November 21, 2006

Liars anonymous: "Hello, My Name is David Lereah" - "Hello, David!"

Here's the laughable NAR preso from their annual confab. Oh, man, I wish I was there to heckle. So many slides have so much misleading spin, it's worse than any politician or Cubs manager.

Here's a few select tidbits. Download the entire preso, and also thanks to David at BubbleMeter for the images

Slide 1: "The Road to Recovery" - even the preso title is hilarious! We're on the highway to devastation - recovery lane is miles and miles away

Slide 5: Calling the bottom on new home sales. How stupid does he think we are? A little blip as panicked builders unload at any price is not a bottom, it's a blip. This chart will go down and down and down and down for years and years to come, as builders stop building new dead inventory.

Slide 16: "Very Cold" markets: California, Southern Florida, Arizona, Nevada, DC Region

Slide 21: "Large Corrections" - Arizona, Nevada, South Florida, Las Vegas

Slide 42: Blaming the media for the end of the ponzi scheme: "Bubbles Will Burst. Balloons Will Pop. Prices Will Fall 30% to 40%. Housing Downturn Will Send Economy into Recession"

Slide 47: Still cheerleading: "Wake up and smell the equity! The national median home price has increased 88 percent over the last 10 years!"

Slide 71: Ending with the bizarre and laughable Greenspan quote “Most of the negatives in housing are probably behind us"


Anonymous said...

Is that William Shatner in the "Negative Media" slide?

Anonymous said...

David Lereah makes Fox news look good and thats hard to do!Only if you think the tooth ferry is still alive!

David said...

Thanks for helping expose the deception that is David Lereah. The new Irving Fisher!

David Lereah Watch

sixpercenter said...

What he's really trying to do is justify the dues that NAR members are paying him! He's trying to fool his own employers.

Anonymous said...

Keith, You used to be my favorite blog, but, Damn bud,your obsession with realtors is kinda weird.
It,s becoming keiths boring blog and bens interesting blog now.

striker said...

I think you guy's have picked apart every little detail about lereah already. yawn

David said...

"I think you guy's have picked apart every little detail about lereah already. yawn"

He deserves it! We will continue!

David Lereah Watch

keith said...

nice to see a realtor posting as anon

I'll stay on realtors' (and the REIC's) cases until the death of that profession. They serve no useful purpose in society anymore. They're dishonest cockroaches, bloodsuckers, liars and thieves. Even though yes, some of them are likely decent people. Their profession however is now a joke.

Don't like it? Don't read HP. The NAR has a wonderful website full of great information too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for David Lereah to write a book about O.J.

Anonymous said...

It's stuff like this that makes me wish that Borat & his fat buddy had done their naked tear-ass through this convention instead of the mortgage one.

Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer and I even think realtors are cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

David Lereah's attorney is probably cataloging all of Keith's rabid rants. When he files that lawsuit for 5000 counts of libel, it will be a ballbuster!

David said...

"David Lereah's attorney is probably cataloging all of Keith's rabid rants. When he files that lawsuit for 5000 counts of libel, it will be a ballbuster! "

I will stand with and donate money to help Keith!

David Lereah Watch

David Lereah said...

What the?!?!?
I was up all night working on this!
This was my best Powerpoint presentation EVVVVERRRR you HATERS!

At least all the babeliscious realtors on my MySpace love the Lereah!

honica jewinski said...

I can't believe those freakin idiots really think you are David Lereah. Yeah, realtors are smart.

Anonymous said...

The slide with the media person looks more like a realtor that has just been told that the deal what was going to cover his new Hummer lease payments and the Aspen vacation with his significent other was canceled.

bourgeois said...

Speaking of smart realtors, this is hilarious...
"designed to build great agents' reputations through public recommendations, as well as to transform the perception of the industry as a whole."
I Love My Agent

But first check out their tshirts and the babe that models it. Scroll down to Nov. 20:

Housing Armageddon

Anonymous said...

Heckling "DL" today would probably cause him to do a Michael Richards outburst calling any heckler a communist or wet blanket!

Anonymous said...


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