September 04, 2006

Coincidence? I think not. Houses, SUV's and pickup trucks can't find any buyers, even though "incentives" are rampant

It's funny too that the sellers are using "incentives" and trickery versus your basic price drop to try to move this dead inventory. The difference is while the NAR and US government report bogus housing price data as the truth (and the gullible media and clueless Americans believe them), whereas the automakers and NADA just report unit sales.

It's also funny that clueless consumers celebrate when they hear housing prices are going up, and celebrate when they hear SUV prices are coming down.

Bottom line - want a SUV or house at 50% off? Just go make an offer. Desperate times call for desperate measures...

SUVs, trucks stuck on car lots - '06 models hit by higher gas prices

Detroit's automakers struggled to unload large inventories of trucks and SUVs last month, despite generous incentive offers, as U.S. consumers continue to favor smaller fuel-efficient vehicles.

General Motors Corp. reported on Friday a respectable month with a nearly 4% increase from last year's tepid August sales. But Ford Motor Co. continued to slide, with overall sales down 11.6% -- trucks down 21%, cars up 8.5% -- from a strong August 2005.

Makers of the traditional U.S. brands are finding it difficult to move 2006 pickups and SUVs off dealer lots as consumers slow spending on vehicles in response to rising gas prices, interest rates and more competition from foreign automakers.

Sales for Ford and Dodge trucks were not as strong as the companies would have liked, said Paul Taylor, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association, based in McLean, Va.
"That sets the stage for a strong incentive-driven September and October sales period," he said.


Anonymous said...

Why don't these retards stop making these crap guzzling vehicles. All they need to do is make a car that cost 16k, gets 32/42mpg city/hwy, and doesn't break down... oh... Honda already did that like.....15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

House prices have forced people to commute longer, causing them to use more gas. Gas prices are up forcing people to buy smaller more fuel efficient vehicles. The next consumer cuts will occur in vacation travel and dining out.It will be a vicious cycle.
OT, I predict this will be one of the wildest and craziest weeks in the news and markets in quite a while. The bizarre and untimely death of the crocodile hunter just kicked it off.

Anonymous said...

Is that Joe Isuzu?

I loved Joe Isuzu!

Heard he's a Realtor now!

And the Jon Lovitz character from SNL, as well.

Buy now or be priced out of the market... yeah, THAT'S the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Steve Irwin died?


Anonymous said...

SUV owners turning to insurance fraud, arson

Even people who have SUVs can't afford them anymore.

Roccman said...

just imagine when oil is $300... shop may be a good investment

Anonymous said...

Joe Isuzu a Realtor? It's hard to have to see a 'cheezy' pitchman like that have to sink even lower and become a realtor!

I use to like disappointing

Anonymous said...

I think one way to save energy (gas) is for this small cities to issue an ordinance mandating the use of bicycles within the city driving limits. Anyone all major streets will be barricaded with removable bollards. Imagine if all cities in the U.S. will do this, we don't have to worry about importation of oil.

Anonymous said...


My mother just traded in her SUV for a Toyota Camry, 4 cylinder. The SUV mania is officially over!

Anonymous said...


Domestic manufacturers get caught with an over-supply of gas-guzzling vehicles with surging gas prices. Foreign makes, the fuel-efficient types, are selling like crazy.

Haven't we seen this movie before?

GM and Ford are suffering from gross incompetence !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you are a pick-up type of person, now is a great time to shop for that new truck. Sales are way down, incentives are everywhere, and if salesmen/women don't sell, THEY DON'T EAT!
I know that the higher end models can be gas hogs, but its a TRUCK THING!

Anonymous said...

"...if salesmen/women don't sell, THEY DON'T EAT!"

Aha, you've just given me an idea, I'll go and find some good deals plus the saleswomen. If she don't eat, I'll eat her and buy the truck. It's a TRUCK THING!

Unknown said...

Hey! It's the Hari Krishna guy from "Airplane!"

Anonymous said...

Joe I USE U.

Anonymous said...

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