May 18, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Think real estate clerks and mortgage brokers who steered Desperate Homedebtors into depreciating assets they couldn't afford (while earning their big commissions) are getting a few angry phone calls and emails these days?


Anonymous said...

Does a agent expect to get repeat business from a person they sold down the river with lies about real estate going up and running out of land ? But if you do get a call from a prior customer ,it's not going to be nice or you will get sick of the crying .

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that real estate agents simply get a new answer phone message that simply gives the number of your lawyer .

Anonymous said...

They better watch their asses!

If I was/used to be a MB or RA I would be wanting bullet proof vests!

Piss off the wrong people and they will come gunning for you.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne you fu&&ing b&^ch!

Anonymous said...

From a former RE agent:


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I sure hope so. They always go up.

Anonymous said...

Realtors will not have to worry about repeat business anytime in the near future.
Due to: The buyers will not be able to afford to sell the over priced homes purchased or the buyers will have to wait 7 years after the foreclosure process to be able to qualify for a new mortgage at a much higher interest rate.

Anonymous said...

Now who do you think will have the most impact on your life in the next 30 years?

1. The people who sold you a house that YOU decided with your free will to buy with papers YOU decided to sign.

2. The Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents for the last 30 years spending all your family's money?

Just like us American.

Play the victim and complain about the tail while feeding the dog.

Shame on us all for the American legacy we've squandered with self centeredness, apathy, greed, lust, moral decay and debt.

Anonymous said...

Remember that guy who killed all those stockbrokers after he lost some bread in the stock market .

Really, screwing you fellow man in business is not a good idea ,after all you were suppose to be ethical people requiring a 6% commission .Why did you show people property that they couldn't afford and turn them on to slime loan agents ? You knew real estate didn't always go up or they might not be able to refinance .

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who knows a guy who is a mortgage broker. One of my uncle's tried to get a refi through him. After weeks of not returning my uncle's calls, my uncle called my friend to see what the problem is with his contact. My friend called the sectretary at the mortagage brokers job and she said that dude has not been in the office for weeks and a stack of files are just collecting dust on his desk(Probably because banks are no longer making easy loans). Also, that so called contact of my friends, has a file sitting there that he was supposed to do for my friend's uncle too. To make things worse, he borrowed $5,000 from my friend and is not returning his phone calls either!! Haha, It's happening folks. Looks like the sh*t is hitting the fan.

turdly said...

I tell them;
'so, you really are a clerk at a pet store, but you don't make the $7000 monthly that you say you did?' 'What?! you're behind on your house payment!' 'Do you have any of the payment available?'
'Not a penny! Did I hear you say you spent it on CRACK".

'yes, yes, I'm to blame, shame shame on me for having to believe your lying ass when you told me you made $7000 a month. Yes, I remember that you're the one that threatened me with a discrimination suit if I asked for proof of income, yes, I remember we used the appraiser friend you insisted on. Yes, of course I'm recording this conversation. Let me ask you one final question, does this sound like me slamming down the phone?"

turdly said...

'friend who knows a guy' secretary, uncle, friends uncle, that this has 'facts' written all over it!
If there was a 'school marm' in it, we'd engrave this story on the Lincoln Memorial.

roroyoyo said...

You guys are so pathetic.

Commit to something productive.

Like suicide, for starters.

Anonymous said...

"Why did you show people property that they couldn't afford and turn them on to slime loan agents ? "

Why??? Geesh its because they get a FATTER COMMISSION by getting people into toxic loans via the slim loan agents...

It's ALL about the $$$$,
and WILL ALWAYS be about the $$$.

Anonymous said...

Former toxic loan agent: