November 26, 2006

HP does battle with an unprofessional, disgusting and desperate realtor: Greg Swann at Bloodhound Blog

I figured the guy must be having hard times. Phoenix real estate is having an historic meltdown. Sales are down 40% from last year. Inventory is up hundreds of percents. People stupid enough to work for Bloodhound Realty are likely hungry, desperate and pissed.

So, as predicted, who do they blame? Themselves? Nah. The market? Nope. Supply and Demand? No way. The fundamentals? Nope.

They blame the messenger, and in this case HP and yours truly.

But as we've said all along, that's to be expected from the small minded set. We expect plenty of REIC trolls and we get 'em. Greg Swann himself is our sock puppet here at HP, hijacking posters identities and probably spending hours here trolling since he has nothing else to do in life now.

But, the unprofessional weirdo went overboard the other day, with this revolting posting on his supposedly professional site (WARNING - FOUL DISGUSTING LANGUAGE - SKIP AHEAD):

Finally, it might be nice if everyone would chip in to buy Keith at Housing Panic some lubricant. The poor sod has been Masturbating to Armageddon for months now, to no discernible result. It’s gotta chafe…


Yeah, that's professional. That's the kind of language professionals should use. I hope he doesn't have children, parents or attend a church.

Criticism I can take but that was just disgusting, and beyond the pale. I don't know about you HP'ers but I'd never do business with (or even associate with) a person who used that language. But par for the course with realtors I guess. Lack of class, lack of education, lack of intelligence.

So HP'ers tipped me off to this, so instead of going right online and posting something even more vile against this disgusting hack Greg Swann, I decided I should put an end to it right there, take the high road, and offer a truce, but back it up with a penalty if he chose to go to war. Here's my private note I sent him:

I’ll give you a choice. 1) A war with the thousands of HP’ers so harsh and loud your practice and reputation in Arizona likely wouldn’t survive (beyond the damage you’re doing yourself) 2) A truce. Here’s your post that is way beyond the pale, and made you look like some unprofessional weirdo. I’d suggest this be pulled by the weekend.

Well, he chose war. Here's his post on his site:

Here is Keith from Housing Panic volunteering to “go easy on me”, to “pull his punches” — essentially to “take a dive”. Why? Because he can’t bear up to the ridicule his ridiculous behavior incites. Bring it on, Keith. I’m having a great year, and you haven’t laid a glove on me yet. I’ve never pulled a post and I never will. I’ve never failed to tell the perfect truth about you — and I never will.

So HP'ers (or flying monkeys as he calls you), if you chose to join ranks with me versus Bloodhound, here's what I suggest to start the war plan. Please add your strategies and tactics as well:

1) Fight his disinformation and REIC spin with the facts. And the facts are pretty simple - housing is crashing, we're in the beginning stages of a historic meltdown, and he and folks like him are on their way to losing their careers. How can a Phoenix realtor look you in the eye and say everything is fine when sales are off 40% from last year? 40%? And now it's even getting tragic in Phoenix.

2) Flame away, and hard, over at Bloodhound Blog. If he's gonna troll here, feel free to hit 'em there. I know I'm helping him drive traffic to his site, but hopefully anyone thinking of buying a home from this disgusting unprofessional creep thinks twice about it after visiting his blog.

3) Dig up postings, articles and quotes from Greg Swann for all to see. Where he admits having unlicensed or out of work realtors working for him. Where he tells people there is no housing bubble. That sort of thing.

4) Here are his meager listings. I'm sure these homedebtors would like to know the type of unprofessional and revolting man representing them.

At the end of the day, I feel sorry for him. A desperate and disgusting man, losing his profession along with all professional respect. He's lost mine for sure.


Anonymous said...

The guy is obviously in the middle of career suicide and having issues.

greg swann is weird said...

Why would he want his potential clients to see the type of vile person he is? His post was pornography and he is bizarre. Be careful Keith

Anonymous said...


selflove said...

awe come on keith, there is nothing you need to do to this swan guy that he couldnt manage all by himself.
they are all crass con men and their game is up.

and besides who out there hasnt masturbated?

Anonymous said...

That guy is disgusting and also pretty stupid if you ask me

Bake McBride said...

The guy took a swipe at you.....What's the big deal?

I don't understand why you're so incensed by another bloggers rant.

keith said...

I get swiped at all the time, including by bloodhound. No prob with that.

I'm just grossed out about his dirty language and calling him on it. He's a weirdo in my book and should be ashamed (in addition to unemployed and disrespected)

Paul E. Math said...

I don't find his comment all that vile and disgusting. I find his 'profession' and business vile and disgusting in that it pretends to act as a fiduciary for homebuyers and is nothing of the sort.

It makes me sick to my stomach that someone like Greg Swann can make a living out of lying to the clients he claims to represent, telling them that real estate is a great investment when all evidence points to the contrary.

Greg Swann is vile and disgusting for his lack of ethics. Keith, whatever onanistic hobbies you may pursue away from HP are your own business.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix is overloaded with houses for sale and Swann has less than a dozen listings, some that look like real dogs (bloodhound?) A couple of the pix don't even load. I wouldn't get too excited over what this loser is trying to do on this site. He'll be working at Walmart in no time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Greg Swann Is Weird: Be careful.

The guy is either pushed to the edge, and therefore dangerous. Or not able to control himself, and therefore dangerous.

I appreciate your "keep it clean" rule, and that's one of the reasons I keep coming back here. That, and the entertainment value, of course.

AND - your rule "Don't feed the trolls!". As you've said, that's the only way discourage them. But it sounds like you're breaking your own rule...

In addition, when one intentionally tries to harm someone else's business, doesn't that invite legal problems? I'm no lawyer, but something about it doesn't pass the smell test...

Be careful.

abyli said...

Do not fight with pigs because you will get dirty and pigs will have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Greg's site is retarded. The guy needs to find another career if he feels so threatened by a blog. Silly. Phoenix real estate is going down the tubes and what Greg Swann says is irrelevant and has no bearing on what will happen. I wonder if Greg has a huge portrait of Liareah in his living room?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...


I am Sam. See 'word lies' war with Mr. Swan, who is really the "Ugly Duckling"

So petty, but the guy is hurting people, imo.

PS, Does he really have our e-mails now?


Anonymous said...

Sure Greg's having a good year, but at doing what? Does he have a side job in the gay porn industry???

underdog2u said...

I wouldn't get too excited over what this loser is trying to do on this site. He'll be working at Walmart in no time.
Or be dead by his own hand. F**king loser!

Anonymous said...

Greg Swan is a well connected man with a lot of money and you should be very careful what you write about him. He may sue you. It can become really messy.
Please, keep it clean.
That's one of the reasons I read your blog.

Mike E.

Paul E. Math said...

'All that evil needs to triumph is for the honest man to stand by and do nothing'.

I think you're doing the right thing, Keith. We all have a moral obligation to fight Greg Swann's insideous deceit.

This guy and his kind are a leach on society. He is engaged fulltime in the perpetuation of an injustice against honest Americans who just want a decent place to live and raise a family.

Greg Swann has encouraged 'investors' to enter the property market in order to squeeze money out of honest home-buyers at a later date. Home-flipping is an inherently unjust pursuit in that it hopes to take advantage of honest home-buyers.

We owe it to our fellow man to expose Swann, Lereah and others as the shameless, dishonest profiteers that they are.

Richard said...

I posted a response keith on greg's site.

I hope he does not have children.

Buzz Kill said...

Swann is flamebait. His rhetoric is maddening. You can't win an argument with him because he is a psycho. I am sure that he craves all the attention he can get, don't give him the satisfaction. Realtwhore® = loser.

borkafatty said...

speaking of children!

Anonymous said...

If you are that bothered by it, file a complaint with the Arizona RE licensing board or the NAR. This guy still needs his license to steal, and with the REIC spending millions on "it's a great time to buy or sell a house" they really can't have their own making masterbation and lubricant references to anyone. ANYONE! Sure, he's protected by 1st amendment rights, but his license isn't.

Chris G said...

I take that back, they do know his last name. Oh well, Keith's still across the pond.

Anonymous said...

If your wife/girlfriend/hag was as ugly as Greg Swann's, you'd be thinking about ma******ting too

Poor guy

Anonymous said...

I have a solution that will benefit all parties concerned. My solution? Greg and Keith face off in some type of ultimate fighting competition like the kind you see on Spike TV. If Keith wins Greg allows a foreclosed upon FB to live with him for a year rent free. If Greg wins Keith has to french kiss David Leraeh for 5 minutes straight.

Anonymous said...

I visited his site and did not see the foul language that you included on your website. Maybe I did not read it carefully. Who has time to read other blogs or wage war against anyone. I have better things to do.

That said. I think you should drop this.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Keith, let time tell the story. The dollar began melting last Friday. It will be interesting to see the next year with housing. US lacks fundamentals in it's economy right now and housing is a big part of it. Looking down the road...what will happen when all the boomers die in 10-20 years. Man, that's a lot of houses for sale. Anyone remember what happen to Germany in the past :)?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I posted a response keith on greg's site.

I hope he does not have children.
LOL Richard!
Thank you for the AM Chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Masterbating to Armageddon...

That's hilarious. You find this offensive? Please.

I'd suggest growing thicker skin, but the beating off probably took care of that for you. Haha.

Anonymous said...

He does seem awfully proud of himself. Can't you just watch the guy wither and die?

Anonymous said...

A Pheonix realtor! Does it get any lower on the food chain?

Jay said...

Wow, what a bunch of angry and immature people! It's amazing how many people here think they know Greg Swann, the Phoenix market and real estate in general. And it's even more amazing how completely clueless about anything they really are.

Anonymous said...

Side note: Just drove through area south of PHX on 347. There are several new developements there that look like 'ghost towns' and the sales Blitz is ON! These homes look rather large sq ft wise, but boy have they packed them on top of each other!!!
They are also in the middle of Nowhere! Actually surrounded by cotton fields! Where are these people working? They ain't picking cotton! There's no industry there, so they have a nice long crowded commute up the 10 to PHX!
Who thought this place up?

Anonymous said...

JAY ya Wanker!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a hypocrite! Bloodhound Realty - We're About Family:

Our passion is to do the best we can do, to find the best house at the best price, to find the best-qualified buyer for your home, to negotiate the best terms, to help our clients reach the best decisions, making the best possible investment. We're not about doing deals, we're about forging relationships. We want for you, as our client, to be so delighted by our efforts that you cannot conceive of working with another Realtor.

Above all, we are about family – yours and ours. And while we might be a small business, there is nothing small – or small-time or small-minded – in the way we do business. We want to be your Realtor for life. We will do everything we can to make that happen

A family man wouldn't be talking about jerking off on his professional website

What a weirdo!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Greg Swan, truth teller, just posted my real identity on his realtwhore sight.
When I registered hIS BLOG PROMISED, IN WRITING THAT my e mail would not be published. WTF

Anonymous said...

flying - send him a note here

send the wording where they're in violation of their own policy and threaten to sue for damages unless they take it down and apologise publicly

what horrible people over there

Anonymous said...

Here's his phone number I hope he gets lots of prank calls too


Anonymous said...


Trying to drive some traffic to your ill-visited, and obviously untrustworthy blog?

Take you opportunities where you can find them I guess!

Anonymous said...

Here's his list of "partners" (people who pay kickbacks to him and visa versa), wouldn't they be surprised to hear from people what Greg's been saying?

Mortgage lender:
Logan Hall
SallieMae Home Loans

Escrow agent and title insurer:
Fidelity National Title Insurance

Home warranty insurer:
Jennifer Brown
Old Republic Home Warranty
800-445-6999 x1264

Home inspector:
Mike Elsberry
Premier Inspectors of America

Wood inspector:
Mark Deermer
Pest Control Solutions

Anonymous said...

Jay, must be hungry with no sales huh? Maybe you should leave Phoenix for greener pastures

Jay publishes the little-read blog below if anyone wants a good laugh, he's aligned himself with Swan in the Axis of REIC

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Jennifer Brown is any relation to Jeff Brown, one of Bloodhoud's big props givers?

Anonymous said...


Please pay a web designer to straighten out the disturbing look of your site. No WONDER you have no traffic ro sales!

buzz kill said...

Three real estate channels running simultaneously on cable tv. The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

I have done what you asked, Dear Leader. I have read through this scum's blog and have found the following posts. I want everyone here to read each of these word for word, because they're deplorable:

That last one starts with: "The second in my series of articles devised to tick off real estate brokers appeared in the Arizona Republic today."


Remember, the only way we can beat this guy is to read everything he's written in order to adequately familiarize ourselves with his points of view - otherwise, we may accuse him of something that is in fact untrue - and this would make us look stupid. So read, my comrades, read!

Anonymous said...

Man I wish I had my old Lexis-Nexis account. We could find all sorts of fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Here is where you can file an ethics complaint against Greg Swann

Anonymous said...

Fly Monkeys!

Anonymous said...

The fires are burning over there now. Keep it up HPers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, I need to file a complaint against Swann. He is deplorable and the reason that RE is getting a bad name.

SeattleMoose said...

His stomach made him spew!!!!

Just another starving RE shill.

I hope he ends up as a pan handler.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I am now blocked from his sight.

He thinks I am Richard!

Every one, you should use fake e-mails on his sight, unless you want your private information published.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

What a creep. Typical Realtwhore.

buzz saw said...

My comments are still up. I don't care if he wants to spam my mailbox or not. What a loser!

buzz kill said...

FMW, you mean to tell us that you're not Richard? What is y'alls "secret" then?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well, I really am Ricahrd.


Anonymous said...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior - you can go on there as GREGSWANNISALOSER and get something posted. He is as ethical as a Realtor can be I suppose.

keith said...

I've never been as proud as the HP'ers as I am today


And kill him with facts. Post anything and everything about the Phoenix meltdown underway. He can't hide from the truth.

If someone in Phoenix chose him as their realtor, vs. the other tens of thousands of hungry ones out there, it would only be because they didn't read his blog (or HP)

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

That is funny, but I am finished with Greg Ugly Duckling. I should change my HP name because Mr Swan, Teller of Moral Truth, Kicked my a$$.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the irony of Buzz Saw and others on this site is rich. Buzz Saw was so disgusted with what Greg wrote on his own site that he felt compelled to write the following (on Greg's site):

"You are a naseating pile of poo. A gaseous windbag to be sure. You are odious and foul smelling. You reek and your writing makes me want to hurl. You are a slippery bugger with the morals of and ape and the manners of a flatulent jackass. You revile all that you don’t understand. You quote useless statistics and spin lies as a spider might weave a web of deceit. I pity your clients whether they be buyers or sellers or whatever because surely they will pay top dollar for lies and cliches. If there is any justice a giant turd will fly into your mouth as you drive down the highway to one of your overpriced crapshacks which you intend to unload on some poor stupid shmuck. Actually, your buyers have it coming because they are stupid and your sellers deserve to wither on the vine. May your prostate enlarge to the size of a melon and your head shrink to the size of a corpuscle. (to be continued)"

You really showed him, Buzz Saw! You really showed him who has the moral high ground in this fight!

So many of you are calling Greg disgusting, and lamenting this fake 'moral outrage' - but then are perfectly fine with doing whatever you can to destroy his name, reputation, and business (your efforts won't really have much of an effect, btw).

I just find it all so odd and hypocrtical..

I applaud Kevin's suggestion: If you're intent on 'killing him', kill him with facts! Posting juvenile comments in response to juvenile comments is, well, rather juvenile - don't you think?

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't spend your time declaring "war" with this asshole. Seriously, it would be like the US declaring war on a tiny third world country whose leader has a big mouth....doing so elevates them and their platform to flatulate broadly.

This guy is sitting in the middle of a melting down nuke plant with no prayer of future prosperity and has lots of time on his hands. So he will be greasing up his keyboard big time over your declaration of battle. How many RE agents are there in Phoenix to share those 50k plus debtbox listings?

Buzz Saw said...

kill him with facts!

What a steamy kettle of excrement! Anonypuss, you probably are G.S. because he won't debate fairly either. You could stick his head in a pile of manure and he would still deny the existence of same. Enjoy the Ramen noodles butt cheese.

Anonymous said...

Why is Greg using the word masturbation intolerable, and yet you calling us whores acceptable?

Anonymous said...

Report Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty to the Phoenix Board of Realtors and the AZ Dept. of Real Estate. His use of sexualized profanity violates the Canons of Conduct that he must abide by for licensing.

By the way, for those on this site that think expressing your sexual proclivities or fetishes publicly is OK, you're a bunch of sick perverts just like Greg Swann. Get yourself cleaned up because you'll soon find yourself on TV talking with Chris Hansen on Dateline's Perverted Justice series!

By the way, whoever posted that Greg Swann is well connected and may sue is a joke. If your site logs IP addresses, look into it. I think Greg Swann posted it.

Jay said...


Trying to drive some traffic to your ill-visited, and obviously untrustworthy blog?

Take you opportunities where you can find them I guess!"

Nope, not at all. I don't need, nor want your traffic. I simply always put my name/blog on comments because I don't hide behind the "Anonymous" moniker.

"Jay, must be hungry with no sales huh? Maybe you should leave Phoenix for greener pastures"

Thanks for your concern, but our sales are more than adequate. Record year in progress in fact.

"Jay- Please pay a web designer to straighten out the disturbing look of your site. No WONDER you have no traffic ro sales!"

Granted, my "disturbing looking" site is a small player compared to some. It only gets about 6,000 uniques a month, but it's more than enough to support my family. I know, it's just a lowly template site. But at least it's the highest ranked site among the other 100,500+ Point 2 Agent sites.

And where exactly are you pulling my sales statistics from? Wherever it is, it's obviously a bad source.

And really folks, if you're going to pretend to fight with facts, you could at least quit with the "50K plus listings" talk. Getting the right number isn't all that difficult.

The maturity level here is simply staggering. Calling people "whores" and "buttcheese", "pile of poo" -- reminds me of a Junior High playground.

I guess if you can't fight fair or with facts, post anonymously and call people childish names. Yeah, that really makes your point.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I shoulda said, "I applaud KEITH'S suggestion" - not 'Kevin'. Sorry Keith.

Buzz Saw, it was Keith who said 'kill him with facts'. I was just quoting him. Are you saying that Keith, too, is now an idiot?

And may I remind you, that you too are an anonypuss. (typing in 'Buzz Saw' doesn't count as an identity).

So because G.S. won't 'play fair', you deem it necessary to stoop to his level? That says more about your own character than anything else.

Anonymous said...

us whores acceptable?

You spelled it wrong. It is realtwhores.

Why do you put your picture on your Blog comments/business cards/bill boards?

AmazingRuss said...

This is hilarious! Blog war! I'm visualizing the "Crimson Permanent Assurance" skit from the beginning of Python's 'Meaning of Life".

Don't expect to convince anybody of anything, though...but have fun prodding the psychotic.

Now that I think of it, its a pretty mean thing to do, and may end up causing him to cling to his delusions all the tighter, which may in turn cause him to rook more people into buying before reality crashes in or he goes completely bonkers.

If you have the karma to spare, I suppose it's good sport. I for one will be abstaining. But I will be observing the hilarity.

Fap fap fappity fap.

Anonymous said...

mike e (3:16:18) wrote:

"greg swann is a well connected man...he may sue you..."

keith, i don't know the man, but i agree with mike e., only because i think you've created this (hp) blog, for the sole purpose of engaging in a healthy debate, and discussion, whether you agree or disagree. it is not all about discrediting other blogs. it is not about proving them wrong. it is about us (the hpers) sharing our views about the housing market. for those who won't or don't believe our views, that's their prerogative. after all, this is what has made our country great.

let's continue blogging and don't worry about other blogs, unless you yourself have some ulterior personal motives, founded on fame and popularity. if so, consider this to be my last post.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

call people childish names

At least we, HPers Don't Proclaim to the World, " We are THE Perfect Moral Compass.", like you and Greg do.

I am surprised at how low you guys went, in such a public forum, while still carrying the "I AM THE Moralist" Flag. Quite Transparent IMO, but I ain't nobody.

Thank Goodness your livelihood does not depend on it.

Oh yea, it is my livelihood that does not depend on it, not yours.
I forgot.

All in good fun, I reckon. For me anyway.

keith said...

Athol Kay said...
"Why is Greg using the word masturbation intolerable, and yet you calling us whores acceptable?"

Answer: Because he's supposed to be a professional REALTOR, with high ethics and morals

We're just bloggers. The common man.

But we shouldn't call you REALTWHORES. HP'ers, please don't call the REALTORS REALTWHORE or whores anymore

Just say "Corrupt disintermediated ethicless scum who try to mislead potential homedebtors into making the biggest financial mistake of their lives so they can make a quick buck"

Hope that helps Athol

foobeca said...

Why is Greg using the word masturbation intolerable, and yet you calling us whores acceptable?
Prostitutes whore out their bodies for money. Realtors whore out their integrity, honesty, and self respect for money.

Used house salesmen will be viewed with more disdain than lawyers, politicians, or used car salesmen.

Greg Swann is a Dick said...

Hey Keith he did a followup post on us

Furious fusillades of blistering BubbleHead flatulence: Foghorn Leghorn declares “WAR!”
By: Greg Swann
November 26th, 2006
Category: Blogging, Real Estate, Marketing

That was even more lame than I expected. Foghorn Leghorn–er, Keith at HousingPanic has declared war by commanding his troops to… read.

And to read BloodhoundBlog of all things!

Yeah, that’ll work…

The specific marching orders are pretty stupid, but that’s hardly a surprise.

The troops are supposed to prove that the Phoenix housing market has crashed, which has proved to be a problem, given that it hasn’t.

They are supposed to “flame away, and hard,” with the objective of chasing away future clients. Do your best, boys. Anyone who will listen to you — I don’t want.

This one I love:

Dig up postings, articles and quotes from Greg Swann for all to see. Where he admits having unlicensed or out of work realtors working for him.

The specific post cited says nothing of the sort, but, of course, Keith can’t read. But most BubbleHeads are much smarter than their “leader,” so do please read all you can here. This is one of the most serious real estate weblogs on the net. If you open your minds, you’ll learn a lot.

There is more — for example, a repetition of the false charge that I have posted comments at HP — but the whole call to action is pretty pitiful.

How’s the war going? I think this comment says it all:

What a pile of excrement is here in this blog.

It’s a waste of time to try to read blood whatever.

You better go anywhere else on the web.

This site is brain dead.

In other words, the poster is fighting out of his class and he knows it.

To our BubbleHead visitors: Even if you can’t stand on your own, surely you can do better than this moron you follow so slavishly…

And to our regular readers: This will be all heat, no substance. You do not have to respond to every comment — nor to any of them. They are not paying you for your time. I tend to choose comments by people who are better-behaved and who are raising points I want to talk about.

Ultimately, this has nothing to do with real estate. This is about the wounded vanity of a vile, ignorant troll. Let him sputter. It’s the one thing he’s good at…

toomuchtimeonmyhands said...

Used house salesmen will be viewed with more disdain than lawyers, politicians, or used car salesmen.

They already are in the UK.

Jay said...

FMW wrote: "At least we, HPers Don't Proclaim to the World, " We are THE Perfect Moral Compass.", like you and Greg do"

Please show me where *I* have ever proclaimed that?

FMW wrote: "...I am surprised at how low you guys went"


Greg used the term "masturbate". I used the term "angry an immature".

The HP'ers respond with "realtwhores", "idiots", "excrement", "ethicless (sic) scum", "vile and disgusting", "flatulent jackass", "butt cheese", "dick" and many more.

But you're surprised at how low WE went?

That's rich.

Anonymous said...

Keith said: "Answer: Because he's supposed to be a professional REALTOR, with high ethics and morals

We're just bloggers. The common man."

But isn't that kind of a copout, Keith? You (and your followers) aren't 'just bloggers', you're real people. Shouldn't real people strive to uphold some semblance of an ethical code in all that they do - regardless if they're forced to by a REALTOR code of ethics or not?

Don't you want a better world? Don't you want to rid this earth of 'realtor scum', liars and cheaters, people with no sense of ethical responsibility?

I do. I hate realtors who lie and cheat. But I also hate regular people who lie and cheat. I hate people with no morals.

Granted, I'm posting anonymously - so I'm an anonymous commenter like 99% of your followers. Yet I have a moral compass that compels me to not use profanity and personally attack others - EVEN THOUGH I COULD.

Am I wrong that you want change in this world? I read your manifesto and that's what the message seems to be.

So let's not say, "We're anonymous bloggers and therefore have the right to post anything we want, offensive or not - because we'll never get caught, no one will ever find out who we are."

Anonymous or not, blogger or not, morality should matter.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Greg Swann is a Dick said...
Hey Keith he did a followup post on us
That was such a fun read. I am laughing so much I am crying.......
Why would he ban/delete me for trying to discuss Dual Agency and publish the rest.
OMG that was funny.

Anonymous said...

And to think my uncle sold some of his cottonfields to start all this mess in AZ....

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Dear Jay,

You are here in support of Bloodhound, and if you lie down with dogs you come up with fleas.

Mr. Ugly Duckling published my business e-mail, after he promised, in writing that all e-mail will not be shown, then he called it a fake.

When I tried to respond, he blocked me from his sight. My comment was deleted because I am in favor of dual agency.

All the while he is the Truth Sayer? WTF?

Oh, and He said I cursed and I never did.

boo hoo cry me a river........

because you guys are so funny and I am laughing so hard I am crying.
I should go golf or something, but HP is addicting.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Swann didn't publish my non-insulting post that showed Phoenix inventories rising while prices are falling.


A business model based on ignorance and stupidity of the buyer is a pretty sad model. Heard that one before Greg?

keith said...

oh, don't get me wrong, we HP'ers should have high morals as well. That's why no profanity on HP, and "keep it clean".

My point is that on a professional website language like Mr. Swann's should never be tolerated, whereas on a blog it usually is fare game in the vein of free speech.

Just not at HP since I want to keep it clean for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Keith said: "My point is that on a professional website language like Mr. Swann's should never be tolerated"

I guess I would argue that it is up to Mr. Swann (and not you or anyone else) to decide what will and will not be tolerated on his own blog ('professional' or not). That's the great thing about blogs, as you just pointed out: there really aren't any set rules, and in a free country it's pretty much up to the blog's owner to decide what will be published.

And conversely, you have the right to rebut on your blog - and on and on it goes. But to orchestrate a coordinated attack in an effort to discredit and ultimately put someone out of business (simply because you disagree with something he posted) seems, to me, to be a little extreme.

But I'm just some anonymous commenter.. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...


Jay said...

"That's why no profanity on HP, and "keep it clean""

Hmmm. Many would probably feel calling someone a "dick" verges on profanity. And most would almost certainly say it's not "clean".

And I guess calling someone a "nauseating pile of poo" is OK since they didn't say "nauseating pile of $hit".

"Keep it clean for the kids"

While much of what's here is indeed incredibly childish, I'd say you've gone far over your "rule". But hey, it's your blog and you're free to do what you want with it (just as Greg is free to do what he wants with his blog).

Jay said...

" Anonymous said...


Sunday, November 26, 2006 7:25:48 PM "

Yet another sterling example for the kids that read this.

Great point "Anonymous". Well thought out and supported with fact. Thanks for sharing. Speaks volumes to your character, but nothing else.

When all else fails, the weak respond with personal attacks. Why not attack the ideas, not the person? Perhaps because it might require one to actually THINK?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Keith has never outed anyone's identity out of anger or maliciousness.

He has my e mail and I trust him with it.

nuff said.

I am going shopping.


Jay said...

FMW, forget the malls, hit the links!

Outing was wrong, IMHO. But given the vitriol that's been spewed forth here, I can somewhat understand it.

(Not directed to you per se, but in general)

Richard said...

"Keith has never outed anyone's identity out of anger or maliciousness."

Bull crap (grin)

Check out "Richard's" post a month or go or so.

albeit no emails or phone numbers posted.

man he was pissed at me -

after many hours of waterboarding -

Keith is behaving and now is "better".

Although he still can only eat through a straw.

We are working on small chips of ice and crackers.

Anonymous said...

Did I see correctly? Bloodhound has a mere 4 listings?

Wow. You'd think that with well over 40K homes for sale in Phoenix, that he'd have more than just 4.

He must be choking.

Anonymous said...

lol glad to see you could come out to play Richard.
I am also glad to see you agree Jay, even though you try to explain.

Anonymous said...

Check out Buzz Kills Post above, speaking of getting outed.

Anonymous said...

Posted by Nathan on Greg's blog:

"I don’t have any hatred of Keith. I’ve pretty much just stayed away from the mess between the him and Greg.

I don’t read his blog, so I don’t know what he’s all about. BUT, I can’t help take the comments posted here from his folks as examples of the simple-mindedness and maturity level of Keith’s blog and his readers. (Oh, and don’t forget to notice that most of the anti-Greg posts are lacking link-backs to their own websites.)

Again, I have no venom for Keith, but if my readers were posting this kind of drivel and associating it with me, then I would have some serious words with them myself.

These flames don’t reflect poorly on Greg at all, but I can’t say the same for how they reflect on Keith…"

Anyone care to comment?

Anonymous said...

Nathan can not read.

bubble_watcher said...

From the housing bull's point of view, if at first you don't succeed in convincing someone that your point of view is 'correct' via factual data, then just simply resort to making a complete a$$ out of yourself by using ad hominem attacks.


And, of course, there is also such a thing as 'argumentum ad nauseum'..


Anonymous said...

I got your back Keith...... He is a pom pom carrying spin meister. He provides a s disservice to those who don't understand this cycle and where it's heading......How can he sleep at night? He is biased in everything he writes........

Marinite said...

I've read some of Swann's stuff on his blog. He is a really childish sort. And I'm not saying that to attack him. I just mean it is childish. He is grasping at straws now and he "acts out" any way he can. It's really sad.

Anonymous said...

Now we all get to see what the "real" estate people are really like!!! There greed is taking its toll.

Anonymous said...

Some of you can dig pretty deep but if you go to the / and type in case DR1995-090086 there a Greg Swann having domestic problems.

Anonymous said...

Now we all get to see what the "real" estate people are really like!!! There greed is taking its toll.

Anonymous said...

Dustin said...

Awesome stuff! This is so much fun to watch from the sidelines.

Keith, it must hurt to get so worked over by a Realtor and have nothing interesting to say in response.

Anonymous said...

**I've read some of Swann's stuff on his blog. He is a really childish sort. And I'm not saying that to attack him. I just mean it is childish. He is grasping at straws now and he "acts out" any way he can. It's really sad.**

And the name calling and personal attacks being conducted here aren't childish? God God, this blog is the definition of childish!

You people are amazing.

keith said...

on the profanity issue, any professional would NEVER use any type of profanity on his or her website. A lawyer? Doctor? Insurance agent? Stock broker? You would never even think in a trillion years they'd use the language Greg Swann used.

But alas, that proves my point. "realtor" is not a true profession. It's just one big joke.

One that's cost the American people trillions.

Anonymous said...

You people are amazing.
mmm yes, we are aren't we.

That is why you are here. (:

So much fun on a Sunday afternoon.

keith said...

Say hello to Dustin, HP'ers, a new realtor troll on the blog

"Hello Dustin"

Good luck with the job search Dustin. Were you a failure in high school too? And have no professional skills, thus the real estate thing?

HP'ers feel free to feed the trolls on this thread. It's just toooooo much fun

Gender: male
Industry: Real Estate
Occupation: Ideas
Location: Calabasas : CA

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

If you care about facts, then you would be interested to know that we are actually discouraging prospective clients to sell right now into a buyers’ market, unless they must sell, can afford to sell and are willing to price at today’s market… not last year’s


More blood letting "FACTS" from Bloodhound.

Wait until prices go down more, then sell. Is that a good idea?


keith said...

if he's admitting that this year's market is different than last year's, doesn't that prove our point that housing in Phoenix is crashing?

They're spinning so fast they're losing track of their own story. Just like the corrupt David Lereah.

Grammar Corrector said...

discouraging prospective clients to sell

keith said...

I'd love to see a couple of hungry realtors telling prospects "Nope, we don't want your listing, we don't want to make any commission right now"


Anonymous said...

"greg swann is a well connected man...he may sue you..."

I think Greg and other Realtors/REIC should start to worry about lawsuits if they continue to (mis)represent the facts and say that real estate as a good investment to unsuspecting buyers (suckers).

hope he's well connected to a good class action defense attorney

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Dear Keith,

I hate to break it to you, but the REIC's members like Greg do not want listings. The Sellers think their home is worth a gold mine in S. Africa and they are a pain in Greg’s A$$ because there are no buyers and there are too many listings.

There are not even any lookers, so the Seller gets up-set with the Listing Agents.

The RE Industry days of the Listing Agents not returning phone calls and sitting around the office with 10 buyers waiting for the next NEW LISTING have flip flopped. Now, the Buyer is rare and King. That is what Greg Swan wants to be, the Buyer Broker.

This is why he got so angry at me, because my posts told his readers to only deal with the Listing Agents, make a low ball offer, and if it is accepted by the Seller, then offer the listing agent 2% total to handle the paper work on the Entire Deal.

It is called Transaction Agency in Florida and Greg wants it outlawed in AZ. Get it?

This is what I learned on your Blog, Keith.

It saved me thousands, and got me kicked off of Bloodhound.

What is bad about the above argument, besides the Grammar, is that the downward trend is here, and they are telling people to wait till spring to sell, and their asking price goes down even more. Does not make any common sense, unless the Sellers plan on waiting five years or more, imo.

Anonymous said...

Show Greg the Money.

What I have understood by reading his Blog; Greg wants the Government to make it required by AZ law that if you are a buyer, you MUST engage a Buyer Broker, like him. He wants Dual/Transaction Agency outlawed.

It is about Commissions. his Commissions.

Anonymous said...

"I've read some of Swann's stuff on his blog. He is a really childish sort."

He is. Even more egregious, he's extremely conceited (to the point of believing his prose flows).

He also sees the writing on the wall, and knows he won't be closing too many listings for the foreseeable future, hence his transmogrification into an "ace" buyer's agent.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann the romance writer ? go here and here

Anonymous said...

Asswipe's home address:


Hmmm.... I haven't egged a house since (early) Hich School. This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

If every monkey took out a subscription using a certain address someone would be very busy. I suggest RE trade magazines like "gay bondage" or nonprofits like "The impotence newsletter" etc.

Anonymous said...

Hope that helps Athol

Was that supposed to sound like "Hope that helps Ath-hole"???

foxwoodlief said...

So why do you care Keith? Maybe you are losing readers because they bubble subject, like flipping, is getting old at parties? Many people still waiting for a record meltdown and still don't see any bargains out there and are wondering if HP is like fundamentalist christians standing on the street corner with signs announcing the end of the world and people still going about with their lives and the world is still here 2000 years later?

Also, so what if sales are down 40%? I read they've sold something like 56,000 houses in 2006, sounds like another banner year. You lived in Phoenix and you know there was a time when 30,000 homes a year was good. People are still moving there, jobs are still being created, many people look beyond price and say they can still get MORE house for 1/2 waht they pay in California and builders can still cut prices and make a profit.

Here it is the end of 2006 and the meltdown I"ve been waiting for since the end of 2004 still hasn't arrived. I've been offered a lucrative job in Monterey Ca and am debating leaving my family here in Austin and going home (where I was born) to rent and work for a year and the idea of paying more for a 1 bedroom apartment than my house in Austin doesn't speak much to the bubble.

Can you give a day and an hour when "Jesus" oops, I meant the end of the bubble will arrive?

Shakster said...

Real Estate- Born of Fraud ,the true nature kept a secret from the beginning.Let the brokers have it,everyone else just bypass the system for a Patent Title.Brokers ,RE agents ,Bank,and corporations can't have that.

Richard said...

"Can you give a day and an hour when "Jesus" oops, I meant the end of the bubble will arrive? "

I can't speak for Keith, but anywhere between tomorrow morning when the markets open and america awakes from t-day to see the falling dollar (and soaring gold) and next April when we will more than likely bomb Iran and oil will go to at least $300.

Throw in a dose of martial law, foreclosures up the ass, maybe a crashing pultry industry with the arrival of H5N1 and did I mention that two weeks ago the USDA annual report on global food supplies stated we went through 50% of our RESERVES between 1999 and 2006.

Have fun with your new job. Check back in and let us know how it is going for you in mexicali.

Shakster said...

Arizona sucks

BelchORama said...

I just posted this comment on Swann's latest "foghorn leghorn" post. I hope he responds, I'd love to see it:


Here's what I see on the "bubblehead sites" that in my opinion makes them more informative than your site and better resources: plots. Relevant plots of historical data. Let's see a plot of the ratio of median home price to median annual income for the Phoenix area. The "bubbleheads" such as Rich Toscano in San Diego, Ben Jones in Northern Arizona, and yes, Keith at Housing Panic, seem to provide a lot more historical data on their sites than you provide your readers. I don't want to see historical data since 2000, I want to see historical data going back to WWII or before. Make the plot, look at the ratio of home price to income, then try to explain to me what happened over the last couple of years that will not come undone, to cause reversion of this value to its historical mean. To me, a person armed with such information would have to be a fool to throw their money away on what appears to be nothing more than a mass mania by investment lemmings. I'm no seasoned investor but I've been financially awake for long enough that I was paying attention during a similar mania in the stock market during the late '90s. I've done enough reading to know that real estate investement manias are not new phenomena, and the current state of the market seems to be well-explained as a mania precipitated by historically low interest rates, which were reduced to lessen the impact of the tech bubble. How long will rates remain at these historical lows? Was all previous fed policy misguided, and only since the tech bubble we've figured out how to do things? I surely doubt that.

Please, make the plot (you and "Jeff Brown" say you're the ones with data and the "bubbleheads" are just dataless, angry clowns, so - pony up), then make your argument as to why this ratio should remain so high of the historical mean going forward. See if you can make such an argument in the face of the data. I'd absolutely love to see that. To me this would settle the "war" with the "bubbleheads". Frankly, I don't like your odds, but I'd love to hear your argument - because I can't even imagine what it would be, in the face of the historical data.

On a personal note, I hope no one eggs your house. That's just stupid. Maybe you should hook up your garden hose to a motion detector."

trailer park refugee said...

fundamentalist christians standing on the street

That's funny Fox Wood Leaf.


run, run, its the Christians

Anonymous said...

Keith, you're such a p_ssy. Stop being a liberal weakling. No wonder the country's turning to sh_t. People like you need to grow a pair of b_lls, instead of running crying to mommy. Liberals are LOSERTARDS.

Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said...

Does Bloodhound Realty really only have the 4 listings which show up on their site? Or are those the ones that they're trying hardest to sell right now?

john said...

Just came across this site and browsed through- it seems like this fellow said some nasty words, but also it seems like there is some psycho anger at anyone who sells real estate- you all sound like angry childern, you all and the realtor

And by the way there are good and bad people in any job, be it real estate, plumber, electrician, teacher, sales whatever- you cant have much credibility in blogs like this whern it is so rude, its just as bad as the realtors behavior you mentioned....

Anonymous said...

You will be back, John.
You can not help yourself.

Anonymous said...

The big difference in my opinion is...this RE manai has made good people into bad people. Greed is a bitch. Take for example, the guy I know. He was working at a Supermarket. Saw an ad in the local pennysave 'be a loan officer', now he has burned his own family, his wifes, his friends with IO and Option ARM loans. He doesnt care, he just thinks of the cash that is to made. He used to be a nice guy. Like him there are many others her in California. Uneducated, loer class shills that had no business being in RE. They just saw the quick buck, jumoed on the bandwagon and F-d it all up.

Fender-Dv said...

And by the way there are good and bad people in any job, be it real estate, plumber, electrician, teacher, sales whatever- you cant have much credibility in blogs like this whern it is so rude, its just as bad as the realtors behavior you mentioned....

FOAD my confused friend. There is a huge diff between Bob the doctor, Steve the AC repair guy and Greg the realtor. Greg has an incentive to maintain positive spin while the business he works in is crashing all around him. Otherwise, if he tells potential customers about what's really going on, he is out of a job.

Gerado said...

The market values are still holding up in Florida according to todays Orlando Sentinel visit for more info on orlando and Central florida and Orange county housing trends