September 28, 2006

HP message to the REIC - kiss my blogger butt

To David Lereah, Nicholas Retsinas, Bob Toll, the realtors over at, the lazy Catherine Reagor of the Arizona Republic and her rolodex of realtors, the frauds at, the idiot Gregg Swann at Bloodhound Realty, the incompetent MSM, the REIC HP trolls, and all the corrupt realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, builders, bankers and politicians involved in furthering the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of humanity, the Late Great Housing Bubble, I've got one thing to say.

Kiss my blogger butt.

There's no editor looking over my shoulder, no incentive to keep this bubble going. Blogging has changed the rules of the game, we are the proxy of the people, and your day is done. I look forward to reporting on the REIC jail sentences, the scandals uncovered, and the corruption exposed.

Thank you HP'ers for making taking this blog to over 250,000 views a month. I hope you enjoy the ride - we're just getting started.


Anonymous said...

Keith (I posted this below on the "Calgary" topic, but i wanted to make sure you saw it. Sorry for the double post),

OT on this particular topic but relevant to your earlier post regarding should you write a book.

If you recall, I suggested you contact John Rubino, who has authored several books on the dollar, housing, and other subjects.

Well, I found his e-mail address should you wish to follow up with him:

Again, I urge you to get in touch with John, have him view your site (if he hasn't already) and try to cut a deal for your book idea.

Good luck with your endeavor. I believe you would do well if you use the same style of writing and graphics as on this site.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!!!

Anonymous said...


there's your proof of a bestseller book in case you decide to do it.

Anonymous said...

You could do book signings at foreclosure auctions.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the ride - we're just getting started.

Congrats to you and your blog. It's been a great run, but realize these are the glory days. Enjoy them!

BTW, you're a great writer ... though I don't always agree w/ you.

Anonymous said...

load up on gold/silver,
and keep up doing good job!!!

We love your blog.

Paul E. Math said...

Congrats Keith! Keep up the good work. Don't get cocky!

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,

Buy now or be priced out forever.

signed, The REIC

Anonymous said...

Housing bubble blogs blow my mind. One or two anecdotal reports don't mean much, but after reports come in from enough different places, you can start to form a coherent picture of the truth, a picture that will always be ahead of the MSM. This blog in particular attracts people from all walks of life (if writing, grammar, and spelling mean anything) - an education in itself. Democracy in action. I started reading HP prior to the Spring slowdown - what an amazing ride it's been so far! Information = power.

David said...


Bubble Meter Blog

Anonymous said...


You don't know what your are talking about. RE always goes up, buy now or be priced our forever.

But seriously, everything I see around me tell me we are still in the denial phase. It's so early in this bust, that the anger phase may take some time.

Brokers I speak to on Long Island (think "big bubble territory") are still pretty upbeat even though the # of sales and $ volume in Q2 for almost all towns is the lowest in at least 4 years.

So the brokers' commissions are falling precipitously at a time when the number of brokers is at its highest level.

Inventory continues to climb and asking prices have come down substantially from their peak. Yet like I said, hope abounds for the brokers and many sellers who have yet to get in line with current prices.

Definitely still denial phase.

Anonymous said...

These were the years after the ice caps have melted because of the greenhouse gases. And the oceans had risen to drown so many cities along all the shorelines of the world; Amsterdam, Venice, New York, forever lost. Millions of people were displaced. Climate became chaotic. Hundreds of millions of people starved in poorer countries. Elsewhere, a high degree of prosperity survived when most governments in the developed world introduced legal sanctions to strictly license pregnancies. Which was why robots, who were never hungry and did not consume resources beyond their first manufacture, were so essential an economic link, in the chain mail of society.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that you are enjoying running this blog as much as I enjoy reading it on a daily basis. It would be nice if you could get together with other bloggers and completely replace the MSM.

You know that the MSM are reading this blog and you know that they are afraid.
Just like the telegraph changed the way we communicate, the blog will change the way we comprehend.

No longer will those in power be able to manipulate the past, present and future.

The eyes of truth are always upon you.

The Thinker said...

All hell is about to break loose, just give it another 8 months or so.

uknowwhoiyam said...

With those figures, you must be pulling in $3,000 to $3,500 per month in ad revenue now.

Anonymous said...

congrats on a consistently entertaining and informative blog !

Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog.

I am in my mid 40’s. This puts me at the tail end of the baby boomers. By the time I hit retirement age, there will be nothing left. God knows I have paid in my fair share and will receive nodda in return. That said, I tend to agree with your assessment of the greed of the boomers, but this also extends across all age brackets.

I for one have never had the luxury of owning a brand new car. I have never owned a brand new home. However, twenty years ago, I paid my own way thru college and have managed to create a comfortable, simple life for my family. The house I own was purchased to live in on a loan that could be and was paid off in 15 years. Not all of us over 40 crowd are the greedy, self absorbed types, that you often reference in your posts.

I have been watching this asset bubble play out for a few years now. I would like to thank you for offering an opposing view. For a long time there were only a few opposing voices to those of the REIC.

Keep stirring the pot so we can all see what floats to the top.

Anonymous said...

Is that a head and shoulders formation brewing in your page view keith :)

-just kidding congrats!

Anonymous said...

Right on Keith! We're taking this mother down.

The Buyer's Strike is on!

Anonymous said...

Rampant RE speculation
Condo craze across the nation
Little old grannies buying up two
If they don't go up she's gonna sue

The perfect double whammy
For the mother of yer mammy
Her wrinkled hand is surely caught
In the RE cookie jar she bought

Property valuations dropping
A condo floor that needs a mopping
Though it shouldn't be surprising
Insurance rates are fastly rising

HGTV what a sensation
To the mortgage debtor nation
Who is left, holding the bag?
It's dot com granny, that old hag

Silver haired ex-battle axes
Paying inflated property taxes
ARMs resetting daily now
Going up faster than the Dow

See how her RE losses mount
Just cleaned out her bank account
Dot com granny foreclosed upon
They threw her stuff out on the lawn

Dot com granny,
Who's your favorite singer?
Dom com granny,
Your tits are in a wringer

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, Keith, tell us how you really feel!

Anonymous said...

"You could do signings at foreclosures".

I'd rather see them outside of prisons as they haul some Bank presidents and lenders in.

As a way to lend a party atmosphere to what would otherwise be a somber occasion.

I'm picturing tables and lots of balloons just outside of the prison entrances.

Every week a different city.

Anonymous said...

Let's all wait for borkafatty's response, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Long live free speech and your uncompromising, brutal, and dead-on editorials. Not to mention the best blog pictures on the planet.

You are not scared to stick yourself out on a limb. Sometimes the limb even breaks but you get right back out there. I admire your guts.

As the titanic goes down you will be attacked, vilified, and blamed for a lot of things. But I know you have a thick skin and will become even more outspoken.

You are "dirty Harry" saying "make my day punk" to the @#E$# RE industry on a daily basis. And the bastards have it coming after what they have done.

Keep letting them have it!

To you Keith.....GREAT Blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog Keith I have been reading it for more than a year and just love it.

blogger said...

in my dreams uknow... either google serves up bad ads or hp'ers are just too lazy to click 'em...

but pays for a beer at the pub every now and then...


Anonymous said...

Keith, I'll click a couple for a good cause like that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Keith: this blog is great. As good for the bubble news as it is for a few irreverent laughs. Thanks and keep up the good work.

"Hunter" said...

Keep up the good work Keith! I still read the blog, but have been too busy to post. In good time because I want to be able to add my 2 cents as the sh_t storm really hits. Do what you do...

Anonymous said...

Are 401Ks safe?

Anonymous said...

Write On Keith.

Anonymous said...

You know that the MSM are reading this blog and you know that they are afraid.
Just like the telegraph changed the way we communicate, the blog will change the way we comprehend

The MSM would not have much to fear if they reported the TRUTH. They don't. Even the most comatose are beginning to figure that out.

Hope Dan Rather is enjoying his early retirement.

Anonymous said...

Ya, what hew said!

Anonymous said...

hell after this housinghing busts, i cant wait for all the newspapers to be closed by W's martial law mandate and then all the realtor-whores and commie-pinko-lib-newspaper-whores can shack up in the same cardboard box.

long blog keith!

Anonymous said...

i'll throw a few dozen click your way, very slow in the office today. heres a beer on me!

Anonymous said...

This blog provides a forum for individuals to share anecdotal evidence of what is really happening out there. While the MSM is conveying the REIC’s recent message that “the housing bust is over; there is a slight correction,” HP-ers see what is actually happening and are sharing it with one another on this blog.

Speaking of anecdotal evidence contradicting what is coming out of the foul mouth of the REIC, on 9/20 I wrote a post on HP about a new manager who just moved here (the Seattle area) from Florida. Despite suggesting he wait before jumping into a home purchase, being a true manager, he ignored this sage advice from an underling and just bought a $390K home, complete with granite countertops.

I concluded last week's post with: “Let’s wish him lots of luck selling his Florida property! The first time he whines about making two house payments I will post his comments to this blog. Stay tuned!”

Another poster responded with, “We'll be waiting!”
The whining has commenced, hence the reason for today’s post. This morning he made the comment, “I wonder how long I am going to have to make two house payments?

When I asked him how the house sale was going, he complained that it was only being shown at the rate of once a week. He said that there were a lot of speculators who brought property in the area and now have these on the market, so the local market is saturated. He also mentioned that there are now three foreclosures a week in the county where his house is located.

He emailed a link to the website where the house is listed, and there in the corner was an icon that reads, “Just Listed!” (although it has already been on the market for a month). So much for truth in advertising...

Anyone interested in reading about future developments of this anecdotal saga, or do you prefer to just reading long dry articles copied & pasted from the MSM news?


Anonymous said...

What County in Florida Mammoth? Just curious.
And yes, stories are good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:43:35,

The house is located in the town of Cape Coral, which is in Lee County, Florida


Markus Arelius said...

Congratulations Keith!
Great job.
Your blog has caused a lot of anxiety - and clarity - as to what is going on and how people dupped themselves into believing the b.s. of the aforementioned individuals and organizations.
Let't the hearings begin in Washington!

Anonymous said...

Time to view a few ads folks. Keith deserves our thanks and support for having the guts to tell the truth in a truth starved world.

Anonymous said...

Time to view a few ads folks. Keith deserves our thanks and support for having the guts to tell the truth in a truth starved world.

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

Great work Keith but we still have a long way to go. Everywhere I go on the net I still see lots of ad's for mortgages at impossibly low monthly rates ($170,000 loan for $545 a month just seen on YAHOO). Still a few suckers left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the entertainment. I’ll click some ads for ya…

Anonymous said...

Keep up the pressure on these thugs. Noone is protecting the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you are not a quitter Keith.

Anonymous said...

borka? Where u at?

Anonymous said...


Keep us posted and you might also want to post it on the Seattle Bubble blog. It's a pretty boring blog that could use some energy.

We are in general dragged down by inertia here in seattle you know.

Am really wondering what kind of numbskull didn't know it might be hard to sell in FLA presently. Believe FLA is making international headlines as a case study in the crash.

Anonymous said...

Just behind AZ and CA.

Anonymous said...

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