October 19, 2007

I just had to post... Department of Homeland Security running "what if a dirty bomb went off in Scottsdale" drills

Frank, this one's for you...

If a dirty bomb did go off in Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale, would that be a plus or a minus for local home prices? Would desperate homedebtors be able to get out of their debt-bomb mortgages easier for something like this, versus the arson that they're currently considering?

Hmmm... From dirtyscottsdale to dirtybombscottsdale. Don't get any ideas Arizonans!

On Tuesday, at 9 a.m., a radioactive "dirty bomb" exploded at the intersection of Loops 101 and 202, where Tempe and Mesa meet, a half-mile south of the Scottsdale city limits, causing hundreds of casualties and threatening the lives of perhaps tens of thousands more and instantly crippling a major transportation artery.

We are still searching for new victims. . . . Our communications capacity, disaster-relief and evacuation planning will all be under severe strain before the crisis passes.

Actually, Tuesday's disaster was a drill. No more real than an episode of 24. No bomb was actually detonated. No citizens were hurt.

The catastrophe and its aftermath are still being played out this week in several command centers, one in a Chandler hotel.

It's part of TOPOFF 4, a federal emergency exercise, conducted simultaneously in Arizona, Guam and Oregon.

Coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security, it is the fourth and largest of its kind, mandated by Congress before 9/11.


Anonymous said...


"I make about 15 grand a year, but I look like a millionaire," said Nick Boesen, 24, of Chandler, wearing two headbands, sunglasses, an oversize crucifix and two watches. "I finance everything I can't afford. I'm so rich, I've got two watches."

Working to win the best 30K millionaire contest and the accompanying 4-foot-high trophy, men rocked plastic gold chains and oversize Elvis-style sunglasses, wigs and homemade Ts proclaiming the wearers as 30K millionaires.

Women wore typical Thursday night styles, in dresses that would make gynecologists blush, with pushup bras and high heels.

And while critics have said the site promotes Scottsdale's worst (and it does, with photos of public passouts and puking), the party highlighted one of the best things about the people of Scottsdale. They have great senses of humor.

"I don't think the site's mean," said Nate Pile, 26, who wore an undershirt scribbled with the words "$31K millionaire." "I think it's funny. Everyone has done that stuff at some point in their life. You have to be able to laugh about it."

Anonymous said...

I tell you one thing, if a bomb went off in AZ, it would get rid of 1/3 of the a$$hole population from earth.

Anonymous said...

damn dude I know you hate Phoenix, but that is cold, even for you.

blogger said...

Have a little sense of humor people

Metroplexual said...

Actually, Tuesday's disaster was a drill. No more real than an episode of 24. No bomb was actually detonated. No citizens were hurt.

Keith, 24 is real! It is what justifies our torturing of prisoners.

bobn said...

If a dirty bomb did go off in Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale, would that be a plus or a minus for local home prices?

Keith, you are just a little too obsessed with the housing thing. Dirty Bombs will kill people or give them cancer and birth defects. That's a little worse than "exploding" mortgages!

Anonymous said...

The PTB sure loves short strokin' it to Armageddon.

blogger said...

Oh, my bad. I thought dirty bombs were loaded with horse dung.

That's not the case?

Anonymous said...

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of breast implants suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

Anonymous said...

9-11 was a conspiracy that fooled most of the world but it was all bush's fault because he is incompetent and stupid

Out at the peak said...

I remember shortly after Katrina, some New Orleans houses appreciated. Totally idiotic; it happened right before the peak.

Since we have the credit crunch in this scenario, it would devastate the area. Financially too.

Anonymous said...

Why has the government gone from "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" to Fear 24/7/365! Orange Alert! Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

Lost Cause said...

Oh my god, I bet it would turn that place into a desert. Hehe.

What self important dopes. Who cares anything about Scotsdale.

Frank R said...

Hmm it would probably set the stage for prices to go back up.

It would wipe out the shyster quick-buck huckster scum of Scottsdale and allow the town to rebuild again as the normal suburb of Phoenix that is used to be.

Sort of like pressing the "reset" button.

But, let's be realistic, Scottsdale is history! It's ancient history!!

One of the big news stories was that there were over 7,000 unsold seats for the NLCS games (baseball playoffs that are historically *always* sold out) ... but on top of that, over 10,000 seats were EMPTY! 20% of the stadium! That of course is due to ticket brokers etc buying up seats but unable to resell them now the Arizona phonies no longer have a housing ATM to withdraw money and buy luxuries like that.

The very idea that baseball's National League Championship Series games went over 20% empty is a sure sign that Phoenix is quickly becoming the new Detroit.

Anonymous said...

The fear mongers at HLS are at it again.

Stopping a "terrorist" attack in the USA is very easy.

Simply rid the country of Mossad agents.

Dino said...


In the 90s the Atlanta Braves had unsold seats for the World Series. I remember it was a big deal since the team made the world series and nobody gave a damn. Didn't mean anything in terms of economic conditions or the housing market.

Outside of Boston and NY nobody gives a fuck about baseball anymore. Up until two days ago I couldn't even tell you which teams were in the playoffs.

In this aspect I'd say people in Phoenix are smart. Only complete morons would spend hundreds of dollars to go watch grown men in tights throw a ball around for 3 hours....when it's on TV for free.

Anonymous said...

If a dirty bomb went off in Snottsdale,I have my doubts anyone would notice.If it dosen't have anything to do with their immediate self gratification,it will be ignored,that is unless there might be a buck or two to make off it.They are quasi brain dead anyways,they won't feel a thing.

Anonymous said...

Dirty bombs are overrated. Their big damage is psychological, not collateral.