March 26, 2006

The finest government money can buy - the NAR knows how to pick a winner (woof, woof, woof)

For all you Democrats and Republicans out there, just know that your leaders are bought, purchased and delivered by the NAR among others.

Keep supporting this corrupt system. Keep up your partisan, mean, course way of living. And your corrupt leaders will keep taking you for the suckers you are.

We deserve better. Until we get it, until people demand better, we're screwed.

The NAR, which says it donated $4.2 million in hard money directly to candidates and committees, had an overall success rate of 96 percent. And the National Association of Home Builders, which handed over $2.1 million in campaign contributions, did equally as well.

Money "gets you in the playoffs," an NAR spokesman remarked.

In the Senate, NAR, the nation's largest trade association with some 840,000 members, was active in 31 races and picked 29 winners. In the House, 405 of the 422 candidates it favored carried the day.

The builders' group scorecard reads almost the same. It won in 25 of the 28 Senate races in which it bet money, and it picked 323 out of 334 winners in the House.


Anonymous said...

Well here we are talking about poli-ticks again (many blood sucking insects).

I’m a mad has hell reregistered republican, who identifies himself as a JFK liberal.

A few points:

JFK was a political hawk, who governed while the military industrial complex grew at greatest pace ever during non wartime.

JFK was an absolute hater of the communist, and warned them on many occasions.

JFK was a true blue capitalist, and decreased income taxes for individual Americans.

JFK was in favor of controlling the ever expansive spending of the federal government, and a balance budget.

Do any of the policies sound familiar … they were all shared by Ronald Reagan.

One thing I know for sure, religious fanatics are forcing the West to a moment of truth; we are either going to be like JFK and wipe these scum off the face of the earth, or we will be like the present administration and try to win this war politically, while we Americans continue to forfeit more constitutional rights and liberties.

keith said...

couldn't agree more. and wish we had another jfk in us. instead, we get 28 years, maybe even 36 years, of bush clinton bush clinton bush

the fall of an empire

and I'll take your point about religious extremists and extend it. they've hijacked the republican party, but are so deluded and confused by social issues not even on the agenda, that they took their eye off anything to do with historic republican ideals - lower government spending, less government in your lives, and solid foreign policy.

I'll come home when this awful period in american politics is over. 2008 ain't shapin' up too promising though...

and the housing bubble crash is going to make tough choices even tougher

Anonymous said...

The Washington Theorem:

$1 = 1 Vote

Anonymous said...

You give the NAR too much credit. It's easy to pick a winner in a federal election, just go with the incumbent. Behind every wacked out politician is an electorate eager to return him/her back to office.

Anonymous said...

JFK blew. Shocking to see a Dem's pic on HP site...nice going Keith (for once) oh, and I're an "independent" lol

dotherobot said...

"give me money...that's all I want," The Beatles

peterbob said...

Just exactly what types of legislation are the realtors fighting for? I'm not really sure.

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