March 30, 2006

The "danger years" for homeowners

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Delinquencies peak the third and fourth years of mortgages. Will risky terms add to the problem?

Millions of mortgage borrowers are entering their "danger years," when delinquencies peak and owners risk losing their homes.

The number of Americans affected by the coming danger years could be huge.

In addition, many of these transactions involved risky loans, such as interest-only ARMs and no-down payment loans. "The problem is that few people recognize it for the gamble that it is," says Baker.


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someone said that the article keith posted had already been reported on other blogs and that keith should stick to politics

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Keith never mind these fools and their comments about racist and all that shit, your doing a great service here, feel free to speak, cause at the moment that is about the only thing that is free, and if the do-gooders dont like it..

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