September 27, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

So when do HGTV and A&E finally get the picture and come out with

"HousingPANIC - help me I'm a failed flipper"


"HousingPANIC - who ever thought you could lose this much money this fast"

versus the housing porn they're currently running?


Anonymous said...

the day Keifer gets of the 'beat up' on the US dollar path.

Mr. Keeferoni..
even if the fed brings interest rates down to 'zero', the currency representing the USA will remain the best cash play.

you're right on the housing issue
but totaly off on the greenback issue.

'nuff said..

Anonymous said...

Diana Olick, the smart and beautiful CNBC reporter, breaks news today on Foxton:

Lost Cause said...

CSI -- Failing Flopper Version -- Las Vegas.

smitty said...

I've talked to flipper types and they still watch the show believing that the housing market is coming back in the spring and they want to be ready with a set of new tricks...

Anonymous said...

"f%ck this house - I can't sell!"

"Foreclose this house - my toxic loan nightmare"

"Dump the Six Percenter - sell on your own"

mrmx said...

suzanne!!! but we watched "flip that house!??" and did everything right!

Anonymous said...


"Dump the Six Percenter - sell on your own"

That is actually a great idea. I'd love to see a show following FSBO people going through the process. I suspect that after watching a few eps a lot of the mystery would be taken out of it for us non-realtor types.

FL_Bust said...

I love those shows, just to see how they'd fail in the end.

Have you noticed lately on those shows how many of the flippers fail to flip and then rent it out or move in themselves. I think reality is already sipping into those shows.

Out at the peak said...

I was watching one of these shows last night where a single mom with two kids was living in a place that was too small for her in Naples, FL. She was forced to have her bedroom in the den and she worked (with clients) in there. She had an old crappy computer and she had to share it with her kids.

She was approved to get a two million dollar house.

This lady can "afford" a two million dollar house and yet she has a crappy computer that she must share with the kids?

And the real estate agent argued that she needs an agent because there are so many house on the market that you need someone to narrow down the choices for you. She specifically asked for a house and he ends up showing her a luxury condo! He warmed her up to it because it has a "fantastic view."

I was TV free for two years, but I had to cave in for my girlfriend. There is more crap on it now than I remember. The vanity and selfishness (Super Sweet 16) has gotten out of hand.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Flip Me A Ho - Where's My Money At, Biyatch?

You know this housing collapse is going to do wonders for the sex industry.

Anonymous said...

Flip This Banana!
(or How to get rich in a Banana Republic)

Shakster said...

They will quietly phase it out like it never happened.Then they will replace it with ........?????

f'ed said...

are "flip THIS house" and "flip THAT house" the same show? if so, lol! :D if not, guess my tv guide had an error.

Anonymous said...

For the mortgage lenders that lose their jobs:

Flip This Burger

For the mortgage lenders that go to jail:

Toss My Salad (prettyboy)

Wonky said...

I want to see a new show called "Busted: Tales of Failed Flippers."

Anonymous said...

GAWD>>>>I HATED the flip shows on the cable networks so much way before the bubble got out of hand. Around 2002ish the flip thing was just getting hot on TV shows. The theme of each show was the same. They would buy a lot in the most ratty part of town with crackhouses next door but give a fantasy vision of what it could be with some work.

Then in would come the designer who would be hopped up on some kind of medication to buy into the idea of building a $450K 1200 sq ft paradise in the ghetto in California. They would then order around a contractor who had a team of illegals working for him. The worst part was that the people ordering around the labor did not know jack squat about home repair.

If the crash manages to make the people who made these shows and were in them unemployed it will be another bonus for me.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Someone on another post, somewhere, made the call that HGTV had become "All real estate, ALL the time!" My wifwe and I used to like that channel. Haven't watched TV in ages!

Keyser Soze said...

I will do a jig, if and when, that asshole 'Armando' goes the way of David Crisp. I pity the imbecile who buys a pos which he has 'rehabbed'.

How about that chick on Property Ladder....she'll make a helluva good pole/lap dancer.

LI Surfer said...

I agree w/ a few of the other posters, these shows have already changed, many are repeats of old episodes and then they tack on a "6 months later" or "one year later" and all of these people either still have it on the market or have moved in and are trying to sell their old place.

Anonymous said...

They are starting to come around, they have that one show "Buy Me" which is absolutely hilarious.. The one I watched last night was particularly good: The woman was dead set in her 839k for her 4500sq ft debtsponge, meanwhile the guy down the street keeps lowering and lowering.. her cheeseball NARDouche kept telling her to lower, and they end the show with her not selling, NARDouche being pissed off, and the neighbor selling his for $635k or something like that.. And i think he lucked out! Again, Awesome!

a.creampuff said...

Soon: "you can fashion a lovely Kleenex box cover from papier mache made with flour paste, newpaper, and brightly colored paint".

Then: This Old Cardboard Box.

Anonymous said...

I really like A&E's "Sell This House". The theme is always about how to move some house that's not selling with a few simple changes. Now there's a show that'll be more relevant going forward. Not to mention that the hostess, Tanya Mammary - er, I mean Tanya Memme, is totally hot.