March 26, 2006

Well, at least the Mexicans in Phoenix have plenty of homes to choose from... Inventory up 50% this year, will hit 40,000 this week

Good god these Phoenix numbers continue to astound... I wonder if a market in the history of the US has ever seen such a rapid rise in inventory? Perhaps Love Canal, or maybe Three Mile Island...

1/2: 26,715
1/10: 28,790
1/20: 31,457
1/30: 32,545
2/20: 35,455
2/28: 36,176
3/10: 37,680
3/20: 38,968
3/23: 39,043
3/24: 39,271


Anonymous said...

Moved from Cali to Phx about 9 years ago. Used to be a cheap place to live. It's time to move for me. It's a mexican shithole , with a lot o traffic, no job market and LA's pollution. If you move to PHx better learn how to speak spanish.

azfamdeals1 said...

Also a major white trash shithole. Lots of little people with big mortgages. Transiency, alienation and sterility. Top pick for Witness Protection Program relos.
Phoenix, AZ: "There is no there, there".

Anonymous said...

It really amazes me how Phoenix is viewed as such a dump. I have been here 18 yrs. and it sure has boomed. Getting very polluted and overcrowded. But even this very negative image keeps 350 people a day moving here. This place is not showing any sign of slowing. There will be a million people added here by 2015 or so. By then I will be out of here. I can't even imagine that scene.
But they will all demand more homes to be built.

Anonymous said...

Anon you better put your bong away.
Check the zip rallty. 40k listing not to mention FSBO and newbuilds. Place is overpriced with bunch of mexican lowering the wages, no job money market here. WE have bunch of small wannabees with big mortgages and even bigger egos. 350 missguided idiots moving to PHX don't justifies this place as a place everyone would like to live in. Phoenix used to be small retirement place (my Mom told me). Now is a shithole in the middle of the scorching dessert. Only iraq can be worst I guess. LOL.

Grinch34 said...

Phoenix is not a shithole, but is extremly overprice for an area that has mostly low paying jobs. It is what Keith said, the major industry is buying and selling homes. When prices were low, people could actually buy homes (and afford them), from two low paying jobs. Now that prices have tripled in the last five years and wages remain virtually the same during that same period, it is extremely cost prohibited.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget it's right to work state AZ. As a worker you don't have any right, zip, nada. My wife works for the state and she was laid off overnight, no questions asked. Like you guys mentioned people making money selling houses to each other. The construction biz is dominated by mexicanos who working ilegally for shit money further lower the standard of living. Entry level house in shitty subs is about $350. If you like to move up expect to pay around $500. Wages are around high 30'. The thing is the high cost of living which basically went up 2.5 X durring the few past years. Traffic is a nightmare, heat unberable + high polution. Of course maybe according to stats 350 gys are moving in but there is no job creation. Just shitty entry level service. On the top the town is spread out like LA and the freeway system is a nightmare in rush hr.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Atlanta has about 95,000 on! (Houston has 60,000.) So, Phoenix has a ways to go.

It's all California, Chicago, New York moving in here with their easy money. When the housing prices actually go down, maybe they'll leave. It has become unbearable. Why has Scottsdale become such a magnet for soulless money ghouls?

In tiny places like Clarkdale (where there are NO jobs), they are building 2 huge developments. All out of state $. When will it end? The least expensive is 300k and the most is 600k. This is insanity.

Can someone make the collapse speed up to warp speed?

Anonymous said...

yeah it is a shit hole in some area but it still beats the shit out of your fucking hometown ....
go smoke your bowl and jerk your can telecommute anywhere, we still have 225 great weather days per year and great sport facilities and a 1 hour flight to Vegas or Orange Co.
Fuck those 800-1000000 homes w no view and 5 neighbors peeping in your bedroom window as you dry your balls off from your shower.

Anonymous said...

Anon IMHO you need professional help. Go see proctlogist because family physician is lieing to you ...and stay in PHX.

Anonymous said...

Keith's raciest vews are getting

Odd to hear such talk from a nigger

Anonymous said...

Keith...are you really brown?

blogger said...

perhaps I'm a hispanic republican baptist homebuilder...

Anonymous said...

Typical family moving to Phoenix. Cashing out California real estate and buying up Maricopa and now , of all places, the sand bowl Buckeye.

Moving up Arizona style as one put it the other day. Fresh transplant form San Jose. They're pouring in and buying and buying. Nothing like the Desert. Wait until the AC quits in July. NJOY AZ! DRY HEAT ! :)

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Anonymous said...

For those who live in Phoenix and have also been to Houston - that city is what Phoenix will become. One difference is water. Phoenix is going to have a hard time surviving without adequate water. You think you are paying high prices for something else sold by the gallon - just wait. How about Phoenix annexing New Orleans. Plenty of water!