April 25, 2006

Questions for America (and how can anyone be long the stock market in this environment?)

* Who has more buyer's remorse - the 50.7% of people who voted for George Bush in 2004, or the couple who bought that Toll Brothers house in Phoenix in July 2005?

* Will the Democrats win the House in 2006? The Senate too?

* Will they censure Bush? Will they impeach him? Will Bush resign? Who in his administration will be shown the door soon?

* Are there a "Pentagon Papers" or "Nixon Tapes" out there? What will they be?

* Will there be the Rapture this year? Will the Hidden Imam reappear? Will Jesus?

* Will Bush's approval ratings go below 25%? Will he go down as the least popular and worst president in US history? Will he make it to January 2009?

* Will Bush get rid of Cheney soon? Will he appoint Rice VP and save the party and his presidency? Or issue a terror alert?

* Will bird flu break out human to human? When? Where? And what will be the aftermath?

* Will there be a major terrorist attack on the US in 2006? 2007? 2008?

* Will gold hit $1000? $2000? Will oil hit $100 a barrel? When?

* Will the Supreme Court ban abortion? Will they legalize Gay Marriage?

* Will the Dow close up or down for 2006?

* What will be the #1 issue for the 2006 races? Iraq? Iran? Terrorism? Housing? Cronyism and Incompetence? Immigration? Gays? Abortion?

* Will there be a big surprise before the election? If so, what will it be?

* Will Bush ever address a crowd that is not hand-picked?

* Will there be mass protests in the streets of DC to throw the bums out and end the war?

* Will Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Snow or Fox News say one critical thing about the Administration?

* Will Hillary run? Will Trump? Who will be the front runners for 2008?

* Will the evangelical christian right realize they got hoodwinked in 2004? Who will they support? Will they matter?

* Will gas prices hit $4 in California? $5? $10? Will there be lines?

* Will there be a devastating hurrican season? Will we lose another American city to global warming?

* Will Fox News white male gay-hating muslim-hating, women-hating angry christian viewers start seeing the truth?

* Will Israel or the US or NATO attack Iran's sites? When? How?

* Will Osama or Al-Zarqawi get caught or killed before the election? Will there be another terror alert?

* Will GM go bankrupt? Will Ford? Will Fannie Mae? Will Toll Brothers?

* Will FirstRung still be around in 2008?

* Will Scooter Libby go to jail? Will Ken Lay?

* Will Britney divorce Kevin? Will Katie divorce Tom? Will Charlie go OJ on Denise? And who will win American Idol?


Anonymous said...

Long the market?. . .because the Fed is pumping so much liquidity into the economy (although we don't know how much anymore since they ended publishing statistics) that it has no place to go other than stupid 100% loans on depreciating property, stocks and funds, etc. Guess part of it will pay for $4 gas. . .BTW, does anyone else think Mexican pesos are a good investment? . . .at least they have oil to back it up!!

blogger said...

I'm liking canadian dollars. #2 oil reserves in the world.

Anonymous said...


If (and that’s a big effing IF) Bush is forced to resign or anything even close to that, it won’t be because of leftwing nut cases that hate him, it’ll be because he abandon his own political base.

He’s NO conservative … NO WAY!

He wants to legalize millions of foreigners that do not want to integrate … if they did, they wouldn’t hold Mexican flags at their protest party.

He actually threatened to use his first veto as a warning to the republican congress not to stop the Dubai ports deal.

He continues to allow the earmarks from congress to pass through.

So liberals, you stupid fu_ks won’t be the reason he leaves … it’ll be because of us! Get it!

Anonymous said...

amen brother. bush is unrecognizeable as a republican. spend spend spend spend, big government, government in your bedroom and incompetent foreign policy.

man, his dad was so much better. 2 1/2 more years of this? give me hastert at this point

Anonymous said...

I have no regrets voting against the Democrats because they are bigger losers than Bush. I'm waiting for a viable 3rd party candidate. I would have voted for Lieberman if he had won the primary, but as we all know he made too much sense and the Jews and blacks (Al Sharpton) always finish last in the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Will that idiot Keith grow a brain?

I doubt it

Anonymous said...

The waskaly wabbitt? You would vote for him? ComeON!

Gonna go pet my pet goat now.

Anonymous said...

Will Fox News white male gay-hating muslim-hating, women-hating angry christian viewers start seeing the truth?

you have some good points, but this one is not one of them. Many people watch FOX because they are of the drumbeat of liberal spin on PMSnbc or CNN. Gay Puerto Ricans watch FOX too, and think Shep is hot!

Anonymous said...

dude, seriously...Taylor Hicks!

Anonymous said...

Will left-wing idiots ever begin to make sense? Don't count on it

Will Christian-hating, Muslim-loving liberal idiots stop blaming Bush everytime they sneeze? Don't count on it

Will the DemoRat morons ever take responsibility for their own actions? No

Will the DemoRat Potty ever allow blacks off their plantation? Probably not

Will the left-wing race and poverty pimps ever get a real and productive job? Definitely not

Anonymous said...

Keith said:

"Will Fox News white male gay-hating muslim-hating, women-hating angry christian viewers start seeing the truth?"

I think you’re totally getting off base here dude! I think something happens to you people in the “Bush is a Nazi” crowd. It’s like you start hearing noises in your head, and it makes you people go crazy. You’re like a more extreme version of the rightwing, black helicopter crazies.

Listen Keith, I do not hate Muslims, BUT I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM with their fucking gutter religion. Remember the bulk of them want you beheaded! There are no political blogs (like this one) in Saudi Arabia.

It’s like you use the housing bubble as a lure to express you political views (WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK)! I’d wake up and stop it with the Bull Shit before you piss off most of your patrons!

Anonymous said...

Keith, you continously lowercase "christian", but then give "Gay Marriage" some proper casing. Are you gay?

panicearly said...

hey keith,
that was a great list, every bit of it is revelvent to where we are at socio/politcal/economics.
why would anyone be long the stocks with so much crazy shit about?
they dont know what else to do but just hang out in the casino.

Also too, idont care much for the democrats, spineless bastards, but the repugs dont have anyone to blame but themselves. with full dominance of all three branches, they cant blame anyone but themselves.

its funny to see so much angst in some of the anon posters. i bet some of them bought realestate recently.

poweredchicken said...

The stock market (or any other asset price - a can of coke, or a house) will make new highs in nominal (it's absolute value) terms, but will decrease in value relative to gold (real terms) or other commodities.

the federal reserve is printing money. the only way for nominal prices is to go is up.

panicearly said...

but wouldnt stock prices go down if the revenues go down as wages lag behind and people wont be buying that $5 coke cans.

uknowwhoiyam said...

Questions for America (and how can anyone be long the stock market in this environment?)

I'm heavily into the market.

According to Fidelity: Personal Rate of Return from 01/01/2006 to 04/21/2006 is 11.1%.

11% in 3 mos. I'm very happy with that. And I expect much the same for the rest of the year.

Only a few of the items you mentioned worry me and those only affect my short-term prospects.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Katie go OJ on Tom, myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, some of us do give a damn about the political, socio-economic factors. the housing bubble doesn't exist on its own - its all related you moron.

foobeca said...

My predictions are that the Repugnents will lose congress and that in the next 3 years, there will be another terrorist attack. It'll probably be nuclear, bio, chemical, or dirty and it along with the terrorists will have been smuggled over the mexican border into the US.

The American people will want Bush's head on a platter and he'll be forced to resign for dereliction of his duty to secure the border.

Immigration, spending, the economy/housing bubble will split the Republican party in two and there WILL be a 3rd party candidate in 2008. Hitlery will ride into office with 35% of the popular vote.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Pickler...

Anonymous said...

Kellie Pickler doesn't have the talent. I'm going with Taylor Hicks or Chris Daughtry.

Anonymous said...

"DemoRat Potty"

You should do stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yadda yadda yadda. Man, this blog doesn't actually have any information on it anymore. There's no actual data, no news, not even really any intelligent analysis. I think it's time to throw in the towel. I'm removing HP from my "Favorites" list and the list of regular housing sites that I monitor.

Anonymous said...

"Will that idiot Keith grow a brain?" - I seriously doubt, he's a FORMER (booted out) Conoco/Philips gas station manager :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Keith. And ignore the idiots....

Anonymous said...

OK one more time. With regards to human infection Bird Flu is not a problem. For those of you with a short memory. Small Pox and Iraq ---> Bird Flu and Iran. Any questions? One test of intelligence is the recognition of patterns. Its astonishing just how many of you are failing this test.

Anonymous said...

Keith, i like your mix of politics and housing bubbles, but I think it might be a little bit of a stretch to blame the bubble on the Extreme Right wing running the country.

As for some of the absurd right wing white supremacist, Fox Newish comments on this thread, i think you're all quite amusing! Get a life!

Anonymous said...

The republican party is a metaphore for the hangers-on in the real estate world. Their belief in their infalibility keeps them hanging-on as reality drags them to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

The republican party is a metaphore for the hangers-on in the real estate world. Their belief in their infalibility keeps them hanging-on as reality (or realty) drags them to the bottom.

blogger said...

brainless leftard freak - you'd get your point across better if you didn't use 4th grade name calling. But Sean Hannity and Rush taught you well I see

cockroach whisperer - christian and straight. christian with a lowercase c because jesus would have wanted it that way. bush and fox news would have you believe he'd want it CHRISTIAN - yelling, obnoxious, in your face and mean. I think he'd be plenty disappointed with what people have done to and in the name of his name

On fox news - I watch it too. Like watching car crashes at nascar. it's fun to a point, then you change the channel. However, many don't, and they're the problem - get all the info from one biased source and don't think for themselves

on blaming the bubble on the extreme right - never did, never will. I blame the bubble on the corrupt real estate industrial complex, alan greenspan and human greed and ignorance.

I blame the extreme right for the being the hateful, mean spirited, anti-christian folks they are

on idol - take the gray hair guy

Anonymous said...

WE all see what we want and agree with those that agree with us. SSSSSSOOOOOOO....

I think bush is crap a fiscal nightmare who's bankrupting the nation, a neocon will see a brave christian man spending whatever it takes for our "freedom" against the "evildoers."

I see waste in the no bid contracts, others see no time to wait.

I see environmental laws that improved air, water, food, ocean and land being stripped others will scream something about some owl or call me tree hugger.

I say stop giving farmers money not to grow shit and companies HUGE tax breaks and invest in the infrastructure of our levees, bridges, roads etc they'll rattle something about big companies making jobs even though the compaanies making the most don't pay their share, don't reside here, don't give jobs HERE unless you count cashiers at the gas station.

I'll say where's Osama you'll say Clinton let him go 9 years ago, I'll say he was in our hospital in August of 2001 and he was visited by the CIA (look it up-Government records)you'll say we thought he was someone else

I'll say why does Cheney get his energy policy from texaco/exxon/enron exceutives? You say why do I hate capatalism?


If our country goes into chaos and the poor overflow and most major institutions barely make it, will you republicans change your minds? Or will you blame it on a party that has not controlled the house, senate or governship for 10 years now?


skytrekker said...

Keith your blog has turned from a housing to a economic/political blog. Not that this is bad- perhaps you should be now listed as such- and no longer be in 'Housing bubble' just my thoughts.

skytrekker said...

The US economy has turned into a borrow and debt based economy - with massive amounts of liquidity to keep it going. Trouble is nothing last forever. The FED will contiune to raise rates to prop the increasingly worthless dollar up- and like all liquidity driven events- it will come crashing down- taking not only housing, but the stock market as well- with the entire economy rolling over near the end of the decade- 1929 all over again? We are headed into that direction-

Anonymous said...

Its funny hearing all these racist Americans bitching about the Mexican workers who are the only ones actually doing real work in your hellpit of a country. We Canadians will be laughing as Dubya kills your economy but we'll have to soon have to watch out because it will be desperate Americans trying to cross our Southern border. You're not welcome if you're some racist neocon Dubya supporter. Go away. Bring us your Liberals, your oppressed Walmart workers (we'll give them real jobs), your gays (they have money), and your Mexicans (Alberta needs them). Fat Republican surburbanites need not apply. Go rot in your SUVs and McMansions.

Anonymous said...

Let see from the pic on the front who do you think Tom Cruise loves the most

His new wife?
His new iligitamte Kid?
Or him self?

I am so sick of hearing about this guy and his life, people are paraiding around like this guy is the next coming of christ...give me a break!

foobeca said...

anon Wednesday, April 26, 2006 5:19:24 AM

Its funny hearing all these racist Americans bitching about the Mexican workers who are the only ones actually doing real work in your hellpit of a country.

You are a freaking moron. People have a problem with **ILLEGAL**, repeat *ILLEGAL**immigration. I don't know anyone that has a problem with **LEGAL** immigration. Legal immigrats helped build this country. They assimulated, became Americans, and contributed to the country.

Illegal aliens breaking our laws just by being here. Since they're willing to break our laws by coming here, it's not surprising that they are breaking other laws once they're here. On a per capita basis, illegal immigrants commit more crimes than *ANY* other group. They're killing our health care and education systems. They get welfare, food stamps, WIC, and section 8.

This has nothing to do with racism. I am for deporting illegal immigrants whether they be mexicans, blond hair blue-eyed Germans, Africans, Austrailians, Chinese, or Russian.

Anonymous said...

CNN: April 26, 2006: 11:17 AM EDT

New home sales soar

March gain of 13.8% the biggest in 13 years, showing surprising strength in housing market, New home sales are closely watched since they're more of a leading indicator of conditions in the housing market.

Bill said...

More cooked Numbers, and I can prove it, We had 4 open houses on my street alone last sunday.

Started @ 11:00am and went till 4:00pm not 1. NOT 1. person showed up at these open houses. I know I was out doing yard work and watched the hole 5 hours. So these No. dont add up as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Wow CNN. Maybe they'll tell us where the WMDs are as well.

Anonymous said...

>> I am so sick of hearing about this guy and his life, people are paraiding around like this guy is the next coming of christ...give me a break!

Hee hee - Tom and wife gave birth to a bastard - hee hee...

Anonymous said...

You canadians can have our liberals, mexicans, and gays. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you stay in the UK. Why not destroy your passport just in case.

Anonymous said...

"Will Fox News white male gay-hating muslim-hating, women-hating angry christian viewers start seeing the truth?"

We already do.

Anonymous said...

How can I be long in the stock market?

Past two months I'm up 40% before taxes. Yes, 40%.

That's four companies. A company that produces mining equipment up 35%. A company that produces carbon fiber up 55%. I sold a company producing poly-silicon for a 10% gain and bought into a gold/copper mine up 15% in the last two weeks. The poly silicon company would have matched that 15% gain as well if I had held it.

I have too little capital for two many great stocks.

I watch the market (and very specifically what I hold) every day and am prepared to bail out any given moment if necessary.

I may go long on some choice energy stocks if any of my current holdings start to lag. My problem is figuring out what lagging is at this point.

Yes, I'm very nervous. My wildest expectations are being met and that is REALLY scary because I know at some point that can't continue.

Would you rather use the money to buy a house?

Anonymous said...

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