May 22, 2007

Ron Paul on CNN Late Edition Sunday

You watch this guy, and you realize how far ahead of the pack he is. Now if Americans would just see through the MSM spin and religious-whacko cancer within the GOP, they'd take note that Ron Paul is a serious candidate for the presidency.

But I doubt it.


RJ said...

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

As this thread begins, I can say that I've yet to hear a single intelligent rebuttal to Congressman Paul's stances on the most critical issues this country has faced since the Great Depression. So I will post this for the last time.

Regarding any of the other candidates, Democrat or Republican:

1. How are any of the other candidates addressing a 50 trillion dollar debt?
2. How are any of the other candidates addressing the fact that the GAO, CBO and the Federal reserve ( St. Louis branch ) have all stated or come out with reports stating that the U.S. is now insolvent?
3. What do the other candidates see as viable benchmarks for success in Iraq while the debt meter runs faster and faster,more American lives are lost, and the Iraqi parliament votes to end support for U.S. occupation.
4. How can the other candidates demonstrate that huge government bureaucracies like the Department of Homeland Security have actually given the taxpayer their money's worth considering the country's rapidly deteriorating financial condition?
5. How have the other candidates addressed the coming entitlement melt down?
6. How have the other candidates addressed the need to keep the executive branch within the confines of the Constitution so that accountability to the taxpayer through Congress is maintained? Particularly, Bush's attempted implimentation of the SPP.

I've heard nothing from any other candidate that tells me that they are willing to speak honestly to us about the condition of our republic, or do anything that would actually make a difference.

Keith, I've enjoyed this political discussion and am grateful you allowed your blog to go in this direction. Take care.

Anonymous said...

The fax from the White House reached MSM: "Keep mentioning like a broken record that Ron Paul is low on the polls."

Hey, if Ron's so low in the polls and such a loser, why are GOP and trolls here so worried?

You better be worried because Ron is popularity is growing. Everybody at my office will vote for him, and they were hardcore Republicans.

Anonymous said...

that CNN guy had tight underwear on....

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. The American people "claim" they want change and the government out of their lives. But when a canidate comes along who will actually do it, not one word of support is found. I just hope that people begin to think and research the canidates for themselves and not mindlessly listen to the corporate media.

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell me where a below average earner like myself (25,000) can immigrate and earn ten times what i can make in the U.S and I will not be suspect of the mexican and central american aliens in or wanting in the U.S, or the posible billion or two other people wanting a better life and a step up the ladder and the cash to spend in non inflated currancies at ten times the average with my remitances, or perhaps the locals down there just exported their neo overlord criminals .

concerned said...

As I said in another post. Take not Americans....You are not gonna get another Ron Paul for a long while.

The neo-cons have taken over both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Ron Paul is your only hope.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the blood shed at the opening of the last century to get improvements in working conditions and fair wages, be it the bullets coming from govt paid by business or overworked unsanitary unhospitable conditions, or at them......,do we wish a redoux, if by opening the borders to those that come from places that have not already done the same as/or a redo

Anonymous said...

Hate the federal government?
Think we should live like it's 1776?

VOTE PAUL 2008!!

Anonymous said...


You seem to think the only people opposed to this wackjob are religious nuts for some reason. You're wrong. I have been to church twice in my life and I think he's insane too.

What he proposes is a return to the 1930s. Isolationism both economically and militarily. Look how well that worked out last time. Why the hell would you even consisder someone like that?

I'm for lower taxes and a smaller government. But I also realize (as do most sane people) that certain government services are needed and I'm willing to pay some taxes to get those services. I like having federally funded highways. I like going to the airport and knowing the federal government will direct planes so that they don't crash into each other. I like that the federal government provides funding for public schools and colleges. And yes I like knowing that if for some reason my life were totally fucked up one day the federal government would be there to keep me from starving until I get back on my feet.

Unless you are in the top 10% of income earners you get more from the government than you put in without even realizing it. So unless everyone here is in mid six figure salary range, careful what you wish for with the great Ron Paul.

I know I pay a lot more into the system than I get out but I'm OK with that. Unlike you I am not a selfish asshole who only cares about ME ME ME ME.

So go on, boast about how you don't need the government, how everyone who opposes Paul is a welfare bum or religious whacko all you want, reality says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are the peace party...right like that funky looking dude with the tall hat in the 1860s, too bad he wasn't a peacenik huh Dr?

And he wants to negotiate and trade with our enemies. I can just see it now, a free tade agreement w/Al Qaeda (picture the signing ceremony on the White House lawn between Pres. Paul and OBL)...yeah OK, and he wonders why his poll numbers are in the .1% range?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well - look what Dubya has done while no one was looking:

kilgore said...

"religous-whacko cancer" - GREAT TERM.

Anonymous said...


Ron Paul is now at 0.0008% and clibin fast. He should reach single digits by December.

Anonymous said...

Gallup poll out today. Ron Paul at 0!

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat (Obama supporter) but I would vote for this guy.

keller williams said...

I vote that we stay the course in Iraq and keep running up trillions in debt. Housing prices will increase by a normal rate of 20% every year from here on out.

Anonymous said...

that interviewer is a twit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes for amnesty will not be reelected.

Anonymous said...

Vote for the establishment!!!

Stay the course!!!

All is well!!!

There is no inflation!!!

It's not amnesty!!!

Keep shopping!!!

Water on Parade said...

I like his strong feelings toward running a tight economic ship, however there are some ugly critters in his closet...

Don't think he'll land many Dems with crazy race talk like this...

Not-a-Repug said...

my hero.

Ron, stay away from those Grassy Knolls!!

shtove said...

Anonymous said...
Well, well, well - look what Dubya has done while no one was looking:

Doesn't that translate into German as Der Fuhrer?

Karl said...

> What he proposes is a return to the 1930s. Isolationism both economically and militarily. <

Absolutely false. Ron Paul is for free trade and free markets. 1930s imposed tariffs, extra regulation on businesses, huge government spending, and more control and devaluation by the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul would absolutely never support any of that.

Anonymous said...

As usual, dumb Americans (oops, did I say Americans, I meant sheeple) taking in all the MSM bullsh@t spin. LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND MAKE A RATIONAL DECISION. This guy is our ONLY hope.....all other candidates have their hands in the special interest pockets.....look at the number$ people. And to those dumb f-'s who say he'll abolish public schools, the IRS, the FAA......TAKE THE WAX OUT OF YOUR EARS........Ron Paul believes in letting CONGRESS decide. Congress would never approve should radical changes. BUT at least this guy isn't working for the corporations. His campaign financing number$ prove that.....that's why you need to shut up and send him some money......look at his track record morons.

Anonymous said...

I say again!

Questions Ron Paul Can Easily Answer That Will Make Other Politicians Squirm

How many times have you voted to raise taxes?

How many times have you voted for an unbalanced budget?

How many times have you voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership?

How many times have you voted to raise congressional pay?

How many times have you taken a government-paid junket?

How many times have you voted to increase the power of the executive branch?

Did you vote for the Patriot Act?

Have you ever voted against regulating the Internet?

Did you vote for the Iraq war?

Do you participate in the lucrative congressional pension program?


Dr. Paul's honest answer to every question above would be verifiably "no" or "never", and every other politician's answer would be "yes" or "x (greater than zero) number of times"!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...he has never voted FOR regulating the Internet...

Anonymous said...

What does RP have to say about global warming, and what if anything should be done about it?

This is not a rhetorical question. I really don't know the answer.

Anonymous said...

I'm just amazed Ron Paul made it this far, as a TRUE conservative. Everything I've heard from him makes sense (and don't let the trolls here carry any weight, as they're simply creating a series of mindless "straw man" arguments, e.g. you're kidding about saying Ron Paul wants to begin free trade with Al Qaeda? It's absolutely moronic to suggest Ron Paul said that....)

If nothing else, this guy has exposed the so-called neo-cons for what they are: "pseudo-cons".

Sad thing is the Republican Party is poo-poohing the one person who probably could hand them a victory, if only they'd listen to the message and support the common-sensical concepts he presents. I bet alot of people would wish he'd stop making sense, as there's nothing quite as dangerous as THAT!

On a much more important matter than politics, remember that Christ was placed on a stake and betrayed, and he was the Son of God. The idiocy of men (and their parties) should be no surprise to anyone....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here really think RP will get more than 1% of the vote? I'd like to know if you people are crazy like Chicago Cubs fan crazy or crazy like need to be put away into an asylum crazy.

Anonymous said...

I love the clowns that post results from polls that exclude Dr.Paul, then boast that he's polling at zero.

Anonymous said...


RP & Rosie drink from the same kool-aide jug.

Anonymous said...

one of those neo european countries is giving ten goats to welfare collectors so they can produce milk and cheese to add to the economy, but that i wonder how goat meat tastes, i think of the eastern goose that became such an overpopulation issue just recently?????????/

Anonymous said...

All those "useful" things the government does, count as "discretionary non-defense spending". This is but a small fraction of the budget, but includes all of science, NASA, FAA, commerce, FBI, overbloated "homeland security".

If you got rid of the debt and lowered interest payments and entitlements and military, you could get away with a 3-5% federal income tax rate.

Of course the powers that be always threaten to cut the Actually Useful Stuff first rather than last.

And yes I like knowing that if for some reason my life were totally fucked up one day the federal government would be there to keep me from starving until I get back on my feet.

Today, the Federal government wouldn't do jack squat for you. Look what it's doing to freaking war veterans whove had their life blown up in Iraq. Deny deny deny. "uncovered, pre-existing condition" blah.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul getting mainstream GOP support in California:

jymkata said...

Wasn't the interviewer's response interesting when Ron Paul said that Congress would need to declare war against Iran if they attacked us.

Remember, wars that are declared by Congress we tend to win. Wars declared by the President don't go so well.

People have completely forgotten the constitution.

Anonymous said...

The attempted smear job by that douche reporter has just turned me off of CNN. I'll watch something else now.

Pete said...

>>>And he wants to negotiate and trade with our enemies. I can just see it now, a free tade agreement w/Al Qaeda (picture the signing ceremony on the White House lawn between Pres. Paul and OBL)...<<<

How's that going to work? We're going to send OBL wheat and semi-conductors and he's going to send us videos on how to behead people and how-to conduct a mobile assassination operation?

Trade with them? WTF are you people smoking?

chris g said...

"...careful what you wish for with the great Ron Paul."

I agree with that line to some extent. I think a lot of the people who say they will vote for Ron Paul do not really understand what he would do if he was in the White House. There are many things we take for granted in life that are run by the federal government, that we really don't think about. And there are a lot of negative sides to Ron Paul's views that people don't think about.

For example, he says he wants a smaller government. So do I, but what does he exactly mean by that comment? Will the poor and homeless have to fend entirely for themselves? And how much of a foreign policy will we really have if he is in office? I really don't know, I'm just asking.

Keith, after the Virginia Tech school shooting on April 16, you said, "Your leaders have failed you. And the American people have failed themselves." How does that mesh with Ron Paul's policy of following the Constitution, namely the Second Amendment? If Ron Paul became president and there was another school shooting, would you blame him for not cracking down on gun control, which he obviously won't?

Ron Paul isn't perfect, so don't act like he is the best thing since sliced bread. He isn't. Doesn't mean I won't vote for him, but he has limitations just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Just bought Ron Paul 1500 Ron Paul to win Republican nomination futures on Intrade (formerly tradesports). Better than 110/1 odds (a $125 bet pays off $14,875). Maybe he can take New Hampshire ala Eugene McCarthy. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

Though certianly noxious to the Repub establishment, don't think he is as noxious to the republican base as people would have you believe. It is interesting and rare that he is a pro-life libertarian. Even though I don't agree with him, his explanation is at least philosophically defensible.

Anonymous said...

France doesn't mess around with illegal immigrants:
"He also said he planned to adhere to the policy of deporting illegal immigrants from France. The number of deportees was expected to reach some 25,000 this year, and Hortefeux said he would ensure that figure is reached."

Anonymous said...

The GOP establishment hatchetmen are attacking and spewing lies about Ron Paul all over the internet. I notice the GOP trolls still can't explain why there are major American military bases in Germany even though the Cold War ended nearly two decades ago. Everyone should withhold contributions to the GOP establishment. I gave $2000 in 2002 and 2004. I am giving to Ron Paul this time and all of my co-workers are sick of GOP corporate lackeys and neocon empire builders.

Anonymous said...

I think we should go to war with every country that doesn't agree with us as long as they don't send me or my children over there. We should also referee every civil war in the world. We have too much money and our military should be used to police the world. Free trade is great when we compete against child and slave labor. Ron Paul doesn't know what he's talking about. Vote for the status quo. Open borders and loss of jobs is good for America.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is so low in the polls he has to look up to see down.

This whack job has absolutly no chance in hell of a nomination.

Throwing your vote away on Ron Paul is like taking out an interest only loan. It will get you nowhere and in the end you will pay more than you ever bargained for.

Happy baby boomer in Glendale AZ

Anonymous said...

Can you just croak already baby boomer? This would save us the political and economic expenses of having you around. BTW, Arizona is looking gooooood also, have a fun retirement there sweltering in the heat and dodging bullets in the coming economic boom. The best part the illegals will just leave, but you will be stuck there...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Chris G said:
Will the poor and homeless have to fend entirely for themselves.

Is there something wrong with personal responsibility?

Why should my earnings be taxed and then given to someone who does not work?

Let the private sector handle these bums. Churches, missionaries and other not-for profit enterprises can do more for the local poor communitees than some federal agency 1500 miles away.

So you wanna help the homeless and poor? donate more of your money to them, but keep your filthy hands off MY money.

When Ron Paul eliminates the IRS and the FAIR TAX is put in place, YOU (and I) will have more money to spend any way we like. You can buy the poor a TV or some cans of tuna, I will buy a boat. (maybe if you buy some soap for them, I will take them on my boat and teach them to fish, then they wont need your freaking tuna and you can go buy more crackj you stoopid lib)

Anonymous said...

About the "questions Ron Paul can easily answer"'s easy to vote AGAINST a pay raise when you know 90+% of your colleagues will vote FOR one. So he's never voted for an unbalanced budget, eh? Fat lot of good that did.

It's great that he's a man of his principles, but what I'm not seeing from him are clear cut plans for the future. He wants a smaller do we get there?

Anonymous said...

Sending your $$$ to Ron Paul is a waste. He blow it all on a fruitless campaign. Send it to me instead. I promise to spend it on beer.

Anonymous said...

Centralized power is inherently unstable. Competing groups will fight to own this power to further their own interests - everything from empire building to funding and building bridges to nowhere. The inflation racket run by the Fed transfers wealth to the banks first, then to corporations, politicians and military structure (essential to enforce power) and funds it by impoverishing citizens and hollowing out the country even beyond the point of insolvency. Every one of our politicians is a part of and benefits from this system - with the exception of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul wants to roll back the monstrous and fearful power of the Federal government and put it back into the Constitution, Bill of Rights and a republic of states.

At the base must be a just judicial system and the rule of law. Borders must be secured that allow only those who agree to abide by our laws to become a part of the country. This is why Paul favors strong borders - as opposed to all the others who merely mouth the words but in reality are looking to keep wages low through cheap illegal immigrant labor - or through cheap labor in China. Either way. Doesn't matter. So which viewpoint side of this will actually bring about a stronger America?

When you start to criticize and pick apart Ron Paul, think first about what your life would be like if your taxes were paying for DEFENSE rather than OFFENSE (take a look at how much we pay for military versus what the entire balance of the world pays). Think about what your life would be like if your savings retained their purchasing power. Think about what the country would be like if her borders were secure and the people who immigrate actually commit to and abide by our laws. Think about what our society would be like if you could choose what you want to support rather than having those choices taken from you and determined by someone choosing "pork" instead.

I can see why anybody who benefits from the status quo would oppose Paul. What I can't understand are those who feel the government presents a solution to our problems. What is the government actually doing well? How many of us think perpetual deficit spending is the road to wealth? How many of us could leave our education in the hands of the government and find gainful employment? Health care is a joke - doctors actually used to make house-calls and no one ever talked about how they couldn't pay for their medications. Now, the drug companies have become monsters, RICH and powerful monsters. And we need government subsidy just to pay for medications. That government subsidy and those drug profits are not unrelated.

Actually, the government is doing one thing quite well: Passing legislation to gut the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Things are very quiety being put in place to enforce power and close the trap over the American public. That's going very well indeed.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one fighting for individual freedom and privacy. He's the ONLY one not trying to scare us to death into giving up our rights. Rights that theoretically were given to us not by government by but virture of life itself. Is it any wonder there is a media blackout? And what about that Gallup poll? Who we actually get to see represented in the debates on TV is going to be determined by the 1000 people who are called for that poll? Who came up with that brilliant idea? Not only is that incredibly unfair, I wonder how manipulated the sample size is to begin with. Frankly, what's wrong with hearing from every single person who puts themselves through the stress and grind of a presidential run? Who decided Gallup or FOX or anyone else whould be the arbiter of our elections?

Rather than attacking Paul for not sugar coating things and being politically indelicate, take a look at where we are right now. Take a look at the world all the other candidates represent. Study their voting records. Study what they do. The game plan is: Fear, Empire, Control, Impoverishment, Enslavement. In that order. I say, make a stand for freedom. Impeach anyone who doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I vote that our young men and women be used as cannon fodder in the Middle East, Asia and Africa whenever religious nutjobs and warlords decide to fight. Giuliani sounds like the man willing to carry out that plan.

Anonymous said...

I hope ron paul sticks it out to the very end, ie until the primary voting starts. I'm curious to see how you dopes will spin his 0.1% results.

The idea that he can actually win or that he can even get 1% of the vote is clearly a sign of mental instability. Agreeing with that loon doesn't make you crazy. Thinking he has a chance makes you crazy.

abb said...

They should worry.

I have never voted.
I have never registered to vote.
I have never placed a bumper sticker on my car.
I have never worn a political t-shirt.
I have never actively campaigned for someone.
I have never joined a political meetup group.

How things change when for the very first time in your life a politician appears who is worth fighting for.

There is an army of people who believe in Ron Paul's message.

chris g said...

Chris G said:
Will the poor and homeless have to fend entirely for themselves.

Is there something wrong with personal responsibility?

Why should my earnings be taxed and then given to someone who does not work?

Let the private sector handle these bums. Churches, missionaries and other not-for profit enterprises can do more for the local poor communitees than some federal agency 1500 miles away.

So you wanna help the homeless and poor? donate more of your money to them, but keep your filthy hands off MY money.

I agree with you that the poor and homeless should have some personal responsibility. But do you really think that all of the poor people do not take personal responsibility for their actions? Do you really think that all homeless people are not trying to make their lives better?

You say that I should give my money to charities instead of giving to the feds. I agree with that to some extent. I think federal money should be pared down significantly, and I think there is quite a bit of waste. But using the volunteer system entirely for giving to charities is ridiculous as well. If we go by that system, many needed programs will die.

Of course, instead of giving to charity, you are going to go out and buy a big boat, and circumvent the whole thing. Well, if that happens, I hope you find a bunch of poor and homeless people living in your boat one day when you get to the marina. Maybe you live out in the backwoods and don't have to worry about these people wandering around in your neighborhoods if they don't get assistance. Well, I live in a more congested area.

Finally, I vote Republican more often than I vote Democrat. So, for you to call me a "stupid lib", or "stoopid lib" as you call it, is funny, because I guarantee that you are the stupid and ignorant one. If you are on this board even a little bit, you would know that. Of course you probably don't have any money to buy jack squat, so what good is saving taxes going to do? Besides, you're just going to get whacked with them later on, when the Medicare starts to run out.

And normally I don't swear, but I'll make an exception in this case, just for little ol' you. Instead of me opening up a can of tuna, why don't you go and open up a nice big can of 'go fuck yourself'?

cool hand luke said...

”I'm curious to see how you dopes will spin his 0.1% results.”

Like this…

“Afterwards, every single major online poll shows conclusively that Ron Paul won the debate by a mammoth margin, trouncing the bought and paid-for shill neo-Con candidates that the establishment press are sworn to uphold.” Click Here

ABC News Poll: Guess Who?

MSNBC Rate the Debate: Not again!!

Fox News: Second place with 25% (well it is Fox News after all)

On the net and U-Tube: not even close!

The United Republicans of California have unanimously endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president of the United States. Click Here

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's going to win by a landslide if everyone who wants to see him win just goes out and VOTES for him.

I am trully amazed by the support he has from everyone I speak to on BOTH sides of the fence.

Liberal to moderate Dems, Conservative to moderate Republicans, all seem to respect him equally. Even Ralph Nader types!

The only thing I can figure out is this: a LOT of people have had it with lying, corrupt politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths and exist only to ki$$ A$$.

Add to that another refreshing thing about Paul: he makes sense!! And has common sense!!

This guy is good to go. For Real.

stardust said...

i just donated to a politician for the 1st time in my life - go ron paul!

Phineous said...

So many comments about social welfare! How much of the budget do you think actually goes to social welfare? It's a small fraction of the amount that goes to corporate welfare!

It seems people think that when Ron Paul is elected the result will be instant libertarianism. How will one man will accomplish that? It took GWB two terms and countless accomplices to screw us. RP will be lucky to fix anything. At least we'll have a real leader who will expose the problems and force real discussion about solutions.