June 07, 2007

Oh yeah. Kick-ass housing bubble / housing crash youtube video

Great housing crash video from longislandbubble. I don't have any A/V skills, glad someone does.

Here we go folks. Housing crash underway.

Know anyone thinking of buying (or selling) a home? Just send 'em this video and the link to HP.

That'll do the trick. Or at least it should.

It's a great time to sell and rent. Actually, it was a great time to sell last year when you still could. Now it's imperative to sell (if you can).


Anonymous said...

Right. So Bush turns to plan b: Russia shouldn't be afraid of America's missile defense shield. If it's like the Patriot Missile system, most of the reported kills will be false, it will be way too costly, etc./

Anonymous said...

MAN IS THIS GOOD!!! Think all add a link over at Bloodlet ahh..I mean Bloodhound.

Anonymous said...

That's hot.

Paris Hilton

Anonymous said...

looks like a 10th grade audio/visual club production

kitchenstove said...

This is the sort of thing that would finally get many of the non - believers and naysayers and disgruntled sheeple to admit that the Housing Crash is upon us. This would be good for those types who doubt the bust - bloggers and other people with common sense but who believe that if it's entertaining, has a catchy Van Halen tune to go with it, and Bart Simpson is in it, then it must be true! This should be shown on television every day at 8:30.

shakster said...


burn baby burn said...

I liked it!

Anonymous said...

3 economists do not a housing crash make

HauspocalypseNow said...

One thing thats impressive is the growth in 'bubble blogs'.

In two years there is a HUGE community online. There is no historical precedent. WTH does this mean I dont know.

Anonymous said...

"3 economists do not a housing crash make"

But triple the size of housing inventory in two years in several large markets AND an economy very heavilly supported by "home" building and furnishing and moving granite counter tops and pergo floors and MAW-BAL COLUMNS (say that with a Brooklyn accent for maximum effect) AND a tax base that is ooooohhhh so hooked upon new housing starts and ever escalating prices


makes for a bubble - licious environment waiting for but a pin prick to start deflating.

Milton Friedman

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Milton said - even I know that.

Paris Hilton

p.s. Milty was soooo hot!