May 25, 2006

2006 HousingPanic Endorsement: Anybody But an Incumbent


Anonymous said...

I don't remember a worse time when it comes to American leadership. Maybe the worst days of Carter's administration. But even during watergate, the republicans were against tricky dick and did something about it

Then again, remember abscam? remember dan rostenkowski on the take? remember the keating five? corruption and power go hand in hand

I'm voting a straight ticket - against every single incumbent on the ballot

I wonder if someone's gonna start a movement on this idea

Anonymous said...

these incumbents are all losers. they could not run a lemonade stand

fuck them. vote them bastards out. send them to the unemployemnt line

foobeca said...

There's a parade of human debris. I feel like I have to go take a shower now.

Anonymous said...

Clowns and criminals...all of them.

Maybe the military will stage a coup de'tat and arrest them all for treason.

Anonymous said...

Vote Democrat! Don't blame them for this mess were in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, send them to the unemployment line. Unfortunately, they will be picked up by some company and placed on the board of directors, where they can do what they know best --- screwing the little guy while padding their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to term limits? Some of the politician’s have been there for thirty plus years. How in the hell are we going to reform the entitlement system (ponzi scheme) if we cannot get any new blood up there. How the hell are we going to reform the tax and spend bureaucracy if the career politician’s are more concerned with protecting their pet projects?

There are too many small (powerful) groups that are dictating policy in this country. One way to solve the nationwide immigration problem is to have a nationwide vote. But too many politicians don’t want to see the American People have that type of power.

Anonymous said...

Hey dotherobot --
I'd like to vote for the Dems. I sent a total of $1000-$1500 to various Democratic candidates in 2004. Within months of the election, the Congress whored itself out to the credit card industry, and passed the obscenity called bankruptcy "reform". Lotsa Dems decided to sell out the party's principles, and went along with what daddy pimp told them. Among them were my congresscreature, the Hon. Al "I Occupy Space" Wynn, and the Dem House Whip, Steny "Principles? Huh?" Hoyer*. And both those worthless fucks are certain to win as long as they're breathing.

I'm never giving money or canvassing for a Democratic candidate ever again. I'll be voting against nearly every incumbent in the Dem primary, and will probably vote for some crank third party in the election. Neither gesture will do any good, of course.

The Republicans are so incompetent and criminal that they have been practically handing the Democrats what should be obvious, winning issues. But this registered Democrat has been betrayed by his party too many times to rally to the cause any more.

Hell, I regret the day when I laughed at term limits petitioners as wrong-headed cranks -- today I'd sign their petitions in a nanosecond. Vote against all incumbents? Hell yes!
-- sglover

* The sell-out is even more outrageous when you notice how many check-cashing joints and predatory lenders operate in the districts of both Wynn and Hoyer.

Anonymous said...

That Nancy Pilosi is one dumb old bag, I wish she would go away.

Anonymous said...

>> Vote Democrat! Don't blame them for this mess were in.

Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?

Throw them ALL out - it's time for a unprecedented reboot of our system. And don't vote for either "party."

Smart Grid blogger said...

New Jersey Real Estate Mogul- Solomon Dwek, 33 y.o. owns more than 350 properties arrested by the FBI !!!

The Jersey Shore Real Estate Bubble: List of Dwek Properties

Anonymous said...

Boy Bush has dumned us down to this. Yeah, vote for any monkey. You need to care and you need to get informed and educated and then vote. Not all democrats are bad as not all republicans are just as not every Green is good or every libertarian is smart.

But you have to start with the basics and that is voting machine reform.

If you don't know, guess who was behind Diebold machines?

Chuck Hagel. He got out of ownership and ran in for a seat which was longtime democratic. Wonder how he dit it?

Here is a clue:

Don't just be a lemming. It's time to fight for your country and your rights and vengeance for all those soldiers out there dying for a freedom being stolen from us.

Its nice you are angry but at least be smart about it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone from PA - vote out Santorum. Also anyone from PA - anyone see the @$$whole lately?