November 04, 2008

Ronald Reagan delivers the closing argument against George Bush, John McCain and the GOP


Unknown said...

THIS IS DISGUSTING! Obama does not deserve to lick the boots that Ronald Reagan had worn. To THINK that Reagan would EVER endorse Obama is complete insanity!

If anything you need to watch THIS video on Reagan's endorsement for this election.

This posting and video literally make me sick. You have some soul searching to do Keith...sick.

blogger said...

Reagan would be disgusted by Bush and Cheney and the corrupt and incompetent fools who hijacked his party

He wouldn't have endorsed Obama, but he would have liked his hope, optimism and leadership skills.

And I think Reagan would want to see the creation of a New GOP. Limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, sound foreign policy.

Reagan's main fault was his appeal to the religious whackos. But he had to do that to win an election.

But now that coalition has blown up. It's time for the GOP to go away. And its time for their few remaining supporters to ask themselves what their party stands for, and to come to terms with the fact that Bush and Cheney and anyone who supported them wrecked America.

Unknown said...

Keith...your lack of insight mystifies me. Wether Reagan would have liked Bush or not I really don't care at this point.

He is not running for election this year.

Keith, read that again...Bush is not running this year. Got it?

Stop fooling yourself regarding what Reagan would have thought regarding Obama. Did you even watch the video I referenced? He was completely against larger government, social programs,higher taxes, and the redistribution of wealth.

Everything Obama is for.

Reagan is the greatest president of the past you really think he would in anyway support a Marxist?

He, like all thinking Americans would see Obama's hope as a false promise of ones already broken, his optimism as that of one seeking power over the people of this country, and his leadership no different than Stalin,Hitler, Lenin, Castro, Chavez, and other socialist/communist leaders.

The ability of a presidential candidate to hide your true motives from the majority of people (and apparently you Keith) is not to be idolized.

jazzmanferg said...

Ronald Regan would have endorsed Ron Paul or Bob Barr.

Anonymous said...

i am better off because my wife and i worked our assess off and made sacrafices.

not becauise of any politician.

Lost Cause said...

Reagan did not like John McCain, siding with his first wife in the divorce. His son and former chief of staff endorse Obama. Reagan was actually a lot more unpredictable than the so-called maverick, was once a democrat himself, and did support democrats on occasion. I just love the way these goose-steppers are melting-down over the prospect of a President Obama. Above all, Reagan was no goose-stepper.

Anonymous said...

Your friendly neighborhood "religious wacko" here...

Just a couple of things...

First of all, saying that Reagan would support this candidate or that is an error in logic: "Assumption contrary to fact." We don't know whom he would have chosen.

Second of all, Reagan and Carter were two different choices (as were Reagan and Mondale, who lost in the most one-sided race in American history). I would more compare Bush (or McCain) to Mondale, and Obama to George McGovern in this case.

Also, remember: not all change is good. We have an expression that I think will cover the Obama presidency: "Out of the frying pan, into the fire!"

Mammoth said...

"Reagan is the greatest president of the past century..."
Are you on drugs or just STUPID?

Reagan was a f*cking moron, a charltran, and most of all – a puppet for big businesses as well as the oil industry. But, he was a much better actor as president than he was during his Hollywood career.

He pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes, including yours.

You can rag on Carter all you want, but he was on track to putting this country on the path toward ensrgy independence; when Reagan came into office he quashed that plan. Carter also tried to move the US into adopting the metric system; that too was quashed.

People who view Reagan as a God-like figure are wearing the same rose-colored glasses that idiot Reagan wore.

Reagan was a midget compared to some of the other presidents of the past century.


Joe said...

As far as Reagoon goes, he ran on small government but ran up debt totaling 4 trillion over 8 years. Say one thing do another, just another PTB puppet.

Joe M.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I agree...I love Barack Obama and I know he will make a Great President.

Anonymous said...

nke514 go back to your cave

Unknown said...


No need to write much of a reply, your post says more about your opinion than I can write.

Anonymous said...

MOST conservatives republicans have endorsed Obama:
Colin Powell

Chuck Ponzi said...


I can only see a dichotomy here...

You've thrown your hat in the ring for Obama... I can appreciate that.

You seem to espouse traditional republican values; Limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and sound foreign policy.

These are bifurcations. How do you reconcile them? Or, should we all close our eyes, and hope for the best because the last 4 years have been a disaster?

Should we now close our eyes and hope the next 4 years wont also be a disaster?

Or, if the recession becomes a depression, should we also blame that on Obama? At what point do we realize that the president doesn't have the authority to fix things, and frankly that's okay?

Is it after we have sacrificed all of our personal liberties and submitted them to a totalitarian leader so that he/she can "fix" things? When will we as a country stop relegating tough decisions to the executive branch in a hope that they are somehow "supermen" that can swoop in and save the day with immaculate policies?


This election is the wool pulled over our eyes. As long as we still believe that we control this country and that ignorance and hate can be overcome, we cannot move forward. The difference between Reagan and Bush and Obama and McCain (yes, all of them are the same) is that Reagan had a hallowed humility about his position. He knew he could not change the world, and he didn't set out to do so. He just tried to make our little section that much better than he had found it. That is not something I can say about any of the candidates. They have all become drunk with power and we as a country have become drunk with them.

You know that many people hate our country outside of the US. In my experience, it is because of the arrogance we have about our ability to shape the world we live in to the way we want it.

Can you honestly tell me that Obama is any different in this regard than Bush? The arrogance must stop. That is what is killing America.

Anonymous said...

So.... then we need to turn back the clock to before the election 4 years ago? With a republican president and republican control of both houses? Glad you finally woke up Keith.

Anonymous said...

Reagan had dementia long before it was acknowledge by his cult followers and it appears that his dementia was contagious. Supply side economics does not work. I know of 11 trillion reasons why this is so... Good bye "borrow and spend" Republicans- get ready to be taxed and help the rest of us pay off this gigantic debt...

Anonymous said...

Taking their idol and turning his argument on its head is funny.

The sheer irony of flipping Reagan's own argument like a house is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Mammoth you rock!!!!

W. is the bastard son of Reagan and his corrupt policies. The bitter harvest that is our collapsing economy is the fruit of seeds sown in 1980.

The kool-ade drinkers who want to rename every building in the country after Reagan and have his face on Mt. Rushmore need to learn, 28 years too late, that the soothing bromides that came out of Reagan's mouth were just pretty lies to cover the evil behind his policies that have ultimately sold this country to big business.

If I seriously thought that Reagan was endorsing Obama I would be voting for McCain but like McCain Reagan was a whore for his party and he would be endorsing McCain/Palin just like a good Republican.