May 25, 2007

Was the MSM's performance yesterday the worst you have ever seen?

Here's how today's cheerleader MSM would have spun the 1929 stock market crash (based on their sickening performance yesterday)

Stock market trading soars! Record increase in sales!

Folks, I am dumbfounded, ashamed, sickened and not surprised by what we saw yesterday.

This is of course the same MSM who jumped on tanks with their little American flags blowing in the top left corner of the screen as we bumrushed Iraq to get those bad WMD's that were definitely there

This is of course the same MSM who throughout the housing bubble ran with "real estate only goes up", "new paradigm" and "buy now or be priced out forever" even though it was obvious we were in a historic bubble.

And this is of course the same MSM who refused to report the truth as millions and millions of illegals stormed our border.

I am ashamed of the American journalism profession. I'm not sure exactly when it died, but it is dead. There may be a good reporter or two out there, who wants to report the truth and who wants to dig beyond the press release, but they must be miserable today, surrounded by a ship of fools, and controlled by businessmen with an agenda.

Thank god for blogs. How else would we know what was REALLY going on out there?


Anonymous said...

"There may be a good reporter or two out there, who wants to report the truth and who wants to dig beyond the press release"

Indeed, their names are Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how smart people are to get the graphic as most couldn't tell you the VP is right now, or who was the last one. Sad, that's why we keep repeating history.

Anonymous said...

CBS forging documents about Bush comes to mind as a little worse.

Paul dude you have got to be kidding. Here is what Paul Krugman has said in the past few years:

"right now it looks as if the economy is stalling..." Sept. 20th, 2002

"We have a sluggish economy, which is, for all practical purposes, in recession..." May 29th, 2003

"An oil-driven recession does not look at all far-fetched." May 14th, 2004

"a mild form of stagflation - rising inflation in an economy still well short of full employment - has already arrived." — April 18th, 2005

Every year he predicts a recession. Every year he's wrong. As for Dowd, she's the NY Times version of Rosie O'Donnell, which I suppose makes her a star among the anti-American, communist crowd of HP.

Anonymous said...

What percent of MSM reporters own houses?

cabbiesouth said...

Today there are only 5 Major news outlets, then there were thousands.
soup lines will become employment lines. Food Riots will be instigated by terrorists elements.
Newspeak will rule the day. Homeless will become temporally displaced.
The shinking Dollar will be blamed on the Arab States and foreigners.
This administration and it's Straus discples will spin the nation into wars without end.

Frank said...

"Indeed, their names are Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd."

Err... I think we were looking for examples of GOOD reporters, not exemplars of the very worst.

Anonymous said...

you people give way too much credit to the MSM. have you ever met a reporter? they make $40K a year and on the IQ scale maybe break the 40th percentile. There is no conspiracy at work here, just laziness and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Housing sales are off 20% from Jan-Apr as compared to the same period in 2006.

That says it all.

There's plenty more pain ahead.

Anonymous said...

Journalism did not die. It came under new management. Small independent papers switched to multi-national corporate ownership + AP feeds supply uniform "Mcnews". Journalists® are corporate employees. Write and say what they're told or fired. A trained monkey could do their job. Independence, fact-checking, verification, or questioning the status quo is NOT encouraged. In fact, it could cost your job.

For example, real reporters would be curious where all the property tax money is going. Supposed to go towards schools yet schools are falling apart (e.g., Waugh Chapel Elementary school in Anne Arundel county Maryland still looks like the same dump it did in the 1970s even though AA county is drowning in surplus property tax revenue). Every public school should look like the Bellagio Casino times ten, yet my junior and senior high schools still do not have air conditioning. Teacher salaries are a joke. Even administration salaries couldn't account for a fraction of the property tax revenues pouring in from home capital appreciation + higher taxes and fees. Where is the money?

The independent blogs (i.e., non-corporate owned) are our TRUE journalists (i.e., actually write things called journals). Don't rely on advertising or corporate largess to survive, but rather operate as a meritocracy. Best and most truthful blogs survive.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't an idiot flag- hugging, fag-bashing, beef-eatin', Bush-lickin' moron, then you MUST be a communist.

Is there any way to prevent idiots with an IQ less than 120 from posting on blog?!

Instead of spam blockers, why not idiot blockers?

I mean God damn, I'm really tired of macho pea-brained conservatives. Can't we all round them up and ship them to Utah?

Hell, Rosie was the only real entertainment ever on the View.

Anonymous said...

'Clearly the worst is behind us'.


Not if you are trying to sell.

gt said...

awesome analogy with the stock market.

i tivo'd the today show just to see how they portrayed it to the suzanne'd soccer moms. incredible. but i will say that they at least showed a graph with the sales plummeting and then this kick at the end.

Tom Skeeter said...

Krugman is the eternal pessimist. Dowd is an idiot. The only one who got it right yesterday was not an MSM member. It was Drudge.

Anonymous said...

Housing sales are off 20% from Jan-Apr as compared to the same period in 2006.


Anonymous said...

"Indeed, their names are Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd."

Dumb and Dumber

Benvolio Montague said...

Robert Fisk. He's one of the few journalists I trust. He's in the Independent in the UK.

g said...

I don't know who Krugman is, but half of what he is saying is actually true.

We SHOULD have been in an oil-driven recession, instead the house of cards was propped up by too-easy credit. Now instead of an oil-driven recession and stagflation we are faced with the prospect of depression and stagflation, I believe.

Anonymous said...

"Indeed, their names are Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd."

You are trying to be funny, right?

Anonymous said...

"Krugman is the eternal pessimist. Dowd is an idiot. The only one who got it right yesterday was not an MSM member. It was Drudge."

I know I am a complete internet moron but WTF. I have tried to understand what is so great about Drudge but it the website just seems to be a collection of news reports from other sources. Everyone talks about Drudge as if he writes original reports but I can't find them on Help!

Aaron Krowne said...

Of course Krugman is "wrong", a government bureau (the NBER) controls the status of when we are "in recession". It's just like the Soviet ministry of information.

A glance at the charts of nearly any useful recession indicator shows that they extend 50-200% on either side of "official" NBER recessions.

Get your head out of your *ss.

SHaKstER said...

No,just the same old rotten shizzle.Sorry Fbs,but that reality is that Either the MSM is too incompetent,Has no presence of mind,asks no questions until after the fact,shills for their master,,or just flat out is a tool of the genital bloodsucking crabs.Externination would be too kind. This did not have to happen,so look elswhere for your information,protect yourselves,and have a good laugh when you hear a scumbag disk jockey,or talking head whitewash a calamity.God,I hope something really horrific happens to all of them.

Shakster said...

Fair ,and Balanced-means "nothing helpful",or they mean," so we left something out,it was FnB"
News you can use-CBS - Just not for the intended purpose.
We report,You Decide-WE report crap,you decide to change stations.We report very little.
Don't touch that Dial!They know anyone with a brain will do just that.
These dingleberrys can top themselves one day to the next.
Amazing play along with the Gasoline gouge too.Years of reporting ,and acting concerned,with a gaggle of softball questions for the drips you interview.Try some follow thru,put your ass on the line,and destroy some of these clowns just like you would destroy people like me ,or average Joe 24pack.Oh I see,only the easy Targets.Hey,CBS,you ever hear of registered letter correspondence,investigative journalism with intent to get to the bottom of something,breach of contract,or calling a senetor a weasley freakin jerk when they refuse to give clear answeres,that they can be held accountable for.Of course you have,you do it the easy targets all the time.But when some POS Congressturd is involved,they always seem to get off scott free.The only requirement of the people at this point is to know for sure that the media is too scared ,and weak to look out for their interests.So use your own heads ,and question everything a thousand ways.These problems are our own,we own the catastrophy that is unfolding 100%.Their new slogan should be,"We have no listeners anyay","Someone shoot us,quick"

Anonymous said...

Yes, down with the MSM. Long live blogs!