January 23, 2007

DR Horton CEO: "We're in the very early stages" of housing crash, "most of these downturns are longer and deeper"

Someone explain me how stock manipulator and insider-trader Bob Toll will avoid spending quality time with Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan? He sees the numbers, he knows we're in meltdown mode, yet he goes out and pumps his stock (before he sells even more).

Nice to see DR Horton's CEO understand his obligations under the law, and just tell the truth today.

Toll Brothers CEO Bob Toll (looking to dump more shares, skirt the SEC) - "Fifteen months into the current slowdown, we may be seeing a floor in some markets where deposits and traffic, although erratic from week to week, seem to be dancing on the bottom or slightly above"

DR Horton CEO (wanting to avoid jail time): "We're in the very early stages" of the current housing slowdown. "Most of these downturns are longer and deeper, and right now we don't see anything on the horizon that would change that opinion. We continue to see a very challenging industry environment for fiscal 2007."


Dr Housing Bubble said...

Yup, we are five years away from the bottom if we follow the last housing cycle. I posted an analysis regarding this issue today:

Dr. Housing Bubble - Looking at 1989 in Southern California

Again, the REIC would want you to believe it is different this time and smoking doesn't cause lung cancer.

Anonymous said...

it's called "hush money," so Toll doesn't "tell the truth."

bush will be on TV tonight talking about ethanol and global warming and nobody will say: "mr. president, don't the ethanol producers burn coal to make ethanol?", "mr. president, isn't making ethanol from corn a bad thing?"

hush money, however, pacifies so "people can make fast money" and let somebody else worry about the mess...

Anonymous said...

Bob Toll must have a good lawyer

FL_Bust said...

All the builder stock prices shot up today .. I'm tempted to short some of them ..

Anyone thinking the same here ????
Can we make money off of thier downfall ??

Anonymous said...

I think the proper grammar is
"Splain me".

sa said...

Have you seen CTX, 3rd Q results. It is released a few minutes ago. It looks bad.

Anonymous said...

Shorted ITB today:

Anonymous said...

9:41:00 haven't you hear a Merryl Lynch analyst upgraded the housing sector today.

You are clearly delusional, have no respect for the status quo, authority figures or herd mentality.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Boob Troll
Rob Toll
Rober Troll
Rob Troll
Enjoy hell when you get there!

realist said...

The government will solve this issue. After that, they will solve the illegal immigration, Social Security, Medicare and healthcare issues.

Anonymous said...

Please take a look at the housing index HGX. Nothing dire here. Either the charts are lying or the blogs are.

Anonymous said...

CEO's are perennial optismists. If you were not an optimist, then you would not have gotten into business.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing for someone in management at D.R. Horton.

I know of a VP of Construction at a DR Horton Company who kidnapped an entire work crew at gunpoint, forced them to load a complete house package on flat-bed trailers and transported the house and crew to North Carolina where the crew built the house at gunpoint.

The senior management knew exactly what had happened, but their only concern was to void the PO's so they didn't have to pay them.

Anyone in the office who found out about it was threatened and told they would be fired if they ever mentioned it again or spoke with the authorities.

This was a typical day at the office with these idiots.

D.R. Horton could easily be taken down using RICO laws designed to cripple the Mafia.