September 04, 2006

AZ Republic's lazy Catherine Reagor reports from Phoenix realtor bitch-fest

Miss Reagor sat in on a local realtor meeting (they must have offered her tea and cookies) and got the following market conditions. You can feel the desperation in the room.

If she had used direct quotes (as she always does) I think we'd have gotten much different "market conditions" and spin, so I don't mind this tact. It's better than reading NAR talking points from Reagor's buddies.

So B-, Catherine. It's a start on your way to recovery. But to cure you of your addiction to realtor quotes, we need to do one big thing - STOP TALKING TO YOUR REALTOR BUDDIES AND GO FIND SOME REAL DAMN PEOPLE!

Buyers, sellers seek stability in erratic housing market

Valley home buyers are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see when the market is going to level off.

Most open houses are drawing only a few lookers, and those who do show up aren't serious enough to bring real estate agents.

Neighborhood "vigilantes" are pulling down "for sale" signs because they are tired of having so many lookers cruise their streets and turn around in their driveways.

New homes on the Valley's fringes, particularly in Pinal County, are selling with big discounts.

Buyers are asking some sellers to cut prices by $50,000 to $75,000.

Last year's investor buying spree that fueled the wild runup in home prices has left many buyers, sellers, builders and brokers dealing with a market in flux.

These observations come from comments made at a recent weekly sales meeting at a Coldwell Banker real estate office in Scottsdale. Branch Manager Earlene Nelson invited me to hear some of her agents' firsthand housing market experiences.

Many of the 50-plus agents in the meeting had different observations of the Valley's housing market, depending on what areas or clients they work with. But all agreed that tracking metropolitan Phoenix's housing market is a week-to-week job.


Anonymous said...

she looks like a worthless spinmiester skank.. no wonder she writes like one too.

blogger said...

I wonder why the realtor firm wanted her to sit in and listen to them complain in the first place?

Since sales have completely dried up and nobody's getting paid, I guess realtors will do anything to try to get the market moving again, including bringing in their ace in the hole, the media

Anonymous said...

has she ever quoted a stuck seller? has she ever reported on the reality of the ghost town that phoenix has become, realty-wise? the woman consistently proves that she is a tool for the AZ Republic and the REIC here in phoenix. she has ZERO credibility.

Anonymous said...

Friends of ours selling house in North Scottsdale...two price reductions already,(4 months on market).Yesterday realtor had Open House from 11am to 3pm...NOBODY showed up. Zero, nada, zilch.
During open house the selling couple was parked at a Starbucks with my wife...wife says she's noticed the despair factor creeping in... my advice: cut price immediatelly by another 20-25% if you really want to sell and get outta this shithole.
ITS OVER here in Phoenix metro.

Anonymous said...

Recently sold a condo in No.San Diego inland. Got some comps., out of 276 units there were 12 others for sale. I got the highest and the lowest price, set my asking price right smack in the middle, it sold in 28 days! BTW, the highest priced unit has been on the market for over 1yr. My unit needed nothing, i probably could have asked More, but I got out quick! Value= PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

I would so much rather take an early loss, than to sit on a piece of prop. for 6mos. or more!

Anonymous said...

"set my asking price right smack in the middle, it sold in 28 days!"



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I ho[pe they get burned on their greed in N. Scottsdale. Then again, that will be one less Mercedes pushing me down the road.

Anonymous said...

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Ann Houston said...

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Anonymous said...


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