue to fall in value. The rest of us have tons of houses to choose from at greatly reduced prices. I know when the time is right and the market has hit bottom, I'll have no problem finding the right house. And if it turns out that I don't like it, I'll be able to sell it without losing a fortune.

Anonymous said...

There is a house down the road from my rental that is for sale at $859K. It has been for sale since February. Every week there is an open house. And every week there are balloons all over the neighborhood with arrows pointing to the open house.

There's another one about 1/4 mile away that is asking $1.19M. It has been for sale since May.

Neither have had any price drops.

The denial is indeed incredible.

Oh and I rent my house which is comparable to the $859K for $2700 a month. The mortgage alone (without taxes) on $859K would be more than double my rent.

Cow_tipping said...

Oh yea, there is the NAR now beating the $$ down, like good little hungry wolves, they will bash anyone to get their 6%. Atleast this is a normal reaction.
And yes, all the house related shows, flip that house, sell that house, virgin house buyer (is that how its going to feel when you buy ... that you're f^(ked) should all go off the air before I call this bottom.

Anonymous said...

If someone is already upside down on their mortgage due to the drop in housing values isn't it very difficult for them to drop the price further to sell? I mean, how are they going to make up the short-fall to pay off the mortgage?

Anonymous said...

Why buy now - when it's going to continue to drop for the next year at least -

I'm hearing ya', and I agreeing with ya'!!

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy your turkey. It's much tastier than crow which is what dishonest foreclosed, ARMed Americans (and illegal aliens-you get credit where do as well) will be eating for quite some time to come..."


marinite2 said...

Could be a long wait. I know of a house here in Marin that was first put on the market in December, 2005 (actually, that's when I first started tracking it). It is still on the market. It's DOM has been reset many times of course but in truth it has been on the market for nearly two years or more. The sellers have refused to lower the price past what their total loan amount (plus cost of renovations) even though they have been bleeding money each month on it for two years. It is irrational but that is their choice. They have been trying to lease/rent it now for the last 4 months and still no takers. It's a small house 750 sq ft or so, granite, bamboo flooring, and all the other trendy upgrades. But it is tiny and in a sucky part of town.

The point is: some sellers would rather go broke by waiting the market out than take the hit to their egos.

Alex3191 said...

It's the biggest commitment (financialy) of my entire life , so why not wait ? (whatever it takes) TIME IS ON MY SIDE ...
YOU (homedebtor, fliper etc) bet on my greed, ignorance, stupidity, misinformation, desperation or whatever. Well, you're wrong. I'm not like you !
It's a waiting game .. let's see how you play it ! said...

When we first looked here in Newport Coast in 2005 there was nothing for under 1,000/sq ft and most were around 1,100/sq ft. There was one development in particular we really liked, but those were the prices.

Yesterday I was browsing the MLS and found one in that same development for an even $500/sq ft and it's been on the market for several month already, unsold.

And the party has just begun!

One of those free local magazines came yesterday and in the back they show listings on high-end luxury homes. I got a good laugh at "days on market: 330" ... "days on market: 410"


Andrew Hac said...

And you patriotic Americano are telling me "The land of the Americano" is not having a problem. How about this ? Doesn't this exhibit the mentality of the major of the American people, that you have to have more than enough comparing to every one else, that you must live the lives of the Hoity-Toity, the Gurkha Majesty ? Why on the freaking Earth do you need a God-Darn pool for in the backyard of your McMansion abode ? Isn't this the thinking, the culture, the I-was-taught-this-way from your parents, your teachers, your friends, your co-workers way of life ? Sad, real sad for the Americano life style... Shiny like an apple outside, taste like anchovy inside.

Festering pools left behind at foreclosed homes pose health risk:::::

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! Sock it to their greedy asses. I hope they go bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

I feel the anger and pain of this site, and it is so nice!!! No mercy fuckers!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24 said
The Housing Sham (I mean boom) and all the shows it spawned (Trading Spaces, etc.), has carved such a deep hole into the american psyche that, believe it or not, many still believe that their house is different, and immune to all this. They aren't even close to conceding to the truth. Here on Cape Cod, where I'm still seeing the same houses aging on the MLS for months now, the people just don't get it.
Agreed. But remember, all this frenzy and mania the past several years was fueld by "Emotions". Therefore, pricing was not based on sound logic. If emotions are running wild, its not easy to rationalize with people about how much "equity" they've lost or how many "hundreds of thousands of dollars poorer they are!"
They're still living in the past "emotionally" and this will take time for "reason" to set in.

Mammoth said...

" better fix EVERYTHING wrong found on the pay closing costs..."
Um...not so fast!

When I sold my house last month, the original offer was $5K off the asking price and for me to contribute $6K toward closing costs.

My counteroffer was $0 toward the buyer's closing costs and $5K off the asking price.

Because the original asking price was already semi-"drama-priced" (thanks HP!), the buyers agreed.

Then the inspector came and found some minor issues with the house, so I just gave another $1K to the buyer.

The result? The buyer felt this was a good deal, and this seller got rid of the house.

Amazing things can happen when the price is right!
"What if somebody doesnt like pottery barn colors?"

- Someone advised me to paint the interior walls (not the ceilings, though) something other than "boring white."

So I picked out a light tan color and painted the walls. Apparently the buyer liked it - Ha!

-Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading this, and thanks for sharing your wisdom and entertaining comments!


Anonymous said...

Re: Unlike any other investment, it has a practical use and you spend more of your time there than anywhere else....

I keep hearing the argument that time spent at home gives it a unique use value that can't be accounted for in the price of a home continues to bother me.. If i spend hours commuting should I buy a car for more than it's fair market value?

The point is that there is utility in spending time in a rental home as well - You should care if you're losing money in your investment, a home is probably your largest asset - if you're taking a bath on the price of your home, your net worth will take a huge hit.

Anonymous said...

Remember the builder offering free pizza a couple of years ago? said...

Re: Unlike any other investment, it has a practical use and you spend more of your time there than anywhere else....

This is the kind of argument that is completely illogical and proves that homedebtors try to justify their situation with emotion over logic.

Yes, I spend more time at home than anywhere else. This does not change whether I continue to pay $3,500/month rent or if I were paying the $8,000/month it would have cost to "buy" the place at the time I signed my lease.

Based on that, why the f*ck should I "buy"? Please, tell me.

Even with equity (which is negative appreciation right now), the so-called "tax break" (which I don't qualify for because I'm single making over $130k), and every other argument you can come up with, I'd be taking a bath NO MATTER WHAT paying $8,000 vs. $3,500.

borkafatty said...

You can drop the price 50%..the problem here is the financing..unless of course you have the cash.

Anonymous said...

I love the Andrew Hac troll.

For while America shall burn for a while, as America goes, so goes the world. If he thinks that the global economy shall continue without the American (borrowing) consumer, and that his own (Asian) government won't suffer when they find out that 80% of the government's securities were in US subprime CDOs, he'll soon learn differently.

So while Yanks will learn from adversity and downsize to apartments and switch from Whole Foods to Super Fresh, Andrew will be living on the garbage-strewn streets of some awful hellhole city, dining on grass pulled out of ox droppings. Yuck!

And if anyone else thinks China, Japan and Europe will be "A-OK," y'all are smoking something. They're all export-dependent economies with huge dependencies on US buyers. Without the US consumer, the socialist systems in Europe will finish their four-decade liquidation (and collapse), Japan will go into a tailspin, and China's 1,200 million hungry farm peasants will overthrow the 200 million Chinese living in the coastal cities (many of whom will go unemployed when Americans stop buying Apple Computers and HP wide-screen TVs at Best Buy on credit).

REAMED said...

This just keeps getting better and better!!!!

I LOVE HP, I LOVE being debt free.

2008 is going to be so so good.

And I'm not going to get sentimental and sympathetic, oh maybe outwardly to not come across as a total asshole, but I'm enjoying YOUR pain, realtor, more than you will ever imagine...

Anonymous said...

well Frank your being a "sink" (single income no kids)you are probably doing exactly the right thing-BUT- if you have a family- you know 1.3 kids and a wife, maybe a dog, many want to provide
a more stable homelife-renting carries its own risks bro especially if you are renting from an investor-landlord that is renting to you for less than his payment;-)) in that case you better hope the landlord has deep enough pockets to float the negative return boat or youre out on your ass and looking for a new place- no biggie for someone in your shoes- a HUGE biggie if you have a family and all the crap that goes along with one.

Anonymous said...

Holiday Cheer comes to HP:

In Las Vegas last week for Corvette driving school and to watch the New Frontier implode (perfect metaphor for current economy)recommend both. Visited dear friends in real nice 4 y/o development. He bot a home not to gamble on but to LIVE in, BUT while walking, noticed a nice 4/3 rambler on same street f/s at $300K/orig new price was $189K. At height of boom a $565K property. Realwhore in yard. I crossed street and kept whistling like a mental defective crazy person so as not to make contact of any kind but she literally ran me down anyway. Begged (only word I can think of to describe behavior) me to look at house. I did, wtf. I told her to call me when the owners would take $150K and finance 100%. She laughed at me, I laughed at her... I gave her my personal business card anyway for fun...

Today, she called, e-mailed, cell phoned and faxed a $150K sales contract not even bothering correctly spell my name. I couldn't believe it. I "live" in Santa Clara (No. Cal)in a $500+K 1000 sq. ft 10 y/o paid for square box. $150K doesn't buy a second look here, nevermind a large rambler 4 yrs. old.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am going to have my Holiday Fun with this one. I will mentally torture this agent into a breakdown before I am done with her. Mental masturbation doesn't begin to describe what I have plannd for this real estate professional.

Stay tuned for future reports. I guarantee you will be entertained as I run this one through the gauntlet.

How about an LLC with 150K owners at $1. per share owners? I bet we can come up with a real cute tax scheme with this one. I will fill up a pickup truck with loan documents for their review. Hows that for starters?

Res Ipsa Loquator. Carpe Diem.

Real Estate Tycoon Ventures #69

Anonymous said...

Remember the builder offering free pizza a couple of years ago?
We had one in Portland OR about a month ago offering free hot dogs! Should have called and asked if the dogs were lips&a**holes or good ones.

Anonymous said...

That POS unreliable Zillow site participates in the insanity. Zillow keeps raising the value in freaking bubble centers that have deflated already. That Zillow should be closed down to stop passing Kool-Aid to bankrupt homedebtors still suffering of dementia. said...

well Frank your being a "sink" (single income no kids)you are probably doing exactly the right thing-BUT- if you have a family- you know 1.3 kids and a wife, maybe a dog, many want to provide a more stable homelife

Your logic is totally backwards - you're telling me that if I had to provide for a family and kids, spending $8,000/mo to "own" this house is more responsible than renting it for $3,500/mo???

How does that make sense - $4,500/mo LESS for my family?

Seriously... if my landlord went bankrupt and I had to move, that a much better deal than having to move due to my own foreclosure.

No matter what kind of logic or arguments you try to put up, it will *never* make sense or be smart to pay more than double for the same thing. ESPECIALLY if I'm responsible for supporting a family.

Anonymous said...

House is paid off, bought it in 1997 and was amazed that some nut was willing to pay more than I did for an older depreciating assembly is sticks and bricks. Being debt free is like having season tickets to the best game in town, the running of the FB's and home debtors through the streets being chased by the BK trustees and car repo vigilantes. It is better than Pomplona in the days of Hemingway. Hey babe, make me another mojito!

Anonymous said...

How about an LLC with 150K owners at $1. per share owners? I bet we can come up with a real cute tax scheme with this one. I will fill up a pickup truck with loan documents for their review. Hows that for starters?

They already tried that one...

The Eastern Ohio United States District Court, on October 31, 2007 dismissed 14 Deutsche Bank-filed foreclosures in a ruling based on lack of standing for not owning/holding the mortgage loan.

Apparently Deutsche bank submitted several affidavits that claim that Deutsche was in fact the owner of the mortgage note, but none of these affidavits mention assignment or trust or successor interest.

Anonymous said...

frankly none of them are worth more then 80,000 cash to me... hell i never got a wall st or govt working rip off job nor the ability to spend other peoples money and the ability to have them make pennies while i make tens of dollars

Anonymous said...

held N.Y property for 17 years that would not sell at a quarter of its tax assessed "value" and sold at a third of its tax assessed value in order to avoid paying a property tax equal to what was 20 percent of that sale price sold amount yearly............. shittys can last long and hard as irratiobality.....

Anonymous said...

but if i bought to live there, i might have planted vegetables and long term seed crops ang today enjoying a large pot of vegetable soup/ instead i bought as investment and intended in effect to jack up the prices and tax on everything as i leave........

Anonymous said...

never confuse infestor with investor again...............fools

Anonymous said...

more examples of the truth in the sane spendings of how well people spend other peoples money.. or why did i spend millions to muy a hundred thousand dollar house?????????????///

Anonymous said...

dopes abound......dopes

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to press all the advertisers gets damn expensive in
london doubtless

Anonymous said...

ox bow soup?????????

Anonymous said...

some of you clowns dont get........we are in for some serious hurting say oh Ill buy a house cheap ,get a deal ect...but you still dont get it, if the stuff hits the fan everyone is in trouble whether you own or rent a home,we are talking about the downfall of america and society as we know it today, typical college brats its always me me me ,never about your fellow american, its no wonder this country is hurting, and most of you 30-35 yr old college clowns are the idiots thats came up with all these dumb investment vehicles to start with.God help us allincluding the clowns because its going to affect us all, rich,poor,old and young.
We no longer have a manufacturing base that can pull us out of the downward spiral like we did years ago. Question for all of many young machinists,plumbers,electricians,mechanics ect that actually make and or repair things do you know... most of you are all pencil n paper pushers... I apologize if I offend anyone but those are the facts. Be well everyone

Anonymous said...

no duh!!

Anonymous said...


Anonomous: Why are you so hard on clowns? Comparing the young 'professioanl' today to clowns is a disservice to clowns.

Clowns actually produce something of value, most of the young prof. do not produce anything resembling value. They push paper, file lawsuits, enact moronic laws and figure out ways to cover up the felonies they have comitted.

As for offending anyone, I could care less who I offend. I worked my ass off for many years to pay for what I have while today, the illegitimate government is already pandering to the dead beat debtors (the young, geniouses with bulging bellies, brains and debt). I'm a Viiictiiim is the new national chant.

Make no mistake these people are not totally responsible for current events, you must have a complicet, corrupt government like The Bush Family has fostered and a nation of gullible, stupid fanny pack wearing mall walkers.

So, please, lighten up on the clowns, and call the rest what what they are; filthy disease-ridden walking talking chancre sores not fit to hold conversation with upright people. In other words, just a typical greedy, lying stupid Americano.

That's all the charity for today. I cannot wait to put these idiots out of their homes and into the cold, dark freezing streets. It will be my profound pleasure to watch them be miserable, get sick and hopefully disappear permanently.

Send IN the Clowns... The American Century is over and America is Sick and Dying.

Hurry, Hurry the Mall is calling...

Anonymous said...

yeah good call Cletus, blame college grads because you live like a pauper