April 15, 2007

Think real estate clerks are compulsive liars? Now even the Desperate Homedebtors are too

Ah, gotta love Desperate Homedebtors and REALTORS, especially during these desperate times. Now they're even photoshopping their sh*tholes to make 'em look better on the internets.

Guess which picture is fake? And who do they think they're fooling?
I'd suggest they photoshop in a "motivated seller - price reduced" sign too...


Anonymous said...

What happened to the weather vane? Those sell houses!

Anonymous said...

Gotta have power lines too!

Anonymous said...

Where's the prostitute throwin in the ideal pic? It's gonna take one hangin' out of every windo to sell it now...

not impressed said...

I saw an illuminated realtor sign on a front lawn yesterday. It smacked of desperation as it eerily glowed against the backdrop of a previously foreclosed upon home.

James Dean said...

I see listings everyday with pools and lakes amongst the photos/ description. Read the fine print: the pool is the community pool 10 minutes away.

Gee, thanks for letting me know about the YMCA 5 miles down the road. While in theory it would be nice to know about the area, this is pure deception. Otherwise, why not photograph the college, the trendy restaurant block, and the MVA!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is truly small potatos next to outright mortgage / broker appraisal fraud, etc. This one barely elicits a blink, IMO, as it's just business as usual for the REIC.

I love the quote from a real estate lawyer who deals in real estate fraud, quoted in this article written in the S.F. Gate:

"I neither expected nor have I seen anything like this in all the years I've practiced law. It's as if in real estate it's gone back to the Wild, Wild West of San Francisco in the 1800s."


IMO, Carol Lloyd (the author of that article) deserves an award from the HB blogging community for being a modern-day muckraker of MSM, helping to expose the massive lies and fraud that's pervaded the REIC.

But yes, the listing agent should've put a disclaimer with that photo such as, "artist's depiction after watering the plants, landscaping, removing power lines, etc."

No doubt they also photoshopped the notice of default (NOD) from the lender pasted on the front door out of the pix, too? Probably a good idea to take THOSE out of the shot... ;)

Kenduffelsniffenspotzen said...

Maybe they can photoshop a few buyers into that picture as well?

Joe Fatness said...

How about Photoshoping a bunch of sellers bidding on the property.

Anonymous said...

Hey morons, Bay Area prices up 1% to 3% YOY depending on the county. Run for the hills everyone, the sky is about to fall.

Oh but I know, I know, just wait until the summer. Where did I hear that before? I know, 3 months ago when spring was supposed to be the start of the crash. No wait it was last spring when summer was supposed to be the start. Hell, you predict the start of the crash so oftem who can keep up.


belchorama said...

anon April 15, 2007 4:01 PM:

You're right. Why don't you go buy a house or three. 1-3% yoy with 10% down is 10-30% on your money (ignoring pesky things like closing and carrying costs - who has time for those details though?), not bad; if you go zero down, than you make infinity % on your money. Ooo. And really, real estate only goes up, so basically, you can make infinity % with no risk. Maybe you should go buy five or ten houses, I've heard it's a buyer's market. Maybe you should buy four thousand. Maybe you should purchase Zimbabwe on a teaser rate, I hear it's up-and-coming.

Anonymous said...

Ah, don't you fret Mr. Bubble man.

The Bay Area and Los Angeles will be the Grand Finale. The big tsunami that wipes out the American Economy.

I'll bet you 10,000 dollars right now that house prices in San Jose will be down 30% from their tops within 5 years. Arrangements by interested parties for escrowing the bet money can be arranged if you are willing to put your money down.

Didn't think so.

The last place I worked in Los Angeles, I and 2 other new hires quit because we wouldn't pay the house prices required. We couldn't bring our families knowing we'd be buying an asset that would be plummeting in a few years. What's that doing to the labor pool in these areas? And two of us were Ph.D foreigners too and even then didn't want to commit financial suicide. Some people in this world still possess the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

No, I think you are freakin doomed and you know it. That's why you have to come on here and try to shut us up, as if we are the ones causing the crash.

"It's the media" (whine whine whine).

You're toast dude and I'll be laughing my ass off at you losers with the house balls and chains around your necks as you're whining to congress for a bailout, about how you been "ripped off" by the man as you go down for the 3rd count.

Whine whine whine. Whitey done ripped me off. Mortgages sho jam a bruthu up.

Anonymous said...

I see nothin' but blue skies!

The north Atlantic sea was placid in 1912 too. Then the "unsinkable" Titanic had a little mishap.

corvinus said...

I thought those two pictures were one of those color-blindness tests.

Frank said...

This was really infuriating when I was looking for to rent a house in Newport Beach. Yes, even on rental listings they're photoshopping and making stuff up! Like the "pool" crap when it's really a community pool. Or "guard-gated" when there's no guard, just a useless gate. Or "peek-a-book" ocean view meaning you can see the ocean once a month when the wind blows the trees out of the way.

You know it's gotten really bad when they have to lie on rental listings, and take lowball offers like the one we made that was accepted.

TM said...

I forget where I saw that article, but it was the realtor, not the seller, who shopped that particular photo.

TM said...

Nevermind, I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Hey morons, Bay Area prices up 1% to 3% YOY depending on the county. Run for the hills everyone, the sky is about to fall."

Keep on drinking the kook aide fuck face.

Anonymous said...

"Hey morons, Bay Area prices up 1% to 3% YOY depending on the county. Run for the hills everyone, the sky is about to fall."

Why is it that you never respond to someone who challenges you, you gutless little coward?

Anonymous said...

"Whine whine whine. Whitey done ripped me off. Mortgages sho jam a bruthu up. "


This buds for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Why did they leave the house next door in, or was that going too far?

Anonymous said...

I am the marketing guy for a large real estate company... trust me, I hate it, but it's paying off my student loans for now. Of course, I'm already planning my escape before the meltdown happens here... my clients are already getting more nervous and demanding than normal (which is pretty damn insufferable as it is!)
I am often asked to photoshop property photos. My rule has always been, I will only remove something that can be removed in reality (a hose or children's toys left out on the lawn, a car parked on the street, or a garbage can left in front of the garage, for example). I steadfastly refuse to "green up" the lawn or shrubbery, or "clean up" cracks in the driveway.
I always inform my clients that this policy is in their best interest, as they will avoid any accusation of misrepresentation. Even so, I've had more than a few clients angrily storm out of my office, ranting to me that they will find someone who will do what they're asking them to. Even if I would spend the time to do it, they'd bitch about how much I charge (real estate clerks are some of the cheapest S.O.B.s I've ever had the displeasure of working with. Any amount of money is too much when it's coming "out of their bottom line." Yeah, not like any other "independent businesspeople" have expenses, jackasses... but since I'm a staff peon, I guess they expect me to work for free!)
To be honest, more often than not, it's not listing photos that realtwhores ask me to photoshop, it's their headshots! Vain, egotistical primadonnas, all of 'em. Big hair and a cheesy grin, with nothing but hot air in between the ears. I mean, I'm pretty good at photoshop, but there's not enough time in the day to make some of those sneering, insincere mugs look good!

Anonymous said...

Belchorama, well said and I'm still LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey morons, Bay Area prices up 1% to 3% YOY depending on the county. Run for the hills everyone, the sky is about to fall.

Hahahaha, he said "depending on county" now that's spin if I've ever seen it. That could mean 5 counties could show negative numbers while 3 show positive 1-3.

Anonymous said...

My wife e-mailed a local realtor and asked for actual home photo's....no photoshop! My wife is a computer graphic artist!!!!
The response was, 'those are the actual photo's'!
They can't even tell the truth about anything!

Danimal said...

"In my opinion, photos that take out visible utility lines are not trying to conceal material facts from prospective purchasers," Malta says. "It's just a form of marketing so that buyers can see the house."

Malta admits that he airbrushes out utility lines running in front of a house and cars parked in front. "The photo may not be accurate but it does allow one to see all the features of a home, otherwise the power lines may block the view. I don't believe that's concealment, and it's much better than concealing pure defects. When they come to view the house, they're going to see the utility lines anyway."

Excellent, so by that logic I can Photoshop some pictures of this guys wife by "taking out" her clothes and post them on the web.

I'm not concealing material fact - she is, in fact, naked under her clothes. The photo may not be accurate, but it does allow one to see all the features of his wife. And when somebody comes to see the real thing, they will see the clothes.

What a tool!