July 02, 2007

HP'ers, bubble sitters, savers and penny-pinchers - where's your money today?

Post as anon on this thread...

Stocks (which ones?)
Foreign Currencies?
Gold and metals?
Other commodities?
Real Estate?
Forever Stamps?
Baseball Cards?

What's your portfolio looking like today, and most importantly, are you thinking of making any moves?

Think the Bear Stearns / CDO meltdown will turn into a contagion?

Are you on the defensive or offensive? Bear or Bull? In or Out? Optimistic or Pessimistic?


The Thinker said...

My money is in the bank loosing more to inflation than it is making in after-tax interest.

I know this isn't the best way to ride out the housing downturn but it is better than as a down payment for a $700,000 cape-code in a far-flung suburb and it is better than gold ETFs.

Anonymous said...

Special Situations
Foreign Securities
Foreign Cash
US Cash (Modest)

Anonymous said...

85% savings
10% metals
05% guns and ammunition

Anonymous said...

Puts, gold, silver, and cash, with no debt; except 70k left on house worth 300K and falling fast, like kamakazi pilot. Damn I wish the wife would listen to logic. Got any ideas?

Personally, I am ready for the upcoming bush built scheitt sandwich and the subsequent double dipping debacle. Bring it on already! Jesus PPT, give it a rest, you are only postponing the inevitable...

The baby needs new shoes! LOL, and daddy needs a brand new 80 foot viking! Can you say; hello Costa Rica? Boy, I sure can.

ho moaner said...

5% cd's, exclusively. plodding along year to year, no worries. I don't have to worry about thieves [ok, lately I do. I just did an fdic checkup to make I'm not over at any one bank], all cash, no worries.

Anonymous said...

Not in a bank.

Anonymous said...

Have bought an etf fund that is short on real estate, mostly REITs, called SRS. Has been very volatile but trending up.

DAGG said...


Linkon said...

%5 in Fidelity MM

mb said...


Roccman said...

Food, off grid land, gold and silver, ammo, meds, boots, books, seeds, solar cells, 2 wave radios, bunker, Mission Titanium 12" survival knife (x2), AR 15 (x 2), mossberg (x 2), 22's (x 3), 40, 45, 38, 357 (1 each), 10's of thousands of rounds, scott M98 gas mask (x 5), every piece of camping gear known to man (in duplicate), candles, bees wax, tooth brushes, sutures, cases of levi's, cases of boots and socks, salt, cooking oil (though does not last long, MREs, legumes to the rafters, hand pumps, iodine tablets, soap, horses, and tents, cots, wood oven, satellite phone and internet access, wind turbine, and every replacement part for a chevy silverado ever made...hundreds of gallons of fuel.

oh did I mentioned I was not in the stock market.


Anonymous said...

100% stocks

Anonymous said...

Stocks mostly: WWE and IRBT!

Risk is FUN!

plus, some boring mutual funds

Anonymous said...

All my money is in sports memorabilia, old coke bottles, macrame and other such collecting knic-knacks. I think they will hold their value better than financial instruments.

If they were big in the nostalgic 70's, maybe they will go up again!

Anonymous said...

60% foreign stocks
30% us stocks
10% bonds (not housing related)

Anonymous said...

95% CDs at several different banks.
4% Gold.
1% guns and ammo.

HauspocalypseNow said...

wow Roccman that is impressive!

Even though i only expect the crash to be about like the last recession (give or take) it would be fun to have all that doomsday gear.

I was promised a nuclear war growing up, and now were facing financial armageddon of our own making?!?! wtf!

Anonymous said...

500k Seattle 1BR condos....lots of em!

Seattle is special!

"at or near the bottom," said...

July 2 2007: 4:40 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Monday the U.S. housing market correction was "at or near the bottom,"

Anonymous said...

5.5% at ELOAN
6% at FNBO
5% at HSBC
5.5% at Vanguard
6% at Everbank

Anonymous said...

Guns, ammo, canned food...

Anonymous said...

I am 50% in cash.
50% in small individual stocks and a few large caps that I feel are undervalued in case it never bottoms.

I also am long puts in CFC, KKD, an airline, and maybe another bank. Thinking Soverign of NJ.

Anonymous said...

- 20% stocks (mostly foreign)
- cash in the form of CDs and money market funds; denominated in both US dollars and Euros
- small hedge in gold
- 1 real estate investment purchases 14 years ago; no mortgage providing rental income (Weird huh? A rental property that actually has positive cash flow. I know that's a concept lost on flippers and real-estate tycoon wannabes)

And yes, guns and ammo as well. A nice long rifle .223 calibre for pinging trespassers off at a distance. And a shotgun for close range "intruders". ;-)

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:08 I just bought some SRS today and am looking to buy again. Commercial REITs have been soring and I am betting they are coming down. This is a great ETF for shorting REITs. Good luck!

Sixpercenter said...

60/40 stock bond. Index only. No Jim Cramer, Money Mag, financial porn for me. The markets are too efficient.

Try Vanguard Balanced if you dont know what to do.

If you think you know where the markets are headed try reading Capital Ideas: http://www.amazon.com/Capital-Ideas-Improbable-Origins-Modern/dp/0029030129

Anonymous said...

Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund

USGI US Treasury Securities Cash Fund

Prudent Bear Global Income/Safe Harbor Fund (PSAFX)

South African Krugerrands
Canadian Maple Leaf
Credit Suisse Gold Bars
US Gold Eagles and Buffaloes


Veolia Environnement
California Water Service Group
Altria Group


Claymore Global Water ETF
Ishares Singapore ETF
Ishares Brazil ETF
Frontline Shipping
Harrah's Entertainment
Station Casino's
BP Prudhoe Bay Trust

Anonymous said...

Beanie Babies.

Anonymous said...

100% Berkshire Hathaway

Hpy Babybmr Glndl AZ said...

I sold everything in my 401K and am exclusively in money markets.

IRA’s cash

CMA accounts… cash.

At the bank… 80% CD’s (I got a 5.7% rate back in Feb.)
10% 2.5% Money Market, balance in cash.

I got gold and silver.
I paid off my mortgage and vehicles.
I have no debt.

Waiting on the sidelines with funds for the crash.

Anonymous said...

I may have too much cash that I should put somewhere else but, I have No debt, zero, nada!

One credit card, vehicle paid for and I currently rent!

However it plays out, it plays out!

Anonymous said...

In my wall, another words not in a bank that for F'in sure.

Shakster said...

Antique bottles
I wanna grow a huge garden of tobacco,hops,barley,and some cattle because SteaK,It's what's for dinner,and brew,and a cigarrette afterwords

Anonymous said...

1/2 Treasury mm
1/2 regular mm

Anonymous said...

Mostly foreign bonds and stocks.

Seneca said...

I've withdrawn from stocks, with the occasional 'hit and run' on some mid-cap mining stocks I have watched closely - the small profit I have made there after tax I consider necessary to offset the true inflation loss to my savings after tax.

Frankly, I'm with the thinker on this one. I accept that cash isn't ideal but to me, it's the least worst option right at this moment. At least where I am, gold ETFs have begun to drop so although I would like to hold some of these, I am waiting for a bit more of a bottom in them.

Latest economic data in my neck of the woods shows retail down and new housing down. Interest rates appear to be 'on hold' yet again, with lots of media playing up 'hardships' of debtors with what are still (in real terms) very low interest rates.

Anonymous said...

Dudes I'm shortin' everything I can.


lunatic fringe said...

Puts baby! What a ride. Up 300%, back down to even, now up 70%.

Better than sex.

Anonymous said...

stocks and money markets

Anonymous said...

70% in a canadian dollar savings account
20% silver
10% gold

Anonymous said...

Lead, then gold, then silver!

Beddie-bye said...

In the mattress!

Anonymous said...

CD's that yield over 5%.

Anonymous said...

30% value of small home owned free and clear
30% 5-yr Treasury ladder and T-bills
10% CDs
8% Foreign government bonds
8% Municipal bond funds
6$ Common stocks and mutual funds
5% money markets
3% gold etf and mining shrs
definately not a long-term allocation...bring on a downturn...

Joe Logic said...

I cashed out of stocks, bonds, and gold and moved all my money into iPhones. Yep. It's a new paradigm, and Apple's leading the charge. Ever since that troll pointed out that the effects of the housing crash are being drowned out and lost in the iPhone craze, I knew I was on to something.

I figure I'll ride out this sucker to the tulip-bubble hilt, then cash out all my 6,600 phones on ebay. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

50% in-hand silver bullion (no paper)

30% in-hand nickel bullion (no paper)

13% star wars action figures

5% in-hand physical #1 copper

2% working manual typewriters

Anonymous said...

33% Forever Stamps
33% Cash
33% KY Jelly
1% copper penny's

Anonymous said...

$600K in IRAs, Vanguard Target Retirement 2025.

$125K in Vanguard Prime Money Market

$40K in Vanguard S&P 500 index fund

$30K in bank savings account

Home conservatively valued at $450K, balance remaining of $270K on 15-year fixed mortgage at 4.25%

Anonymous said...

Where is your money today?
$33K in CD’s

$110K in 401k (balance of low-risk and aggressive funds)

$225K equity in rental house (still owe $75K and yes, it will likely drop in value…)

$250K equity in residence (still owe $150K and yes, it will likely drop in value…)

$64 in my wallet

A productive garden, berry bushes and various fruit trees – priceless!

westwest888 said...

I put 70% into risk free securities (stable value / money market). The rest is in a blend of domestic stocks, foreign stocks, and metals.

And I bought an iPhone.

Burnin Vernon said...

50% of total savings in 401K that includes a breakdown of 75% in natural resources fund (oil, NG, gold miners), south-east asia and canada funds, 25% in high dividend paying stocks.

25% in cash collecting interest at the bank.

25% in stock portfolio to play with and suppliment income.

I wanted to buy my first home in Seattle the past couple years, but prices have been pumped to such rediculous levels, that I will not buy till prices come down. So my downpayment is sitting in the bank collecting interest and not depreciating.
I'm happy for now.

Anonymous said...

I have been playing defense with my money for a long time now. But now I find that my "Conservative Retirement Trust Fund" is composed of AAA CDO's, gov't agency debt, and all the grist that made up the housing bubble.

Anonymous said...

Look at how the value of our paper money has done over the last 30 yrs!

Andy said...

Bicycles, bicycle parts and tools

Backpacking and survival gear

.22 rifle for squirrels and other small game

cooperative relationships with other like-minded people


copper pennies


Anonymous said...


Major Dick said...

I am out of the paper markets & fully into precious metals & loving every menute of it!

Every time DWI Bush opens his mouth metals spike thru the roof!

What a great country, glad I won't have to live here much longer.

I plan to default on everything I owe once the depression gets really rolling. Just get in line with 150 illion other saps & cry 'I can't pay! Give me free stuff!' then laff till I piss myself.

George Bush, greatest president the world has ever seen. He's made a few of us very rich.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

guns and ammo

Anonymous said...

I really think this housing thing is going to turn around. The media keeps telling me that it`s not so bad, so I`m taking all the equity that I have in my home and using it for down payments on all these houses I see for sale. Next I`m going to cash out all my mutual funds and keep this in a savings account to help make the payments on my new debt instruments. When everbody finds out that this housing bubble was just a small correction, I`ll be sitting pretty. Am I a genuis or what!!!

Anonymous said...

Good savings. I also want to convert about half of this into foreign currencies.

Gold and silver.

Some stocks.

Two CDs. They're coming along nicely.

Rare collection of antique furniture that is worth a lot to collectors but this probably wouldn't do me much good in a crisis. I'm not looking to ever sell it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...
30% in savings and retirement fund collecting a meer pittance of an interest rate.
30% in silver and other precious metals. No gold.
30% in real estate.
10% in vehicle and cash-on-hand for vacation, fun, clothes, gifts, etc.
Recently did a 180 on investing in depreciative things to appreciative things when the dollar started to drop at a significant rate. Only buy essentials at rock-bottom prices. Now have zero debt. Only use credit cards when needed and quickly pay them off.
Advice to those in debt or can't save a buck:
Keep life simple, drop any complications, excess, or useless luxuries and don't put all your eggs in one basket. Then, life will be good!!!