October 11, 2007

Ron Paul CNBC Debate Highlights - youtube video

In all my years of observing politicians, I've never been this impressed by a candidate's debate performance, ever.

Ron Paul electrified the GOP debate Monday night, spoke from the heart, spoke with courage and conviction, and didn't spew rehearsed sound-bites and poll-measured false positions (i.e. Romney and Rudy). Watch this video, and then wonder how boobs like Rudy, Romney and Clinton are considered attractive candidates by the MSM and masses.

Even if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination (not enough smart people in America, especially in the GOP), he's influencing and dominating the debate with HP'er positions, and hopefully starting a change in America that will spill over to 2012 as his controversial thinking becomes mainstream. HP has a horse in this race, and our messages are being heard, only because of Ron Paul.

But sadly, A
merica doesn't want to hear Ron Paul's message today (or HP's). He makes them so uncomfy! And we all know denial is much more comfortable.

Eventually though, just like the housing crash, denial turns into acceptance, as people are forced to deal with the ugly truth. And the small minority becomes the majority.


raynla said...



Nuff Respect Mon seen!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be a waste to vote for any candidate other than Dr. Ron Paul. The other candidates don't understand the huge differences between sales tax, inflation tax and income tax.

I doubt any other candidate will get us out of Iraq. It only makes sense to vote for others if you like seeing your money go to other countries while our bridges fall apart, our veterans get horrible care and our borders stay open to anyone and anything.

Ron Paul 08

Old Fogey said...

He reminds me a lot of Reagan in 1976. Reagan was the one speaking as a "voice from the desert" but the GOP establishment went with Gerald Ford. It took the misery index years of democrat Jimmy Carter to bring enough Americans around to see his ideas were not so bad after all.

I expect the same with Ron Paul. After four years of socialism and rampant attempts to undermine American sovereignty under Hillary, Americans and the GOP will be much more receptive to Ron Paul's message as he will be a strong alternative to the establishment.

michael said...

he should have responded to the guy from NY that if those 19 guys represented a foreign government then why the hell are we not bombing the frack out of saudi arabia.

guliani is a douche.

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

He needs to discuss the unintended consequences [blowback] of our foreign policy and quit with the small group attacking on 9/11. It's like saying Israel is fighting a small group. Stupid.

His fiscal policy is flawless, but he won't win friends by ignoring the ME facts which are plain.

Anonymous said...

Oh, where to start? By the very fact that he is an intelligent man who has a concrete gameplan and isn't just spewing out what the masses want to hear (um, lying is what they do), will ensure that he will never get even close to being elected.

We live in a country where millions of people have been dumbed-down, herded and shaped into celebrity and sound-byte worship.

Never in my life have I seen sooo many people turn into mindless robots.

What I cannot believe is that so many millions of people have no clue as to cause and effect. How can so many people be shaped by so few?

Please, can someone please reassure me that this country will not continue to be controlled like this anymore.

It's like oil and water. You are either a far-left, Democrat liberal or a far-right conservative Republican.

Where are all the intelligent, moderate people? You know, you remember, those strange people who make decisions based on the issues, not on them thumping their chests and smugly announcing their idolotry and, quite frankly, their incarceration from an inflexible piece of crap philosophy someone dumped on them and now they feel they are a part of.

I have never seen so many people, so proud to be sheep.


Anonymous said...

We get the government we deserve.

Anonymous said...

>> Big Up RON PAUL! Nuff Respect Mon seen!!! RayNLA

WHAT? Speak English, you moron!

Anonymous said...

RP sounds like he's on some serious mental medication.

RayNLA said...

Anonymous said...

>> Big Up RON PAUL! Nuff Respect Mon seen!!! RayNLA

WHAT? Speak English, you moron!


I am speaking English!

Just thought I would mix it up a bit with a little Jamaican patios.



MrBill said...

There will be no Republican president in 08, it will be Hillary. The current Republican disaster has ensured that the country will swing left in the near term. The actual views of the Republican candidate will be irrelevant, the party affiliation alone will ensure defeat. The Democrats will also make gains in the Senate and House. After 8 years of increasing socialism the country will revert back to it's normal stance slightly right of center.

MrBill said...

By the way, the attitude of "Vote for my guy or you are stupid" is not going to win much support for your candidate. Quite the opposite in fact. You guys are starting to remind me of flaming liberals.

Anonymous said...

I am a registered Republican since returning from Vietnam in absolute disgust over Johnson's fettering of our mighty and proud military ( WE NEVER LOST ANY MAJOR ENGAGEMENTS WITH THE ENEMY - EVER ): since 2002-3 I had psychologically divorced myself from the political arena - forever.

HOWEVER, after watching this clip of Ron Paul - I AM BACK IN!!!

What a man - what a delivary!!!!!!!!!!!

Such truthful words have NEVER been spoken by a US politician since John and Bobby Kennedy (neither of whom wanted us to fight in Vietnam)- both of whom I worked for (in their campaigns - that is).


Both Kennedy's were killed because of their familial hatred and potential actions either might have taken against the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and the gnomes in Switzerland who control it.

Given Ron Paul's debate points about the FED, I am desperately afraid he will suffer the very same end as they!


abb said...

Wow... the media is waking up!




Anonymous said...

WTF is it with you Paul supporters? Anyone who dares disagree with you is uneducated, dumbed down, ignorant, etc. Try again.

I have an Ivy League degree. I also have an MBA from a top 5 school. I read a variety of newspapers and many blogs, right, left, the whole spectrum. I often debate politics with friends and have been a member of 4 presidential campaigns.

And guess what? I don't support Ron Paul. Aside from wanting to lower taxes, there is nothing about way I like. I'm ever so sorry and hope I can be let back into the clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr Ivy League Smarty-pants, enlighten us by telling us who you DO support. Oops, nevermind - if you're so Ivy League that means you roll with the BIg Boys and they certainly don't give a damn about the shrinking middle class.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has some sound sense on some topics in my opinion but he is still Republican which represents merging church and state, lining big military industrial complex businesses with cushy contracts, and inability to head us away from dependence on foreign oil. He is the closest thing to me ever voting Republican but not enough.

abb said...

Ivy League and MBA does not impress me.

So specifically what don't you like about Ron Paul? Or what would you prefer?

I'm assuming you are intelligent and can discuss rationally, so I'll start out with a big picture:
1. Corruption in DC, Wall Street and corporations is beyond rampant. It's tough to describe other than gangster capitalism.
2. One-size-fits-all government cannot work. eg. Abortion should be a state issue, not federal. Government must be decentralized and local for it to be held accountable to the people. The Founding Fathers understood that principle well and designed it into the Constitution.

Where is the disagreement in the above? You certainly cannot make an argument that any other candidate besides Ron Paul will address these issues.

So what issues are more important to you that outweigh the above?

Anonymous said...

To the Vietnam Vet who mentioned John F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy "controlled" where money(credit) went, through his taxation policy. If you used money to "speculate" then Kennedy taxed your profits at very high rates.

If you re invested profits into plant modernizations, etc. then he gave you an investment tax credit.

So one thing JFK knew was that money is an "idiot" and that money or credit must be directed by human beings. Ideally credit should be directed towards those endeavors that increase the productive powers of labor which then increase living standards across the board.

PS- Kennedy believed in the power of government to do good. Anti government proponents are "boobs". Our crisis today is the result of 40 years of "no government"

Anonymous said...

Vietnam Vet Answers:

Wow, where do I start - so many errors in one tiny post.

I was only twelve - fifteen during JFK's too short Presidency; however, I came from a very Political, Blue-Collar, Irish/Jewish family - and for that reason served later in Washington DC under the patronage of our Democratic Senator. In that capacity I was a Senate Doorkeeper and had to stay many, many nights as anti war Senators read/spoke their open and often vitriolic dissent to the Vietnam esccalation
into the "Congressional Record."

#1 JFK inherited a very weak economy in 1961 and correctly (in my & many others' opinions ) wanted tax revisions to stimulate the economy to 'full employment' and then to CUT TAXES ACROSS THE BOARD FOR ALL AMERICANS, which he proposed in January of 1963. His death derailed that effort - until President Reagan's similar effort - and then America went to full scale WAR, which JFK definitely DID NOT DESIRE AND WOULD NEVER HAVE PERMITTED!

#2 It is true JFK's very specific and targeted tax credits to industry were meant to increase employment FIRST, then he went after the CONGRESSIONAL BEAR of tax relief for ALL Americans which the Republicans (of the time) fought vigorously throughout the summer of '63 - JFK's assasination insured the shelving of such an effort for another 20 years. And, by the way we need such a proposal NOW - and that is another reason I WILL WORK FOR RON PAUL day and night.

#3 In my opinion, our crisis today is caused by too much Government intervention not "no government" (sic).

While working my way through college I was a member of both the Teamsters and the Machinists unions.

Today I own a business and I can claim - with great authority & accuracy - that Federal & State Government intervention is destroying small business in America, i.e. the rules, regs and paperwork is mind-numbing.

And, the threat of lawsuits from drugged, unjustly egotistic, disgruntled and undisciplined employees is a great concern of all employees.

Unions of "working men & women" (and there are very few of either today) built America while the Government is in the process of destroying it.

I rest my case.

k.w. - southern ca. said...

Anonymous said...
I have an Ivy League degree. I also have an MBA from a top 5 school. I read a variety of newspapers and many blogs, right, left, the whole spectrum. I often debate politics with friends and have been a member of 4 presidential campaigns.

Well, perhaps this time around, you'll stop, take note, and realize that you can always learn something new.

The fact is, Ron Paul is telling the truth about what is going on in this country, and we better all listen and start acting accordingly.

Anonymous said...

You doofuses still talking about this nut? His 15 minutes should be long gone by now. Give it up freaks.

DrBungis said...

"Ron Paul has some sound sense on some topics in my opinion but he is still Republican which represents merging church and state, lining big military industrial complex businesses with cushy contracts"

Would it be too much to ask you where from did you get the nonsense about him lining military industrial complex businesses with contracts? I have read most of his speeches and have not seen anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam Vet Answers:

Wow, where do I start - so many errors in one tiny post.
Hey Vet, I am an admirer of President Kennedy. He used the power of the government to foster the common good.
Did you agree with his "space program"? If you answered yes then you must also realize that only government could have undertaken such a scientic program of such immense proportion.
I cant agree with your populist rants about government. It doesnt jive with the facts of history.

We might as well go back to slavery if we dont have a government dedicated to the general welfare.

Anonymous said...


It seems that there is a problem with your polls, I think. Either the people who come to this site have no clue about the housing bubble, or they misunderstood the question.

First: Can Ron Paul win GOP nomination?

The correct answer here is NO folks. Why?? you may ask. Because the GOP does not support Ron Paul guys. That is a given. Who would I vote for? Of course I would vote for Ron, but he will not even make it past the primaries. Let's be realistic guys.

Who's Most Responsible for the Bubble?

Another huge disapointment on your audience Keith. Greedy and Clueless people did not cause the bubble guys. That is the main reason they are SHEEPLES, they follow guys. Come on.

Therefore, I would suggest to read more guys if you want to articulate your bubble points. Dont get me wrong, I know there is a bubble.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam Vet - one last time:

We need Big Government? I suppose you mean the Fed?


The Feceral Reserve is NOT a Big Government institution; simply because it is not related to the US Government in any way other than the Presidential appointment of its controlling officer!

The Federal Reserve is completely owned 100% by its participating commercial banks. In fact the word Federal was included in its formation to FOOL the American people who historically hated big banks: the most noteworthy Americans to hate any form (and vigorously fought the establishment ) of a National/ Federal Bank owned primarily by foreignors were President Andrew Jackson, President Abraham Lincoln (primary reason he was assasinated in my opinion), President Theodore Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy ( again primary reason for his assasination in my opinion)!!

As for the opinion that a vote for Ron Paul is a wasted vote?

The gentleman giving his reasons for NOT voting for Ron Paul suffers from two severe deficiencies as to the foundation of the democratic process: #1 a vote should be cast for who is right not who can win ( if this gentleman's logic were entertained by all, then a vote is merely a validation of the majority sentiment rather than a reflection of the individual's beliefs - SAD,SAD) ; #2 political campaigns should be waged on the actual issues in the balance not the emotive surge of Sheeples!!!!!!!!!!!!!