October 30, 2006

Got blogs?

I'm looking for some good new reads. Besides the blogs on my blog roll on the right, what blog(s) do you recommend HP'ers check out and why?

And is it me, or is the MSM getting even worse (as in poor journalism skills, good PR-copy-and-paste skills) than ever before?


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David said...

Nouriel Roubini

Patch Tuesday said...

I never realized how many different reporters put their names on the same story at different newspapers until I started blogging. Or a different twist is they adapt a story to their locale and then repost it...

Keith, what about Ben's Blog for a news source? (LMAO)

SidneyPrice said...


monitors the Pig Men

xSparta said...

There is an new RE blog out of Tampa with a lot of local information. Florida-Paradise Lost.

Quentin Daniel said...

Excellent blog:


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Anonymous said...

Uh, david, I think keith wants you to post the whole address.


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striker said...

the 2nd great depression.


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Order of Favorite first to least, or visiting order of each day. If you want more, let me know.

Number 1:


News from all over the world about everything. Also, always check his source. Some Rants, mostly good compelling Stuff, my favorite before I found HP last year.

number 2:


Political Humor, check weekly for a good chuckle.

Number 3:


Similar to Rense, but different focus, also features Mogambo, the angry guy. {:

Number 4:


All around fun and just OUT THERE. Great Radio program great PICS.

Number 5:


Follow Bird FLU. World maps and medical info.

Number 6:


Follow the Bubble in Florida.

Number 7:


Money Origami, because money is what we all love to discuss.

Number 8:


If you really have a lot of down time, fridge magnets for your pleasure.

Anonymous said...

How about Paranoid Ben's Boring Nazi Circle Jerking Mutual Admiration Society and Internet Club of Low-Life Loser Scum Blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi xsparta,

Missing Jersey, or are you glad to be in FL?

Anonymous said...

Excellent economic analysis.




Both, see Gabor Steingart's essays


borkafatty said...

You know keith maybe it is time to take the site up a notch and host your own web page, e-blogger/google has sucked lately, I can offer my services as i have built many web pages, just a thought..would be nice to have control of your own page would it not?

bugsy said...

"And is it me, or is the MSM getting even worse (as in poor journalism skills, good PR-copy-and-paste skills) than ever before?"

You want copy, paste, edit? Go over to Gestapo Ben's Blog of Never-ending Monotony. The only sentence he ever wrote for himself is: "My thanks to those who support this blog" What a moocher, he should pay the MSM royalties or something.

FC John said...


The greatest blog on the entire internets is The Rude Pundit.


He's right up your alley with funny, honest and scathing comentary on Politics.

Other runner-ups

xSparta said...

Anonymous said...
Hi xsparta,

Missing Jersey, or are you glad to be in FL?

To tell the truth, we do miss living in Sparta. We were thrilled to get out of the NE 10 years ago, but have grown disenchanted with FL. Too crowded, too expensive, not very much "Community" spirit that we had in Sparta. Maybey that has also changed over the years in Sparta.

Anonymous said...

check out sofiaspeaks.blogspot.com - there was a post yesterday about how the housing meltdown is showing up in fashion trends

Speedy Gonzalez said...

Got BLOGs?

Charles Hugh Smith

Here are excerpts from a random sampling:

Housing's Stairstep Descent: the "39 Steps"

"Sounds like an excellent description of the real estate market. The market might well end up tracing far fewer than 39 such stairsteps down to its ultimate low in 2011 or 2012, but in the spirit of innocents plunged into financially deadly troubles and smooth sharpies playing hidden hands to the detriment of said innocents, here is an informal chart of the steps the housing market has already begun descending...(Outstanding chart follows, with descriptive analysis).

The Housing Market - Plateau of Denial

"I have drawn a chart of the current housing market, showing both the current "Plateau of Denial" (prices remaining stubbornly lofty) even as inventory and foreclosures are rising. Please note the "Cross of Doom" which looms just ahead." (Another outstanding chart follows, with descriptive analysis).

Metroplexual said...

The anonyous was me. I was on a different PC. Sparta is pretty much the same, still has the cold snowy winters but the people and the beauty are the same.

Richard said...

Keith - alasbabylon at yahoo groups.

Note to idiot ANONs - Scott Meredith (moderator) does not tolerate idiots.

Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848 said...

Here are some interesting sites, if you can stomach it:

GOP, the political party of gays, homos, pedophiles and queers.

And another sicko who happens to be our dear leader,

The war criminal and terrorist in chief, GW Bush's web page

But at least we can thank W and GOP cronies for letting my cousins in and putting them all on a path to citizenship.

Richard said...

from alasbabylon:

http://nymag. com/realestate/ features/ 21675/

"But since 1997, real home prices have increased by about 90 percent.
There is no economic fundamental—real income, migration, interest
rates, demographics— that can explain this. It means there was a
speculative bubble. And now that bubble is bursting."

All around very good and to the point.

Anonymous said...

you know NBC is laying off mor e and more people, guess where they are from the NEWS division.

Anonymous said...

Thats o.k. richard, I dont think anybody here wants to go to your websites thank you.

Paul E. Math said...

Boston Bubble


Its name is what its about.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

what is the url for alas babylon, i want to vist.

Richard said...


Anonymous said...

ha! dinky cant post a linky.

Richard said...

Don't try to pimp the pic at alasbaylon - copywrited.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Thank you Richard.
Trolls can die.

Anonymous said...

Bubble blogs all in one spot:


borkafatty said...

thanks rich I am going to check it out to.

Anonymous said...

Please have a look at Cryptogon for an amazingly lucid look at world events as they unfold. From an expat that has moved off the grid in New Zealand.


Richard said...

"Thats o.k. richard, I dont think anybody here wants to go to your websites thank you."

Fuck off

Anonymous said...


A good investing blog by Barry Ritzholtz

realdeal said...

This is about personal experiences looking for something afforable in the Bay Area:


honica jewinski said...

conspiracypenpal.com is another.

Richard said...

Ok - I think I have it now:


alasbabylon on yahooo groups.

Richard said...

The tolling of the Gion temple bells
Echoes the impermanence
of all things.
The brilliant colored flowers
of its double-trunked tree
Reveal the truth that
to flourish is to fall.
Like a passing dream
on a springtime evening,
The strong are finally destroyed,
To end as dust
before the wind.

-- Opening of the Heike Monogatari (13th century)

~ ~ ~

As graphs for population, fossil fuel depletion, disease, topsoil loss, and desertification continue their implacable trajectories, there's bound to be trouble. Rather than suffering the boredom of a slow decline, it's more than likely that humanity will give itself the bum's rush out of this vale of tears. Feel free to share any hypothesis or speculation as to how we prideful chimps will lash out, in our greed and madness.

While many discussion groups cover practical survival tips, policy options, political gamesmanship, technological panaceas, and so on, this group is primarily focused on the aesthetic, artistic, and literary aspects of the end of Industrial Civilization (and the psychological and spiritual underpinnings thereof).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read every paper posted at:


The AlasBabylon Prime Directive:

~ NO advocacy - ONLY analysis ~

We are neither the sheep nor the wolves, but only irrelevant crows,
watching from the forest.

Furthermore, I would advise all readers here to consider personally adopting the principle of AHIMSA - non-harmfulness to all living things. That's the only advocacy that is acceptable in this group.

Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city!
For in one hour is thy judgment come.

Have a Nice Dieoff!

- Scott Meredith
[AlasBabylon list owner

honica jewinski said...


I've posted this before, but all of you need to read the words of these fine gentlemen in order to understand what we are now going through as a nation. They warned us of it at its inception.

honica jewinski said...

oops, thats /fathers.htm

Aaron Krowne said...

I might as well plug my blog, AutoDogmatic, here:


Lots of original commentary (along with my co-blogger, Neal). We don't give Wall Street or the government a moment's rest.

The latest piece is commentary of mine entitled "Banks and Government vs. Payday Lenders: Hypocrisy Trumps Public Welfare".


Naked Shorter said...

The perfect Wall Street crime: Stock Counterfeiting and Naked Short Selling


brokersleaveyoubroke said...

I go to prudentbear.com for a daily dose of financial reality.

Anonymous said...

Nouriel Roubini is the best!!! (rge: Roubini Global Economics) He is the only economist out there with a brain who is not of the take.

Anonymous said...


sk said...

I like tinyeve.net

I'm a horny ole janitor.

tabasco jenkins said...

The best breaking news site on the web, just now back in prdouction:

Orangutan Behavior

panicearly said...

good geo-political commentary
from many sides, not just american writers

lots of artilces, lots of writers,lots of topics.

big thanks to keith and everyone for all the links.

Christina said...

And is it me, or is the MSM getting even worse (as in poor journalism skills, good PR-copy-and-paste skills) than ever before?

Yes. Journalism sucks. Not only does a proofreader get huffy when corrected about apostrophes in plural nouns, or incorrect usage of "it's" for "its" (English speakers in other countries know the difference by second grade: what's wrong with the US), but MSM will carry articles blindly reporting satirical blog pieces as fact, like Ken Jennings's "Jeopardy!" blog piece where he "confides" Alex Trebek is really a robot.

I am thinking the grads that pick up newspaper jobs aren't chosen so much for their college journalism credits and internships, as they are for their ability to plagiarize -- comes in handy for when the White House gives them material.

Anonymous said...


Because it's not that bad, it's worse.

honica jewinski said...


Is that the site that tracks black african americans chimping out and commiting violent crime against whites?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's already been mentioned, but visit here and sign up for his free news service. Click on "Unfiltered News" and then www.realityzone.com:


BTW, the PDFs under "The Issues" are GREAT.

GK said...

Freedom to Fascism!

If you understand the Federal Reserve is a cabal of Banks, you will understand the home mortgage situation!





Anonymous said...

I got roids!